When it rains, it pours! Especially if you’re attempting to get a load of kids in and out of the car. 

But you don’t have to accept wet weather defeat. There is a way to stay dry while shuffling the kids, pets, baby pram, groceries and the rest, in and out of the car.

Meet Doorbrella. It’s an umbrella holder for your car door. And it’s the latest must-have car accessory for mums on the run, especially with the wet season lurking.

This clever little gadget acts as your personal umbrella holder, keeping the rain from ruining your life, especially when you’re trying to juggle bags, baby and belongings. If you’ve ever tried to get a baby or toddler into a car seat in the rain, you’ll know how much you need one!

The Aussie designed device attaches to any car window with a robust clip and one click suction pad and can hold any size umbrella. The durable design means the Doorbrella stays secure, even in the windiest, wettest, wildest weather. Take that tropical cyclones…

It retails for $24.99 but keep scrolling for your chance to test and keep your very own as part of our Doorbrella Product Review. Take a look below at how the Doorbrella works.

Bring on the wet!

Like it or not, wet season is coming. You can’t stop the rain from attempting to soak you and the kids. But you can take the stress out of trying to shuffle the kids into the car. And avoid frizzy wet hair syndrome. And all for free…

We’ve been saving this review for a rainy day… and it’s finally here!

Mum Central is looking for 15 families to test out the Doorbrella and tell us what they think.

Simply complete the entry form in full below, follow ALL the instructions and you’re one step closer to actually staying dry this spring.

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Born and raised in Canada, Jenna now lives in Far North Queensland with her tribe. When the mum-of-three is not writing, you can find her floating in the pool, watching princess movies, frolicking on the beach, bouncing her baby to sleep or nagging her older kids to put on their pants.


  1. Jaimi e layt Reply

    How amazing is this! So simply, easy to use and a lifesaver for mums like myself who struggle to get baby in the car on rainy days without getting severely drenched. I’d love to review the doorbrella for all the busy struggling mums like myself who wish they’d invented something like this earlier to save the wet tshirt contests at school pick up when it spontaneously rains and being the good mum you are…you sacrifice every inch of your umbrella for your children 🙂

  2. I have a child with extra needs who is very “wriggly” whilst putting on a seatbelt, this would save me getting soaked on rainy days. Love the idea!

  3. Where has this been all my life??? Capsule in hand or baby on hip, shopping and nappy bag in tow and this means one less thing to worry about.

  4. Busy parents wrangling live wire kids + Melbourne weather + keeping work wear dry = need not want

  5. Brianna Kent Reply

    It would be awesome to ba able to keep the kids dry when getting them in and out of the car and to help keep me dry when doing up the car seats and to keep track of my umbrellas

  6. Genius! I always try and hang my umbrella over the door while I’m trying to put the baby in the car but it always falls down. This is just what we need. Love it!

  7. Amanda Giffard Reply

    No more getting soaked during school and kinder drop offs and pick ups! For some reason in Melbourne it is nearly guaranteed to pour down with rain at these times and be sunny again when we are home and thoroughly drenched! It’s always such a nightmare trying to juggle easily distracted toddlers, school bags, car keys, opening the car doors, doing up seat belts, and holding umbrellas to try and stay even a little bit dry, being able to load up the car hands free and drier would make it a lot less stressful and rushed! I also like the fact that the holder itself seems easy to attach and leave on the car permanently for use as needed without looking garish or tacky. Would love to put the doorbrella through its paces!

  8. Wow! This is fantastic! Not only would I love this for getting my kids in and out of the car but I routinely do car seat fittings for customers out in the elements and this would be a fantastic edition to my tool box!!

  9. What a great idea! I live in far north Queensland and when it rains it pours!! The school runs are particularly difficult when it rains, I am trying to avoid my 2 kids getting wet as well as back packs, homework and show and share projects. I have started wrapping the seat belt around my umbrella when I am getting my kids out of the car but it takes too long to put in place so the inside of the car gets quite wet and when my hands are full it is quite difficult to unwrap the umbrella to shut the door. Not very practical, unlike this great idea! Pick me to review your product and I will give you my honest opinion using it in far north qld rain. Thankyou!

