SLEEP WEEK: WIN 1 of 4 ergoPouch Sleep Packs, Including the Award-Winning Sleep Suit Bag


It was awarded the best sleeping bag in 2016 and 2017 and promptly sold out across Australia. Yep, mums are absolutely LOVING the ergoPouch Sleep Suit Bags! And rightfully so. 

Come and see why this clever sleep suit is bringing sweet dreams to little ones across Australia, PLUS enter to WIN one of these must-have sleep suits for your own sleepy sweetie.

ergoPouch sleep suit bag

As we celebrate Sleep Week (hooray, SLEEP!) we are stoked to be giving away four ergoPouch Sleep Prizepacks featuring 1 x Winter 2.5 Tog Sleep Suit Bag (above), 1 x 1.0 Tog PJ Layers and 1  x set of Bamboo Stretch Sheets.

Each prizepack is valued at $159.85 and contains all the goodies you need to promote healthy, safe sleep in your infant, toddler or preschooler.

Ready, set, sleep!

After a long day of exploration and adventure with your little ones, it’s time to wind down. And what better way to do so than by dressing them in the cutest, cosiest, comfiest sleepwear on the market?ergopouch sleep suit

Enter the ergoPouch Sleep Suit Bag. These convenient suit-to-sleeping-bags are one of the leading must-have sleep products. In fact, they won the Sleeping Bag of the Year in Australia in both 2016 and 2017. Oh, and they sold out everywhere, not  surprising hey!

After trying them out for ourselves, it’s easy to see why mums are loving them! Read why our panel of parents were MORE than impressed with how the sleep suit weighed in here.

What makes the ergoPouch sleep suit so special? It’s a combination of things, really.

Bag to leg

The unique transition system has to be one of the best things about the bags. You see, they easily convert from a sleeping bag to a sleep  suit with legs, perfect for a bit of play in the lead-up to bedtime or for once your little ones can walk.  The suits also come with grip pads on the feet for safe toddling.

ergoPouch sleep suit bag

Having this bag to leg feature also makes it a lot easier to transfer your little one from cot to pram or from car to cot, without having to change bub.

Breathable fabric 

Another big plus for mums everywhere is the skin-friendly organic cotton outer layer filling. The ergoPouch sleep suit bag is the only sleep suit on the market to feature this ultra-soft layer. It keeps bub comfortable and reduces the risk of itching or irritation and sweating.

Made for the Aussie climate 

Their sleep suits also come with different T.O.G ratings based on the temperature inside the room. Choose a lower T.O.G rating for the stuffy summer months and a higher T.O.G. rating sleep suit for the cooler winter nights.

Plus, the Winter Sleep Suit Bag also has cotton fleece sleeves with fold down mitts to keep baby warm and snug.

Their range of sleep suits are suitable from two months to around six years of age. But we recommend starting them in a sleep suit from the age of 7/8 months, when your little ones start moving around more.

mum central

Three steps to sleep with ergoPouch

But, wait, that’s not all! Because included in our super ergoPouch sleep packs are two more must-have items for blissful bedtime – the ergoPouch Layers Tog Rated Sleep Wear and the ergoPouch bamboo stretch sheets.

ergoPouch toddler pjs

Love the layers

Add an extra layer of protection and comfort during bedtime with the ergoPouch Layers sleepwear (above).

These sleepers are lightweight enough to be worn under the ergoPouch range of swaddles, sleep bags and sleep suits for year round comfort. They are super stretchy, hypoallergenic and available from birth to three years.

The Long Sleeve Layers now have a 3-way zip, making nappy changing, toilet training and night time bathroom visits a breeze! There’s now no need to remove the entire suit from your child’s body when toilet training, simply unzip from behind, to the front and the suit is ready!

Plus, they are oh-so-cute! If only they came in adult sizes…

Holy sheet!

Once you’ve got bub decked out for bedtime, it’s time to move on to the cot with ergoPouch’s Bamboo Stretch Sheets. The innovative range of ergoPouch fitted stretch sheets are designed to fit any crib or single bed.

ergoPouch bamboo cot sheetsMade from a breathable skin-friendly bamboo jersey, they are easy to wash, take off and put on the bed and, best of all, they make any bedding area feel luxuriously soft.

mum central


Soft sheets, layered sleepwear AND sleep suit. Get it all thanks to ergoPouch!

These gorgeous ergoPouch Sleep Prizepacks are valued at $159.85 and we have FOUR to give away. Simply complete the entry form below in full. Be sure to tell us in the comments at the bottom of the page what you love about ergoPouch and why you’d love to win and you are in the running!

Win 1 of 4 ergoPouch Sleep Transition Prize Packs, valued at over $150 each!

Avatar of Jenna Galley

Born and raised in Canada, Jenna now lives in Far North Queensland with her tribe. When the mum-of-three is not writing, you can find her floating in the pool, watching princess movies, frolicking on the beach, bouncing her baby to sleep or nagging her older kids to put on their pants.


  1. Avatar of Suzie

    The versatility of the ergo bag is something we would love to benefit from

    • Avatar of Barbara Fehmel
      Barbara Fehmel Reply

      I agree the suit will last for many winters to come.
      I would know that the toddler would always be warm even on the coldest winter night.

    • Avatar of Heather

      I’ve only ever heard positive things about these sleepsuits. I love their versatility and comfort.

    • Avatar of Heaven mackney
      Heaven mackney Reply

      These sleep suits are perfect, all three of my children refuse to sleep with blankets or any kind and also don’t like sleep bags as such however the sleep bags with legs would be great and would hopefully allow a full nights sleep

    • Avatar of Anita Graetz
      Anita Graetz Reply

      I would love to win this pack for my little boy because we live in an old stone house which gets very cold and we don’t have any heating in his room.

    • Avatar of melissa ryan
      melissa ryan Reply

      All my friends and family rave about it so i kmew i needed one!

    • Avatar of Kaitlyn J

      Love the design and thought that’s fine into these products. For a first time mum this would be amazing for my soon to be winter baby

  2. Avatar of Stephanie

    This would really help my little brother transition to a big bed

  3. Avatar of Samantha G
    Samantha G Reply

    I would love to win one of these for our rainbow baby boy. He is always kicking his blankets off and as we live in Tasmania, he gets cold very quickly. I am very paranoid about heavy blankets in his bed, so keeping him warm is a struggle.

  4. Avatar of LaurenW

    I’d love to win as life with kids is hectic so having something versatile at bed time is awesome. The fact you can keep them toasty and warm without restricting their legs is awesome!

  5. Avatar of Ammy

    I have found it hard to find something my 4mth old son will sleep in comfortably. I have heard from a few people that these are really good.

  6. Avatar of Samantha M
    Samantha M Reply

    My first born is a north Queensland baby I’ve never had to keep a baby warm ever! Now I am expecting a autumn baby living in the southern highlands I need all the help I can get! I love the look and functionality of these sleeping bags. Just the thing for baby at the rugby. 🙂

  7. Avatar of Natalie Lucas
    Natalie Lucas Reply

    This would be perfect for my littlest boy! He hates having blankets on him but loves his sleeping bags! He is about to transition to a big boy bed so the fact that he can walk safely whilst still warm is amazing!!

  8. Avatar of Jo walker

    I would really love to get one of these for my 18 month old. I have been a big fan of sleeping bags and have used them for both of my boys. I really like the idea of having the legs in them. Great for an active toddler with growing independance.

  9. Avatar of Lisa Nichols
    Lisa Nichols Reply

    I would love to win for a dear friend who just had a baby it would brighten her day.

  10. Avatar of Aurelie McArthur
    Aurelie McArthur Reply

    I would love to win one of the packs because our son desperately need new sleeping suits/bags.
    He is growing way too quickly (he has already been through size S,M and L of the love to dream bags …) and we need durable sleeping bags.
    Because they can be used from 8-24 months it will last us a while !

  11. Avatar of Esther

    Ergopouch has been a lifesaver during the colder months, my little one has had the warmest and comfiest sleeps in the 3.0 tog bags and in the warmer months the sleeveless bags are great to keep baby snug yet cool in the 100% breathable bags!

  12. Avatar of Deb

    Would be perfect for my up coming winter baby in the hills… Mum and Dad are unsure how they will keep Bub warm. I’ve pointed out the ergo bags. Thank you

  13. Avatar of Tegan

    I’d love to win a pack for my beautiful boy, who’s newly become a big brother but still hates using blankets

  14. Avatar of Kylee C

    This would solve my winter worries as my son is very big for his age and not able to stay under the blankets yet so winter is worrying me as he is 2 years old and almost outgrown his 18-36 month summer suit

  15. Avatar of Erin

    My beautiful 6 month old has just started rolling and I’d love to win this so i know that she would stay warm no matter where she wnds up in the cot

  16. Avatar of Erika AC

    We need some solid help with staying asleep due to the weather! Would love to help achieve optimum sleeping temperature in a safe sleep environment.

  17. Avatar of Jemma

    I would love to win this pack for my baby girl. Sleep is something we are really working on and this comfy, breeathable set wpuld be perfect to help transition her to her cot

  18. Avatar of amandalk

    My favourite brand of sleeping bag – it’s all our 2 year old daughter has slept in since 6 months old!

  19. Avatar of Kirsten Dorrofield
    Kirsten Dorrofield Reply

    Love that it’s a bag but with legs! They look cute but also just really practical. Our little one will be warm and cosy and should keep away 5am wake-ups because she is cold!

  20. Avatar of Nicole S

    Loved my ergo sleep pouches and suits for my last bub, am so looking forward to using them for this one. They are super soft and breathable, great for sleeping

  21. Avatar of Nerida

    They’re so easy to use. Love that they can walk in the ergo suits so keep them on longer

  22. Avatar of Sam

    I’ve used traditional sleeping bags with my older two girls but I would love to try out the ergo pouch sleep suit for my newest addition that’s due in April right before it starts getting cold in Victoria!

  23. Avatar of Amy

    Would love to try the ergo pouch for my little one due in one week.

  24. Avatar of Danielle

    This looks perfect for when my little man arrives in the next few weeks

  25. Avatar of Leicia Mathers
    Leicia Mathers Reply

    Will be perfect for my 2 month old grandson to grow into as he gets bigger and might help him sleep better

  26. Avatar of Gayle Vos

    They are a great product for all little ones, it make them feel safe and secure

  27. Avatar of Bonnie Jacqueline
    Bonnie Jacqueline Reply

    I love ergo sleep suites! I bought a new one this year for winter to ensure I have a spare once I wash the smaller one as stuff doesn’t dry quickly in cold Canberra!

  28. Avatar of Lisa

    This would be wonderful to win with Winter just around the corner

  29. Avatar of Miranda Williamson
    Miranda Williamson Reply

    Sleep is so important to not only your child but parents and siblings too. To Me, the ergo brand is all about sleep, sleeping in comfort and a great sleep had by all!

  30. Avatar of Erum Ziaullah
    Erum Ziaullah Reply

    I’m a first time mom with a baby on the way in April and a long list of baby essential must haves. This would be the perfect sleepsuit for those cold winter nights and it can grow with my baby too! Win-win!

  31. Avatar of Breearna Cashman
    Breearna Cashman Reply

    To help my baby girl transition from being a teeny tiny bubby to a one year old. Ergopouch has such a great name and as a first time mum I would love to see for myself!

  32. Avatar of MELD

    Would love to win these for my coming winter baby! My toddler was a summer baby, but used these last winter and they are awesome! Love for both kids to be in this winter, and especially to know my newborn will be nice and warm ❤️

  33. Avatar of Kaleen

    I love that they go from legs to bag – makes transition from car/pram to cot a breeze! Would love to win one for my cousin who is having her first baby in August.

  34. Avatar of Marie

    We are moving from Mt Isa, stinking hot, to Rosebery Tasmania, absolutely freezing! I want an ergoPouch to make sure my little one is safe and warm and snug as a bug.

