Product Safety Australia via the ACCC has recalled Organix Finger Foods Baby Biscuits as they pose a choking risk to babies and children. 

Distributed nationally via major supermarkets including Coles, Woolworths & some health food stores the product has been identified as crumbling and posing a potential choking hazard.

Sold as suitable for infants 7 months and up, the recall applies to all three flavours of the product. These are detailed as: Creamy Vanilla Baby Biscuits 54g (All best before dates up to and including 10.10.2017), Strawberry Baby Biscuits 54g (All best before dates up to and including 05.10.2017) and Banana Baby Biscuits 54g (All best before dates up to and including 13.09.17).

If you have purchased Organix Finger Foods Baby Biscuits what should you do?

If you have this product in your home please cease consumption of it (including to children and babies) and return it to store immediately for refund. For further information consumers can contact Organix by emailing [email protected].

How to identify the impacted Organix Finger Foods Baby Biscuits. 

The products can be identified by the following batch codes which will be found on their packaging: Creamy Vanilla Biscuits – Batch codes: 231B, 264B, 331B, L010A, L231, L264C, L292B, L308B, L335C, L348A. Strawberry Baby Biscuits – Batch codes: 2495, 229b, 229c, 243B, 307B, L005C, L243, L280B, L281A, L313B, L313C, L349B. Banana Baby Biscuits – Batch codes: 183, 189B, 207A, 229a, L207A, L242, L293C, L294A, L348B.

Organix Finger Foods Baby Biscuits recall notice via ACCC 




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