  10. This would be very handy for me, especially when i have my toddler around, Sydney weather is always unpredictable so its really nice uf i can get something like this amazing thing to carry with you

  11. I love the fact that it’s a great way to keep the kids dry and that it also means the umbrella won’t get trodden on if like it would if I left it on the backseat of the car.

  12. We have just got a new car and the seats are fabric .. my daughter takes forever to get out as it’s a 4×4 .. I’m just waiting there with a umbrella and we get wet every time

  13. OMG the struggle with handbags, school bags and “today’s art project/craft” when it’s raining is one of the biggest struggles! Trying to get a 5 year old in the car as well as everything else while she’s trying to tell me about her day or watch what I learnt today! And I’m just like “please just get in the car were getting drenched!” Cause I’m not an octopus that can also hold an umbrella too!!

  14. what a brilliant idea, I’m always the one getting wet chasing the umbrellas that have blown away while I clip my 3 kids in. This would be perfect.

  15. I love the fact that it stays still on the car window. I’m often alone to take our son out of the car and that would be a great help.
    Plus what better way to test it than to test it in Melbourne where it rains a lot during spring !

  16. Nikki Geyer Reply

    BRILLIANT! With a toddler, newborn in a capsule and bags galore carrying an umbrella is sometimes impossible. Every mum needs one of these no more saturated back while buckling the little ones into their seats

  17. I hate having to get out the car while its pouring with rain to get the umbrellas out of the boot! Not to mention getting all wet whilst strapping mr 1 in his carseat

  18. Getting kids out of the car in the rain whilst fiddling with an umbrella is the worst. Getting in is probably the worst bit actually – wet umbrella dripping everywhere as you try to fold it and not get soaked as kid in the back yells ‘lets go mum!’
    Actually truthfully, the worst bit is my hair gets wet. All that time straightening it, wasted!

  19. This would make it so much easier to get my kids (5, 2 & 2months) out in the rain. It looks awsome

  20. Living in cold, windy, rainy ballarat means that I NEED this in my life. 3 kids under 9 who all need help being strapped in means that my the time they are all safely in the car I am soaked. This is a brilliant idea.

  21. Love that Doorbella is one size fits all – won’t have the problem of having umbrellas that don’t fit. Wrangling groceries, bags, and toddler in rainy weather is never fun. Would love to test-drive Doorbella out. Hopefully it will take the stress off going out when the weather is crappy outside.

  22. With a 13 month old and 6 months into my second pregnancy to have one less think to worry about and add that little touch of convienece will put a skip in my step.

  23. This umbrella is great for the multitasker like myself. I consistently find I’m always trying to juggle a couple of things at one time, and putting bub in the car is no exception with putting the pram in the boot, wrangling the dog, and trying to pack the shopping away. The rain always seems to make things a little more difficult and having a doorbrella would make life just that little bit easier when the weather takes a turn for the worse. Imagine what I could do with a free hand!?

  24. This would make life so much easier whether it be school drop off and pick up, grocery shopping or hospital appointments so convenient and useful

  25. This would make life so much easier, especially when it’s raining and there’s school pick up. Juggling an umbrella while trying to hold a new baby and a 4 year old to get out of the car to get the preschooler was very stressful.

  26. Amanda Evans Reply

    I have an autistic daughter who can’t stand even one drop of water on her! This would be amazingly helpful!

  27. I would love to trial this great invention! What a great personal extra help for mothers! Currently pregnant with many pain and issues this clever umbrella would be such great use for me! Esp with active toddlers.

  28. Gurpreet minhas Reply

    Wow !what a great invention . It will make life so easy on a rainy day for school run , shopping , doctors appointments . No more getting wet while strapping kids in the car . So useful and handy . Would love to test it.

  29. My pet hate is putting a wet umbrella in the car. The Doorbella’s ingenious door holder is designed just for that plus the convenience of whipping it out quickly when tropical thunderstorms hit in South East Queensland. Can’t wait to try it!

  30. I need to test this! I have 6 kids including a baby and need a way to get them safely buckled in their seat belts without get soaked from the rain. When it rains in Perth, it buckets down!
    I have both sliding doors and opening out doors on my car, so can give a variation of reviews too.
    I am very interested to see how great this invention is! … only way is to try it!

