Birthday Party Goals! Chuck E. Cheese Coming to Australia

First Disneyland, now Chuck E. Cheese. Australia is set to become the newest destination for the famous American food chain and family centre. Here’s what we know about the Aussie Chuck E. Cheese venture so far.

Chuck E Cheese coming to Australia
Big News – Chuck E. Cheese coming to Australia! Source: Facebook: @cool_guy_shi (IG)

A little bit about Chuck

If you’ve never heard of Chuck E. Cheese, that’s understandable. Think of it like your everyday normal kids’ play centre on steroids.

Growing up in Canada, Chuck E. Cheese was an absolute birthday party staple. Loud, and crowded with video games pinging and popping, animatronics dancing and singing, and kids running around all hopped up on pizza and sugary drinks.

Chuck E. Cheese Australia
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I still remember the arcade games, the massive slices of pizza and the super creepy animatronics that haunt my dreams to this day. Childhood goals.

I haven’t visited one for at least 25 years now so the 21st-century Chuck E. Cheese might be a little toned down. And fingers crossed the animatronics have been retired. Because the old-school ones used to give off serious Five Nights at Freddy’s vibes.

What can we expect? The modern-day Chuck E. Cheese 

These days, Chuck E. Cheese is, first and foremost, a restaurant offering kid-friendly foods. Pizza is their main thing.

Chuck E Cheese coming to Australia
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In addition to food, Chuck E. Cheese offers a range of entertainment including video games, dodgem cars and even trampolines in some centres. There are also interactive dance parties daily and special events often.

Chuck E. Cheese is THE place to host your birthday as a kid and having this venue come to Australia is pretty cool. There are plenty of great indoor play centres across Australia and Chuck E. Cheese will certainly fit right in.

Chuck E. Cheese coming to Australia
Source: Chuck E. Cheese

Location of Chuck E. Cheese coming to Australia 

The whereabouts of the first Australian Chuck E. Cheese is not known yet but the company that signed the deal to bring the entertainment venue to Australia is a Perth-based company.

Royale Hospitality Group is also behind venues such as Outback Jacks and Milky Lane, both of which are located all over Australia.

Could Perth be the first location of Australian Chuck E. Cheese? Or will Melbourne or Sydney be the first to host the famous mouse and his array of mates?

“Chuck E. Cheese is a powerful global brand that transcends language and cultural boundaries, centred around the timeless essence of family fun,” chief operating officer Mario Centola said in a statement.

“We are thrilled to bring the magic of Chuck E. Cheese to Australia and to collaborate with the Royale Hospitality Group, a partner that shares our commitment to delivering exceptional family experiences.”

Will Chuck adapt the Aussie accent?

It’s unclear if Chuck E. Cheese will keep its very American feel or if the Aussie Chuck E. Cheese may include a more Australian vibe. Perhaps koalas and kangaroos will sing and dance alongside Chuck (who is a mouse by the way).

chuck E. cheese coming to Australia
Source: Chuck E. Cheese

Managing director of Royale Hospitality Ray Strauss said the group looked forward to tailoring the US-mega brand for the Australian market.

“This is a momentous step towards establishing Chuck E. Cheese as the premier destination for families seeking an unparalleled kid-centric entertainment and dining experience,” said Strauss.

“I am thrilled, along with my dedicated team, to embark on this exciting journey, taking Chuck E. Cheese to the next level throughout all of Australia.”

You can follow Chuck E. Cheese’s website to see updates on when the first Aussie Chuck E. Cheese will open. In the meantime, check out the recent news about Disneyland settling down under outside of Melbourne set to host the Happiest Place on Earth

A few other fun experiences that have opened recently or are opening soon include the Monopoly Experience in Melbourne and Bluey’s World, heading to none other than Brisbane.

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