This New Snapchat Filter Gives Dogs Adorable Disney Makeovers

Just when you thought your dog couldn’t get any cuter, BAM, Snapchat delivers the goods with an epic cartoon filter! Snap your p0ooch and suddenly we’re looking at a Disney-fied version of our best friend. Disney dreams are being made here folks!

First things first, of course, the Disney-esque Snapchat filter (named Cartoon Face) is designed to morph ourselves into those beautiful big, doe-eyed Disney characters – and probably not so much our pets. But what a delightful result it is, pooches with eyeliner, lashes and eyebrows on FLEEK!

This is one of those times Facebook comments TRULY DELIVERED THE GOODS.

You can’t beat Disney dogs. You really can’t.

It only took one person from the Dogspotting Society Facebook group to post a pic of their beloved Disneyfied pooch for the trend to take off. I was quick to try it out myself, that’s my guy Ted on the left below, looking VERY handsome. #callmeDisney

mum central
What big eyes you have Ted! Source: Lexi Klaebe

And B-I-N-G-O, the comments to follow the post churned out the purest Snapchat content you will see this week and lift your spirits. Check out some of this pure gold below!

Disney Snapchat filter
Puffs of glorious cloud! Source: Facebook
Disney Snapchat filter
Oh my, so hap-hap-HAPPY! Source: Facebook
Disney Snapchat filter
Oh my HEART. Ears, the EARS! Source: Facebook

Comments provide the ultimate feel-good pick me up

The comment posts came thick and fast in true viral fashion and the comments have since been turned off on the original post but there is PLENTY of #campdog fodder for you to enjoy. A staggering 5,900 comments to be fair, many of them containing gorgeous pics.

mum central
Perfected the Blue Steel side-eye. NOICE. Source: Facebook
mum central
Tricks, we do TRICKS! Source: Facebook
Disney Snapchat filter
Slinky Dog is that you?! Source: Facebook

Trust me, you can’t help but smile and chuckle at each at all of them. The post is pure GOLD and full of fuzzy feels, perfect for right now.

Have a go yourself – check if your Snapchat app has the new Disney-like Snapchat filter (it might help to update it if required) and see just how Disney your pet can be, we’d love to see your pets in Disney form!

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