  31. With 4 kidlets I’m forever running around taking them where they need to be. This is just amazing and would help keep the youngest 2 dry.

  32. Keeping my two hands free to get my kids in and out the car wihout getting soaked is what makes this gadget a must have for a mum like me.

  33. This is perfect to have on those rainy days to get myself and kids out of the car without getting wet.
    Even great for my newborn with really sunny days

  34. Kylie Embury Reply

    If it’s not raining here, you can guarantee it will be at 3pm. I’m the Mum with my umbrella balanced precariously between the roof of the car and the door, trying to get my son’s backpack off, and him strapped in the car while a torrent of rain runs down my back into my pants! This is such a brilliant idea, especially when it’s windy as well and/or my son bumps the umbrella trying to get into his seat ensuring we both get soaked! I’d love to put this to the test!

  35. The Doorbrella is a game changer for this Melbourne mum of two. It can be used in the rain or to shield the sun when putting my kids in the car. I love the price point and it’s universal use with umbrellas and vehicles.

  36. This product is innovative and practical! Would love to trial and review!

  37. Perfect solution to these pesky showers!!
    Im ready to test this product!

  38. Alexandram Reply

    Having two young children there is nothing worse then going to the shops when it’s raining and trying to get the kids in and out of the car. Once done you are like a wet dog. The doorbrella would be amazing in wet and very sunny weather

  39. Courtneycarnelutti Reply

    What an amazing product. My umbrella always flys away or I end up soak protecting the little boy.

  40. I have a toddler and a newborn, and live in Tasmania – I need this!!!!

  41. I have a 5 year old and an 8 week old who I baby wear. Wrapping in the rain is difficult! At least this way we would half stay dry. Perfect for those 3pm rain storms right on school pick up lol

  42. This is the invention that we’ve needed forever! It looks so easy and definitely manageable while holding my baby. Can’t wait!

  43. We need these on every car in Victoria. It rains most days here and getting the kids in and out is hard enough when its not raining. This would be perfect and save me from scratching my car by juggling my kids and the umbrella.

  44. This is a genius brain child!
    We live in the Blue mountains and doing the transfer from car to house or school runs in the rain seriously sucks! I always end up soaked because the kids refuse to get out and it takes ages to get 3 boys in and out!

  45. tash wright Reply

    this is amazing….. having 2 kids and trying to strap eachone in and making sure there safe im always the last to get in. this would make life easier and less wet.

  46. Hayley Lees Reply

    This would be a lifesaver!!! The amount of times i have struggled juggling my 7 month old and the umbrella in and out of the car this would have been amazing!!!!

  47. Rhiannon Donaldson Reply

    Let’s face it, I’m unco…
    I’m a mother of 2 children and I think I can get out of the car with the grace and beauty of a white swan, with one toddler holding my hand and the capsule holding the newborn in the other. But reality is, I’m the mother you see trying to wrestle a toddler under her arm, capsule in the other with a crying newborn, with keys in the mouth while holding an umbrella under my chin against my shoulder. Doorbrella will give me the opportunity to maybe, just maybe, not have the grace and beauty of a swan but an achievable Muscovy duck waddling along because I’m still going to have to wrestle a toddler.

  48. Kate Slack Reply

    Great idea i love that i will no longer have a wet bum after fastening my son in his seat when it is pouring with rain!

  49. This is such an awesome invention! The kids and I are always getting wet when trying to get in and out of the car, clipping and unclipping seatbelts etc! I would love love love to try it! Fingers crossed

  50. I have needed this my whole life! My kids and I are always getting rained on when we’re out and about so this would be amazing to try

  51. This is a great idea for any mum or dad! Nothing worse than a wet back whilst trying to get bubba out the car! Would love to review this product with my new lil girl thankyou for the opportunity ✌

  52. Sarah De Keizer Reply

    This would be absolutely perfect for the kids & I as we always seem to be out and about, would love to try it out!

