Ready, Set, Splash Like Peppa Pig & Help Life’s Little Treasures

Peppa Pig Teams up with Life’s Little Treasures Foundation to Create a Big Splash and Raise Funds for premature and sick babies.

From March 1 to April 30 people are encouraged to sponsor children to ‘Splash like Peppa’ and participate in fundraising by holding splash parties at the beach, their homes or by attending a Big Splash event held by their local pool, creating as much splash as possible in five minutes.

“Each year, in Australia, around 45,000 premature and sick newborns require medical support in Neonatal Intensive Care or Special Care nurseries. Having a child that is premature or sick places a great emotional and financial burden on that family. With the funds raised, more families will receive the much needed support they require to ensure the best outcome for their baby.” Shusannah Morris CEO Life’s Little Treasures Foundation.

To register to take part and set up a fundraising page visit, the top 10 fundraisers will win $100 worth of Peppa Pig Zoggs products.

Life’s Little Treasures Foundation was founded in 2005 by parents, all of whom had premature or sick babies. Their mission is to ensure no family endures the traumatic experience of having a premature or sick baby without access to information and community support needed during their journey.

Peppa is the lovable yet slightly bossy little pig who has captured the hearts of children everywhere. This unique, award winning animated preschool TV series distributed worldwide by Entertainment One (eOne), has quickly become the most popular preschool show in Australia, and is the children’s ambassador for Life’s Little Treasures Foundation.

Raising money for a great cause has never been more fun! Parents can register their children at and get splashing just like Peppa any time in March and April!

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