Get Ready Perth! Costco Is Coming to Western Australia

Perth peeps, your Costco dreams are coming true!

That’s right, Costco Wholesale has confirmed it will be building its first WA store at Perth Airport.

Can we get a collective WHOOP WHOOP?

Costco Wholesale is quickly becoming the go-to shop for all things big and bargainy. There are Costcos already scattered around the country in New South Wales, South Australia, Victoria, ACT and Queensland with plans to add more stores in Victoria and Queensland (and even an online store) in the not-too-distant future.

But in all the Costco expansion ho-ha, Western Australia has been left out. Until now.

Costco to land at Perth Airport in 2020

The American retail giant announced the plan to plonk the supermarket at the Perth Airport. This massive $55 million project will generate up to 475 jobs in construction and retail. And bring the bulk buys to the west coast (finally!).

Costco to Land in Perth 2020

The Perth Costco, located in the Airport West Retail Park, will be about three times the size of a normal supermarket. It will also have a petrol station, optical centre, hearing aid centre and tyre centre.

You can expect to find the typical bulk-sized items (10kg block of chocolate anyone?) as well as heavily discounted day-to-day groceries, clothing, electronics, white goods, furniture and jewellery.

Like all Costco Wholesale superstores, members will need to pay a yearly fee to shop which is around $60. But, for many families, the fee is well worth it. Recent analysts suggest Costco is around 20% cheaper when compared to Coles and Woolworths.

Patrick Noone, Costco Australia managing director, said Costco has been searching for the perfect spot to make its move into Western Australia.

“We believe West Australians are going to embrace this new way of shopping,” he said. “Perth Airport is the obvious place for us to invest given its proximity to the CBD, the great transport links and the way it is growing into a consumer-focused retail hub.”

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