  35. Avatar of Paula H

    Guess who’s going to be a Nan?!?!??! Yup, pick me. pick me hahaha. I’d love to win this for my pregnant daughter

  36. Avatar of Sarah

    Didn’t have this with my first born so very excited to try them with my second!

  37. Avatar of Nicola Childs
    Nicola Childs Reply

    Love how warm ergopouch are! Winters in Canberra are cold and you can feel the warmth escape the ergopouch when unzipping it in the morning! My newest little man needs a ergopouch!

  38. Avatar of Alex

    My 1 year old is growing out of his first ergoPouch so we would love to get another one in the next size up as he sleeps so well in them!! 🙂

  39. Avatar of Elanor

    Our daughter slept well in these so we would like some for our son

  40. Avatar of Amelia Howells
    Amelia Howells Reply

    We used and loved ergopouch products for our little ones and now my mates are all having babies, it love to be able to gift them these amazing products!.

  41. Avatar of Laurie

    How comfy and cute do these sleep pouches look! I think I would take so many cute photos of my toddler wearing this sleep pouch!! 🙂 And wait… there is more!! Wonderful sheets and super-cute sleep outfit too! Wow

  42. Avatar of Jodie Callaghan
    Jodie Callaghan Reply

    I would love to win an ergo pack 🙂
    Coming from a climate where it’s really hot in summer and freezing in winter it gives me the options to layer up without pulling clothes on and off 🙂

    So easy to use and it would be great to get more

  43. Avatar of Justine

    My friends have a new baby boy and I would love to pass this awesome prize on to them. I used the pouches when my daughter was little, they rock!

  44. Avatar of Jill-Anne

    Had ‘ergo pouches ‘for older child but ‘gifted’ these wonderful pouches to sister-in-law when she fell pregnant …. Now I’d love one for my babe.

  45. Avatar of Shireen

    I love how adaptable the ergoPouches are, especially the sleep suit that can convert from bag to legs. My little girl is almost a year old and I would love for her to stay warm while being able to walk around.

  46. Avatar of Julie H

    Would love to win for our new niece or nephew. These bags were awesome for our kids.

  47. Avatar of Emma

    Love that it is breathable fabric! My little one generally doesn’t want extra layers and gets cold overnight so this would be awesome!

  48. Avatar of michael b

    The ergoPouch Sleep Suit Bag gets Grandpa’s award too. Ever since little Zack arrived his mum has had an ergoPouch to put him down to sleep whatever the weather. When babysitting and I put him to sleep before mum comes to collect him I zip him in with the legs and he’s ready to put in the car seat to go home. A brilliant idea that I wish was around when my children were little.

  49. Avatar of Amy

    My beautiful baby boy never ever sleeps with covers on! And last winter he was unable to walk so having an ergopouch sleepsuit bag would be the best for him as putting him in his original ergobag without the legs could prove to be a little dangerous trying to run around although it could be funny for mummy and daddy! Kid of like a potato sack race!

  50. Avatar of Georgie Mason
    Georgie Mason Reply

    Being pregnant, expecting a newborn, means interrupted sleep is number one on my mind! A leading sleep product is therefore a must have for me, which is why I want the convenience of an ErgoPouch Sleep Suit Bag, to give everyone in our home sweet dreams!

  51. Avatar of Maree Gray
    Maree Gray Reply

    I love the sleeves that roll down to mittens – no worries about cold hands

  52. Avatar of Carol

    Never having to worry they are uncovered and cold in winter time.

  53. Avatar of Maryruth

    My little man loves his ergopouch and so does his mumma! I so wish to have a spare or one for the new baby.

  54. Avatar of Emma J

    Sleep is so important for happy, healthy kids and happy, healthy parents and the ergopouch helps us all get a good nights rest

  55. Avatar of Bianca Borthwick
    Bianca Borthwick Reply

    Would love to win this for my baby, due this month ❤

  56. Avatar of Frances D

    I love the idea that the Ergo Pouchs aren’t just a bag and my little one can walk around wearing it with out looking like a penguin. Love how it is also warm for winter time too. Would love to win this for my little one as winter is coming and she doesn’t sleep with covers yet.

  57. Avatar of Dee

    Anything that can help baby sleep, and in turn me sleep is definitely something I want to try! Ergo pouch seem to be experts in sleep

  58. Avatar of Chloe Heatherill
    Chloe Heatherill Reply

    I love the broad range, basically ergoPouch has something to cater for every bub’s sleeping style whilst being SIDS safe and cosy! I would love to win this prize, the versatile fitted sheet would be perfect for my non-standard sized cot and also the portacot that we use when we go away from home!

  59. Avatar of Rebecca Dewar
    Rebecca Dewar Reply

    I’ve gone from a warmer climate to a cold and I can’t purchase any of these products in the country town that I now live in. I would love the opportunity to be able to use these with my 1 year old.

  60. Avatar of chers

    when you got a little miss that is as mischievous as mine all you need is everything to be a smooth transition as possible

  61. Avatar of Sandy Fisher
    Sandy Fisher Reply

    My little munckin is 8 months old and we are definately looking for an Ergo Pouch to help him sleep safe and sound….will be perfect for the coming winter months.

  62. Avatar of Tanya H

    Love how it has the two legs pouch so gives the child room to walk around in one on a cold night without taking it off. Plus my child loves kicking the blankets off.

  63. Avatar of Melynda Close
    Melynda Close Reply

    I love that now they make the sleeping suits so they can change into legs for when baby can walk. My first son used the sleeping bags years ago but when he could walk he had to do so whilst both legs were in the bag.

  64. Avatar of Stacey

    I already own a 1 tog sleep suit bag. Love it. Would love a spare and also a winter 1 would be great.

  65. Avatar of VickiM

    My son has been in Ergos since he was born, we love them. Now my son is almost 2 he is ready to transition into a big boys bed, this pack would really help!

  66. Avatar of Kat Smitheram
    Kat Smitheram Reply

    I am an intense fan of Ergo Pouch. Mr 3 used then and now Mr 4 months is using the same ergo air cocoons. All of my friends get a Bonds wondersuit and an ErgoPouch Cocoon as newborn baby Pressies, I’m that passionate about the brand.

    I’d love to be able to try the sleep suit on my Hot is blanket kicking off boys!

  67. Avatar of Kylie Servante
    Kylie Servante Reply

    My 2 year old son loved this sleepsuits and has just got some new sheets and they are super soft!! Would love to transition my little girl with this great product!!

  68. Avatar of Aliesha S

    We love our 1 tog sleep suit. Just need a warmer one for winter!

  69. Avatar of Betsy

    I wish the Ergo sleep suit was available when my kids were young……since they were always kicking away their blankets while they slept!!
    I would love to gift this to my sister who is gonna have a baby!!!

  70. Avatar of Ying Ying Tan
    Ying Ying Tan Reply

    Perfect solution for my little man who kicks off his blanket every night, for easy transition to the big bed especially approaching colder months.

  71. Avatar of Kirsty

    My little boy would love these sleeping bags. They will make the coming winter so much easier!

  72. Avatar of Katie

    Bibs is now rolling! Ahhh stop growing and wont let me wrap her.. trying to find the perfect sleeping bag to ensure she is warm during winter has been quite stressful until we came across ergopouch mumma heaven!

  73. Avatar of Amanda

    These have been our go-to sleeping bag solution since my son was a tiny baby. Love love LOVE your entire range, I recommend these to all my mumma friends too 🙂

  74. Avatar of Adele Smith
    Adele Smith Reply

    I would love to win the ergoPouch Sleep Transition Prize Pack for my daughter and her 3 month old son to aid in a restful night’s sleep for the both of them as her partner is away quite a lot with the armed forces and she has a lot to do on her own and could really benefit from a decent nights rest/sleep herself.

  75. Avatar of Sue B

    Bubs is still having restless sleeps at 5 months and my daughter has injured her back badly, the ergoPouch Sleep Transition pack may just be the break she needs to help her get better and look after her darling little one.

  76. Avatar of Erin Le Good
    Erin Le Good Reply

    I’d love to give these prpducts a go! I love that it would keep my bub warm if he wriggles out from his blanket!

  77. Avatar of Trudy M

    Would love it for the bud as it looks so cosy and would be perfect for the cold winter coming.

  78. Avatar of Kim F

    I would love to win one of these to help start my collection of items I will need as we are about to start fostering!
    How lovely for a needy baby to have the luxury and warmth of this quality material. Just what the bubs will need to make them feel warm and safe.

  79. Avatar of Julie Parsons
    Julie Parsons Reply

    I’d love to win the Ergopouch for my sweet nephew Zane as the cooler weather comes he Weill be nice and ward despite kicking off the covers

  80. Avatar of Milly

    I have a toddler that won’t sleep with covers on, but then calls out in the middle of the night when he is cold. This would definitely solve a problem

  81. Avatar of RENEE

    Safe and cosy bed covers for the little one. A worry-free sleep for mummy and daddy once bubba has gone down for the night.

  82. Avatar of Evie

    Soon to be first time mum, this will definitely help me with my “I have no idea” anxiety!

  83. Avatar of Alex He

    My boy doesn’t like traditional sleeping bag because he can’t move his legs with it. But he likes kicking the quilt during the night. This sleep suit can keep him warm especially during the winter time, and lets him and me sleep well.

  84. Avatar of Sarah

    This would be the perfect sleeping bag to get my baby through this winter. There weren’t any around women my first two boys were babies that ticked as many boxes as yours! Sarah

  85. Avatar of Elyse

    I would love to see my little boy toasty in this for the upcoming winter! Cute!

  86. Avatar of Sara Dickinson
    Sara Dickinson Reply

    We ABSOLUTELY love the ergo cocoon sleeping bags and we are close to transitioning our little lady, they are super cozy and we will need a few to get us through the winter.

  87. Avatar of Melzie86

    My 8 month old son is always kicking his blankets off and rolling around. Would love to try one of these to make sure he stays warm with the winter months coming up

  88. Avatar of Gina

    I would love one for my 7 month old, we are moving to a colder part of Victoria at the end of the month and are expecting snow! I’d love to know that he is warm and cozy on those cold winter nights

  89. Avatar of Kylie

    There are too many reasons to name including the gripping on the feet and breathable fabric. I would love to win this fabulous prize.

  90. Avatar of Kelly Baldock
    Kelly Baldock Reply

    The fact that it can be used anywhere any time is a bonus and that it will keep them nice and cosy

  91. Avatar of Morgan

    My 2yo will not keep any covers on when she sleeps! An ergoPouch would be perfect to keep her snuggly while she sleeps.

  92. Avatar of Ceinwen

    I need more sleep !! It’s hard in winter to know if they are too hot or too cold and this system looks easy to use and might just help my little one sleep better , fingers crossed

  93. Avatar of julie morton
    julie morton Reply

    being a first time mum,would feel secure knowing my baby was was, snug and safe in a quality product

  94. Avatar of Nichelle

    Im 27 weeks pregnant with bub number 7 so this would be a wonderful addition to our babies stuff.

  95. Avatar of Hayley West
    Hayley West Reply

    Absolutely love the quality and versatility of ergo pouch Australia products, would love to win

  96. Avatar of Clarke Tribe Mumma

    I loved my ergo. I paid them forward as my youngest outgrew them as I tried to keep clutter under control in the small home I had as a single Mum with four children. Never had I expected to meet and marry an amazing man, let alone to have another child joining our blended family. To win would be a timely blessing.

  97. Avatar of Marian Cronin
    Marian Cronin Reply

    I would love to win one of these for my very wriggley little 2 year old. I can’t keep the covers on him as he just moves so much and ends up lying sideways across the pillows.

  98. Avatar of Freya

    I would love to win this for baby that is due in a few weeks, we have one ergo pouch ready to go already!

