The Real Mum’s Guide to the Royal Show on a Budget + Mega Showbag Giveaway

Get ready South Australia, it’s almost show time!   Starting to think about heading to the Royal Adelaide Show? We’ve all the tips and tricks you need to make it your very best – and most affordable experience ever.

Keep on reading for our guide to the Royal Show on a Budget and you can not only save money on your family’s day at the Royal Adelaide Show but you can also WIN your favourite showbag in our Great Showbag Giveaway!


From 1-10 September 2017, half a million people will stream to Wayville Showgrounds to enjoy the fun of the fair. For many, it’s an annual pilgrimage of equal parts youthful excitement and childhood nostalgia.


  • Friday 1 September to Sunday 10 September 2017
  • The Royal Adelaide Show opens at 9am every day.  
  • Carnival attractions operate until 10pm or later every night depending on weather conditions, except Sunday 10 September when they will close at 9.30pm.
  • On average, 1/3 of SA’s population visit the Royal Adelaide Show, making it SA’s largest event.
  • The Royal Adelaide Show generates a gross economic contribution of more than $183.7 million.
  • The poultry at the Show lay over 3,000 eggs over the 10 days of the Show. These are all donated to the Salvation Army for families in need.
  • Over 700 animals are paraded in the Grand Parade.

Everyone loves the show but without a watchful eye on your purse, it can be a very pricey day. Mum Central has compiled our expert list so you can have a whole-lot-of-fun, without the hole-in-the-budget. 

TIP 1: Bring Your Own Food & Drinks

Every year nearly 35,000 coffees, 70,000 buckets of hot chips, 9,000 milk shakes and over 12,000 doughnuts are enthusiastically devoured at the show. Aside from indigestion, show food is also painfully expensive. Save a stack by bringing your food, snacks and drinks from home. If you know the kids will desperately want to have a treat, save an ice cream, hot chips or other indulgence for the end of the day!

TIP 2: Grab some FREE Goodies and a FREE Locker thanks to BankSA

Every Saturday and Sunday from 12noon – 4pm, Piping Shrike’s Helpers will be roaming the show handing out sunglasses, sunscreen and mini fans to BankSA customers.

PLUS, if you’re a BankSA customer, they’ve got 48 FREE lockers up for grabs each day at the BankSA Farmyard Nursery. First in best dressed, so get in early!

mum central

TIP 3: Avoid the Showbag Pavilion Altogether – or Set a Firm Budget

If your children are small enough to have not clued into the plastic-fantastic joy that is showbags – lucky you! Keep on walking and avoid the pavilion (and cost!) altogether. If you know you’ll struggle to avoid it, the best way to handle showbags is to give each child an allocated budget. Set the expectation before show day and let them enjoy the experience to a budget you can afford!

TIP 4: Take Advantage of All the Free Activities

The Royal Adelaide Show offers stacks of no-cost, family-friendly activities. In fact, there’s actually over 100 totally free things you can enjoy! Grab the program before you leave and consult the website to see everything that is on offer. Plan your day so it’s jam-packed and you don’t miss a thing. There are hot live shows including Paw Patrol, Ninja Turtles and the famous Street Parade. There’s also wood-chopping, cooking, music, fireworks, animal judging, pig racing, the BankSA Farmyard Nursery and much, much more.


TIP 5: Collect #ALL the Samples

If you’re a show rookie you might not know this but there’s lots of free samples, stickers, balloons and brochures to be collected at the show. You might question what you needed it all for once you get home but (spoiler) the kids LOVE this stuff. Detour past the IGA Taste SA Pavilion twice if you need to, there are lots of delicious morsels to be enjoyed. Let’s be frank, everyone loves a freebie!

TIP 6: Grab Some BankSA Discounted Ride Coupons! 

Ride coupons are available from Ticketek,, IGA or Foodland for use on ANY DAY for all carnival rides. Pre-purchase $40 worth of ride coupons for $35 or $100 worth of ride coupons for $80.


TIP 7: Leave the Car at Home and Take Public Transport

Ditch the car, parking costs and petrol and enjoy easy access via the Adelaide Showgrounds Train Station.  With over 30 bus, train and tram stops within walking distance of the Adelaide Showground, including a dedicated bus interchange and railway station, there are plenty of Adelaide Metro services available for your Show travel needs.

