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Parents Swear This Weird Pop-Up Bed Tent Keep Kids in Their Own Beds… All Night Long

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If it works for them, it just might work for you! And, if not, at least you’ve got a funky pop-up playroom to store all their toys in. 

Listen up all you sleep deprived parents! We’ve discovered the secret to keeping your children in their own beds. And it’s so simple, you won’t believe it.

pop-up bed tent

Turns out, all you might need to do is give them a pop-up tent bed.

Originally designed for dorms, this funky-looking pop-up bed tent is now making its way into parents’ dreams all over the United States. And it’s being hailed as a magical sleep solution that actually prevents some of the common sleep dramas parents struggle with.

Goodbye bedtime excuses. Hello pop up tent.

So just what can this magical dome of dreams do?

child asleep in pop-up bed tent

The pop-up bed tent acts as your wee one’s very own fort. But one that you don’t have to take down every night. Kids can zip it up on one or both sides, blocking out light and giving them their own mini dome of delight. For kids with sensory issues or with annoying siblings, this personal pop-up oasis gives them peace, privacy and a place to call their own.

Keeps kids in… and monsters out

The security and comfort of this little space seems to resonate well with kids of all ages. Many mums say that letting their kids sleep in a pop-up bed tent has stopped them from coming in at night, falling out of bed or being scared to fall asleep.

Apparently, monsters and other creepy crawlies cannot find you if you’re hidden in a tent.

mum central

Plus, the zippers prevent children from complaining about the hall light being too light. Or not being able to nap during the day because the sun is out. It also prevents the inevitable sibling fights and distractions if your kids share a room.

Want one? Me too.

Designed by Privacy Pop, who also make these brilliant nap-tents for grown-ups, the tents come in a number of different mattress sizes and can fit on most beds. Plus, they are easy to take down and even transport for sleepovers or camping trips.

mum central

Best of all, this tent provides parents with the perfect spot to throw all the toys scattered around the house when unexpected guests pop up. Simply chuck them in the tent, zip it up and voila – clean house!

child pop up tent

Sounds like a dream come true, right? The bed tents will set you back US$119 to US$199 (plus $80 shipping) depending on the size you want. But a decent night’s sleep just might be worth it.

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