  53. Jasmine Ross Reply

    I’d love to win this, it’ll come in handy whilst hubby is away and il juggling a 6yr old, 3yr old special needs and newborn. The storm season is upm us so this will be a godsend

  54. Oh wow what am amazing concept amd would make life so much easier to get bub out when its raining amd to stay dry.

  55. Vanessa ferroli Reply

    I need this! I’ve always wondered if there was something like this. I’ve been putting the umbrella between the door and the car and it usually blows away. This would help keeping my babies dry as I put them in the car.

  56. Michelle Brown Reply

    Oh my gosh it has not stopped raining here in Perth. Would be wonderful to get myself and kids out of the car without getting drenched for once. Such a clever idea

  57. would love to be part of the trial and stop getting wet when buckling the kids in on wet days…

  58. Ying Ying Tan Reply

    Having our car parked on the streets without a carport is already a struggle in itself, add on young children + wild weather + getting to work on time every morning drives me up the wall. Brilliant invention, would love to give this a go and eliminate ONE stress in our lives.

  59. Kate Saunders Reply

    You should pick me because I live in Darwin, where it’s wet season for 1/3 of the year yet all the shopping centres and government buildings have outdoor car parks (go figure). I would love to try this and perhaps avoid getting myself and my daughter’s wet on every outing we go on!

  60. Sarah Schadel Reply

    The Doorbrella would keep me extremely dry whilst I get the kids in and out of the car for school drop off and pick up. More importantly sports practice and after games when they climb into the car with dirty footy boots or sports shoes. When it is pouring with rain they can Keep their feet out of the door shake, tap or take off the shoes. Bonus they will stay dry and won’t have to have mud tracked through my car.

  61. Jade Muffatti Reply

    I think that the doorbrella is an amazing, innovative idea and I’m just dying to try one especially once my bubs is here

  62. Chloe Binks Reply

    I have a newborn and a 3 year old, I would love a Doorbrella. It would make it so much easier to get both kids in without ending up needing to change my clothes after because lets be real holding an umbrella and putting a 3yo in the car let alone a newborn is near impossible and even when you do manage to somehow hold an umbrella while putting the kids in their seats it never stay in a position to keep you dry when you are more focused on getting them in safely and as quick as possible, most of the time I ditch the umbrella and just end up wet. It would be great to have the chance to test out a Doorbrella.

  63. I have a 2 year old, 8 month old and 9 year old. I live in the northern most town in Queensland (Bamaga) from December to January it rains non stop. its great for the grass not so great trying to get 3 kids in and out of the car (that inst undercover) for school/day care while trying to hold an umbrella and buckle them all in. No matter what I do i always end up needing to take a towel or spare shirt!
    Id love to test this out because I have a guarantee chance of being out in the rain more than once!

  64. This would be perfect, it always seems to rain when dropping the kids off at childcare and kindy. This would save me from having a set back when getting the kids out.

  65. Marian Cronin Reply

    This would honestly make life so much easier! I have a very wriggley, independent 2 year old, who needs to climb into his own seat, very slowly, resulting in a very wet mummy waiting for him to be ready to clip in.

  66. Kaitlyn greig Reply

    This is the best invention every! Our local shops has zero undercover parking, so getting a often non complaint 4yo and 1yo into the car can take awhile, even longer when it it pouring with rain

  67. Kerry-Anne Reply

    I love that I won’t have to stand there getting wet whilst I try to wrestle my daughter into her seat anymore. And no more waiting for the rain to die down a little bit before going anywhere.

  68. Ciel Harvey Reply

    Id love to review this! I live in between the two wettest towns in Australia. It rains most of the year and my town has surprising inadequate undercover parks. Its always a struggle to get three kids out of the car and keep them dry at the same time!

  69. I love that this will keep you dry even when for some absurd reason it takes children light years to climb into their seat!

  70. I have 4 kids and this wouls help me so much when I am going to and from activities in mum’s taxi!

  71. I could of done with this the other day, I was putting the little one in the car and the seat-belt jammed and it was pouring with rain, I got absolutely soaked, I had to climb in the back seat and try and free the seat belt, I’m dripping water over his seat, he’s bouncing up and down on the seat saying come on, come on hurry up lets go, I was not in the least happy

  72. So many times I have cursed at the rain since having kids. Putting babies into cars is so hard but I know full well how wet you get trying to get mr2 and mr4 into the car these days. They want to do everything themselves so everything takes so much longer!! I have tried huddling mr4 into the car explaining that “Mummy is getting really wet!!” To which he just went slower!!! This is just what we need!! Please pick us!!

