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Grab the kids and get ready for everyone’s favourite children’s television program… Play School! See our friends LIVE as they head on their national concert tour with Humpty’s Showtime.

This jam-packed show will have Play School fans singing, dancing and jumping for joy as they watch Humpty putting on his very own show.

Humpty brings along all the Play School toys with starring roles for long-time favourites Jemima, Big Ted, Little Ted and guest appearances from other Play School friends along the way. Each big spectacular also features two popular Play School presenters.

Current fans will be familiar with the presenters and the material so they will feel comfortable to engage and there will be plenty of audience participation encouraged!

playschool humptys playtimeFilled with fun songs to sing and dance along with, this 40 minute show has been specially designed to delight pre-schoolers and parents alike. Just like the show on tv, there are songs to move to, as well as quiet times to just watch and listen. The varied pace is ideal to keep even the shortest of attention spans!

Did you know that Play School is the second longest running children’s television program in the English speaking world still in production? We were surprised too! And, it’s turning 50 this year. What a milestone! Play School concerts began in the mid 1970’s and since then the concert tours have travelled around Australia entertaining over 100,000 people annually.

Expect to be delighted, entertained and thanked by your kids when you join Humpty and his friends in Humpty’s Showtime on sale now.

Play School Humpty’s Showtime National Tour Dates

Western Australia – 9th to 24th April 2016
Queensland – 17th June to 4th July 2016
Canberra & Regional NSW – 8th to 18th July 2016
South Australia – 12th to 21st August 2016
Sydney & NSW – 24th September to 19th October 2016
Tasmania – 4th to 7th  November 2016

For full dates, locations and showtimes, including ticketing information visit



To celebrate Play School’s National Tour, we’ve got 5 Family Passes up for grabs to a location near you! Simply complete the entry form below and you could be a winner!

Win 1 of 5 Family Passes to See Play School in Concert


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  1. Brianna Taylor Reply

    I love that I can watch it with my son and know the songs and characters still from when I watched it as a kid!

  2. I love all the songs that get my young son excited and capture his attention

  3. The songs, the stories, the activities – what’s not to love!!!!

  4. It’s just so happy and colourful and gives great ideas for things to do with the kids!

  5. Jodie Farnsworth Reply

    They make learning fun and my son like many others love Playschool! We love guessing which window will it be today? When my son guesses right he gets so excited!

  6. Amy Louise Price Reply

    Both my kids aged 4 and 2 are quite when little ted is on his big adventure. The songs are always easy to sing along with

  7. I’ve loved Play School since I can remember! I love the stories, songs, pretend play, creating things, and of course, it being Australian! They’re normal people who I can relate to, not famous, well-known actors, so they make the show fun and enjoyable! Would love to see them live with my kids!

  8. Lisa Perriam Reply

    We always perk up when we see the cheerful actors and their awesome crafts and catchy songs

  9. Kristy Jones-Fraser Reply

    The kids love play school and would love to see it live….as would mum 🙂

  10. jaime farrands Reply

    Fun to see my kids interact with the show as i remember doing as a kid

  11. I love the bright colours, fun songs, all the presenters, simple things to make and never a concern that it will be offensive

  12. Sarah Homans Reply

    I love that nothing they make is the perfect, but the kids just don’t care.

  13. I love the presenters and how well they are able to relate to the little ones and what they get up to

  14. Milly Howells Reply

    I love how engaging the presenters are and the wonderful multicultural range of activities they do.

  15. I love that play school is still going after soo many years. With the same classic songs that we sang when we were little, mixed with new songs.. They know how to engage the audience, teaching them things don’t have to be perfect or the same. Help kids to use their imagination and creative sides. Just Love it!!

  16. Jessica Amy Pond Reply

    Playschool was something that I grew up with and adored and my daughters are sharing that same love and experience too! It is multi-generational…

  17. Barbara Fehmel Reply

    I love the look on my twin Great Granddaughters faces when they are watching “Play School”. It is so rewarding to see them engrossed totally.

