We recently discovered a clever way to stay dry while loading the kids into the car. It’s called the Doorbrella and it makes rainy days less of a drag, especially when you have to leave the house with kiddies in tow. 

We decided to give the Doorbrella a test drive to see just how this clever rainy day car accessory fares in wet weather.

Here’s what happened when we equipped 14 mums with a Doorbrella and sent them out on a drizzly day.

If you don’t mind getting caught in the rain, then you probably don’t have kids. Because anyone who has kids knows that wet weather and errands with kids don’t mix. Not one bit.

But the Doorbrella can change all that. It’s an umbrella holder for your car door which allows you to successfully load your car with kids, groceries, or anything else, without succumbing to a soaking.

But does it actually work? Does it keep the kids dry? And you as well? Is it easy to use and install? Here’s what our panel of parents had to say:

“Doorbrella is the extra pair of hands you need when the weather is wet. It is easy to install and use and ensures you never get caught out in the rain again.” – Tracy M 

  • 100% found the Doorbrella easy to install 

  • 93% rated the Doorbrella good value for money

  • 93% would recommend the Doorbrella to other parents

Keeping the kids dry

The mission behind the Doorbrella is simple – to make rainy days easier for parents. It works by allowing you to attach an oversized umbrella to the side of your window. You can lift the umbrella in place when you open the door, providing an undercover area to load and unload your precious cargo.

Doorbrella review

  • “It is the best product to use if you have small kids and in & out of the car at kindy & school drop offs several times a day.” – Maria F 
  • “It was easy to use and the benefits of staying dry whilst clipping a child in and out of a carseat goes without saying! I felt much more comfortable and leisurely rather than rushing my child and
    getting saturated anyway..” – Sharon L
  • “It makes getting in and out of the car in the rain so much easier, especially when you have your hands full.” – Amanda G
  • “Super easy to use, strong and sturdy, holds up well in strong gusty winds and perfect for days when you’re buckling kids in the car when it’s raining.” – Tiffany K

Protection all year long

Of course, umbrellas are not only used for wet weather. They also play an important role in sun protection which is another one of the reasons our mums loved the Doorbrella.

Doorbrella rainy day car accessory review

  • “It’s also perfect for those bright sunny hot days with a newborn, as their eyes are more sensitive to sunlight.” Tanya H
  • “Even in summer, it’s great to use on a hot day when I have my kids in the car and need to open the door while waiting for my son to come out of school. I get to stand in the shade and my kids get fresh air.”  Maria F

Value for money

The Doorbrella retails for $24.99 and includes everything you need for all year weather protection when on the road. But is it worth the money?

Doorbrella car umbrella holder

  • “Anything that keeps me dry and lessens my stress over getting my children in and out of the car safely during wet weather, is money well spent in my opinion. Plus it can be easily transported between different cars and used many times over.” Amanda G
  • “Quality-wise it is really sturdy and is made of thick, durable plastic.” Rachel C
  • “The quality is fantastic, it seems very solid and would last quite a long time.” Tracey L
  • It’s effective and amazing so I’m happy to spend on that.” Deb M

“I can’t rave about it enough”

It’s hard to find a product that can win against Mother Nature, but Doorbrella delivers when parents need it most.

  • “I have already recommended it to people!” Sally E
  • “It’s amazing and I can’t rave about it enough.” Deb M
  • “From the moment I saw this product I knew I needed it! Easy to install and a life saver on a rainy day.” Maria F

Doorbrella umbrella hoider review

If you are in the market for something that makes running errands, school pick-ups and everyday outings a little easier, regardless of what the weather is doing, then test drive the Doorbrella for yourself. You can order through their website with fast and easy shipping worldwide!


Mum's Choice Thumbs Up AwardA massive shout out to all of our reviewers for trialling the Doorbrella for Mum Central. After hearing their stories and seeing the Doorbrella in action, we are more than happy to give our Mum’s Choice Stamp of Approval to this nifty little gadget.

This is a sponsored article for DoorbrellaAll views and opinions are those of our testers.

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