  73. Tracy Merlino Reply

    Living in Melbourne where it’s sunshine one minute then raining the next I will be sure to get a lot of use out of this. I have two young kids and only just yesterday I got drenched buckling my 3 year old into the car as he wanted to do the buckles up by himself. Yep he’s a real threenager!
    I would have remained dry had I had one of these. It sounds like it’s just like having an extra pair of hands and with two young kids I need them. Would love to try it out and give you my review.

  74. clemma_dilemma Reply

    I love this idea!! Even though my kids are now older, this would be very useful for those rainy school drop off and pick ups where we struggle to get in and out of the car. Also I park my car in the driveway and this would help with getting groceries out of the car too.

  75. Melanie Otto Reply

    We on coast and rural, make the school bus so much easier amd dryer.
    Getting half in and out for goodbyes a soggy affair

  76. Would be great to try with a toddler and a newbie on the way in about 5 weeks. Juggling two in wet weather will be a challenge.

  77. Loving this product for family members with disabilities who take a while to get in and out of the car!

  78. With keys in my teeth, phone on my hips and wrangling straps in time for school bells i need this brolly

  79. What a brilliant idea. With 3 kids who take all the time in the world this would help me (and the car) from getting soaked.

  80. How amazing would this be?! Never having to get wet or get the inside of your car wet whilst struggling to put 2 kids in the car on a rainy day! Sounds amazing.

  81. We are in Tassie, it rains and rains and rains non stop this time of year, so plenty of opportunity to test! More importantly, would love to challenge this gadget in the swirly winds that currently make it impossible to successfully use a brolly at any given moment! It might just reduce my spending budget on brolly’s! Ha, ha!

  82. Karina Lee Reply

    I can finally say good bye to getting soaked as I attempt to get two wriggly kids in and out of the car!

  83. Rita Dwenger Reply

    What a fantastic idea! Sick of getting wet! Will be handy especially with a newborn!

  84. I live in the Adelaide Hills! It’s ALWAYS raining! This is a fantastic idea!

  85. I have a one year old and in two weeks will have a newborn to juggle too. WE have no carport or garage so if it rains it is quite a hassle. I’d like to try a little DOORBRELLA magic!!!

  86. Trying to get the kids in and out of the car in the rain is such a pain, With the Doorbell, it would free up my hands to be able to look after my 3 little ones (5, 3 and newborn)

  87. Belinda Lesh Reply

    Because it looks amazing! And it always rains and school pickup leaving me and my baby wet! It’s way to hard juggling kids, bags, baby, seat belts and a regular umbrella

  88. Linda Willians Reply

    The Doorbrella sounds awesome. I have a disabled 4 yr old who I have to transfer from his car seat into his stroller and soon a wheelchair. The Doirbrelka would save him and me getting soaked when transferring him. I need this so much.

  89. The amount of times I’ve been soaking wet and baby gets wet too whilst getting him in or out of the car
    So miserable so this device would be amazing and really help to keep both of us dry and warm

  90. Toni Rowland Reply

    This looks amazing! I could get my daughter in & out of the car for school without getting myself wet as I strap her in or unbuckle her.

  91. Sara Hayward Reply

    What a fabulous idea! Something I’ve been dreaming about since having my third child. It can be such a juggle holding an umbrella in the rain, while trying to get three kids out of the car, holding onto bags and not letting the car door fly open too far in the wind! This would free up a hand and my worry, helping to keep my babies healthy and dry! Love it and I’d love to try it.

  92. Linda Martin Reply

    Great great great we are still getting showers here in Adelaide and with two kids who can’t get seat belts on or getting shopping in this would be a god send, keeping dry yay

  93. Doing multiple drop offs plus getting myself to work, I constantly get soaked through.with this I could even hold my coffee!!!

  94. Alicia Thoman Reply

    We affectionately call our town Nairnetarctica. Winters are long, wet & icy cold! I’d love to stay hands free & sheltered under the umbrella while I’m trying to buckle the kids in during school pick up.