  18. Connie Broome Reply

    We love the presenters, the songs, the colours and the crafts. Best show on the kids channel and still going strong after so many years!!

  19. What better gift for child than the joy of playing, learning and pretending.

  20. It’s fun AND it’s educational. My kids both actually ASK to watch it 🙂 Makes me happy that they’re encouraged to sing, dance, play & get crafty too.

  21. Alicia Spalding Reply

    That my daughters love it l. That they learn good things from it and that I catch myself watching it even when they walk away lol. That it was around when I grow up and they still do similar segments

  22. I have fond memories of watching Playschool while cuddled up to my mum and now I get to do the same with my son. He loves it when they sing and when hey do any sort of painting. He loves painting!


    Play School is an Australian icon….I love how I have seen firstly my younger brother then my own children and now my grandchildren.all be entertained and educated through it…..a show that superbly targets cognitive development….and it’s inclusive style is magic….even I get caught up in it……love trying to guess what window we are looking through today

  24. Melissa Durell Reply

    Alex Papps. He makes my day. Oh, the kids love Play School too!

  25. Junita Widawiduri Reply

    Very educative, fun and kids love everything about it

  26. Christina Lungo Reply

    I love how much your little ones can learn by watching it!

  27. I love that they don’t just do art/craft or just read/tell stories or play with the toys or cook, etc. They do all of these things and more, so there is something on Play School for every child to enjoy.

  28. Corrin Fleming-Morris Reply

    Play school is always entertaining, singing, dancing, craft, cooking, make believe, stories – there is always something to catch their attention. My daughter and I enjoy trying to guess which window we will be going through each day!

  29. My son loves cars a little too much, but I’m so chuffed as he’s taken an interest in Play School and wants to eat what they eat and make craft. It’s such a wonderful kids show and I don’t tire of watching it either.

  30. Julia Burford Reply

    I love that it engages my boys and teaches them new things and also that they show real kids doing things as well

  31. I love how enthusiasts the host are and how it engages my sons attention which is no small feat!

  32. Jane Gardam Reply

    Have watched play school for a very long time with my older children, youngest child and now my grandchildren. It has always been very entertaining , educational and lots of fun. A timeless format that works exceptionally well.

  33. We love Playschool! My daughter loves singing and dancing along, and loves trying the recipes and craft activities. Really impressed with the introduction of basic science in the new episodes. The best bit is that they don’t edit/re-take for mistakes – sets a fantastic example for kids, that you don’t worry and just keep going!

  34. Julie Hodsman Reply

    A timeless show that I love watching with the kids as reminds me of my childhood. Happy with the addition of Eddie also. 😉

  35. Lauren Jordan Reply

    I love that it’s all educational, lots of colour and movement. And of course I love that my kids love it – my two go crazy when the intro music begins.

  36. Kylie Bowers Weinz Reply

    Kylie Bowers

    When Play School is on its the only 30 minutes i get to sit down to a HOT coffee in the day!

  37. Jackie Velasco Reply

    I love watching Play School with my children. It’s a wonderful show with amazing hosts. It’s fun and educational and provides lots of ideas for for activities we can try at home together.

  38. Catherine Howard Reply

    The show always grabs my little boys attention with their wonderful songs

  39. Samara Cassidy Reply

    I love that my kids get to grow up watching a show that has been around since I was a kid. I love that it starts teaching kids in such a colourful and entertaining way. My son is always singing songs he has learnt from Play School

  40. Koreena Lewis Reply

    I have beautiful memories of watching Playschool with my Nan and I love that the show hasn’t
    changed a whole lot since then. Educational and fun – we love it!

  41. As soon as Play School comes on the T.V. my daughter is immediately fixated. I am glad that she loves it as much as I did as a child and it’s a great educational tool to help her build an understanding of her world.

  42. Tammie MacFarlane Reply

    I watched play school as a child and I love that my children are now watching it too… Educational and interactive – we love guessing which window will it be today!

