Medela Australia are recalling their popular B-Well Steam Steriliser after it was discovered moisture could enter the electronics or power cable, causing risk of short circuit or electric current.

PRA number: 2014/13947
Date published: 17th January 2014

Product description

Steriliser to disinfect bottles and accessories.

Identifying features

The affected products can be identified by either the model number or the article number.

Models affected: 200.3377 or 200.3378
Article numbers affected: 008.0100, 008.0101, 008.0102, 008.0103, 008.104, 008.0121 and 008.0287.

What are the defects?

Moisture may enter electronics or power cable and may cause a short circuit or a high leakage current.

What are the hazards?

Potential risk of burn, fire or electric shock.

Dates available for sale

  • 1st May 2012 – 31st December 2013


Medela Australia

What should consumers do?

Stop using the B-Well Steam Steriliser immediately and unplug it from the socket outlet.

Customers should return the B-Well Steriliser to the point of purchase, or contact Medela Australia (details below) for a full repayment of the purchase price. For further information or queries concerning this notice, please contact Medela Australia on 1800 787 345 between 9 am and 5 pm EST Monday to Friday, fax 03 9552 8699 or email to [email protected] or [email protected]


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