  99. Avatar of Emma Pritchard
    Emma Pritchard Reply

    I am a first time Mum and I am looking for anything possible to make mine and baby’s lives easier!

    • Avatar of CEvans

      I would love to win this prize pack! My 14 month old absolutely hates having sheets or blankets over her, but shes quite happy in a sleeping bag. I m struggling to find one that os long enough for her and warm enough for those cold nights. These look amazing!

  100. Avatar of Bec Hope

    All my friends are having babies and i swear by these! Would love to give them one to start their motherhood journey! xx

  101. Avatar of Danielle

    My 22 month old has always been a terrible sleeper. And now we have a new bub coming in 10 weeks, I need all the help I can get!!

  102. Avatar of Elaine D

    I would not have survived last summer without my son’s ergoPouch. It was amazing. As he started to walk, the Pouch was great and allowed him to do so. What an invention! Amazing! Need to get a bigger size coming into this years winter.

  103. Avatar of lex_pi

    The GENIUS idea of the bag to leg FEATURE,
    Makes it a breeze trying to transition from grandma’s house to the car without waking my sleeping CREATURE!
    A simple ZIP
    and he can continue his KIP!

  104. Avatar of Mary Preston
    Mary Preston Reply


    Comfort is everything.

    An ergoPouch Sleep Packs would be ideal for the little ones in my life.

  105. Avatar of Judith

    I’d love to win this for m bestie who is about to have her first baby!

  106. Avatar of Micky

    As a first time Mum heading into winter (which my bub has yet to experience – she basically slept naked in summer!) – I would love to win and know I’m in good hands for safely dressing my daughter at night! Would give me a lot more assurance that I’m keeping her snug and warm as we transition out of swaddling!

  107. Avatar of Gabi

    I would love to win this for my 1 year old who keeps pulling all her blankets off. Would mean this mummy gets a little more sleep and have a little more energy for the bigger 2.

  108. Avatar of Jody Smith
    Jody Smith Reply

    My toddler is just growing out of one of these fantastic suits. He’s big for his age but I’d love for him to continue using them. The other products would also help me keep him cosy and safe this winter.

  109. Avatar of Iain D

    We already have one of the smaller sleeping bags for our little one, which we all love, but with him growing so quickly these would be an amazing next step for him to sleep in.

  110. Avatar of Kavin Khatri
    Kavin Khatri Reply

    This would be perfect for my TWO little ANGELS during the FREEZING winter.
    I HOPE I WIN…because I would be cuddling them all day along in these snazzy pouches.

  111. Avatar of Sally

    Not having to get up in the middle of the night to replace blankets and keep my little one warm is the best!

  112. Avatar of Mel

    I struggled to get my first child to sleep in his early years so I’d love to try this out for my second child!

  113. Avatar of Kate

    Already have a cocoon and sleeping bag for my son so would love a sleep suit bag for the next stage.

  114. Avatar of Megan T

    This would be great for my little boy who loves walking in his sleeping bag!

  115. Avatar of Emma

    My favourite brand since newborn! Can’t wait now winter is coming around to use their clothing and bags. He loves being undwaddled since 4 months so the fact they do other products to accommodate this is perfect 🙂

  116. Avatar of Sherryden

    This would be awesome to win. I’ve always wanted to try one of your sleep suits on my little man

  117. Avatar of Tamara Robinson
    Tamara Robinson Reply

    I absolutely love the transition system and how it can change from sleeping bag to sleep suit with legs is amazing! These are seriously the absolute best looking idea fod bedtime and a system that grows with your baby! And the easy transition of car to crib.

  118. Avatar of Latichia

    My daughter kicks the blankets off and it would keep her warmer

  119. Avatar of Rebecca Cook
    Rebecca Cook Reply

    My husband and I are big campers and since my beautiful boy San came around we haven’t been camping. I would love this prize to keep him warm in the winter on cold camping nights. The 2.5 tog plus the option to layer will keep him snug in Victorian winters.

  120. Avatar of marie

    My cousin has just had the most gorgeous baby boy. This would make a fantastic gift for the first time mum.

  121. Avatar of Kirsty Perkins
    Kirsty Perkins Reply

    Having recently moved rural and now living on a mountain, nights are getting cold already. We just love ergopouch, so this prize would be perfect!

  122. Avatar of Kristen

    I would love to win this pack for my son, so he doesn’t freeze while we are camping on our holiday this winter. These are such a good idea.

  123. Avatar of Amanda

    i would love to win this pack, my son never stays under the covers, we go camping a lot, this would keep him warm this winter.

  124. Avatar of Amy Ellis

    Would love to win this just had my 3rd bub which is a premmie so will be needing new suits for her as amy toddler is still using his

  125. Avatar of Rebecca Smith
    Rebecca Smith Reply

    We have recently purchased a ergopouch sleepsuit for our 8 month old and have been blown away. We have tried numerous other brands to keep our little one warm overnight but he was still waking cold. After purchasing the sleepsuit his nighttime sleep is so much better! The quality is amazing with plenty of room for him to grow with it, and best of all keeps him warm and snug all night long. Would love to win this pack!

  126. Avatar of Kristie King
    Kristie King Reply

    These look wonderful, would be fantastic for the apparent super cold winter approaching us, for my baby girl.

  127. Avatar of Marnie

    This would be perfect for my daughter who doesn’t like sleeping with blankets. We only use sleep bags as its the only thing will keep her warm. Love how versatile and enables them to run around without being restricted like a sleep bag.

  128. Avatar of Aja

    Perfect for an active toddler or preschooler who kicks off the covers and wanders in to mum and dad at night!

  129. Avatar of Amber M

    This prize would be great for either of my two children, as Thomas kicks his blankets off and wakes up cold through the night (he’s 3 in May); and Isla has started kicking about and rolling in her cot (6 month old).

  130. Avatar of Dani

    My little miss 18mo is like a gold medal winning Olympic gymnast at night in her cot so this would be invaluable as we transition her to a bed over the cold winter months.

  131. Avatar of Rebecca

    I need all the help I can get with sleep time and this range looks amazing.

  132. Avatar of Laura

    We have moved from very hot climate to a chilly climate my 1.5 year old doesnt “like” blankets – this would be perfect

  133. Avatar of Mary Irwin
    Mary Irwin Reply

    I would love to win because I have supported the ergoPouch range since discovering them when my daughter was 3 weeks old. She has gone through newborn-3 mth pouches, the next size up pouches and now we use the sleep bag which is revolutionary. Wake baby up change the bum zip it up into legs from pouch and straight in the car for the school run! So easy it really does make parenting child’s play! Can’t wait to try their other products I.e. The pjs and sheets I love ergoPouch.

  134. Avatar of Kylie

    Ergo pouch makes my life so much easier! There’s no fuss over keeping my son (who thinks he is the next Houdini) in blankets! It is an essential part of night time routine for Jack who knows that he gets a bath, ergo pouch, bottle and bed. I love that he is now big enough to fit in to the sleep suits which is especially fantastic for going to Granny and Poppy’s house for dinner where he can be ready for bed before he falls asleep in his car seat on the way home. It’s so easy to just transition him from the car to bed without waking him up! They truely are the most fantastic sleep suit ever!

  135. Avatar of Rebecca Tompsett
    Rebecca Tompsett Reply

    It would be lovely for bub number 4 (due any day now) to have a few new items – rather than all hand-me-downs from the older sisters – especially if it is a boy.

  136. Avatar of nikki

    blankets are so unsafe for little ones, with the cooler weather coming I would love one of these for Ben.

  137. Avatar of Corrin

    This sleep suit would be amazing to have on hand when my soon to born baby is ready to transition into it.

  138. Avatar of Taneesha

    I’d love to win because they’re are amazing and I love using them for my baby girl

  139. Avatar of Jade

    We would love to win this amazing prize. It is quite cold in the area that we live in winter and this is the perfect solution!

  140. Avatar of LizB

    what a great idea for babies and toddlers. I’m becoming a foster carer and this would be great to have for the new kids entering my life

  141. Avatar of Shelly Lander
    Shelly Lander Reply

    I would love to win this prize! I am expecting my first baby very soon. My friends have been raving about ergoPouch and I would love to get my hands on some of my own!

  142. Avatar of Victor

    Winter is coming, and i would love my daughter to be warmly asleep, so that my wife would be able to sleep in more,
    She deserved a bit more rest, as she had to mange 2 active kids during the day. Happy Women’s day!

  143. Avatar of Bernarda Robinson
    Bernarda Robinson Reply

    My 9 month old baby girl is in the transition stage, pulling herself upright on anything and shuffling along, it won’t be long until she’s walking! I love that this would give her the freedom to play while we read her 5 year old brother’s bed time story and then have her ready for bed straight after!

  144. Avatar of Laura Power
    Laura Power Reply

    Love this for my baby girl something that would have made life much easier with my older two!

  145. Avatar of 78daysofsummer
    78daysofsummer Reply

    with no air con or insulation in our home being comfortable during aussie summers is hard but with ergopouch breathable fabric would be great!

  146. Avatar of Sarah Blockley
    Sarah Blockley Reply

    It gets so cold here in Tasmania and I worry about my little boy kicking off the covers in the night and getting cold. The other issue is going for walks in the bed time. Even though when we go is not the coldest part of the year the evenings can still be cool and I like to use sleeping bags but no other sleeping bag can convert to a body suit like these- I can’t think of a more fantastic idea to allow for easy travel in prams or car seats!

  147. Avatar of Irene valentina
    Irene valentina Reply

    It is a sleep bag that can converts to sleep leg. My son does not like using sleeping bag because he cannot has his feet out so i hope this can convert him!

  148. Avatar of Wendy

    My gorgeous little cherub loves her current ergo pouch sleeping bags. These will be great to transition her into as she’s getting too tall for her current ones

  149. Avatar of Alexandra

    The sleep bag and suit would be perfect for my niece who will be 10 months at the start of winter this year . And next winter she can hand it down to our baby girl who is on the way- her new cousin!

  150. Avatar of Belinda Costantini
    Belinda Costantini Reply

    I would love to win this amazing prize as i can’t seem to find a good sleeping bag that my 9 month old son will sleep in. Thrashes around bed so much that ge wont keep sheets or blankets on. This would be a great thing to try!

  151. Avatar of Jade

    My baby never settled in other sleeping aids but took to the ergopouch STRAIGHT away. Now he’s 8 months old and a new pack would be so beneficial for our family.

  152. Avatar of Janine Joy
    Janine Joy Reply

    I would love to win this as a gift for my cousin who has gone through IVF. My babies were Ergo babies and I love your products!!

  153. Avatar of Ajpannier

    A sleep bag that transitions to a bag with legs, Genius! Such a great idea for kids in toddler beds, like my son. Love it!

  154. Avatar of Donna Bennett
    Donna Bennett Reply

    The perfect way to ensure baby stays covered all night and Mum doesn’t have to keep checking ensuring everyone gets a good nights sleep. A wonderful little suit that is durable and of the greatest quality.

  155. Avatar of Nikki

    My little boy won’t let us use sheets or blankets, so these sleep suits would be a great option

  156. Avatar of Emily R

    My bestie is due next month and I know that she would love these!

  157. Avatar of Dianna Mlivic
    Dianna Mlivic Reply

    They are excellent in quality, they last forever, they are made from quality fabric and babies love them!

  158. Avatar of Stephanie

    Fantastic quality, excellent for our climate and perfect for my nieces

  159. Avatar of Anthea

    Fantastic products. I’ve used a winter sleep swaddle when my bubba was very little then went to a bigger autumn/spring and summer sleeping bag/swaddle. Now I’ve just purchased size 8-24 for autumn/spring and for winter. Can’t wait to use them and to try the sleeping bag/suit!

  160. Avatar of Ellie

    I love the concept of having baby in her sleeping bag that doubles as a jump suit and her pajamas. No more crying sessions when having to change her for bed time.