  43. Tina Hopkinson Reply

    Play School has been apart of my family since I was a child, an ongoing tradition,everyone loves it.

  44. Play School always provides fun songs and dances, as well as cool crafty activities to try at home, and has been a fun and educational part of my family since I was a child, so it’s great to now be able to share it with my daughter.

  45. I love how it inspires me to get more creative with my kids and it’s just a good wholesome show

  46. It’s live action, instead of cartoons; there isn’t too much gender-specific content; We have done quite a few craft activities based on Play School activities.

  47. Neva Beaumont Reply

    I love that all of the fun and learning is done using items made out of ordinary household items so it means we can recreate some ideas at home to continue the exploration!

  48. LilMiss Kibby Reply

    years and years of fun that i enjoyed as a kid and now mine enjoy!

  49. We LOVE play school! I love that it is simple, imaginative, and creative. All values I want my children to have. I love that it’s safe entertainment as well!

  50. cheerie murnane Reply

    Play school has always been there to entertain the little ones, I can rely on it to be the sort of programme I want my kids to watch, to learn and grow with entertainment and information they can understand

  51. shelbyward Reply

    The proof is in the longevity and since I remember watching it as a kid, that is proof enough. Love the imaginative play that this show embraces.

  52. Play school teaches so many good things in a fun and playful way – thats why fits our favourite show for the kids.

  53. Alice Molony Reply

    We went to last years Playschool concert, my daughter was super excited along with all the other kids and just before the concert started she copped a little boys head to the nose and ended up with a nosebleed, we ran to the bathrooms and cleaned her up just before the concert started! Hopefully can take her again and it won’t be so traumatic this time!! She loves Playschool, always a good show.

  54. Playschool’s great – their “make do” costumes from whatever they have lying around, craft activities that are held together with sticky tape – it sets a reasonable bar for us parents to live up to 🙂 and teaches kids to use their imagination (not that mine need much help with that – they spent the better part of the morning playing “trains” with 2 plastic coat hangers…).

  55. Kristy Winters Reply

    Playschool playschool is a great show , it has something for all,ages my school age son will sit down with his toddler sister and they watch it and laugh and sing together

  56. Both kids are still rapt with Play School – I still remember watching it as an adult – John Hamblin was hysterically funny…

  57. Best kids show EVER. I loved it as a child and both my kids adore it…….even my 8 year old still watches and loves it when it’s on and she’s home

  58. Cat helbig Reply

    I loved paly school as a kid esp when i got to see them live so would love for my son to experience it aswell. I love how they make things and do lots of art and crafts

  59. Paula Harris Reply

    I grew up with Play School and now my grandson does too. Love all the art & craft activities they do

  60. Margot McKnight Reply

    Play school is great for my 3 year old to watch. It is very educational, encourages imaginative play and educated with music and fun.

  61. 50 years! Wow! I still remember going to see Play School live when I was about five and would love my sons to have the same great experience 🙂

  62. Amanda Kampes Reply

    My daughter loves play school. She sings, dances and repeats things that are said on the show. It was the first show that she would sit and watch all of it!

  63. carolineavard Reply

    I love that Play School is still on tv for the kids of the new generation. My Kids watched this growing up now my grandkids watch it and love everything about the show…:) Keep up the great show…:)

  64. Jodie Evans Reply

    I love it because my daughter loves it. She gets very excited and dances and sings along with them.

  65. Shannon Discombe Reply

    Eddie perfect is soo perfect and I love I get to share my childhood pastimes with my girls we all love plays hook the songs are they’re favourite

  66. Vanessa Ahern Reply

    I love that Play School is just as good now as it was when I watched it as a child, a nice
    show that keeps the kids entertained, learning and moving.

  67. Teneal Koppenol Reply

    We love Play School for the varied content, mixed with old favourites. It’s a show you can talk to anyone about because everyone knows it!

  68. Daniel G Hill Reply

    I love the energy the hosts have, and how inclusive it is for all kids

  69. jan woodward Reply

    there is always something in play school for any kid to love

  70. Tania Hardman Reply

    Aside from the memories of growing up watching Play School myself, I love all the simple but super effective craft ideas and play acting to get my boys imagination flowing.

