20 Most-Searched Baby Names from Around the World

What can we expect in terms of popular baby names for the next generation? Who will be taking the stage as part of the Grad Class of 2040 and beyond?

Recently baby name website Nameberry shared 20 of the most-searched names across their site. These names come from users around the world, including Australia, USA, New Zealand, Canada, France and plenty more countries.

While parents may not be choosing these names for their kids, they are looking at them and it’s easy to see why – some of them are incredibly cute!

So, let’s move beyond Olivia, Charlotte, Oliver and Jack and bring out these worldly monikers that have global appeal.

1. Luna

Luna makes a lot of baby name lists. This name is one of the biggest risers over the past few years and is also the most searched name in Australia, Canada, Brazil, Germany, Japan, Philippines, United Kingdom, and the United States.

It’s the second most-search name in South Africa and New Zealand and third in China and Spain.

2. Arlo

Luna wins the girl’s section but Arlo is taking over the crown for the most-searched-for boys’ name. And not just in Australia. It’s also the top searched name in Brazil, France, New Zealand, and the UK. Go Arlo!

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3. Silas

According to Nameberry, it’s the top-searched name for boys in the United Arab Emirates, the US, Sweden, and Canada.

4. Jordi

Jordi isn’t very common in Australia but it sure is cute! In China, it’s also the most searched name. Who would have guessed that?

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5. Anjali

Anjali is the top searched name in India.

6. Aria

Aria continues to move up the top 100 in Australia but it’s nowhere near the top yet. However, in Spain and the United Arab Emirates, it’s the top-searched name for girls.

7. Atlas

A name as big as the world (oh the irony!), Atlas ranked number one in the search for boys’ names in Finland and number five for boys in Sweden.

8. Enola

We probably have never considered Enola, but this name is pretty popular in Italy. In fact, it’s the top searched name. And yes, we are aware it spells ‘Alone’ backwards.

But, hey, at least it’s better than Marlana.

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9. Lilibet

Lily. Lillie. Lilly. Lillyanna. All popular in Australia. But Lilibet? It’s the most searched name in Russia.

10. Pedi

Pedi is the top searched name for girls in South Africa. And for boys? Mani. No, just kidding. I made that up. Pedi is real though.

11. Maeve

Pronounced May-veh, this name is a popular search in the US, the UK, the Philippines, Canada, Brazil, and Australia.

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12. Finn

While it didn’t top any lists, Finn is a popular search for users in US, Sweden and Canada.

13. Hugo

Another boy’s name that is gaining traction around the globe, Hugo is a popular baby name search in the UK, Spain, Germany, Brazil, and Australia.

14. Aurora

Another name that remains near the top in several countries, Aurora is especially popular in the US, New Zealand, Japan, Germany, Finland, Brazil, and Australia.

15. Jayden

Jayden is one of the many “en” names currently taking over schools across Australia and America. Others include Brayden, Caden, Hayden and Aiden. But Jayden remains a popular search in Ghana, South Africa, and Nigeria.

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16. Rio

Rio makes one of our Mum Central baby name lists for cutest three-letter names but we’ve always seen it as a boy’s name. However, in Japan, it’s the fifth-ranking most popularly searched name for girls.

17. Levi

Levi is popular around the globe, including USA and Australia but it’s also the third most-searched-for name in Canada.

18. Elodie

Speaking of popular searches in Canada, another cute one that tops the charts is Elodie. Definitely an adorable alternative to Eloise with that same French flair. J’adore!

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19. Jiro

Another popular search for Japanese users is Jiro, which means “second son”.

20. Cassius

we’ve seen this name creep onto hipster baby name lists in the past but it’s also quite popular in Europe, especially in Italy where it’s the third most searched name for boys.

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