Using Your Wardrobe – The Beauty Of A Blazer

One of the Make It Look Easy philosophies is all about the importance of using, or learning how to use, everything in your wardrobe.

We all have a blazer, a jacket or four but they can often end up pushed to the side and tagged as only for corporate wear or evening attire. Combining your blazers and jackets with shirts and jeans gives them an everyday purpose.

Just like a plain grey tee, a chambray shirt is really versatile because it will just work with all of the patterns, prints and bright colours in your wardrobe.  When in doubt, get the chambray shirt out!

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floral blazer


A floral blazer is a tricky, not to mention courageous, choice when it comes to choosing an investment or staple piece for your wardrobe and this girly jacket needed to be toughened up with a masculine edge. Cue Master chambray and Mr denim blue jeans to balance the look.

Why not give leopard print a go on your feet (go on, it’s fun) and you will get everyone talking. Leopard print is considered a neutral so it really does go with everything.

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pastel blazer


Half tucking your shirt and adding a necklace lets everybody know that you didn’t just create this ensemble by accident and that you are really committed to the look.

Being brave is half the battle but it is a battle well worth taking on, we promise.

Pastel is not for everyone, it can make us look tired and even a little sick at times, but if you pop some oomph behind it with a light to dark print that pastel will fade right into the background.

A black and white t-shirt will do the job nicely (if you don’t happen to have a dog print shirt like Tatum’s hanging around), it is all about drawing the eye to the contrast in the shirt rather than just the colour of the jacket. Contrast is king and overrules all kind of fashion mishaps, it can save anything.

When it comes to wearing a street sneaker, an ugly chunky shoe (yes these will be everywhere this Summer, don’t get us wrong there because we do dig them) or any kind of print shoe, just cuff those jeans or leave a skin gap.  That peek of skin (or patterned sock if you are feeling cold and/or brave) will make those shoes stand out as a feature rather than just a last minute throw on, again it is about committing to the cause.

Don’t hide it, catch their eye and guide it!

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leather jacket


A hair colour jacket of any kind will always work with everything and we mean absolutely everything they you own.  Add a note-to-self there if you don’t have one already…shopping list = hair coloured jacket.

Band t-shirts are fun but they are usually very masculine, hence the feminine scarf being added here.

How are you at mixing prints? If you are keen to give it a try just make sure that there is at least one colour in common.  Can you see the olive green edge on the scarf that blends back with the base of the t-shirt and how about those white tassels repeating the white within the band print?  To take it even further Tatum is wearing just the right level of denim blue to pick up her scarf once again, wowser…but it’s all done in a subtle way without being too matchy-matchy, if you get our drift?

Adding unusual shoes or printed ankle boots is really telling everyone that you are the BOSS in your wardrobe.

Would you give these ideas a go to bring new life to your collection of blazers and jackets?

Nat xo & Tatum xx

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