  71. Play school is so much fun. Can’t wait to watch the enjoyment in my son and nieces faces.

  72. Cassandra Kennedy Reply

    I love that playschool is educational and my son loves the music he even loves reading playschool books as well.

  73. Sarah McKenzie Reply

    I love that it’s educational and I don’t feel guilty putting it on for my daughter while i do the morning clean up

  74. Nadine Harnan Reply

    Play school classic formula of play and learning.. It would be my dream job!

  75. Play School has a great balance of activities that interest our youngsters

  76. Amanda Saunders Reply

    My daughter has learnt something new from every single episode that she has watched. I appreciate that they specifically write each episode based around early childhood learning and none of it is “junk tv” which is brilliant!

  77. Jane Whitelaw Reply

    I love the toys – humpy, big ted and jemima and my kids own them and love them too

  78. Family tradition. 3 generations have been partly educated via Playschool. Future addition to our family will be too

  79. Gabrielle Rose Loudon Reply

    Playschool is the most educational show on ABC for children – we love it!

  80. Heather Hopley Reply

    Play School is, honestly and simply, good. Good humoured; good values; good educational experiences and most of all good fun.

  81. Sabrina Martin Reply

    It’s the one TV show that I am happy to let my girls watch, without feeling guilty of too much screen/TV time. We love play school in our household.

  82. Yunita Wijaya Reply

    Play school’s song is catchy. The show itself is very educational, simple to understand and a lot of fun

  83. We love Playschool for the imaginative play ideas, craft inspiration, and ‘fun food’ ideas. We live 100km from the closest town, so the Playschool Presenters are our daily playmates 🙂 There is also an ongoing game in our family to guess ‘Which window it will be today’, which is actually LOTS of fun!

  84. I love that the craft they make is easy enough for MUMS to follow!! Very important when your child wants to make a Play School craft EVERY TIME THE SHOW FINISHES! 😀

  85. Bronwen Scruton Reply

    I love that my kids love to watch it just like I did, and it’s still essentially the same.

  86. Jennalee Izzard Reply

    I love that I use to watch it as a child now enjoy watching my son watch play school. It’s educational, interactive, gives me ideas for activities to do at home and best of all my son always gets excited and sings along to the song. When play school comes on I know I have time to get a few jobs done whilst he watches and plays along

  87. Samantha Stewart Reply

    My 2 year old daughter loves ‘Gemma’ (Jemima). She takes her Jemima doll everywhere with her. I love the craft and sensory ideas they have on the show and also their singing. We have the Playschool cd in the car and sing along all the time

  88. Laura Powers Reply

    My little boy runs to the telly when he hears Play School come on great presenters and songs and a great mix of interesting things for him to watch and join in with

  89. Amanda-Jane Snell Reply

    Our three baby boys love Playschool they are all under three years of age and I love that they have the opportunity to grow up with such a great educational show that I grew up with and loved myself so much.

  90. Michelle Reynolds Reply

    I loved Play School as a child & my my eldest son (now 18 years) loved it too. I took him approximately 16 years ago when it was touring. I remember John the most (probably his last tour) I remember him as a young man we I watched the show in the late 70’s. Now I have another son who now loves Play School too at age 2 years. I would really love to win tickets

  91. My 2 year old loves all the songs and dancing but especially loves big ted. She also learnt her shapes from the windows and always looks forward to see which window is chosen for the day.

  92. Michelle Sheriff Reply

    I love that play school encourages dance, singing, art making and a love of literacy. There’s a reason it’s been running for 50 years; the show is entertaining for both children and parents.

  93. I have great memories of watching Playschool in my childhood, so would love to share that with my kids

  94. my daughter loves play school and always loves to dance and sing with the songs and has made it part of her routine that we must watch play school

  95. I just love Play school it’s been part of my family since I was a child. I know it so well that no when a scene plays I can almost tell what songs are going to cone on next

  96. Nicole Gurney Reply

    Both my kids love play school especially the sing song times. We have been before my son and I when he was 1 3 years ago but have never taken my 1 year old. She loves music.

