Pinksourcing? This Hilarious Video Pokes Fun At The Gender Wage Gap


You’ve heard of outsourcing. But, what about Pinksourcing? This hilarious video starring actress Kristen Bell takes on the problems women in the workforce face with laugh out loud humour!

Men and women. Oh, so many differences. There’s basic biology, and then there’s what society says. Hey, we’ve come a long way. Right?

Gone are the days when women were supposed to be homemakers and baby makers—cleaning, cooking and caring for the kids while dad went out to his ‘real job’ every day. Yep, those days are way behind us. Or, are they?

Not according to this video. And, not according to the statistics. The Workplace Gender Equality’s Agency’s stats show that there’s a full-time gender pay gap of 17.3% in Australia. Men earn an average of $1,602.80 a week, while women earn only $1,325.10.

The top three industries with the largest pay gaps are financial and insurance services, real estate services and health care and social assistance.

As the video satirically points out—why hire a man when you could have a woman do the job for cents on the dollar? After all, do us women really want to be in the workforce? Don’t we all want to leave that ‘work’ stuff to our men? Um, no.

With more than 13 million Facebook views, Pinksourcing has gotten plenty of comments. One woman commented, “I had been working for a company for about 4 months when they hired a young man. Somewhere along the line, we ladies found out he was making more than us. We asked our boss and his answer was that he was the breadwinner.” What? So, does that mean a woman’s earnings are just pocket change? That we don’t contribute to our household expenses? The woman goes on to write, “I was married and owned a home, another lady was married, had two kids and owned a home. The other lady was single with a 7 yr. old child and rented. The man?? Lived with his parents.” Geez!

Another woman commented, “I had been working at my job for two years when I was asked to train two, new male employees. They were making $15k MORE than me, less qualified, less educated.”

Not only do women often make less money than men, but (as the video and the FB comments point out) they aren’t treated as well. They’re passed over for promotions, and are often held to higher standards. And, of course, their main responsibility is to bring in the baked goods. Who else would show up with a three-layered chocolate cake on Ron’s, Todd’s or Harold’s birthday if the company didn’t hire women?

If you have any doubt that this heavy slathering of sarcasm or Bell’s video aren’t actually true, check out some of the 7.2k comments on the clip’s original post!

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