  161. Avatar of Umesh

    I’ve 99 problems… anti sleepy bubba is one of them. This would be PERFECT for my little bubba – he would be sleeping soundly in this CUDDLY suit.

  162. Avatar of adrienne harries
    adrienne harries Reply

    love ergoPouch as it’s warm and a great style
    keeping her comfy in the cool weather make me smile
    love to win for routine bath, book to bed
    means don’t need a doona isntead

  163. Avatar of Belinda Gallagher
    Belinda Gallagher Reply

    Would love to win this. Perfect for making sure bub has a great nights sleep without getting cold! And good sleep for Mum not having to worry about blankets in the cot

  164. Avatar of Lauren johnston
    Lauren johnston Reply

    My bubbas #1 & #2 were terrible sleepers. I’ve heard they are amazing so would love to give them a try for bubba #3

  165. Avatar of Antonietta
    Antonietta Reply

    My little boy tosses and turns and rolls around all corners of his cot. We will be transitioning him to a bed soon so the sleepsuit would be the perfect and safe solution for us.

  166. Avatar of Emma.s

    My almost 4 yr old was a challenge to get to sleep and now with a 18 month old and a almost 6 month old i know need every chance to get a good night sleep, as do they. I will try anything to help get them sleep comfortable all night. Asap.

  167. Avatar of Rosalie Bernacki
    Rosalie Bernacki Reply

    To help support the world’s biggest no sleeping child – there ever was….

  168. Avatar of Melissa

    We have been using ergopouch since birth for my daughter and love it! So versatile with the poppers to easily transition from an arms in swaddle to arms or sleep bag. This winter she will be one year old so we are excited to try the sleep suit with legs!

  169. Avatar of Sara Jochheim
    Sara Jochheim Reply

    My friend is pregnant with number 3 and I’d love to win this for her.

  170. Avatar of Samantha Pye
    Samantha Pye Reply

    My 16 month old won’t sleep in a traditional sleeping bag and kicks off all her blankets! I think the sleep suit is exactly what we need! We’ve just moved to a cold climate so keeping her warm this winter has been on my mind! Fingers crossed!

  171. Avatar of Kaitlin

    My 2.5 year old still loves to be in a sleeping bag but is rapidly outgrowing his. This would be a great transition to keep him warm over the winter months as he’s already waking up early from being cold and this pregnant mumma needs some sleep!

  172. Avatar of Roz Nordin
    Roz Nordin Reply

    Always love Ergo pouch. And always will. Will be great win to give this for my son. He will definitely love it. Very comfortable and breathable.

  173. Avatar of Ryan

    Not quite 2 year old recently started getting out of his sleeping bag and climbing out of the cot, so forced a transition. But now wakes cold at night. These would be fantastic.

  174. Avatar of Karen H

    Great for baby, great for home or away and easy to use, long lasting, and easy care. With a newborn bub it is everything you could ask for, as it ticks all the boxes.

  175. Avatar of Tiffany

    Would love to win this for my friend who is having trouble with her 7 month old sleeping. She has been told to put her in sleeping bags so this would be perfect for her so they can both finally get a decent nights rest

  176. Avatar of Juanita

    I’d love to wrap my granddaughter up in an Ergo Sleep Pouch…they look so comfortable and snuggly and I know my bubba girl would feel completely safe and secure,

  177. Avatar of Bianca Zhong
    Bianca Zhong Reply

    Great for transitioning, currently in a sleep sack but looks handy for when they want to get up and about themselves in the middle of the night while still staying warm and cosy.

  178. Avatar of Rachel K

    This would transform my child’s bedtime into an oasis of rest and sweet dreams enabling them to sleep deeply and uninterrupted, the whole night through.

  179. Avatar of Nikie

    These would be perfect for my 10 month old son, as he sleeps in all kind of weird positions every night I know he would be warm.

  180. Avatar of Beck mh

    Soooo helpful with a toddler who does laps of her cot in her sleep. She’ll be warm and able to move comfortable when we’re doing breakfast in winter.

  181. Avatar of Lesley

    I would love to win this for my daughter who is expecting a little boy in June….She has a 16 month old daughter as well who loves her snuggly sleeping suits/bag.

  182. Avatar of Sarah brownlee
    Sarah brownlee Reply

    I would love to win this for my son as he hates blankets and would like it so I know he’s always warm.

  183. Avatar of Vicky Doufa
    Vicky Doufa Reply

    As an expectant first time mum with a bub due in July, I would find this pack extremely helpful to keep warm overnight in Melbourne.

  184. Avatar of Courtney Foster
    Courtney Foster Reply

    I would love to win this as my son is about to transition into a toddler bed and the suit will come in handy during winter, so I dont have to worry about him kicking his blankets off and getting cold throughout the night

  185. Avatar of Keri Smith
    Keri Smith Reply

    This would be amazing for little ones who never keep blankets on.

  186. Avatar of Lisa Summerell
    Lisa Summerell Reply

    Id love to win as i have heard gow awesome these ergobaby products are. We have a house thats over 100 years old so temperature is a big thing for us. Knowing that ergoPouch include a temperature and TOG guides really makes things so much easier for us mums and dads in being able to tuck our kids into bed and knowing that they will stay comfortable and warm. An ergoPouch would make nights a bit more relaxing and i might get some more sleep as i wont be up and out of my bed all night trying to keep kids blankets covering them. I think the hardest bit will be getting a child out of tgeir ergoPouch Sleepsuit/bag on a cold winters morning

  187. Avatar of Naomi Kelly
    Naomi Kelly Reply

    My son wriggles out of everything I put on him, with winter coming soon i’m worried he’s going to get very cold, so an ErgoPouch would be one less thing for me to worry about!

  188. Avatar of Chris Sheppard
    Chris Sheppard Reply

    I would love to win because it’s an awesome prize & my 20mth old is a wiggly fidget at night.

  189. Avatar of Margaret

    My daughter is almost 14months old she still wakes during the nights. I have a glo dreaming, a lulla doll and an ollie owl. I am a working mum which means i dont always get enough sleep and have to work. I think my daughter would slerp better with the sleeping bag and she is always keeping off blanket and it will hrlp during winter.

  190. Avatar of Andreea Nicolescu
    Andreea Nicolescu Reply

    Would love this for a great night restful sleep for all, and peace of mind knowing that they are comfortable safe and secure

  191. Avatar of Elizabeth Kaminski
    Elizabeth Kaminski Reply

    As a new first time mumma any help I can get is appreciated – especially with helping our boy to sleep! I love they are made of organic cotton and designed for the Australian climate. What a fantastic prize, fingers crossed.

  192. Avatar of Zanna

    I’ve heard so many amazing things about the ergopouch bags I’m really excited to use them with our baby boy when he’s born. I love that they are made from organic cotton and are Australian.

  193. Avatar of Cassy26

    My son is about to turn 3 and still isn’t sleeping through – I’m really hoping ergopouch could help us all get some sleep!1

  194. Avatar of ledam nguyen
    ledam nguyen Reply

    made with organic cotton for breathability and suitable for my ecemza affected children

  195. Avatar of Marsha

    My little one would love this set. She likes to move around her cot in the day but loves to snuggle in her bag at night. This would cater for both her needs and still keep her warm now the weather is starting to cool off.

  196. Avatar of Melissa Ephgrave
    Melissa Ephgrave Reply

    My daughter sleeps so well in her ergo sleep suit! I love that in the cooler mornings it can be used as a cozy dressing gown.

  197. Avatar of Caitlin

    Be a major blessing to help my daughter properly transition to a ‘big girl bed’
    Have been holding off until she can have a surgery but feel that she is ready sooner than that!

  198. Avatar of Wendy Hatton
    Wendy Hatton Reply

    My daughter would love this for her one year old. She’s so busy running around managing the two big kids and their activities that she could use a little help with the little one.

  199. Avatar of Alison Humble
    Alison Humble Reply

    Oh yes please!!! This would be fab for my newborn. I’ve never used this sort of thing before and would love to try

  200. Avatar of Pippi Wood
    Pippi Wood Reply

    We’ve used the ergopouch sleep suits for our older two kids with great success! Ideal for car transfers and our Tassie winter. We’re just trying out the ergopouch swaddle bags for our new baby and he’s sleeping so well. It seems ergopouch is made with magic sleep dust. So keen to try more!

  201. Avatar of Alise Headlam
    Alise Headlam Reply

    My son is months and has refused the swaddle since 3 months. These sleepbags have been a lifesaver. He loves it and associates it with sleep. It is a key moment in our bedtime routine.
    Living in the Pilbara it also allows me to keep him at the right temperature.

  202. Avatar of Megan

    I love my ergopouch and ergococoon. Helps keep my baby snug and asleep

  203. Avatar of Jeanette Latter
    Jeanette Latter Reply

    To help keep my future grandbaby snug and asleep for the future parents to be.

  204. Avatar of Sarah Craig
    Sarah Craig Reply

    Who woke the baby? The cold woke the baby, who woke big brother, who woke the puppy, who woke mum, who woke dad. Enter Ergopouch……goodnight everyone, see you in the morning!

  205. Avatar of Megan B

    We love the simplicity of the sleep bag and also the comfort too. The designs are really cool and look great on my toddler.

  206. Avatar of Amy Charters
    Amy Charters Reply

    This would be great for my two gorgeous girls who never keep their blankets on 365 days of the year (unless they are in snuggling with thier mummy & daddy ) and it gets a little tiring for mummy making sure they are snug as a bug each night during the colder months! This would do that for her

  207. Avatar of Jean

    All my kids love to kick off their blankets, so as the weather start to cool I really need to find a way to keep their little bodies warm. This will be perfect!

  208. Avatar of Nicole Kent
    Nicole Kent Reply

    Keeps my little ones warm and tight
    And helps them sleep right through the night
    No more blankets to fuss and kick
    The Ergopouch is my pick!!!

  209. Avatar of Sarahmary

    Living in Tassie we are already feeling the chill of winter and even with our woodfire burning it’s still nippy, the ergopouch would keep bub toasty warm and as cute as a button

  210. Avatar of sonya

    Id love to win because Im about to give birth to our third bub, who was a surprise which is why we no longer have baby stuff from our other two children!

  211. Avatar of Melissa

    I have used Ergopouch for my oldest daughter when she was a baby and she loved it. Now I would love one for my baby, my youngest child as she also deserves this luxurious comfort too.

  212. Avatar of karina l

    My son keeps kicking his blankets off and getting sick. This would be a nice way to keep him warm throughout the night so he can stop being sick fo a change.

  213. Avatar of Jacky B

    Sounds perfect for when my grandson comes to stay, I think I’ll need all the help I can get to get him to sleep.

  214. Avatar of N Beaumont
    N Beaumont Reply

    An ergoPouch transition suit is the perfect night-time companion in Brisbane. I would certainly get a better nights sleep with ergoPouch looking after the warmth and comfort of my littlies!

  215. Avatar of Debbie Kinmonth
    Debbie Kinmonth Reply

    would love to win this for my first grandchild who is going to be born in the middle of winter – to keep her warm and comfy.

  216. Avatar of Kim Campbell
    Kim Campbell Reply

    Having you little one in the Ergo Pouch transition suit is peace of mind that you child is going to stay warm and cosy for a great night sleep, not having to worry up the hazards of blankets in the cot.

  217. Avatar of Danielle warren
    Danielle warren Reply

    Finally starting to hit the colder months now of a night and for the life of me cant get my son to keep the blankets on so these would be perfect for keeping him warm and cozy

  218. Avatar of Marija

    The Ergo Pouch is a great way to keep baby warm, so if the blankets are off he won’t catch a chill.

  219. Avatar of Aselle

    Having a sensitive skin I’m very concerned about the quality of fabric that touches my little princess. Organic cotton and soft bamboo jersey are exactly what I look for when it comes to bedding and sleepwear.