  97. darlingdagger Reply

    The diversity of presenters on Play School is a big win as it teaches kids that we are all different and come from different backgrounds and cultures. The level of activities is also perfect for the age range of kids it targets and I find Play School doesn’t talk down or patronise kids. It’s one of the only few shows my 16 month old son actively watches and enjoys.

  98. Sarah Sabatino Reply

    I love simplicity and the format. Real people, nursery songs, craft and creative imaginative play! Little bit of everything and not too much of anything – love it!

  99. Valerie Wee Reply

    Sing Songs is my girl favourite. She would dance and sing together when the show starts.

  100. Anthea Lazzaro Reply

    I love how its fun and educational. My son loves it and copies everything they do : )

  101. Cathy deionno Reply

    Wats not to love about playschool. I grew up with big ted and jemmima my kids grew up with George and Bettina now third generation grandchildren are loving playschool as well and I can stroll down memory lane when watching it with them

  102. Katherine Bamford Reply

    I have loved play school since I was a little girl. All the stories and craft is what I have always loved about it. Now I have children of my own, I’m loving that they love it too…craft and stories as well 🙂

  103. Alice Robinson Reply

    I love that Playschool is fun!!!! And Australian! Parents can take growing up so seriously. When asked what she liked most about Play School, my 4 year old said the music and Big Ted.

  104. I’m 60 and still sing the songs with my 3 grandkids just like when I was 26 and singing with my 2 daughters . It doesn’t matter what age you are, playschool is fun for everyone.

  105. I love how much my 3 year old Gracie LOVEs Playschool! 29 mins of peace and quiet !!

  106. Nazesh Kanwal Reply

    they keep the children busy and entertaining and kids learn a lot. Even I find them interesting that I watch it with my kids 🙂

  107. Sharlea Pedley Reply

    My little man just adores Playschool, it’s one of the only shows that he actively engages in. I love that the show is Australian. Bettina and Jemima hold a special spot in my own heart from childhood.

  108. I love the fact that my son participates along with the presenters. He won’t do it with anyone else!

  109. christine morris Reply

    My Granddaughter and Grandson watch play school, they learn so many new things everyday, especially the dancing and the music , thanks for the chance 🙂

  110. Kasey Zendler Reply

    I love watching little Miss 2 who watches Jemima in rapture, giggles at big ted and dances along with the awesome presenters x i love that one of the presenters uses sign language and every ability is included x to take my beautiful girl to the show would make my heart burst, the doctors told us she wouldnt walk, eat or talk and she defied them all to dance, jump, sing and play x

  111. Teresa Clark Reply

    Love the interaction, love the singing and dancing and the learning opportunities.

  112. I love the sound of my little boy’s laughter and singing when he’s watching play school

  113. Michelle Clayton Reply

    My 2yo son is sitting laughing watching Play School as I type this. The interaction & learning aspect is wonderful. It’s the only show that holds his attention completely.

  114. Simple singing,dancing and stories .Nothing over the top so children can relate to it.

  115. Erin Rowsell Reply

    My 3 year old loves play school. It gets his imagination working, he loves the singing and the dancing. Its a great show.

  116. Helen Brindle Smith Reply

    Love Play School, so educational, fun, singing and dancing, ideas. Great for kids, even great for parents to be inspirational and motivated to learn songs and dances with their kids. Great development opportunities and very interactive.

  117. Kayla Thomson Reply

    I love everything about play school, the singing and dancing, the experiments, cooking, imagination, sharing and I love the presenters ☺

  118. I love the interaction between the tv and my little girl in the lounge room who’s copying what they’re doing on tv. I love that the songs are easy enough for adults and children to join in and I particularly like story time

  119. I love the way playschool encourages my son’s imaginative play and teaches him songs and nursery rhymes

  120. Rachael manley Reply

    We always love trying to pick the right window and we love seeing what’s under the clock each day

  121. Naomie Nolan Reply

    Seeing new ideas for play and the way my son loves to copy and dance the actions when it’s on TV.