NOTE: Kids under five travel free at all times when accompanied by a fare paying adult. Two kids under 15 travel free on weekends when accompanied by an adult using a Daytrip ticket, and seniors can travel free of charge at most times during the week and at all times on weekends.

If you did want to bring the car, casual parking is available in Leader Street, Rose Terrace and Cooke Terrace for $20 all day or $10 after 6pm. Alternatively, the Adelaide Parklands parking is available off Greenhill Rd & Anzac Highway for $13 per day.

TIP 8: Pre-Purchase Tickets or Show Memberships for Cheaper Entry

  • Pre-purchase your tickets at Ticketek / IGA/ Foodland and save $$ on purchasing at the gate.
  • RAA Members Save $10 off a Family Pass when purchased via RAA website or flash their RAA membership card at the gate.
  • If you attend the Show you can purchase a $10 personalised return ticket AT THE SHOW and return on another day.
  • Adults can save $6 and enter for just $16 on Bargain Days (Enter before 1pm, Wed 7 & Thurs 8 September)


TIP 9: Visit After Work/Evening for Cheaper Entry 

Enter the Show for $12 at the gate after 6pm on Monday 4 to Friday 8 September ONLY with a voucher from The Advertiser. The voucher will be in The Advertiser every day of that week. There is a limit to one voucher per admission ticket.

TIP 10: Family Value Packs will Save you a Packet

For just $149 you’ll get the family through the gates with entry for a family of 4 people (2 adults & 2 children or 1 adult & 3 children), food & drinks for 4 people, 2 Showbag vouchers, $40 of BankSA Ride coupons and Parking at the Netball SA car park, Mile End.  If your family spans more than 4, extra children’s tickets are $47 and you can buy up to 3 additional Child Value Packs.  We think they’re pretty clever and have used them in the past and the kids loved them. A bit of everything without blowing the bank!

You can pre-purchase your Family Value Packs from IGA/ Foodland supermarkets and Ticketek ( or up to and including the duration of the Show.


From us to you, here’s to a great day at the Royal Adelaide Show! Have a ball, soak every glorious sight, sound and smell, live in the moment and don’t forget the camera! These memories are priceless Mumma!



Thanks to our friends at BankSA, we’ve scoured the showbag hall and come up with 10 of the hottest showbags this year, and we’re putting them up for grabs to our loyal readers!

Up for grabs we have:

  • Peppa Pig
  • Paw Patrol
  • Thomas
  • TMNT
  • Dr Seuss
  • Bertie Beetle
  • Emoji Movie
  • Cadburys
  • Shopkins
  • Pokemon

To enter, simply complete the entry form below in full, nominate the bag you’d like to win and you’re in with a chance.  Remember, the more times you share the more chances you have to win!

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This is a sponsored post for BankSA.

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  1. Avatar of Michelle D
    Michelle D Reply

    My money-saving tip is to definitely take your own snacks from home. Bringing your kids’ absolute favourite snacks as a special treat will add to the special occasion of the day, and you won’t have wasted money on food that’s only half-eaten because the kids want to rush off to the next exciting activity.

    • Avatar of Kate

      Set yourself a budget for each child and make them and yourself stick to it. Once the money is spent, there is no more.

    • Avatar of Jess woods
      Jess woods Reply

      Taking food and a few big bottles of water! Save your self $5 a pop for water. Take in the free shows and the farm animals. Have a budget and stick to it . Pick one big show bag and a smaller one, then walk away and go enjoy a $2 toastie sandwhich 🙂

    • Avatar of Emily Vasey
      Emily Vasey Reply

      I always take mt own snacks and drinks. We also save our money a month before we go. Always go through the show bag guide and choose carefully before hand.

    • Avatar of Tracey Mitchell
      Tracey Mitchell Reply

      Take your own drinks and food this will save alot of money. Also do yellow brick road really the best value show bag.

    • Avatar of Philippa

      Take your own food and drink a great way to keep costs down and keep their diet healthy

    • Avatar of Angela

      Stick to a strict budget, pack big bottles of icey water pack snacks, lunch, buy tickets from pre purchase & get coupons from banksa!