  220. Avatar of Beth Miller
    Beth Miller Reply

    Anything that makes our baby sleep better is worth the investment!

  221. Avatar of Ryan H

    Our little boy is a pretty restless sleeper and only needs the slightest excuse to wake up and bang goes our good night sleep. This prize pack could be the answer to our problem of getting him to stay down all night.

  222. Avatar of Charlotte B
    Charlotte B Reply

    I have one fussy little madam that only insists on the best. The bedding and sleepwear she currently has does not sit well with her as it rustles and leaves her feeling too hot so this prize pack would be the perfect solution to keeping her happy and sleeping well.

  223. Avatar of Kim Cockburn
    Kim Cockburn Reply

    Because they are the best and help my son achieve a decent night’s sleep and he loves them

  224. Avatar of Joanna Lau
    Joanna Lau Reply

    My baby can sleep longer and properly with a swaddle… he just loves being inside a cocoon like when he was in mummies tummy…he feels more secure and comfortable that is why we just love to swaddle him 🙂

  225. Avatar of lauren henry
    lauren henry Reply

    Fantastic invention! So practical, soft and long lasting.

  226. Avatar of Sara Johnston
    Sara Johnston Reply

    I would love to win a fantastic ergoPouch Sleep Transition Prize Pack for my wriggle worm of a son 🙂 Blankets I don’t even bother with as he kicks them around before I’ve even left the room from putting him in bed, and it scares me that he may have one over his face etc, also the sleeping bags that my first 2 sons loved are a no go for my baby: he just screams and kicks his legs up as though he’s trying to push the sleeping bag away. So I really love the fact that ergoPouch Sleep Transition suit is not restrictive: I’d love to rest easy that he’s warm enough throughout the night instead off adding further onesies and long sleeve tops & pants throughout the night! Thanks for the chance 🙂

  227. Avatar of Lisao

    Our little wriggler needs to sleep in sleeping bags, but now that he’s on the move, he’s often standing up in the cot, and falling over when he tries to walk in it! We’ve had some near misses with the side of the cot :-O. This seems like the perfect solution – keeping him warm even when he wriggles all night, and letting him move when he wants to. Genius!

  228. Avatar of Alex le Bas
    Alex le Bas Reply

    We have a little 2 year old Blanket Kicker! He also kicks my legs, chest, shoulders and somehow at times my head.. we’d love an ergoPouch for these reasons as well as being top notch quality and rather cute too boot x

  229. Avatar of cheryl king
    cheryl king Reply

    I would love this as my mates granddaughter loves the one I got her so another one would be perfect

  230. Avatar of Jessie Chibber
    Jessie Chibber Reply

    They look amazing to use, one bub’s out of the bath and running around, you don’t have to change them again, it’s the perfect suit,

  231. Avatar of Jess A

    I have been researching different sleep suits as it is starting to become cooler. The ergo pouch looks fantastic and I would love to try it out. During Autumn and Winter our house is always freezing, both during the day and in the night, so it would be great to have that peace of mind that my baby is nice and warm!

  232. Avatar of Magdalen

    I would like an ergo transition bag so that hopefully we don’t all lose sleep!

  233. Avatar of Bec

    The sleep suits are amazing to keep our kids warm, safely plus the legs option makes it a perfect addition for any camping trip!!

  234. Avatar of Amy J

    We are just beginning to experience the cold beach nights leaving Mr 1 & Mr 2 very unsettled as they adjust to the colder nights.
    Love the added safety bonus of grip pads on the feet. No more slipping and sliding during late night runs to the big bed!

  235. Avatar of Courtney Morgan
    Courtney Morgan Reply

    My 7 month old son does not know whay sleep is without these as I have always had these for him since birth and this single mumma needs all the sleep she can get.

  236. Avatar of hayden bishop
    hayden bishop Reply

    This would be perfect for my littlest boy! He hates having blankets on him

  237. Avatar of Kylie Bracken
    Kylie Bracken Reply

    My gorgeous girl love freedom so knowing she will be warm and cozy and still able to kick and move her legs around, we are both happy vegemites

  238. Avatar of Naomi

    My LO kicks off blankets but gets frustrated with sleeping bags. The sleep suit seems like a much more convenient option than layering clothes like we are now.

  239. Avatar of NicoleF

    This would be fantastic to win!! So comfy and snugglt for the little ones and they look great too, while being practical and ensuring they have a great nights sleep.

  240. Avatar of Wendy T

    Knowing that my baby is in such comfortable pyjamas for winter helps me stress less about her getting cold overnight. Such a bonus that she can crawl in the sleepsuit too!

  241. Avatar of Louise Patterson
    Louise Patterson Reply

    The cooler nights make keeping blankets on tricky. This would be a godsend.

  242. Avatar of Rachael

    Would love to win this ergo prize pack as for would be the best to know and not have to get up to always check baby if covered up and all warm. Even tho if did prob peek in still..
    Thanks for the chance to win

  243. Avatar of Anna Lam

    I’d love to win this prize pack as last winter my daughter had not started walking yet so this time round it’d be perfect for her as she can be kept snug all night (and during the day too) whilst also comfortable and able to walk about. My second child is arriving soon so this would also be great for him to wear next autumn and winter.

  244. Avatar of Sheryl

    I love that it’s made from a bamboo jersey material which is breathable and soft for my daughter’s irritable eczema skin. This will help her sleep better at night as it is cooling against her skin, while being warm during winter.

  245. Avatar of Doreen

    Love the bamboo material and the versatile unique kid-friendly design which is so beneficial for my growing baby.

  246. Avatar of Elskien Steele
    Elskien Steele Reply

    Love the winter sleepsuit we have and would love a summer one as my daughter will not keep her blankets on!

  247. Avatar of Annie Burton
    Annie Burton Reply

    The ergo pouch sleeping bag to legs is such an excellent innovation. My nearly 2 year old wriggles all over her cot and I can’t imagine keeping a blanket on her. This is the perfect solution to keep her warm and also avoid getting tangled up in the blankets.

  248. Avatar of Elle

    My son has terrible eczema and the bamboo material is a godsend! Doesn’t irritate him at all but keeps him snuggly all night!

  249. Avatar of Elaine

    These are a fantastic idea & so comfortable! The material would be so great next to their sensitive skin. Would be great for my grandchild. Aged 12months.

  250. Avatar of Maria Gillies
    Maria Gillies Reply

    I would love to win this fantastic pack for my Great Nephew, Charlie. He is 6 months old and my Niece is stressing about keeping him warm over Winter!

  251. Avatar of Mel

    Who doesn’t need a sleep suit for their little monsters? I know I definitely do. Plus I love that it’s Australian made. Keep jobs in Australia

  252. Avatar of Natalie M

    We travel very long distances to visit family and these would be amazing to help the little one sleep no matter where we are. She is always unsettled in a different bed and I have to lay next to her usually on the floor. Not a nice place for me to struggle up from. Would love to see her sleep better.

  253. Avatar of Samantha

    The ergo pouch would be great for my newborn and toddler I find I always panic if he is too cold or too hot at night the breathable fabric and knowing it was made to adapt to the Aussie climate would put my mind at ease

  254. Avatar of Megan Thompson
    Megan Thompson Reply

    We’d love the prize as we’ll be getting ready to transition our last bubba now she’s crawling and moving.

  255. Avatar of Renee O

    Apart from organic cottOns and he unique zip leg feature, I am also excited about the not slip grip features to the unique zip leg features. The allows me tOne to transition her from her slumber in the cot, a quick zip of the legs and away she goes on the tiles while this mumma makes a nice warm coffee. No more worried about all the slipping and sliding on the tiles and bumping her face with the tears to follow. These design features will ease the worry and constant eyes of a mamma whose baby moves to fast for her own feet

  256. Avatar of Kristi

    I love the fact that with an ergoPouch sleep suit my son won’t be able to throw it off like he does with all his blankets, I’ll desperately need one in winter.

  257. Avatar of Belinda L

    My twins are 2 and one is particularly tall and will need to transition soon to big beds! My boy also is to big for sleeping bags and neither have learnt to keep the blankets on. The sleep suit will not only fit (which I love that it comes in a larger size and is generous) but will keep them warm especially on cold wintery nights!!!!

  258. Avatar of Sophia Schmidt
    Sophia Schmidt Reply

    My daughter has only slept in sleeping bags since about 6 month. I love to try these as she is now 2.5 and would love to see how she would go sleeping this winter in the ergo pouch

  259. Avatar of Teresa

    My son will only sleep in a sleeping bag presently. I’m hoping this means that i could try and transition him out of the bags then he wouldn’t get frustrated in the morning when he wakes up and he can’t get out as he’s stuck in the bag.

  260. Avatar of Tracey Taylor
    Tracey Taylor Reply

    Im the newbie Nanna and take advise as things have changed since I last had a baby in the house.I need to make sure Bub is comfortable, safe,and happy…all the reviewers tell me this is the way to go and so Im ready to go to the best product on the market.

  261. Avatar of KLO

    The Ergo pouch would be an awesome way for me to show that I can be a hip nan and have snuggles with bubs all comfy and safe.

  262. Avatar of Christina

    What’s not to love about having the the choice of warm snuggles with bubs in the ergo suit in winter or having them sleep through the night as they’re snug as a bug in the 3.5 to suit!!

  263. Avatar of Justine Drake
    Justine Drake Reply

    Ergopouches are the best!!! My 4 year old still uses them but unfortunately I don’t have any for my 11 month old so these would be perfect!

  264. Avatar of Janelle Dowton
    Janelle Dowton Reply

    The tulip print is my number one,
    Loving the pink and the pattern,
    Delicate and soft like my little one,
    This ergoPouch is simply awesome!

  265. Avatar of Kate D

    My little one has been in Ergopouch since she was 6 weeks old. They are the best product out there (we have tried two other brands also, but that was short lived!). She has just begun crawling and pulling to stand, so we are super keen to try the transition bag in order to give her some freedom of movement 🙂

  266. Avatar of Tomica

    I’m about to receive my first ergopouch order and I’m excited, it gets to minus down here so id love some extra ergo pouch to keep my bubby warm x

  267. Avatar of Joy

    Coming winter my baby will need an extra pouch. As she is also getting older, she’ll need the transition pouch to help her move around better.

  268. Avatar of Sandunee

    I have heard many great thinga about the ergo pouch. Many youtube mums and instagrammers recommend it and swear that their kids sleep better.

  269. Avatar of Stephanie.P
    Stephanie.P Reply

    Such a great invention. My son is such a wriggly worm at night and always ends up waking from being cold

  270. Avatar of KateH

    Hoping it will help second bub sleep better than her big sister!

  271. Avatar of Kiki smith
    Kiki smith Reply

    Ive heard great things but am yet to try these out. I would love to try them as my little one does not like to sleep unless he is on or snuggled up to me. I imagine they keep them snuggly and warm with the versatility to still move around.

  272. Avatar of Elyse

    My Bub is learning to roll so he needs to transition out of his swaddle. These sleep sacks seem perfect

  273. Avatar of Tara D

    Bubs wiggles so much we can’t do wraps and it can get so cold here at night I’m constantly up checking he’s still covered

  274. Avatar of AnnaKathleen
    AnnaKathleen Reply

    Love the gorgeous prints. Would be great to win as my daughter is just going into sleeping bags (sad to say goodbye to swaddling my newborn).

  275. Avatar of Bee b

    I’d love to win an Ergopouch for my sisters expected bub. I used them and they were fantastic at keeping my little ones covered as they never kept the blankets over themselves.

  276. Avatar of Kaysie

    It’s so important to keep our babes warm and comfortable without feeling restricted. My youngest is near 6 months old and starting to really move around in her cot and through the house. Very tricky keeping her warm coming into the cooler months.

