Aussie Aussie Aussie! 10 Foods You Need for an Australia Day Party


Fairy bread sangas, sausage rolls, lamb chops and meat pies. These are just some of the Aussie foods to make your Australia Day get-together a bloody ripper of a shindig.

We’ve got some of the most iconic Australian foods wrapped up in delicious recipe ideas, perfect for any Australia Day celebration.

BBQ at the ready, come see what other Australia Day food we have to keep the crowd well fed!

1. Throw a prawn on the barbie!

Is there anything greater than grilled prawns? Nup, didn’t think so!

Grilled prawns

2. Lamb for the BBQ win

It doesn’t get much more Aussie than a bit of lamb on the BBQ. Try this marinated butterflied lamb recipe on for size this Australia Day.

Australia Day barbecued lamb

3. All the refreshing melon snacks

Serve up some icy cold lemon snacks – but not just any melon snacks – Australia shaped ones. Bust out your Australia shaped cookie cutter and go to task on a rockmelon , watermelon or pineapple.

Australia Day food ideas - Aussie watermelon

4. Kingston biscuits

Wheaty yet chocolatey, these bickies are a firm favourite in many homes across the country. Have a crack at making your own kingston biscuits. An Australia Day food favourite, for sure.

Kingston biscuit recipe

5. Koala in a creek

Not to be mistaken for ol’ mate frog in a pond, we love this Australia Day food idea of a koala in a creek!

koala in a creek, jelly

6. Meat pies

They don’t even have to be fancy – just serve them up with a bottle of tomato sauce and you’re on a winning wicket. Of course, if you do want to make your own, try this handy party pie recipe. Delicious!

party pie recipe

7. Sausage rolls

The natural partner to the aforementioned meat pies, sausage rolls are the ultimate Aussie food snack. Wrapped in puff pastry and bite sized, who can resist?

Sausage roll recipe

8. Iced VoVo ice cream sandwiches

A fancy take on the Iced VoVo biscuit, this is one for the foodies. Icy cold and cute as can be, you’ll want to get around the Iced VoVo ice cream sandwich creation.

Iced VoVo ice cream

9. Fairy bread

I can’t think of one reason why you wouldn’t want to serve up a plate of fairy bread at any Australian themed anything. The kids (and the kids at heart) will thank you.

how to make fairy bread

10. Milo cheesecake

Just because we really do love all things Milo, why not include a Milo cheesecake on the Australia Day sweets table? So cheesy, so malty!

Milo cheesecake recipe

Have an awesome Australia Day folks! Check out these glorious salads for your Oz Day barbecue and don’t forget to include a cob loaf dip in with your pre-BBQ nibbles!

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