    • Avatar of karren freer
      karren freer Reply

      Take drinks &light snacks but enjoy a lunch or tea treat to make the whole experience of being at the show 10/10 have a plan with money spent on show bags /limit.&1 special treat pick each eg:dippy dog or toffee apple /fairy floss

    • Avatar of Paula

      At lunch time walk around the food pavillion and enjoy all the free food samples.

    • Avatar of Danielle Smith
      Danielle Smith Reply

      Definitely take snacks and drinks! Also let your children know they have x amount of rides/showbags so there is no tantrums and no going over budget if you give in.

    • Avatar of Katrina Stanton
      Katrina Stanton Reply

      Being a Pensioner. I pack a home made lunch. Allow some money for things like Fairy Floss and some afternoon treats. I check out all the free displays and go to places like Centre Stage. A couple of special rides for the Grandkids. We can still have a great day on a Budget. There is a lot of sight seeing and informative stalls to see at no cost.

    • Avatar of Toni LC

      Definitely eat before you go. Take snacks and drinks for yourself and child. Have a set budget and let child pick out 1-2 showbags with a set price.

  2. Avatar of Alex

    We’re mean but it’s a choice of one show bag AND it has to be chosen at the end of the day. Also – definitely catch public transport!

  3. Avatar of Melissa

    Try and win entry tickets. Sooo many giveaways for tickets the odds are good.
    Also get the kids to browse showbags on the website and choose what they want before going. That way you have the option of going in without the kids (if with another adult) and getting the bags without them there.
    If kids are old enough make them do chores to earn pocket money to pay for their bags. They may well decide all the plastic fantastic toys are not worth it when they’ve had to work hard for the money.

  4. Avatar of Shelley

    Take refillable water bottles. Make note of all the events times to make sure you get to do everything you want to and don’t end up just wandering a wasting money

  5. Avatar of Chloe

    Take pre packed food and give the kids a limit on what show bags they can buy
    My boys are aloud one character and one lolly on each

  6. Avatar of Nicole Woods
    Nicole Woods Reply

    Make sure the kids have been fed a hearty breakfast that will keep them full for a few hours and bring refillable water bottles from home. Get the Yellow Brick Road showbag almost as soon as you enter the grounds and time it so you’re in the food pavilions around lunch time. You can then sample all of the foods that local producers have on offer (you’d be surprised at how filling all of those samples can be!). If the kids are still feeling peckish, have them eat the fruit and/or other snacks that they’ve collected so far on the Yellow Brick Road. This then allows you to either finish up and leave so you’ll be home in time for tea, or stick around for the fireworks only having had to buy one meal for the day.

  7. Avatar of Natalie M

    A hearty breakfast for all and taste testing all day. With a massive list of free activities there are many a saved penny and pre plan the show bags. Growing up my favourite evening was my brother and I reading the showbag list and knowing what we wanted so no time or money wasted.

  8. Avatar of FoodieK

    I find that encouraging an interest in the cakes and flowers and artworks and going to see the wood chopping and free shows in the pavilion (which are pretty great these days) means less time for the little ones to blow the loot on rides!

  9. Avatar of Samantha

    I would certainly NOT enter the show in the sideshow/ride alley. Enter on the opposite side and have a deal with the kids to do those things once you make your way there (then detour past all the other FREE and interesting things)

  10. Avatar of Kate Slack
    Kate Slack Reply

    Take your own supply of snacks and drinks to keep the kids going!

  11. Avatar of Louise

    Plan your day to keep the kids away from sideshow alley and rides, that is where ALL the money just flies away. There is so much to do without it.

  12. Avatar of Jordana Hodgetts
    Jordana Hodgetts Reply

    Check out the timetables for fun free shows. See if you can arrange to attend on the discounted days. Bring fun snacks and drinks from home. Set and stick to a budget!

  13. Avatar of Kim

    Defintely take nibbles and water from home. Take advantage of all the freebies 🙂

  14. Avatar of Joanne Cardamone
    Joanne Cardamone Reply

    check out and be organised of what you want to see, bring your own lunch and snacks

  15. Avatar of Klaudia

    My money saving tip would be to bring your own food and drinks and if you do want to get showbags maybe get the kids to pick a showbag with snacks (food and drinks) in them so you hit two birds with one stone.