  277. Avatar of Luke

    My 6 month boy is a squirmy worm at night and hates a blanket on him. Then when he comes into bed with us in the morning he turns into a kangaroo and kicks around. I’d love the ergoPouch to wrap him up and give him some comfort, would also cushion his Bruce Lee kicks.

  278. Avatar of Liz

    I would love to win this so I could donate it to st kilda mums to help a family in need. My children are 4 and 11 and both loved their sleeping pouches when they were babies!

  279. Avatar of Gem

    It gets very cold at night and my little one is very active and good at removing blankets so would love to try a sleeping bag for this upcoming winter. ❄️

  280. Avatar of Sy

    Love that the legs zip open for the sleep suits! Would make bedtime much easier!

  281. Avatar of Caitlin

    I would love to win one of these! My son is a restless sleeper and moves around the whole cot during the night, making it near impossible to keep him covered under a blanket. With winter coming up and the cold nights, this would be amazing to have.

  282. Avatar of Bernie agoston
    Bernie agoston Reply

    I love that the ergo sleepsuites are designed to last more than one winter and they are made to be able to walk around. No need for blankets and easy to make sure bubs is warm all night long.

  283. Avatar of Tahnee Schick
    Tahnee Schick Reply

    I’d love to win one of these for my 2yo. She’ll be three soon, and not once in her life has she kept blankets on whole sleeping. We could pretty much guarantee that if we tried to put a blanket over her, she’d wake within two minutes and kick it off. Such a versatile suit would be a game changer for us!!

  284. Avatar of Karlie W

    These would be wonderful for our cold climates with our beautiful new arrival in april. These are awesome and i couldnt think of a better thing to have in our collection of bubs stuff

  285. Avatar of Sally Turner
    Sally Turner Reply

    I’m hoping this suit will help my son stay warm using winter and sleep through the night!

  286. Avatar of Tina C

    The irony of the timing is impeccable as hubby and I have just started looking for winter solutions for our mover and shaker who can be pinned down by sheets and blankets. We were so worried about the cooler weather…and then this popped up on my feed #WINNING
    Will be popping over to the website and investing I a gazillion of these beauties. Thanks for being the smart inventive cookie for me & saving my sanity!!!

  287. Avatar of Ashleigh

    With our first one on the way I’m trying to get prepared. I’ve heard great things about ergo and would love to see for myself.

  288. Avatar of tracy wedding
    tracy wedding Reply

    my grand son sleeps in these every sleep time so this would be super handy

    • Avatar of Lisa Thackeray
      Lisa Thackeray Reply

      Winter is coming up and we are definitely in need of a new sleeping bag

  289. Avatar of Jacqueline scalley
    Jacqueline scalley Reply

    I would love to win as i have a second baby on the way and would love to give my first baby something special!

  290. Avatar of Rochelle

    The ergopouch sleep suit bag would make transfers so easy. It is cost and comfortable – wish I could get one for myself!

  291. Avatar of Jane

    I would love to win this! My toddler has moved to a big bed and struggles to keep the blankets on. I love that these sleep suits have arms for extra warmth.

  292. Avatar of Rosemarie De Bari
    Rosemarie De Bari Reply

    To gift to my sister in law who is pregnant with her first baby – luckily my babies are all old enough to be happily sleeping in sheets 🙂

  293. Avatar of Callie

    I don’t know who loves my son’s sleep bag better, me or him. It keeps him warm all night instead of kicking sheets off. I love it because I know his always going to be warm and I don’t have to keep getting up to check on him

  294. Avatar of Natasha

    I would love to win this for my rainbow baby. He is forever kicking his blankets off and I feel like this would really make his sleep time alot better.

  295. Avatar of Tracy A

    Its predicted to be the coldest winter this year & having a newborn who has stridor(breathing difficulties ) I’d love to win him a winter sleep suit .

  296. Avatar of RhiannonS

    Well as a FTM I’ve heard rave reviews about the sleep suit. I’m coming up to my first winter with my daughter and want to be prepared for the unpredictable weather Sydney offers

  297. Avatar of Ellen south
    Ellen south Reply

    We loved our ergo summer suits and they were some of the only ones that fit my daughter in her hip splints! I would love to try this new sleep suit now she is out of her splints and can have more mobility! 🙂 we love ergo! 😀

  298. Avatar of Jessica Shin
    Jessica Shin Reply

    I would love to win so my 4 month old can have warm safe sleep all winter.

  299. Avatar of Hayley degruchy
    Hayley degruchy Reply

    I’m forever getting up on cool nights and re-applying blankets that have been kicked off by my wiggle worm. I love that the sleeping bag keeps him warm all night (and even better it’s stuck on him!) and can eventually go from bag to leg as he grows

  300. Avatar of Louise

    I would love to win as bubs has started to feel the cold at night

  301. Avatar of Thaany

    I’m already a huge fan of the ergopouch sleeping bags and pouches. My daughter has slept wonderdully since I started them Would love to try the layers though with the unique 3-way zip.

  302. Avatar of Tina W

    Love how bub can move around in these suits. Would love to win a warm one for winter. Especially as bub loves to kick the blankets off.

  303. Avatar of Abby

    I love the warm arms!! We live in a cold area and sleeping bags just don’t cut it in winter as my little ones wake up with cold arms while the rest of their bodies are warm.

  304. Avatar of Emily

    We love ergopouch products… we used the 3.5tog sleep suits last year and living in a cold rural area they were fantastic at keeping my baby warm and cosy. Now we are at toddler size and there’s no other product I would even consider than ergopouch… we’d love some freebies on top of what we will purchase!

  305. Avatar of Lana M

    My special needs daughter hates blankets so an ergo bag is perfect to keep her warm and comfortable in winter.

  306. Avatar of Leanne

    This would be so awesome for my grandson to keep him warm, he currently wakes through the night after blankets kicked off.

  307. Avatar of liz

    My twins are like mini houdinis. Literally these are the only ones they can’t team up and escape from

  308. Avatar of Casey Merza
    Casey Merza Reply

    Would love another for my son finally got him sleeping through the night but he grew out of it. I fainted last night and ended up on a ECG found out that I’m suffering all the symptoms of sleep deprivation (this didn’t happen even when he was newborn so didn’t think about it) his sleep isn’t great at the moment I need to get a larger one and hopefully he will sleep a little longer

  309. Avatar of Megan Hundermark
    Megan Hundermark Reply

    I love how it’s made from breathable material, my son is such a sweaty baby!! And of course I love all the other features of this sleep suit and how it grows with the child which will be saving me money!!

  310. Avatar of Melissa

    Would be so perfect for my little one who refuses blankets so wakes up cold

  311. Avatar of Haylee

    I would love to win this for my daughter. As we are approaching the colder weather i worry about my daughter getting cold regardless of all we have tried she still refuses to sleep under blankets and have found the ergos help her a lot but we need at least the 2.5 to 3.5tog to help with this.

  312. Avatar of AmyA

    My 2 year old will not stay under a blanket ever! I jeed this to keep her snug as it gets cooler

  313. Avatar of Shayne Greening
    Shayne Greening Reply

    My little man hates blankets and always kicks them off in his sleep. Coming up to the colder months now this will be perfect and get us through winter.

  314. Avatar of Sam M

    We need this because Miss 2.5 refuses to sleep with the covers on and kicks them off even in the middle of winter!

  315. Avatar of Cait

    I would love the Ergo sleep pack for our baby boy, due to arrive in a few weeks – I would love to have him sleeping well as I have a 3 year old who wasn’t the best sleeper!

  316. Avatar of Melissa D

    These seem like the most amazing sleep bags! So versitile for my little one now as she is a worm in her cot and there’s no way a blanket would stay on on cold winter nights! Wont be long and she will be standing and walking so to be able to make it into a pant suit is so genuis and so much safer!!! Would love to win so i can try it out and recommend to all my mummy and soon to be mumm friends!!! 🙂

  317. Avatar of Hayley

    I like the breathable fabric. Sounds like it’d be really gentle on babys skin. I’d love to win because they’re brilliant for keeping winter baby’s warm!

  318. Avatar of Kristy

    Would love this to help my little on transition out of sleeping bags. This would be perfect!

  319. Avatar of Moggiee

    These suits are amazing. Can’t wait to get another one for my daughter for this winter

  320. Avatar of Jordana Hodgetts
    Jordana Hodgetts Reply

    My 17month old wriggle worm will not stay under blankets or covers no matter how tight I tuck them in. We invested in the smallest size ergoPouch transition bag for Christmas when bub was 14months old (he is a small boy). It fitted him perfectly, but unfortunately he has since grown out if it!
    His little sister is overdue now so should be born any day – we have had to invest in winter bags for her so our little mister has missed out. This would be a great relief to our budget to be able to kit our toddler out for winter in his favorite sleeping bag!

  321. Avatar of Bec B

    I’ve been eyeing these off since before my son was born. I love the sleep pouches, and now he’s old enough, the freedom of separated legs would really come in handy. Plus they’re adorable 🙂

  322. Avatar of Jayme

    I already have two and love them! They’re great for the cold Canberra winter’s a d fantastic to take camping!

  323. Avatar of Theresa

    We LOVED our Ergo swaddle when bub was smaller. It was a total game changer and had him sleeping 8 hours in a row. Now he is not so small at 10 months is ready to transition. We would love to try one of these to keep him snug during winter!

  324. Avatar of Vanessa Ho
    Vanessa Ho Reply

    I’ve been eyeing these sleep suits for a while now but haven’t gotten them as they’re quite pricey and I’m unsure if bub would like it. Winning this prize pack would be so helpful to see if it suits my bub especially now that she’s crawling and learning to walk. The organic cotton would also be great for her eczema.

  325. Avatar of Kiara appleby
    Kiara appleby Reply

    My daughter is at the stage whwre she hates blankets but its getting comder here and would love to use it not a sleeping bag but legs apart. Would also be good for my next bubba as I would use it from birth.

  326. Avatar of Rahni

    Hopefully this would help my baby and therefore me, get some much needed sleep!

  327. Avatar of SelenaBaker
    SelenaBaker Reply

    I definitely lOOVE how versatile the bag to leg is, super convenient for busy parents on the go, with sleeping children.
    I’ve had 3 kids who have hated having layers of blankets on during winter, so I know first hand how frustrating that can be.
    Ive just given birth to my 4th, 3 days ago and will be definitely trying these out with her.
    Love how they accommodate for our beautiful Aussie weather.

  328. Avatar of Kahlia B

    I always found it so hard to figure out what to dress my first baby in for bed but finding ergoPouch and using their TOG ratings helped put my mind at ease! This will be my 8 month olds first winter and for a baby that hates blankets their Sleep Suits would be so helpful!

  329. Avatar of Dearne warner
    Dearne warner Reply

    What an amazing sleep suit, these would be perfect for my sons for winter

  330. Avatar of Kirsten

    My baby is about to grow out of her Ergo Coccoon and this would be an amazing way to replace it.

  331. Avatar of ekin828

    Would love to win this for my last baby keeping bubs warm in winter

  332. Avatar of Joey Fernandes
    Joey Fernandes Reply

    Breathable material, with/without arm sleeping feature and more importantly two consecutive years awards winning product! Oh do I need to say more? I love to have it for our first little one coming soon in May!

  333. Avatar of Kimberley

    My daughter has is starting to outgrow her ergopouch Cocoon 0.2 and we have moved from Qld which was great for 0.2 tog to ACT which is going to become alot cooler and the sleep suit would be perfect for age. Thankyou

  334. Avatar of Adrienne

    My toddler loves his sleep suit and I love it because I don’t need to worry about him getting tangled in blankets or kicking them off!
    Would love to get another one for his baby sister!