  95. I love this idea. I have a toddler who only seems to cooperate with me getting in her seat when it’s not raining, and soon to have a newborn & with the crazy rain we’ve had this would be a lifesaver. I may actually get in and out wherever I am going without looking like a drowned rat.

  96. Maria Foti Reply

    Omg what a blessing this would be for rainy days in rainy Melbourne! 4 kids currently under 6 1/2 yrs old and in and out of the car sometimes up to 10 times a day with school & kindy, whilst holding a baby under 1. I can finally no longer dred the drop off and pick ups and have a helping hand with my umbrella. Fantastic!! Every little bit helps & makes the day run smoother & less stressful.

  97. This is such an awesome product and very handy coming into storm season and school drop offs and pick ups

  98. Omg!!! This looks amazing.. i dread school pick up when its raining.. with a very active toddler, a prep and grade 2 this would make my life so much easier. Nothing worse than struggling to put kids in the car and ending up like a drowned rat..

  99. Jami-Marie Haddington Reply

    What an amazing solution to an everyday problem! I’m surprised no one has thought of it before! I’d love to be able to review the Doorbrella, it would make putting my fidgety toddler in the car alot easier when using an umbrella, it would be like having an extra hand!

  100. I’ve been blessed with hair that instantly turns to frizz at the touch of a single raindrop! I thought my straight-haired daughter had avoided this, but alas, this isn’t so. Combined with Melbourne weather, we have spent most of winter looking like we lick power points for kicks and giggles! We’d be very interested to trial this.

  101. Kate Treloggen Reply

    This looks amazing!! This would make the school run, Kinder run and running errands with my 3 young children so much easier on wet days.

  102. Oh Em Gee… this will solve all my juggling act issue. You dont know how many times I gave hubby the daggers when I am trying put bub in (or out) and her baby bag and shopping… and get into the house or car totally drenched. Best invention for mums ever

  103. I would absolutely love to test this product as I have 4 children and would be alot easier with shopping and doing car seats up etc..

  104. Absolutely a magnificent idea.
    This would make life so much easier.
    So hard to wrangle an umbrella while getting kids out of the car in the pouring rain.

  105. I have a ‘threenager’ princess who will not get out and risk her dresses getting wet if it’s raining so this will help keep some of my sanity!

  106. Emily Metelmann Reply

    I love that this holds an umbrella while I wrangle my toddler in/out of the car. Have needed this so many times at childcare drop off and pick up. And no more rocking up at work looking like a drowned rat

  107. Gina bowman Reply

    Living in unpredictable Melbourne weather this would be amazing! Leaving the car in sunshine and then trying to get to the car in rain this would save a lot of fumbling with getting capsules and bags into the car before drowning in the rain!!!

  108. Would love to trial this so I don’t have to look like a drowned rat after getting my son in and out of his carseat! It looks strong enough and doesn’t look like it will damage my car.

  109. julie morton Reply

    this would make life so much easier,its so simple, its right there in front of you, no searching in glove box, bending down to search for it, saves time,and my back,and one less thing to juggle and think about, a brilliant idea.

  110. As a first time mother, I struggle with getting my son into and out of his car seat. Having a Doorbrella would help me immeasurably during any rainy periods so I can keep my son dry and hopefully illness free!

  111. I’d love to review Doorbrella! Im a mum of 8 children – so we are a busy household of 10! My day varies from juggling teenagers, to primary aged kids, to preschoolers – including a 4 month old. Doorbrella would allow me to keep my little ones dry getting in and out of our car for playgroup and play dates and my older kids for school and training. It’d be awesome for rainy nights when high school formals or parties are on, when hair all perfect!! It’d be great for my husband and I too with shopping or school projects to carry in. Basically I could test it in so many different life and family phases!

  112. I’d love to review this product as I am now going to be a mum of 2 so this would make getting in and out of the car on a raining day just that little bit easier. And hey lets face it us mums very rarely have time to do our hair but when we do it would be nice to not have it get wet on a rainy day

  113. oh em gee ! game changer!! this would be soo amazing for those daycare pick ups!! so more soaking wet backs!!