  16. Avatar of Jenny Wright
    Jenny Wright Reply

    we always pack our own food. that way we save money and get to eat nutritious food

  17. Avatar of Stacey M

    We take our own snacks, drinks and lunch. We park at hubby’s work and walk. We also allow our boys to take a set amount of money for showbags/sideshows so there’s no over spending. Lastly do all the free things, not only is it a money saver, but you can learn lots too!!

  18. Avatar of Cheryl T

    Use the free lockers, this saves carrying around all of the treasures that you collect along the way.
    Thank you Bank SA

  19. Avatar of Bronwyn Elmes
    Bronwyn Elmes Reply

    Get the kids to save the pocket money up and plan their one showbag choice, one ride and one game.

  20. Avatar of LaurenG

    Pre-purchase tickets before hand and definitely bring along snacks, even lunch if you can.

  21. Avatar of Michelle Green
    Michelle Green Reply

    Set a budget and plan your day in advance. Only take the money that you’ve allowed for, once it’s gone, that’s it, no more spending. It’s much easier to keep track of that way. Also take your own food and drinks as that is the most expensive part.

  22. Avatar of Jessica Ashbrooke
    Jessica Ashbrooke Reply

    Bring your own picnic lunch and drinks as food stalls charge like wounded bulls

  23. Avatar of Zoe Moses

    Save up a year in advance depending on how much you want to spend there

  24. Avatar of Melinda

    We pack our own lunches & drinks to take to the show. More money then to spend on rides & attractions

  25. Avatar of Melissa

    With having 6 kids i always have to write all my bills, food shopping camps ect sporting events.. so i make sure it is managed and hopefully follow so i dont over spend as i always gotta make sure im in budget to have a family dinner night out..

  26. Avatar of Sally Walker
    Sally Walker Reply

    Bring a thermos with your own coffee to save a fortune and always take any snacks and meals.

  27. Avatar of Sylvia Hrehoresen
    Sylvia Hrehoresen Reply

    Always take your own snacks, a thermos with coffee, plan a budget and stick to it

  28. Avatar of Toni Tuccia Rowland
    Toni Tuccia Rowland Reply

    Pre buy tickets to save on entry, look out show bag specials & enjoy the many free activities like farm yard, fireworks

  29. Avatar of Kirk

    Def packaged lunch and plenty of drinks are a must incl snacks xx

  30. Avatar of Beck p

    Prepacked food and drink. To avoid massive lines, crowds and save a lot of time and money

  31. Avatar of Mary

    Bring extra drinks and snacks in case you run out of money at the Show.

  32. Avatar of Laura

    Do the yellow brick road trail. It’s excellent value for money and you get to experience parts of the show that you wouldn’t usually go to or look at. Lots of yummy treats along the way!!

  33. Avatar of Jackie

    Our kids have piggy banks and over the year we put our loose change in and pocket money so the kids can buy what they want. We make sandwhiches and and take our own drinks.
    We look through the show magazine and see what kids shows are on and what is free to have a look at 🙂

  34. Avatar of Mikala morris
    Mikala morris Reply

    Packing snacks and limited show bags. Teach the kids to enjoy the show for not just rides and plastic toys but about family time, visiting animals, food tastings ect.

  35. Avatar of Tina KRAJA
    Tina KRAJA Reply

    Go and walk around all the animal displays, dispise rides so I cannot go on them but the Kids have two rides and they are done. We take Lunch and water. Arrive on a full Tummy so you wont feel like all the yummy food you Smell. Don’t overstay as this causes you all to get tired and probably impulse buy like Shopping Therapy lol

  36. Avatar of Carla

    We take our own lunch, and we pre- purchase tickets for the rides

  37. Avatar of Leanne Baker
    Leanne Baker Reply

    I specify a number of rides or a $ value prior to arriving at the show, my daughter then chooses what or where the money is spent, when it’s gone it’s gone.

  38. Avatar of Melanie O

    Enjoy the freebies in the halls, so many things to see and try

  39. Avatar of Patty

    Pack food and drinks to take. Also catching the train in, instead of driving and having to pay parking.

