The Most Popular Baby Names From Around the World

Ever wonder what parents around the globe are naming their babies? Or perhaps you’re looking for a bit of inspiration on a unique name that is cherished by another country. Thanks to Letter Solver, we’ve uncovered the most popular baby names from around the world in several different countries.

Letter Solver recently used manual research to discover the most popular boys’ and girls’ names in tons of countries around the world over the past year — by searching public records and databases.

We were more than surprised with the results and some of the adorable choices parents from around the world are making.

Check them out below:

BOYS: Most popular baby names from around the world

1. Mohammed: Mohammed reigns supreme as ten nations’ most popular boys’ name.

2. Noah: While Noah ranks fairly high in Australia, it’s number one in several countries including Canada, Scotland, Belgium, the Netherlands, England, Wales, Germany and Switzerland.

3. Luca/Luka: This rising name is in the top ten in Australia but is also very popular in Europe.

4.  Jacob/Jakub: Jacob used to be the most popular baby name in America for a long time and this name still stands the test of time in countries like the Philippines, Czech Republic, Slovakia and Norway.

5. Liam: Another common name in Australia, Liam is also the most popular name in America, Ecuador and Peru.

6. Oliver: Oliver is the top baby boy name in Australia and New Zealand.

7. Jose: In Central America, Jose or some variation, proved to be very popular.

8. Mateo: In Chile and Argentina, Mateo reigns supreme.

9. Leo: France and Finland’s families opted for Leo the most.

10. William: The regal name William continues to dominate in Sweden and Denmark.

In addition to the above, there are plenty of absolutely adorable choices. Our top picks include Elias (Liechtenstein), Miguel (Brazil), Emil (Iceland) and Adriel (Dominican Republic).

There were also several other popular name choices including Alexander, David, Jack, James, Paul and Samuel.

Most popular baby names from around the world - boys
Source: Letter Solver

GIRLS: Most popular baby names from around the world

1.  Maria/Marie: This pretty name topped the list in several countries including several South American and European countries.

2. Mia: A variation of Maria, Mia is the second most popular girl’s name around the world including in Peru, Ecuador, Switzerland and Croatia.

3. Emma: Another name that has held the top spot in America in the past is Emma. This pretty name continues to dominate around the world including in the Netherlands, Monaco and Argentina.

4. Olivia: Olivia is the most popular girl’s name in Canada, USA, England and Wales.

5. Sofia: Another really popular choice is Sofia (or variations) which reigned supreme in Russia, Italy and several other countries across the continents.

6. Fatima: In Libya, Iran and Oman, Fatima is the most popular baby name for girls.

7. Isla: In Australia and New Zealand, the island-inspired name, Isla topped the charts.

8. Emelia: While Amelia was the most popular name in Albania, it was Emelia who came out on top in Liechtenstein and Germany.

9. Maryam: Another variation of Marie, Maryam dominated in Algeria and UAE.

On the girls’ list, there were plenty of other adorable choices too including our top picks of Nare (Armenia), Jade (France), Lucia (Spain) Embla (Iceland), Althea (Philippines) and Astrid (Sweden).

Other names that made the most popular baby names from around the world for girls include Nora, Emily, Grace and Ella.

most popular names from around the world - girls
Source: Letter Solver

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