  335. Avatar of Suzie

    My son just turned 8 months and sleeps well without sleep suits (11 hours)because he moves his legs all over and I discovered sleep suits consrtrict his movement thus wakes up 4-5 times a night.Problem is, I believe he gets cold at night if we cover him, he removes the blankets by morning and its also not really safe. I would like to win the ergoPouch because i know he will be a warm during the night PLUS he can move his legs anyhow he wants. EgoPouch equals to happy mummy and happy baby

    • Avatar of Suzie sainem

      My son just turned 8 months and sleeps well without sleep suits (11 hours)because he moves his legs all over and I discovered sleep suits consrtrict his movement thus wakes up 4-5 times a night.Problem is, I believe he gets cold at night if we cover him, he removes the blankets by morning and its also not really safe. I would like to win the ergoPouch because i know he will be a warm during the night PLUS he can move his legs anyhow he wants. EgoPouch equals to happy mummy and happy baby

  336. Avatar of Tracey

    Would love to win this pack to keep my wriggley worm of a toddler warm this winter!

  337. Avatar of Caitlin

    I like the convertible bag/leg feature. So useful for getting a sleeping tot in and out of car seats.

  338. Avatar of Kylie Gerstenberg
    Kylie Gerstenberg Reply

    We have been loving the ergopouch over the summer and with the transition into a bed over winter it would be great to have a sleep suit that would make ensuring night time warmth really easy and stress free.

  339. Avatar of Liz H

    I’ve just had my third child, and need to upgrade my old sleeping bags from my first two kids. The ergo gets rave reviews, and I’ve always wanted to try the product! I love how the bag can turn into legs!

  340. Avatar of Heather

    Living in the tack on room at the back of an old house, it gets cold! An ergo pouch will be perfect to keep my littlest one warm!

  341. Avatar of Jessica Dadhwal

    My cheeky 16month old refuses to keep a blanket over him. He loves his blanket to touch his face. But forget putting it over him. Sleeping bags are our life saver in winter!

  342. Avatar of Sara Holmes
    Sara Holmes Reply

    I love the fact they turn from bags to legs, but mostly how warm and cosy my little man is in his nearly too small cocoon. I can rest knowing my baby is warm, but more importantly safely sleeping without the additional risk of SIDS that comes with blankets.

  343. Avatar of Carly

    Would love to win an ergopouch pack to make sure both my boys are warm and cosy all winter long!

  344. Avatar of Natasha O’Neill
    Natasha O’Neill Reply

    Absolutely favourite sleepbags! Warm, cozy kid looking cute as a big in a rug in the gorgeous ergo pouch prints.

  345. Avatar of Bry Ramsden

    I love the Ergopouch sleeping bags range as it keeps my daughter warm and snuggled despite constantly kicking off her blankets. It’s great with the different TOG ratings so there are options for all seasons. Ergopouch is amazing and I highly recommend it to all my mum friends. I would love to win this prize pack.

  346. Avatar of Megan J Lee
    Megan J Lee Reply

    I would love to won this for my 4month old son. He is transitioning from a wrap to a sleeping bag but with the colder weather his arms get cold.

  347. Avatar of Delina

    I would love to win this for my 8 month old daughter and for my sanity! Sleep has been such a nightmare and not only is she exhausted…so am I! My daughter hates sleeping bags with a vengence so figuring out how many layers to put on her to keep her warm has been so confusing and stressful. The ergopuch sleep suit looks amazimg and i really believe she will love the freedom of being able to move her legs and be warm at the same time. A long, peaceful and uninterrupted sleep for both of us would be a dream come true!!

  348. Avatar of Kellyh18

    My wriggly worm of a daughter would love these ergo suits, she moves around her cot so much we can’t use blankets to keep her warm, these are great once it starts to get cooler.

  349. Avatar of Samantha

    I would love to win the pack because my 2 year old daughter (who we refer to as Cyclone Esra!) sleeps all over the place and always ends up with no blanket. With winter getting closer these sleepsuits will be great. My 6 month old is already looking like she is becoming a cyclone too! So needs as much warmth as she can get 🙂

  350. Avatar of Jess Taylor
    Jess Taylor Reply

    Sheets scare the bejesus outta me, I like the idea of it being versatile with the individual legs and not just a bag, so good for car trips!

  351. Avatar of Htrip

    3 kids under 6 years and they all hate blankets! Minimal sleep for this working mum.. exhausted!! Hoping this would keep my 12 month old warmly and comfy to minimise her night waking!!

  352. Avatar of Kara Ell

    I love the safety, comfort and quality of the ergo suits. The transition suit would be perfect for my little girl to grow into and to get used to not being in a sleep sack! I love that the warmth is still there yet she will be able to run around.

  353. Avatar of Jessica Williams
    Jessica Williams Reply

    I have a little wriggler who doesn’t know how to stay under a blanket. The Ergo Sleepsuit would help her stay warm when its cold outside.

  354. Avatar of Emily Lacey
    Emily Lacey Reply

    I would love to won as my son will never wear a sleeping bag as its too hard to walk in, but also won’t keep his blankets on at night so always gets cold.

  355. Avatar of Sally

    My little one is always falling asleep in the car after we visit her grandparents and I wake her up putting her in her sleeping bag. These would be fantastic for transferring from car to cot when we’ve been on an evening outing!

  356. Avatar of Christina Mckenna
    Christina Mckenna Reply

    I would LOVE to win this for my son as he moves so much in his sleep so blankets never stay on and we’re moving to NZ soon so need some nice warm suits to keep him toasty!

  357. Avatar of Nadia

    I would love to win one of these for my little boy. He is currently in a sleep bag and a convertible one would be great for when it’s time to transition (which will happen pretty soon). What could be better than Ergo! They have a fantastic design and all the positive reviews are a massive plus.

  358. Avatar of Nikki

    My daughter will be born in winter these ergopouch suits will be a life save on the cold nights.

  359. Avatar of Kaylah Cooke
    Kaylah Cooke Reply

    I would love to win this for my son so he can keep warm through the Tassie winters without wriggling free of blankets!

  360. Avatar of Michelle

    I would love to win this amazing prize as I don’t own any sleep suits and am needing one as my son is a wriggle worm and is getting cold at night as he kicks all the blankets and sheets off himself. I am getting up so many times at night to cover him up again and believe these sleep suits will give me that much needed rest and keep my precious baby comfortable and warm

  361. Avatar of Tiffany

    My daughter is always on the go and doesn’t seem to like the restriction of regular sleeping bags even when trying to sleep. This would be a great solution for her with the option to wear with legs

  362. Avatar of Kez

    My children will not sleep with covers so the sleep suit saved my boy from getting too cold last winter. Would love to win a pack for my daughter so she can can stay snuggly ans warm without restricting her movement

  363. Avatar of KateMarconi
    KateMarconi Reply

    I’d love to win a sleep suit for my baby coming in May – winter time. Love to try these out and ensure Bub is warm and sleeps well.

  364. Avatar of Marisha

    Would love these. My baby lifts his legs all night and I am forever tucking the blanket back in

  365. Avatar of Keryn vasta

    My daughter can now climb out of her cot and I struggle to keep blankets on her. Poor thing gets constant coughs and needs to stay warm the ergo pouch looks great for this

  366. Avatar of Zoe

    Living on a mountain, my kiddo needs this for those chilly winter nights!

  367. Avatar of Beth Campton
    Beth Campton Reply

    This would be amazing for the cold Canberra winters to keep my gorgeous girl snug

  368. Avatar of Alicia Blazey
    Alicia Blazey Reply

    I have a summer weight bag for my toddler and they are brilliant. The winter set would be perfect for keeping his extremities warm in winter and for passing down to his baby brother.

  369. Avatar of Jacqueline Bartels
    Jacqueline Bartels Reply

    I want to try anything that will make it easier to transfer my little one from cot to pram and or from car to cot, without having to change him…or wake him!

  370. Avatar of Teagan

    Would be perfect for my son who suffers from ataxia and anxiety.. Sleep is very important for him to help reduce his shaking during the day.

  371. Avatar of Lilly C

    I would love to win this for my newborn! A winter baby in Tas!

  372. Avatar of Tahlia Spence
    Tahlia Spence Reply

    Would be perfect for my daughter as we have notnling moved to a cold town that we aren’t really use to as we had to move closer to my husbands work so he didn’t need to travel 2 hrs to and from work each day

  373. Avatar of Claudia

    Would love to win because i know how amazing the products are and how beneficial sleep bags are. Used them with my first (6years ago!) Wpuld love some for my baby girl!!!!

  374. Avatar of CE

    Would love my toddler to try one of these! We’re transitioning to a ‘big bed’ and this would be great for winter

  375. Avatar of SarMc

    These are the best. Such great peace of mind knowing our kids are kept warm throughout the night no matter how much they wriggle. So easy to zip them in and out and give them the freedom to move their legs about. Once again ergo is a winner!

  376. Avatar of May Lee

    I love how ergopouch makes it easy, stylish and safe for my child to sleep. Because ergopouch uses tog ratings it’s easy to know how to dress and which sleeping suit to use. I would love to win this for my son. To help him sleep comfortably would be amazing.

  377. Avatar of Rosalie

    We’re in the process of moving from Darwin to a much cooler climate in the hunter valley region of NSW. My kids haven’t needed blankets before so one of these would be great to keep them warm!

  378. Avatar of Amanda Chang
    Amanda Chang Reply

    The leg zips are perfect for my little toddler. The grippy feet are even better!

  379. Avatar of Shannon waterhouse
    Shannon waterhouse Reply

    This would be perfect To keep my mobile toddler bed thief nice and warm in her own bed at night

  380. Avatar of Emma MacLeod
    Emma MacLeod Reply

    Ergo pouch has saved my life with transition both my children from being swaddles with arms in to out. I would love this prize pack for my gorgeous 3 month old boy who already loves his other ergo swaddles.

  381. Avatar of Amy Gallagher
    Amy Gallagher Reply

    I would love to win as my 17mth old stopped sleeping in a bag for summer but isn’t quite ready for sheets and blankets yet. The sleep suit would be ideal with the legs option to keep him toasty and warm! Love the new designs and with Bub #2 due in July we are on a tight budget!

  382. Avatar of Kim

    I haven’t used Ergopouch before but this would be brilliant for my almost 9mo who wriggles and squirms his way around his cot at night. Not to mention the fact he crawls everywhere and is trying to walk! Sticky pads on the feet is a great idea also.

  383. Avatar of Eli W

    After trying multiple swaddles / sleeping bags the ergopouch cocoon is the only thing my 8 week son will settle in. I would love to win the transitional sleep pack as this will mean we would be all set for winter!

  384. Avatar of Kat Z

    Having my first winter baby in July! This would be amazing for my little girl who I now have to kick out of her loving cot to her new room which unfortunately has tiles and she hates blankets! Please help Emilia stay warm this winter while she has to deal with a new baby brother or sister 😉

  385. Avatar of Sallie

    I loved the ergo for my son and can’t wait to use when my daughter is born

  386. Avatar of Kayla

    My little girl will only sleep in a sleeping bag we have teansitioned her into the sleeveless swaddle but only have one would love more as she sleeps in this day and night so makes it hard to have time to wash it ready for her. Also would love to try the sleeve ones for winter approaching. It’s the cutest thing when she sees her swaddle she gets so excited knowing it’s time for bed

  387. Avatar of nicolehaylee
    nicolehaylee Reply

    Both my bubbas hate sleeping with blankets on yet some nights are just too cold for that. I am forever getting up in the night to put blankets on them. These would make cold nights soooo much better and comfortable

  388. Avatar of Brittny

    I just love your sleeping bags.. they have help transition my son into great sleeping patterns They are the only sleeping bags I use

  389. Avatar of Gemma collins
    Gemma collins Reply

    Would love to win this prize pack! There ergo pouch looks soluoer comfy! Super cozy and I love the designs! The fact they are made for Australian climate makes me happy to know my little man will be sleeping well !