  40. Avatar of Maree Gray
    Maree Gray Reply

    Set a budget for rides and showbags before you go so that there are no arguments!

  41. Avatar of Jessica

    Try to win tickets and if that doesn’t work buy before to save on entry and rides then take your own food and drinks.

  42. Avatar of Emily B

    Plan ahead! We always put aside a certain amount of money, and stick to that limit on the day so we know exactly how much we’ll be spending. We usually work out how much we want to spend on showbags, food, rides etc, and once we’ve spent it, that’s it!
    Pre-packaged snacks are a must, and we always make sure to enjoy the many free activities available.
    Tickets are pre-purchased, and public transport utilised!

  43. Avatar of Susie

    Go on the cheap days & take most of your snacks and food. Pre pick your show bags so you don’t look around for more

  44. Avatar of Jen

    Go on cheaper days. Take your own water. Spend time looking at the animals.

  45. Avatar of Crystal

    Best way to save money / budget on the day is to pack your own lunch / snacks

  46. Avatar of Thai Berrenson
    Thai Berrenson Reply

    Byo food is a must then you vegan have more for other things.

  47. Avatar of Rachel Amanatidis
    Rachel Amanatidis Reply

    Go see all the free things at the show and leave the showbags to last .. pack water and lunches

  48. Avatar of Lynda Pollock
    Lynda Pollock Reply

    Take food and drinks with you, we practically spend the whole time there looking at all the free stuff. My 3 year old suffers from Autism so he loves looking, touching and gets excited over the smallest things.

  49. Avatar of Jodie Dorricott
    Jodie Dorricott Reply

    Feed them up before you ferry them out on public transport and no matter how hard they try, don’t let your precious little gems use their magic and get you to spend ALL your money.

  50. Avatar of Amy Martin
    Amy Martin Reply

    Tip: grab the guide and plan what you want to see and do before you go. Stick to the free events and save yourself wandering aimlessly tempted to spend money!
    Oh and go to the ATM before getting there (save yourself time in the queue!)

  51. Avatar of Athena

    browse the Showgrounds first and don’t purchase anything on the first round to avoid impulse buys

  52. Avatar of Sheree

    My best tip is to freeze lots of water bottles & popper juice drinks..
    Save’s us approx $50 & the good thing is my backpack is empty at end of day & perfect to put all our showbags in which saves our hands from carrying

  53. Avatar of Laticia

    Give the kids money and explain once its gone its gone. Saves you been the never ending money bags with the kids wants for everything. They need to learn to make sure they are spending it wisely and they aren’t allowed to pester once its gone and take lots of snacks to keep those rumbling tummies full

  54. Avatar of Mary Moschovakis
    Mary Moschovakis Reply

    bring food and drinks from home, use public transport where possible and limit rides and show bags (depending on ages of children)

  55. Avatar of Stacey

    Let the kids know before you go that your on a budget and what they can and can’t have when you get there

  56. Avatar of Sara

    Bring snacks from home and set a budget per person. This includes setting a budget for my hubby who loves showbags too much

  57. Avatar of Natasha M

    Take your own snacks and water, and buy the Yellow Brick Road show bag – such great value, and it takes you all around the show!

  58. Avatar of Nicole Williams
    Nicole Williams Reply

    Always take your own food items and drinks. They can be very costly. Make sure you pre-purchase ride tickets to save money as well.

  59. Avatar of Vix

    Buy the kids a Yellow Brick Road Showbag as you walk in and let them eat all the healthy snacks (like fruit and yoghurt) as they’re collected. Saves you carrying them and keeps little tummies full too.

  60. Avatar of Tanya h

    Pre pack all our lunches and drinks as the show is very exspensive. More money for rides

  61. Avatar of Catrina

    Take own food, use public transport, pre-purchase tickets, stick to a budget.

  62. Avatar of Rebecca Drosse
    Rebecca Drosse Reply

    Pre-purchase entry tickets, pre-purchase ride tokens and take food and drink with you.

  63. Avatar of Rebecca Vozzo
    Rebecca Vozzo Reply

    I’d say take food with you, see all the free shows first and set a firm budget for anything else you want to do. Take cash with you so once it’s gone, that’s it. Easier to monitor than using eftpos.

