Awwww, This Dad’s Message to His Wife with Morning Sickness is Too Sweet (and True!)

You’re pregnant, you can’t keep any food down and you’ve spent the past four weeks either in bed, on the couch or with your head in the toilet.

And, the worst thing about it? You’re only 8 weeks pregnant. 32 more weeks (give or take) to go.

I can’t do this anymore. This is too hard. Is it really worth it? 

When you’re in the depths of the first-trimester hell, it’s easy to see where these self-doubting thoughts come from. Often there is no one around when you’re throwing up for the 13th time to remind you that, yes, you can do this. Yes, it is hard, but, yes, it IS worth it.

But, in this mum’s case, her husband was there. Not only did he snap a picture of her mid-vom (he has a valid reason for doing this, trust us!), but he also shared a very sweet message, one that all pregnant women should hear. Especially if you’re suffering with morning sickness.

Morning sickness for days

Mum-of-two and influencer, Sara Celina recently shared a less-than-perfect pic on her social media account, announcing her third pregnancy with her head in the toilet.

As Sara explains, her husband snapped the pic, which also shows her young daughter standing behind her, holding her hair.

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Source: Instagram

Sara writes,

My husband kindly snapped this photo of us earlier this week – I asked him not so kindly to f*** off and he did.”

However, she then asked him why he felt the need to capture that exact moment, especially as it wasn’t one she would want to ever remember.

This was his response:

Well, you’ve been sick all day every day for the past 4 weeks.

You keep asking me and yourself if it’s even worth it, having to feel this bad, so I wanted to remind you of why you’re doing this, because even though this part sucks, it will bring you something so extraordinary in the end – it will bring you someone who loves you unconditionally even on your worst day.

It will bring you a person that doesn’t care about the fact that you haven’t showered in 4 days and you’re puking endlessly, she will still want to be right next to you, she will hold your hair up, pat you on your back and keep telling you that you’re doing great.

That, my dear, is the purest kind of love I’ve ever seen”.

THIS ⇑ ⇑ ⇑

This, ladies, is why we have babies

It’s why we endure the sickness, the exhaustion, the major body changes, the labour, the lack of sleep, the loss of control, the mess, the chaos. This is why we endure everything.

So thank you husband for always making me look at the big picture when I’m only focusing on the small things in front of me,” Sara writes.

“Because if this baby turns out to be even 1/10 as amazing as our others did, it’s worth every single second of it. (Even though this part truly does suck).”

So, to the mums who aren’t feeling too hot these days, whether pregnant, postpartum or seven years in, remember this dad’s message.

Not every moment in motherhood is picture-perfect, especially during that first trimester. But it will pass. You are strong enough. You will get through it.

And, when it is over, you will have something so pure, so amazing, so magical to cherish forever – the unconditional love of a child.

This is worth it. This is worth it all.

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