  114. Amanda-Jane Snell Reply

    How cool is this would ❤️ to be picked to review it no more soggy kids or mums

  115. Evelyn Hubbard Reply

    First of all, I love the name, Doorbella. It sounds so fancy and posh yet makes me giggle inside because it’s clever and funny, and I love humour. The name makes me happy, and the thought of having an easy to grab umbrella when I need it most makes me even happier. This is something I’ve been needing since I had my first child, over 12 years ago! With 3 kids, this would be a luxury. Even just using it with my youngest, who is 5 in 5 days, while I stand in the rain putting her in and out of her car seat, would save many a soaking and/or item that’s just been bought from being spoiled by rain.

    I think you should pick me and my kids as one of the fortunate fifteen families to test the Doorbella out because no one should see a cavewoman type lady with raindrops all over her spectacles, fumbling with car seat clips with giant frizzed out hair as her only accessible umbrella. I think my kids would be excited to use it too, and when it’s boiling hot it would be a huge blessing, making or breaking getting sunburnt from standing with or without shade. Oh the convenience, and oh the possibilities; please pick us!

  116. Kristy harris Reply

    What an awesome invention, would make getting the kids in the car in the rain so much easier – hands free cover. Sometimes I stay at home just for the reason it is so hard to get the kids in and out of the car in the rain.

  117. Wendy Henderson Reply

    What a fantastic idea, I wish this was invented when my kids were little. I have grandchildren that I’m often picking up and it would work with them though.

  118. Tanya Plumridge Reply

    I am a bit sceptical that it will work well, but I would love to test it out, to see if I’m wrong. I’m from Melbourne, so we all know we get all seasons in one day ! Think it would be useful for hot weather too.

  119. Perfect idea. My youngest toddler always wants to get himself into his car seat on his own so that would be handy. He also as a tube in his chest that can’t get wet, so this would be a great relief

  120. Nice one. Now I can tend to me baby and the groceries without getting wet, frustrated or dropping something.

  121. andie harrie Reply

    Doorbrella will be perfect during the Queensland wet season / stormy summer. Getting to and from car with child, groceries, bags, etc and staying dry can be challenging . Doorbrella will help walking into places dripping wet and cold. Thank you

  122. I love the fact that it will hold the umbrella in place and my Bub would not get drenched

  123. I have 2 kids, soon to have a 3rd. Juggling preschool and school runs in the rain will be less stressful with the Doorbrella. We don’t have carport either so leaving the house when it’s wet is disastrous.

  124. When I put my kids onto the car I always get wet. Especailly when it’s raining but with wind, it’s very hard to hold the umbrella while tightening up the seat belt, and the umbrella is easily blown away too. My two umbrellas have been broken because of this. I have 3 kids and raining days make my parenting job harder and hope doorbrella would give my a hand.

  125. what a great idea, i would love to try and review this. in our regional town their is minimal covered parking at our shops meaning either don’t go or get soaked! id love to try this and then maybe shopping and other outings would be a little less stressful

  126. Having 3 children doorbrella is such a great invention it keeps your hands free so you can get the kids in the car & you keep dry.

  127. Where has this been all my life? Getting both energetic kids in and out of the car while juggling the groceries while it pours down, while I’m getting soaked. I need this in my life, I’d be super happy if I got to try it. It also would help our family as the kids have played hide and seek with the only umbrella we have.

  128. I absolutely need this! I live in Tas and while most of Australia are enjoying something called a “heatwave” we are frozen still in time (its still snowing) it’s like some sort of winter time capsule Here. I have 3 young kiddies including a toddler and a new baby so getting in and out of the car in the (constant) rain is beyond frustrating! Not to mention we all get soaked in the process of me trying to clip a capsule in and wrangle an angry toddler into her car seat, she usually decides to throw the biggest car seat tanties while Mum is having a cold shower from Mother Nature. The doorbrella would be a life & sanity saver for our family!

  129. Peta Jauch Reply

    Would love to try this product. With two toddlers to get into the car and strapped in to their car seats it is impossible for me to hold an umbrella too so I always get wet when it rains.