  64. Avatar of Moyra Dinsmor
    Moyra Dinsmor Reply

    We always take a picnic and then just have a treat as we watch the Arena events in the evening before the fireworks.

  65. Avatar of Les McCauley
    Les McCauley Reply

    Leave buying show bags to last so you don’t have to carry them around

  66. Avatar of Amy b

    Do all the free activities.give the kids a limit of rides before you leave eg 3 rides each,set a limint on bag eg 2 charater bags,3 lolly bags.Take food and drink and set a budget!

  67. Avatar of cheerie murnane
    cheerie murnane Reply

    We take a bottle of water and biscuits and fruit bars, coupons from magazines if we can find some. Then we try the samples on offer and the Yellow Brick Road Bag, which has fruit and a roll, mostly we snack through out the day. We also visit the Foodland stall for extra fruit and snacks.

  68. Avatar of Lauren

    Knowing the show is every year, get a jar for each child and put coins throughout the year in them, once full that’s their money to spend on showbags or rides, worked a treat when we were little

  69. Avatar of Sam Allen-Stephens
    Sam Allen-Stephens Reply

    Pack loads of snacks, set a budget and get the kids to choose their Showbags in advance so you can zip in and out of the showbag pavilion as quick as possible!

  70. Avatar of Carolyn

    We get our children to do chores leading up to the show that they receive pocket money for. When we go to the show we pay their entrance fee and then they are only allowed to spend what pocket money they have. It really makes them think about what they want and not waste it.

  71. Avatar of Rebecca Ziersch
    Rebecca Ziersch Reply

    Best money saving tip would be taking your own food and drink. However who an I kidding I’d still buy a dippy dog and chips. Oh and some fairy floss. Hmmmm maybe some hot cinnamon donuts. Now I’m hungry ………..

  72. Avatar of Yvonne Bowden
    Yvonne Bowden Reply

    I always take a bottle of water and snacks plus set a budget for the show the kids also have had no choice but to put their pocket money away for a few weeks so that atleast get a extra $30 or so to spend

  73. Avatar of Kimberley

    We make a plan before we go of what we want to do, how many rides we can go on and choose a showbag or two so we already know how much it will cost. We also take our own food and drinks, enjoy all the free activities and samples, pre-purchase tickets and catch public transport.

  74. Avatar of Rebecca

    Definitely the Taste SA Pavilion is the best along with the Yellow Brick Road for budget friendly ideas to have fun at the show

  75. Avatar of Suz F

    Pack food and drinks, look for ways to win / earn tickets, stick to a budget and plan out your day before you get there.

  76. Avatar of Jenny Woods
    Jenny Woods Reply

    The biggest expense after the price of entry is food so I would bring lunch & drinks from home& pre-purchase tickets.

  77. Avatar of CarolP

    Take water, snacks and sandwiches for lunch. Work out the times for the free shows and try to win tickets

  78. Avatar of Laura

    Take your own lunch and drinks, this saves you alot.
    Go walking around the animals and watch the shows wood chopping, pig races ect before going down the show alley with all the rides and games. This way the children are too tired to go on many rides as all they want is rest

  79. Avatar of Lisa Summerell
    Lisa Summerell Reply

    We havent been to a huge big show, but for our local country town show, we purchase a membership with the show society which gives entry and tickets, we also buy a book of tickets which save quite a few dollars. (when we were younger they used to put tickets in the newspaper, mum would buy a bunch and make booklets and share between my 3 siblings and i).
    We agree on set limits of drink and show food, bringing home made snacks and water, and have tea slow cooking for the arrival home. Showbags thats the hardest, because i remember how much glee they brought to me and i cant bare to see those “please mummy” faces. I try to find the best value looking showbag (theres not as many lollies and stuff as i remember), therefore we get some value for money with them. There is also the limit of 2 showbags per child no more than $40. If we were to go to a big city show things would definetly change.

  80. Avatar of Shana

    Let the kids have 2 show bags each. Make the most of all the free activities, there’s enough variety to keep everyone happy.

