What are parents in South Australia naming their babies? We have the answers!

Come and check out the names of the future graduation class of 2034. Is your little one’s name on the list?

2017 was a busy year for babies in South Australia! According to Consumer and Business services, there were 18,400 births registered last year – 9,529 bouncing baby boys and 8,871 gorgeous baby girls.

Charlotte took out the top spot for girls while Oliver ruled the baby boy name throne. These two names have remained at the top for six and five years in a row, respectively. Other names you can expect to hear on the playground include William, Jack, Noah, Ava, Isla and Harper.

While many parents stuck to the traditional, not all parents did. Some of the more unusual names include Khaleesi, Temperance, Sparrow, Tora, Daenerys, Foxx, Cosmo, Keanu and Bowie. But in a blow to the state’s capital, only 10 parents named their babies Adelaide. This sweet, old-fashioned moniker limped in at number 150 for girls.

Here’s the top 10 for both genders:

South Australia baby names – boys

Given Name Amount Position
Oliver 172 1
William 114 2
Jack 111 3
Noah 100 4
Henry 89 5
Mason 84 6
Harvey 83 7
Leo 82 8
Thomas 81 9
Lucas 80 10


South Australia baby names – girls

Given Name Amount Position
Charlotte 132 1
Ava 114 2
Isla 110 3
Harper 91 4
Amelia 87 5
Olivia 86 6
Mia 85 7
Ella 84 8
Evie 82 9
Grace 80 10


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