Meet the Snoo High Tech Baby Cot. It’ll Help Your Baby Sleep (Like a Baby)


Your baby sleeps where? On a totally flat, completely still surface? In a room that’s quiet enough to rival the local library? If that doesn’t exactly sound comforting, you’re probably right.

Engineers from MIT created the Snoo Baby cot – a high-tech cot that is based on the idea that the current version isn’t what your baby is used to.

What does that mean?

Well, think about it. Your baby spends nine months growing inside of your belly. During those three trimesters you’re walking, and she’s rocking. You’re talking, and she’s listening. Your heart’s beating, and she’s hearing a steady rhythm. You may have even noticed that she’s not so active when you are—that’s the rocking taking effect.

snoo-baby-basinette-overviewNow she’s finally here, and you could be happier. That is, until the night-time rolls around. You’d be thrilled to sleep for more than a few hours. But, baby has other ideas. You’re exhausted and can’t figure out why she isn’t sleeping. Maybe it’s that cute little cot of hers.

A $1,150 cot (yep, that’s right) is turning traditional baby sleep gear around. Instead of a stationary baby bed, this cot moves. The makers of the SNOO Smart Sleeper believe that the cot’s motion, coupled with white noise, can take your baby from crying to calm.

Not sold yet? We get it. This cot is majorly expensive. But, babies do seem to like it. We’re also guessing that those mums and dads who are getting some extra sleep like it too. Check out the video and see for yourself.

So, what’s so special about the SNOO?

It’s not like rocking a baby is ground-breaking or anything, right? Sure, there are plenty of products out there that rock, jiggle, sway or in some other way move your baby. Hey, if you want rocking for free, just pick your little one up and use your arms. But, the SNOO does have some options that other products don’t (except for your arms—mum’s arms are always the best!).

snoo-baby-basinetteIt has multiple motions for each different type of upset or cry. It also comes with a variety of white noise sounds (including a womb sound). And, then there’s the swaddler.

Does your baby’s cot come with a swaddle? Not likely. Well, this one does. The “5-second swaddle” (it does look staggeringly simple) is safe for your baby’s hips and keeps her on her back. This means safer sleeping.

snoo-baby-basinette-swaddle-wrapAnd, just in case you didn’t think the SNOO was techy enough, it comes with a 2.4 GHz wireless, 802.11 b/g/n with separate WiFi control switch. Whoa! This cot is certainly putting technology to good use.


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