  122. Cassidy Logue Reply

    I love Playschool because It’s a show that spans over generations. It’s lovely to think that my child’s favourite show and character (Big Ted) were also mine as a child. It makes it very special and prove it stands the test of time.

  123. Anita Lang Reply

    Fantastic interactive show for the kids, teaches basic life skills like colours, shapes, numbers. The kids love watching play school so a live show would be an amazing experience for them.

  124. Shows kids how to play without the use of electronic devices & technology!

  125. Karen Viller Reply

    I love that Playschool gets kids up and dancing while being educational and fun!

  126. Lyndall Crisp Reply

    I love that my kids love playschool as much as I did when I was little (it wasn’t on 3 times a day back then though!)

  127. Leanne White Reply

    Love that I used to watch play school when I was a child and I’m 46!

  128. Great way to sing and craft idea and love cuddle we have when watch show

  129. Stav Mataia Reply

    Play school is a place where my children grow through learning ,playing and reading.
    It teachers children how to share, get along with other kids and prepares them for a school environment.

  130. I like the way Play School uses common everyday items such as boxes, old containers, etc to make new toys. My granddaughter loves to dance to the music and sing along to the songs.

  131. Pauline Kellis Reply

    Play School is truly an indomitable, iconic institution and national treasure; providing my children and grandchildren with entertainment, education, early development and fantastical fun from favourite Australian personalities for decades! My gorgeous granddaughter Audrina lives with Autism. Play School has truly helped Audrina recall and recite rhymes, routines and songs. I am forever indebted to the cast and crew involved in delighting my family for so many years, and for the help they have given Audrina. It would be a dream come true for Audrina to witness Big Ted, Little Ted, Humpty, Jemima and the gang on stage!

  132. Rosemarie De Bari Reply

    It’s so much fun! No other show can transfix my daughters like Playschool.

  133. Ali Hillier Reply

    I loved Play School as a child and now my son loves it just as much as I did. It’s great that it’s ‘Australian Made’ also.

  134. Andie Grant Reply

    I love watching playschool with my 3 children. They are learning things while having fun. I don’t feel guilty about letting them watch tv when its playschool!

  135. Ivana O'Hara Ex Kanducar Reply

    We went last year when my son was 5. He didn’t blink the whole show, except when asked to participate.

  136. Gervase Dsylva Reply

    Educational, fun stories, songs and memories! My kids and 3 year old nephew would love it see it

  137. I love the creativity Play School encourages in my kids. I think they are finally old enough to go to a show now too!

  138. My girls love play school. They have been to a couple of concerts. These guys are legends!! Lots of participation, fun and lots of learning.

  139. Nicole Strachan Reply

    Al my kids have been fascinated by Playschool. I’d love to take my youngest toa live show.

  140. Hayley Callaghan Reply

    Playschool is so fun and educational . My four yr old would love to see it live!

  141. Bernice Santa Maria Reply

    Our family loves play school. I loved it when I was a kid & now my boys love watching it. They love singing along and listening to the stories. It makes learning education fun.

  142. Lisa Fairbridge Reply

    I love that playschool is fun for kids of all ages and it helps their learning while still being fun.

  143. Maree Gray Reply

    Playschool is fun for the kids but also educational at the same time 🙂

  144. Hope Williams Reply

    An educational AUSTRALIAN show that always entertains my kids. They always have so much fun dancing to the cool songs and learning new things to create. Would love for them to enjoy a LIVE show!

  145. It is Australian and I don’t feel like I am completely incompetent because the things they make are from around the house.

  146. The WA state does not show for the competition that we can win tickets? this is which state I would like to win tickets for? I have sent an email/feedback form to your guys in regards to this???