  81. Avatar of Bronny

    Budget Buster at the Show. Take water bottles & refill them at SA Water stand. Ensure the family have a big breakfast before going to the Show. If planning on eating at the Show choose cheaper but healthy options eg toasted cheese sandwich $2.50 & milkshake from Dairy Pavillion or go to the CWA Cafe or Red Dove Cafe for sandwiches, pies/pasties, yummy scones.

  82. Avatar of Marlee

    Eating before we leave for the show and taking extra food and water with us!
    Buying the bank SA ride vouchers are a great saving too!

  83. Avatar of Patrice Rowlands
    Patrice Rowlands Reply

    Make your own Showbag at home with food and drink treats and small toys, hat, jewlery etc to wear at the show!

  84. Avatar of Brooke

    Pre purchase ride vouchers & set that as your limit. We take a trolley for the day to make it easy to carry our own food and drinks as well as jackets etc then showbags at the end of the day but our kids have to take their own pocket money to buy these.

  85. Avatar of Dani

    Instead of buying food go through the pavillions & try all the sample foods on offer.

  86. Avatar of Cindy Nickels
    Cindy Nickels Reply

    I suggest you wander all the free activities first….this uses up the kids bouncy excited energy and wears the kids out a bit first, before hitting the rides and showbag pavillion. Gather all the free brochures and make a competition of who has the most pamphlets.

  87. Avatar of Allmaree

    Who doesn’t love a show bag. Everything in moderation limit the number and budget of show bags and rides. Visit the free demos and animals they are fun and interesting.

  88. Avatar of Emma

    Give the kiddies a nice big Breakfast before we go and pack small snacks.

  89. Avatar of Merryl

    Take lots of water and snacks. These are essential items and are very expensive at the show.

  90. Avatar of Nadine

    Be organised, snacks and budget. Research the different things that are there and on, so you don’t get overwhelmed on what’s there and forget your budget.

  91. Avatar of Amanda Giffard
    Amanda Giffard Reply

    We always try to go with some friends to help split the costs, eg. car pooling to get there, sharing a picnic lunch from home and the entry prics are generally discounted for larger groups. We always save a lot this way, and it means we have a little bit more to spend on the fun stuff! It’s nice to have some moral support from other adults too!

  92. Avatar of Anna

    Take as many provisions with you as you can- lunch, drinks, snacks. All those bits & bobs can make for a very expensive day otherwise.

  93. Avatar of Dianne

    Teach your children to love the animals! We attended the show from a few years old and always stayed with out uncle in the cattle/pig sheds (depended on what he was showing) and never learnt about rides and things. When the animals are the priority, life is much cheaper for parents. Also plan ahead and have the children make their own showbag which they decorate and take with them to fill with samples and freebies.!

  94. Avatar of Linda Q

    With 4 kids we most definitely take lunch and dinner food, or it would cost a fortune to feed them all. But also we give each child an amount of money, and that is for them to decide what to spend whether it be food, showbags, rides, everything. That way they know exactly how much they have to spend and can’t ask us for extra things, then spending can never get out of control.

  95. Avatar of claire

    take snacks and take drinks packed in an insulated bag with cold packs…

  96. Avatar of sandra

    I would say to visit everything that is free for the kids. And give a certain amount to each child, once its gone, its gone. Food and drink wise, do the food trail or purchase showbag that you get to collect bottled water and yummy food samples.

  97. Avatar of gail davies
    gail davies Reply

    Plan your day, take snacks and drinks and stick to your budget ,,,

  98. Avatar of Catherine Paxman
    Catherine Paxman Reply

    This will be my sons first toys show so I am excited to show him all the animals which I loved as a child

  99. Avatar of Caroline Lissaman
    Caroline Lissaman Reply

    Take a picnic lunch and take advantage of the free shows in the arena and animal pavilions. There are showbags as cheap as $1 and ride coupons in the West Australian newspaper if you go end of the week.

  100. Avatar of Brooke Allen
    Brooke Allen Reply

    My money saving tip is to make it a fun adventure to get prepared for the show day. Including creating fun packed lunches together with the children, getting fun show outfits ready for the day and having a small amount of money each to use at the show and that is for them to last the day. This is as well as pre purchasing tickets to save $

  101. Avatar of Michelle

    Definately yake snacks but look around before you buy showbags dont just buy the first one when you walk in…usually its the dearst 🙂

  102. Avatar of Cecilia Warrick
    Cecilia Warrick Reply

    Pack sandwiches and other snacks to avoid paying inflated prices for junk food.

