Possum Magic Coins Take Over Woolworths Registers (Again!)

Is that a possum in your purse? Or have you just managed to get your mitts on one of the limited edition Possum Magic coins hitting Woolies registers this week?

The much loved Mem Fox story book has taken on a new form with Hush the possum appearing on three limited edition $2 coins.

The second coin in the special series is available at Woolworths supermarkets from tomorrow (22 August).

Possum Magic money

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Produced by the Royal Australian Mint, the coins have been almost a year in the making, with Fox telling News Corp that it’s been the ‘hardest secret’ to try and keep.

“Can you believe it that this book has been magically made into money?” she says.

Possum Magic‘, which tells the tale of a tiny possum tucking into all sorts of Aussie treats including lamingtons and pav, celebrates its 34th birthday this year, and has sold more than 3 million copies worldwide. “The book was turned down nine times and on two occasions, I was told that Possum Magic was too Australian … can you believe it?” Fox reveals.

A new $2 coin each week

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The first Possum Magic coin is already available at Woolworths stores. The second design launches on Tuesday, 22 August and third on Tuesday, 29 August. There will be two million pieces of each $2 coin circulated across the country.

Possum Magic Takes Over Woolies Registers

The Royal Australian Mint is also releasing a limited edition Possum Magic Coin Collection that will be available at Woolworths and the Mint. The album includes all three $2 coin designs, four different $1 coin designs and a unique one cent coin.

Possum Magic is one of the books up for grabs in our Great Australian Storybook Collection giveaway. Be quick if you want to enter – the competition ends tonight!

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