    • Avatar of Gemma collins
      Gemma collins Reply

      Would love to win this prize pack! There ergo pouch looks super comfy! Super cozy and I love the designs! The fact they are made for Australian climate makes me happy to know my little man will be sleeping well !

  390. Avatar of Natalie

    This sleep pack sounds like just what I’m looking for. The nights get well below zero in winter where i live and I’ve been trying to work out what I’m going to dress my 6 month old in to keep him warm.

  391. Avatar of Nichola

    My 2 year old HATES blankets and I struggle to keep him warm in winter. This would be perfect for my little free spirit

  392. Avatar of Natalie Eakins
    Natalie Eakins Reply

    It’s easy to get my baby reassurance for bed. Everything else is just a bonus!

  393. Avatar of Nadia M

    The Ergopouches are the only thing my daughter has been able to go to sleep in from birth! I would love to continue the sleeping pattern we have currently going on and keep my sanity!

  394. Avatar of Suzie

    I would love to win because i just had my first baby and money is tight due to me not working and raising my 5 month old with no job. I had an ergo stud suit for bubs when he was a newborn and loved it. The quality and design was fantastic and we had such good sleep with him from the start . I would love to win because we cant afford to buy him a new sleep suit and he has gotten to the stage where he wont sleep with a blanket on or anything on his feet and its coming into winter…

  395. Avatar of Kirsten

    The ergopouch is perfect for keeping my blanket hater warm in winter!

  396. Avatar of Penny L

    It would be wonderful to win this for my baby. It is so practical, having a sleepsuit that is not restrictive. And such a safe alternative.

  397. Avatar of Sarah Wallace
    Sarah Wallace Reply

    I have tried a few different brands for my bub and these are the only ones he sleeps comfortably in our heat. We don’t have any for the winter yet, as we will be a few size, so would love to win these!!!

  398. Avatar of Trist

    After my 1st being (and still is) a terrible sleeper I want to get it right this time and support good sleep, starting with the right sleeping environment and sleepwear! These look perfect for my wriggly little baby; he doesn’t stay still even when sleeping so blankets aren’t an option, besides the worrys of SIDS guidelines. These products look perfect to help us on our way to good sleeping habits! *fingers crossed*

  399. Avatar of Moo perry

    I’d love to win, as I’ve heard so much about these suits, and my daughter hates to have blankets on.

  400. Avatar of Diana

    The versatility of this product is very desirable. Also safety features e.g grip on the feet so they can walk and meeting safe sleep standards. Definitely a welcome addition to any families life.

  401. Avatar of Brandi whitehead
    Brandi whitehead Reply

    Would love to win as my daughter pulls blankets over her face and I have to use sleeps bags. The versatility of these bags would make life easier.

  402. Avatar of Brooke

    We would love to try the sleeping bags they are so expensive so we can’t really afford to. Have heard great things about them. My 15 week old would love them so he can sleep at the perfect temperature peacefully.

  403. Avatar of Richelle

    I would love to try these with my 4 month old daughter Kailee as she is currently being wrapped but has decided she wants to roll and get out of her wrap.

  404. Avatar of Yvonne

    After hearing so many great reviews I would love to try these out with my next bubba and hope in the process to create better sleeping for my baby and better sleep for my husband and I.

  405. Avatar of Seema Singh
    Seema Singh Reply

    The ergo bag pants wear is so convenient for babies who move a lot while they are asleep. It keeps them warm overnight which ensures our babies get a good sleep overnight. With winter approaching , it will be a must have for all babies !

  406. Avatar of Jess

    Love to win this for my boy as he desperately needs a sleeping bag to fall asleep. Some kind of sleep Association

  407. Avatar of Ruth

    We love our ergoPouch sleep suits! My daughter has been in them since she was just over 6 months old and she’s now nearly 2. She sleeps so much better when she’s in one as she moves all around her bed. I love that the legs enable you to transfer her to the car on really cold mornings whilst she stays warm in her suit as well as allow for minimal exposure when you need to do a nappy change! This prize would be amazing as she’s now ready to move into her third new suit size 🙂

  408. Avatar of Dani

    This is baby #3 for me but it’s my first winter baby and the ergo pouch seems to be the perfect solution as my long and strong babies aren’t that keen on being swaddled.

  409. Avatar of Rella James
    Rella James Reply

    I have heard that the Ergo Pouches are very easy for little ones to sleep in without feeling too restricted. My little one is a bit of a night time wriggler so I’m often having to get up through the night to check if he is still snug and warm. I would love to win the ergo pouches so hopefully we can both get better nights sleep.

  410. Avatar of Elaine Chai
    Elaine Chai Reply

    We love our Ergo sleeping bags and how they are so soft and breathable on our toddler and baby, but the sleep suit would be even more amazing because I love how our toddler will be able to walk and use the bathroom (very important for toilet training!) and still stay nice and cosy.

  411. Avatar of Jedreya

    My boy won’t wear socks! Constantly kicks his blanket off! Ergo Pouch will keep him extra warm!

  412. Avatar of Eva Synkova
    Eva Synkova Reply

    I’ve heard only a good reviews about ergopouch sleeping product for babies and I also have a sleeping bag for my 3mo who absolutely loves it. The material is perfect for living in far north qld.

  413. Avatar of Emily Reeman
    Emily Reeman Reply

    Sleeping bags are a must for us in winter as we sometimes get snow and mr k wrigglesout from underneath the blankets every night so this will keep him nice and warm all night also love how it transitions from a bag to legs great for when he starts walking

  414. Avatar of Jemma

    My 7 week old is forever kicking her blankets off and since she was born we used ergopuch, it settles her down to sleep and makes the nighttime sleeps easier to put her down. Would love this pack as she is forever growing!

  415. Avatar of JaneS

    My bub is very much a wriggler when sleeping and we don’t have heating in his room so this pack would be awesome for us for winter! We wouldn’t need to worry so much about trying to keep blankets on him all night.

  416. Avatar of HA huynh

    I would love an ergopouch because my little wriggler of a boy (5.5months) can keep warm while doing his gymnastics in his cot before, during and after his sleeps. Have only heard of ergopouch being the best so would love to check it out.

  417. Avatar of Elisha

    My toddler hates any sheets or doona on him at night. With a cold winter approaching, I’d love to see if an ergopouch has better results!

  418. Avatar of Annisa Williams
    Annisa Williams Reply

    I would absolutely love to win a sleeping bag for my little boy. It’s starting to get cold of a night in Tassie and Blake loves to suck his thumbs but he wakes up cold during the night from having his arms out.

  419. Avatar of Stobes06

    Ergopouch sleepsuit has been a lifesaver for my family! I have a 2.5 year old and a 1 year old and they both love them! Unfortunately theirs are getting too small now!

  420. Avatar of Giulia Flowers
    Giulia Flowers Reply

    Have only used ergopouch sleeping bag on my baby girl. They are so soft and comfy that’s why I love them. I need to now upgrade A. Because she is growing and B. I was looking at the sleeping suit for winter, so it would be perfect. Have had many new mums comment on Bubs sleeping bag and have referred many mums to the brand 🙂 was

  421. Avatar of Amanda Kelly
    Amanda Kelly Reply

    I’d love to win a pack mainly for my 10 month old Lorenzo. He has always struggled with eczema so this would be a perfect combination! Bamboo and cotton so he doesn’t react, layers so he doesn’t overheat and irritate, pull over mittens if he is having a flareup so I can save him scratching all night and even more amazingly, he can wander around in it and not go caplonk like in his sleepbag.

    He can be quite a restless sleeper and ends up in all directions and positions in his cot overnight. It would be a massive relief having these so I know he would always be warm and not going to suffocate on blankets.

  422. Avatar of Louise

    I’d love to win this for my new grandson Harry. Nana could sleep well knowing he is warm and cosy

  423. Avatar of Amanda Doidge
    Amanda Doidge Reply

    I would love to win these for my 11month old! She HATES blankets, kicks and wriggles all night so these would be amazing, then I know she’s always going to be warm

  424. Avatar of Melzie

    With baby number 1 on thw way i have already purchased a few ergo cocoons and ergo pouches, the addition of the legs is genius for when they are a bit older! I can’t wait to use them!

  425. Avatar of Megan Grist
    Megan Grist Reply

    Prefect option for my toddler whom stull does three sixties around the cot. Wishing i was able to more last year.

  426. Avatar of Sarah Johns
    Sarah Johns Reply

    Perfect timing to win this pack, we’re ready to transition from the ergo cocoon!

  427. Avatar of Samantha P
    Samantha P Reply

    I would love a pack for my baby boy, he has sadly outgrown his favourite sleeping pouch by ergoPouch and it was fantastic. We would be so excited to try out more of your products!

  428. Avatar of Laurel

    My kids are terrible gor keeping blankets on at night which leads to multiple wakings during the night. These sleep suits would be a fantastic sleep solution and would mean a better night’s sleep for everyone!

  429. Avatar of Katie-Lee C
    Katie-Lee C Reply

    The ergo pouches are such a great product. My little man is about to move to his own cot in his own room and the sleep suit would be great to know he is warm at night, during the winter.

  430. Avatar of Kate Larwood
    Kate Larwood Reply

    Being a FTM I really have no idea what’s necessary or perfect to use. These sleep suits look and sound fantastic, easy to use and comfortable. If only they made adult sizes too. I’d love to win the sleep suit so sleepless nights will become limited and my baby will be comfortable.

  431. Avatar of Caitlin Lee james
    Caitlin Lee james Reply

    The egro bag is something I’m always hearing about and would be amazing to win for my little boy as at 2yrs old he still can’t contain heat like a normal child due to prematurity but still he refuses to keep blankets on. This would be a god send

  432. Avatar of Toni Hockley
    Toni Hockley Reply

    I’d love this for my boy who just turned 1 – he is nearly walking & the leg option which other brands don’t have, would be really useful for those cold mornings in winter! Plus they are super cute!

  433. Avatar of Natalie Clarke
    Natalie Clarke Reply

    LOVE the ergopouch sleepwear. Our house is v draughty and my baby needs lots of warm layers. The sleep suit bags are a great transition and i love that the organic cotton filling is one of the only SIDS safe fillings on the market. No polyester for this babe!

  434. Avatar of Jess F

    To save my own sanity! Having a toddler to keep up with and a little one who has yet to learn to learn to sleep without being wrapped up like a little burrito is tiring work. An ergopouch would mean a relaxed bubs = cool, calm and collected mumma!

  435. Avatar of Nadine

    Would love to try, especially coming into winter with a little boy who hates having blankets on him!

  436. Avatar of Amy

    Our toddler refuses blankets so this would be such an awesome prize to win to help us through winter!

  437. Avatar of Betty

    Would love this for the peace of mind mowing my toddler will be warm as he is for ever kicking the sheets off.

  438. Avatar of Lynn

    With the upcoming winter season, I’ve been tossing up whether I should be choosing the Love to Dream or ergopouch range. I’ve heard great things about both products but have yet to make a decision.
    This will give me the perfect opportunity to try it out and give my honest opinion.

  439. Avatar of Sarah

    Not only do I love these, my son does aswell! He sleeps in one every night, sometimes it’s the only way to settle him!

  440. Avatar of Kirsty Moulton
    Kirsty Moulton Reply

    I would love one of these , having a two year son who has sensitive skin , it’s great to know a company uses breathable fabric that helps with that plus his sweating 🙂 thank you

  441. Avatar of Emma Brown
    Emma Brown Reply

    As a first time Mum of a beautiful baby girl, I love the reassurance these suits bring. I know that she is safe and warm in her bed each night. It allows us both to get a good nights sleep

  442. Avatar of Chloe

    My daughter has never been keen on traditional sleeping bags as she finds them restrictive. Now at 6 months of age, she is moving all around the cot practising her newfound crawling skills, and this makes it difficult to keep her warm throughout the night. The ergopouch sleep suit is exactly what we have been looking for – it seems you’ve thought of everything!