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100 Beautiful Baby Names for Your Bub

Cute, charming and climbing the charts, these baby names are worth adding to your list.

If you’re on the hunt for a beautiful baby name for your bub or you have a secret obsession with names (like I do), then have a sticky beak at our faves here at Mum Central. 

None of these beautiful baby names are “too popular”, but all come with that special sweetness that might be perfect for your little bundle. Did any of your faves make the list?

Beautiful baby names for your little girl

Pretty little monikers

Love pretty baby names like Evie, Ava, Amelia, Charlotte, Isla and Mia? Don’t we all! Pretty names dominated the charts for the most popular baby girl names last year. We’re guessing the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge will also select something along the lines of these names for their upcoming Princess or Prince.

old fashioned and vintage baby names

Here are a few more than aren’t quite as trendy as the above names but still have that gracefulness to them.

1. Amara

2. Arabella

3. Camila

4. Cora

5. Emelia

6. Esme

7. Gia

8. Lila

9. Louisa

10. Macy

11. Maya

12. Nora

13. Phoebe

14. Peyton

15. Sadie

16. Sierra

17. Tessa

18. Thea

19. Willa

20. Zahra

21. Zaylie

Ethereal baby names

Considering a name with the natural appeal? Sure, you can go with Ivy, Rose or Ruby, all of which continue to dominate the charts. Or you can head deeper into the garden with these green gems.

22. Aspen

23. Autum

24. Coral

25. Hazel

26. Gemma

27. Iris

28. Jade

29. Jasmine

30. Luna

31. Meadow

32. Oakley

33. Skye

34. Summer

35. Winter

Elegant and edgy

If you’re looking for a name that echoes the sophistication of Sophia, the regality of Charlotte and the gracefulness of Grace, then these names may also tickle your fancy.

36. Alice

37. Callista

38. Cleo

39. Elyse

40. Ettie

41. Farrah

42. Hadley

43. Harlow

44. Kinsley

45. Marley

46. Monroe

47. Presley

48. Quinn

49. Seraphina

50. Tenley

Beautiful baby names for boys 

Baby boy names with charm

old-fashioned baby names for boys

What about the boys? The most popular boys’ names include plenty of cute names that bring in the charm including Oliver, Jackson and Lachlan. But we have plenty of others to consider too.

1. August

2. Arlo

3. Bentley

4. Calihan

5. Cody

6. Corbin

7. Evan

8. Felix

9. Fletcher

10. Orion

11. Preston

12. Wesley

13. Wyatt

14. Zeke

Strong with a hint of sweet

Strong names are also incredibly popular for parents of little warriors. Think Mason, Hunter and Jack. But if you want something a little less popular, these names will work too.

15. Archer

16. Beck

17. Bowen

18. Camden

19. Dominic

20. Elliot

21. Grayson

22. Jai

23. Jayce

24. Keegan

25. Leonardo

26. Malachi

27. Maverick

28. Maxwell

29. Neo

30. Rory

31. Rio

32. Soren

33. Talon

34. Zavier

35. Zion

There’s something about the Biblical baby names

Plenty of popular baby boy names hail from the Bible including Noah, Jacob and Levi. But here’s a few more literary names that keep cropping up, inspired by the Bible, authors, books and literary characters.

36. Asher

37. Auden

38. Austin

39. Arden

40. Ellis

41. Elias

42. Elliot

43. Ezra

44. Lewis

45. Jasper

46. Keaton

47. Ozias

48. Sawyer

49. Silas

50. Tristan

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