  147. Andreea Nicolescu Reply

    An educational interactive program that all kids can enjoy, something for everyone

  148. Samantha Dalby Reply

    Play school is a family tradition I grew up watching play school. I love that it is an Australian icon 🙂

  149. Play School is an Australian institution. I would go as far to say most to if not all children (and Adults) watched the Bear in there at some stage of their life!

  150. I love that it’s a family tradition. My mum watched with us and now I’m watching with my kiddies

  151. Julie Hearn Reply

    The kids love it & I don’t feel guilty when they watch it!

  152. It’s ability to entertain kids with new and exciting content after so many years!

  153. I love it’s long lasting appeal. Example the guessing windows and clock time.

  154. Sarah Butcher Reply

    That it is all based around play based learning! Love it!

  155. Kim Morgan Reply

    Love the educational aspect and that the content is play-based. It has certainly helped with speech development also.

  156. Brigitte Badock Reply

    Play School brings back many fond childhood memories and then being able to share it with my 5 beautiful children as babies and toddlers. Two who now have beautiful children of their own.

  157. Fun yet educational at the same time, brings back childhood memories.

  158. Judith Whitehead Reply

    we love the songs, craft and storytime. but also lots of fun and things to see and do

  159. we love singing along with the songs we even try some of the crafts that they do, it is great memories from my chldhood that my little ones enjoyed throughout the years

  160. Emma Shuker Reply

    A show I grew up watching. I love seeing my kids enjoy it as much as I did <3

  161. Pinar Krajcik Reply

    Love the engagement my daughter gets out of it, allows me to hang washing out for 5 minutes

  162. Heather Pitkeathly Reply

    It has been fantastic to watch my little miss learn her colours,numbers and all sorts creative activities..

  163. Yen T T Huynh Reply

    My daughters love watching Play School. It is entertaining and education program.

  164. Samala Cambridge Reply

    Its educational and entertaining and my kids love it!
    Having different segments to break the show up and keep the kids interested is the key!

  165. My daughter absolutely loves Play School and I love the fact that a show I used to watch as a kid is still on TV.

  166. Sandra Cockshell Reply

    The music is timeless, songs from my childhood and now my sons

  167. Sophie Copeman Reply

    My boys have started watching tv and they love play school!!

  168. Sarah Phillips Reply

    I love how interactive it is. Oh and Little Ted, he’s my fave!

  169. Jess Ruddock Reply

    We love play school in our house! My 3yr old Daughter loves all the arts & crafts & my 5mth old son loves all the singing & bright colours! Personally I’m a fan of guessing which Window they will take each episode, it’s always been a long time favourite of mine!

  170. Stacey Henry Reply

    Play School has been around for so long. I remember watching it as a child and now my children watch it. I hope it’s still around when my grandchildren are born. I’m from WA can I still tickets because there was no option to click WA?

  171. Andieharrie Reply

    Well there’s a bear in there and stories to tell
    Jemima and Big Ted are my friends and ‘do I hear a bell’
    I learned so much from playschool
    singing and playing has never been so cool

  172. Loredana Giannaris Reply

    It doesnt look like learning but Play School provides learning wrapped up in songs and games. I love watching my kids song and dance along with the presenters!

  173. I love learning through PLAY its preparing for SCHOOL in a fun and holistic manner!

  174. Justine Hordyk Reply

    My twins love play school there is always something new and exciting love the fact there is no repeats keeps the twins interested

  175. I love that Play School is timelessly entertaining for young and old

  176. Heidi Wray Reply

    Love the singing and dancing and fun family friendly environment

  177. Play School stands the test of time through all generations and for generations to come.

  178. My 6 month old daughter loves the singing and dancing on Play School. She can’t stop wriggling on my lap while it’s on.

  179. Kristen Landeg Reply

    I was a Play School fan as a child & I love that I’m now able to share it with my own children.

  180. Ratnickissy Reply

    Playschool has ever lasting memories when I was younger and I am so happy to see its still kicking on and my daughter finds it entertaining, engaging (and educational bonus) as much as I did (and still do!)

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