Restore Kitchen Pans Quickly and Easily with this $3.50 Cleaning Hack!

Years of burnt bum pans, restored to a shiny surface in next to no time with this pan cleaning hack? SHUT UP AND TAKE MY MONEY.

My favourite frying pan had seen better days, one look at its black base would tell the tale. Little did I know that this viral cleaning hack from Facebook would restore its glorious shiny bottom in just 10 minutes – and all for loose change!

Small change and barely any elbow grease

I was dubious about trying this cleaning hack. My pan base was BAD. Like the kind of bad that no other cleaners would budge kind of bad. Alas, if it doesn’t cost a lot and takes VERY little effort, what do I have to lose?

pan cleaning hack
Easy-Off Oven Heavy Duty Cleaner and a scourer. That’s it!

So with that, I plucked a can of Easy-Off Oven Heavy Duty Cleaner off the supermarket shelf, paid the princely sum of $3.50 and set to task.

What is this cleaning hack sorcery?

We love a cleaning hack here at Mum Central and I’m only too happy to share the how-to and results of my DIY pan restoration with you all.

Firstly, take your offensive pan and place it on some newspaper or something that will protect your sink or bench.

pan cleaning hack

Secondly, shake the tin of Easy-Off Oven Heavy Duty Cleaner and give the surface a generous spray. WARNING: Do this in a well-ventilated area because of the fumes which are PHWOAR level of strength. Let the pan sit for 10 minutes to do its thing. Go have a coffee and try to breathe fresh air.

pan cleaning hack

Take a scourer dipped in hot water and give it a bit of a scrub. PREPARE TO BE DAZZLED! You can take it even further by repeating the process of leaving it on longer.

The result speaks for itself!

This is the result of just 10 minutes and a not too intensive scrub. I’m quite sure if I were to repeat the process and use a more abrasive scourer, it would come up even better. Not at all bad for just $3.50 and ten minutes though!

pan cleaning hack

What say you? Are you going to dig out your worst pan (c’mon, we know you have them, we won’t judge!) and give it a crack?

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    Brenda HannayReply

    Easy-Off oven cleaner is the best product I have ever used. My oven and baking dishes are sqeakey clean.

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