  130. What a fantastic idea!
    I live in north Queensland and have 5 kids. I get absolutely soaked at school pick up/drop off in the wet season.
    I also have a bub and it’s so hard struggling holding bub, umbrella, keys etc. I end up completely soaked and it takes forever to juggle things to keep bub dry and the rest of the kids dry and into the car!
    Just love this idea!!!

  131. I love that I wouldn’t fell like I was so much having tp footy pass everything into the car (including kids, not literally )in fear of everything getting wet and kids getting woken up from drops of rain falling on them as I love them to and from the car.

  132. I love that I wouldn’t feel like I was so much having to footy pass everything into the car (including kids, not literally )in fear of everything getting wet and kids getting woken up from drops of rain falling on them as I move them to and from the car.

  133. In QLD we have storms regularly that restricts our travel. Having this would make an afternoon storm a breeze!

  134. I love how easy it looks to use and would be so amazing to use with a crazy toddler and trying to get them into a car in the rain

  135. Reanna Pappagallo Reply

    While trying to juggle bub and getting my other daughter out of the car especially on school days can be a struggle on dry days rainy days are that much more tricky! This would make life so much easier for our family and keep us all that bit dryer on those wet days!

  136. Missy Abbott Reply

    I love this idea. It’s a struggle to avoid the rain in southern Tasmania. Once I’ve strapped my brood in, my back and bottom usually wet. Not an attractive look!

  137. Penny wooster Reply

    What a simple but amazing invention! To be able to take my time getting the kids in the car and have us all come out of it dry would be an awesome feat! Would love to test it out!!

  138. I always try and prop the brolly up on the car roof and door. One of these would be so much easier. Especially dealing with a fussy baby when picking up and dropping off the bigger kids at schoil.

  139. This looks amazing. Being that my son has a developmental delay, getting in and out of the car is much more time consuming that it should be. My son is old enough to want to get in and out on his own but not quite coordinated enough to manage so I have to be very hands on. By the time I get Mr 6 into his car seat in the rain we are both saturated. Something like this would be such a massive help and wouldn’t make him feel pressured to move faster than he’s physically able.

  140. Kayla Italiano Reply

    I have two boys (3 and almost 2). I dread childcare pick up on a rainy day because I have to try and get both kids in the car while keeping them as dry as possible and away from the other cars in the car park. Usually in the process, I end up soaking wet and it makes for a miserable trip home!

  141. This seems like a lifesaving product, and I can’t believe where it’s been all my life! No more getting drenched in water while the kids are snuggling into their seats and me running around the car to strap them in!

  142. Please Pick me getting all my work stuff out of the car along with kids and school bags and having to park a distance away because I cannot park inbetween cars would mean me staying dryer

  143. With two under two and the wet season hitting us this would be a god send! Saving our sanity ( and a set of clothes) when we go out and about and making our days so much easier!

  144. Great idea. Like how it attaches to tge window and keeps umbrella ogf tge car. I currently place mine in tge gap of door and car resting it on the roof to stay dry

  145. What a great idea, love that I can get little miss to the car and buckled in without getting drowned or trying to reach back from the front seat with a bad back, it looks to be convenient and easy to use, definitely on my to buy list

  146. I love because I always get my baby wet when I put him in the car we don’t have cover this is great

  147. Tara sparrow Reply

    How handy! 3 little ones fighting with to put their belts on and in the meantime trying not to get myself soaked and not scratch my car if i attempt to use the normal umbrella.

  148. With multiple children its always good to be able to have something convenient that can make things easier.

  149. I love this invention as my husband always tries to hold the umbrella while getting the kids in the car but there really isn’t enough room in the doorway and we still get wet. Also with 2 little one’s you always need a spare hand especially when alone.

  150. What a fantastic idea, so many of us struggle with getting a baby or young kids into the car while either fighting with an unruly umbrella or deciding to drown in the down pour!

    This is a great idea for anyone really. From putting kids in to using it on a rainy day with shopping. I know i would appreciate the help of having something to hold my brolly while struggling to get my babies into the car.

  151. Cathi de Vriend Reply

    My elderly mother and I always gets soaked when it’s raining and we’re trying to load all the groceries into the car. The Doorbrella is just what we need… What an brilliant gadget!

  152. This would be great for school pick ups and drops offs! Why does the rain always hold off until school pickup in the afternoon!

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