Product Review: Amplimesh Security Screens

Let’s talk security screens. I’m a big fan of opening all the doors and windows in the house when the weather is fine. There’s nothing like the feeling of filling your home with fresh air and on balmy nights it’s even more special.  Growing up, all we had were fly screens. A flimsy bit of mesh set into a timber frame to keep the flies and mozzies out.

Now of course, I’m a mum and my first priority is the safety and wellbeing of my children. I still love filling the house with fresh air, but I want to know that even with the doors open that my house – and my family – are secure.

The ‘SupaScreen’ product from Amplimesh Security Screens is made from 316 marine grade high tensile stainless steel which is as tough as, or actually tougher than, nails. It’s resistant to corrosion and provides unobstructed outdoor views, without compromising security. The doors come in a range of frame colours, have a 3-point locking system and a 10-year warranty. And they’re a really good-looking door.

Finally and equally important in my mind, they’re strong enough to endure the two boy hurricanes that live under my roof!

You will recall we ran a promotion a short while ago for one of our lucky readers to win themselves a $1200 voucher to spend on any Amplimesh Security Screen product on their home!  Lucky Jaymie from Adelaide was drawn as the winner and she has since had her Amplimesh Security Door fitted at home – this is what she had to say!


“I’m really happy with the product! Our original front screen door was a fire hazard when it was locked and the quick, internal lever on the Amplimesh door makes it very easy to exit in an emergency. Having a little one at home with me, I feel secure knowing that no one can get it but we can get out quickly if needed!

We chose black mesh from the choices provided to us as that was the colour we had originally and also added a matching side panel to cover the pane of glass adjacent to the door. The strong mesh is perfect for toddler hands to bang on without pushing through.



It’s easy to see why, over the last fifty years, more than two million Australians have trusted Amplimesh to secure their homes.

We all know how safe we feel when our homes (and families) are safe and secure. Jaymie says she feels so safe and protected, and let’s face it, you can’t put a price on that!

That’s even more reason to award Amplimesh Security Screens with our Mum’s Thumbs Up!



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