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‘Postpartum Is Forever’ – Marcia Leone Gets Real on Postpartum Health


Be it 10 weeks, 10 months or 10 years since your last baby, postpartum is forever. And it’s high time we talk about it.

Marcia Leone, a mother of two, a published author and founder of Not So Mumsy The Label is a lady who regularly and openly speaks of her fertility journey, blundering through motherhood, disaster naps and juggling a work/life balance. Her book “Not So Mumsy” is a must-have baby shower gift – an honest and empowering read, indeed.

Marcia posted on her Instagram stories earlier this month that she was heading in for day surgery to take care of some postpartum business (without mentioning the issue itself) from when she carried her firstborn, Archie. We gave her a double-tap, sent our love, wished her the best and said we’d see her on the flip side.

And then it appears those few Instagram stories opened the flood gates for mums everywhere.

Hundreds of postpartum women suffering in silence

When Marcia reported back to followers post-surgery, at her most vulnerable I might add, assuring us she’ll be fine while obviously NOT fine, laying in pain and talking of her fear of going to the toilet, she still wanted to help others.

postpartum health
Marcia asks the question of postpartum: Why aren’t we talking about this? Source: Instagram / @notsomumsy

Marcia wanted to talk about why we don’t talk about postpartum. Many, many women sent Marcia private messages of their own postpartum stories, some who have never told their partners, let alone a health professional, just being accepting of their new normal. It broke my heart a little, not going to lie.

Marcia gets raw and real

In the following days, Marcia posted this raw photo and caption to her Instagram:

postpartum health
“Postpartum is forever”. Marcia, five days post-surgery. Source: Instagram / @notsomumsy

“477 weeks. 110 months. 9 years postpartum (since my first full-term pregnancy and birth.)

This is me today. 5 days post-surgery. Week old unwashed hair, pregnancy undies back on (who knew I still had them!)

The debilitating pain and recovery from this this “simple procedure” to address an internal pregnancy issue from carrying Archie has been like nothing I have experienced in my life. (And I had a full-on episiotomy with 6-week recovery).

It got me thinking of the women suffering birth trauma and more serious ongoing issues. I have received hundreds of messages on my stories from women sharing different lasting effects. There are so many things that can happen. Internally & externally. Physically & emotionally. Why are we not talking about this?

Postpartum is so much more than a changing body shape. It’s the physical and emotional wounds we carry. Some we see, some we don’t. And it’s different for all of us. Here I am 9 years on. All of a sudden taken back to that time.

A reminder that there is no time limit – POSTPARTUM IS FOREVER.

Let’s honour the warriors that we are and these amazing vessels that carry us and our children through life and talk about this! ✨✨✨ #rawmotherhood #postpartum

Postpartum health – it’s never too late

No woman should ever feel shame or embarrassed about their postpartum health. Your body has done something truly special – it’s grown, housed and birthed a whole new human being, you’re amazing!

Let’s take the taboo out of the conversation. If you yourself have postpartum issues, no matter how small you might think they are, it’s time to address them.

Tell your partner about your suspected vaginal prolapse because sex feels different, or talk to a girlfriend about how your traumatic birthing experience still weighs heavily and hits you in the feels.

From episiotomy, haemorrhoids to postpartum anxiety, we MUST open the conversation, so there’s no more suffering in silence.

As Marcia says “there is no time limit – postpartum is forever”, so my fellow mamas, no more suffering in silence, let’s do what we can to get help for our postpartum selves now!

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