  103. Avatar of Sarah Aspi
    Sarah Aspi Reply

    Take your own lunch, snacks and drinks. Will save you a heap of money. Also, if you find something you like, walk away, if you still want it an hour later, go back and get it. 9 times out of 10 you will have forgotten about it and saved some money.

  104. Avatar of Robyn fox

    Pre packed food and drinks is always a way to cut cost it leaves more money for the fun and excitement to be enjoyed also look for special deals leading up to the day and look around before buying or trying something cause everything looks exciting and u don’t want to overdo it all at once space the day out

  105. Avatar of Rebecca Knott
    Rebecca Knott Reply

    If your not a family try and buy tickets with friends who are in the same boat so you can buy a family pass which is cheaper. We always buy ride coupons from foodland, carpool where possible or catch public transport, take snacks and drinks.

  106. Avatar of Alex

    Avoid showbags altogether or even limit those purchased by the little ones!

  107. Avatar of Bronwyn

    Have a budget and stick to it. Thanks for this mmm mmm good giveaway.

  108. Avatar of Dianne Childs
    Dianne Childs Reply

    We use the discount coupons for showbags and rides published in The Royal Show Guide book that you can pick up for free at Foodland. Saves us a bunch!

  109. Avatar of Casey guerin
    Casey guerin Reply

    We go on the last day normally. There is twice the freebies and everything is going at a cheaper rate.

  110. Avatar of LW

    Have a big lunch at home then aim to get to the showgrounds about 2pm, lots of the early birds leave around then so there’s a good chance to get a free park on the street.

  111. Avatar of Pauline Olsen
    Pauline Olsen Reply

    Plan your day before you go, and have your children help. That way they’re looking forward to the many free fun activities and free samples to be had. They won’t even notice you’re not spending money!
    Take healthy, sustaining food from home, with a few treats added in. Sit and watch the arena activities while eating.

  112. Avatar of Kelly Lucas
    Kelly Lucas Reply

    Bring what you can from home, walk through the pavilions and collect all the free stuff and save the show bags for last

  113. Avatar of Rhiannon Jakobasch
    Rhiannon Jakobasch Reply

    Always come prepared. Pack lunches, drinks and treats for the family – it saves so much money. Let everyone in the family pick one show bag and one ride. You can still have a lot of fun without going over the top.

  114. Avatar of Alan Parratt
    Alan Parratt Reply

    My money saving tip is to burn them out, Go here, Go there and stress them out so they have a rotten day then next time they will not be so eager to go.

  115. Avatar of Tegan Vlahos
    Tegan Vlahos Reply

    check out all the free kids shows throughout the day! They wear themselves out dancing and having fun

  116. Avatar of Lorna W

    Send the kids to the show with grandma… saves mum and dad a bundle AND gives us a whole day child free – a rare and eagerly awaited treat for the whole family (thanks grandma)!

  117. Avatar of Shannon

    Plan ahead what you want to see maximise all the wonderful free stuff available take snacks and water bottles I take the stroller to carry everything and the tired feet plan a budget and stick to it

  118. Avatar of Koshita Wimalaratna
    Koshita Wimalaratna Reply

    Take public transport to save money and time on parking

  119. Avatar of Louisa Frail
    Louisa Frail Reply

    Something I always love is Freebies
    Collect heaps, also bring your own food and water as shows are so expensive, yes it will make your bag even heavier but will reduce the spending you don’t need. Take a set amount and once it’s gone it’s gone. Most of all have fun.

  120. Avatar of Sarah Blockley
    Sarah Blockley Reply

    Bring your own lunch so then you can still have fun tasting the odd snack food without having to spend a fortune on that and lunch as well.

  121. Avatar of Annie Burton
    Annie Burton Reply

    Take snacks for the kids. And have a plan on where and what you want to see and do, and know what showbag you are buying beforehand.

  122. Avatar of Jamie

    Take twice as much water than you think you will need. To buy water is expensive so carrying your own will save a lot and walking is very thirsty work.

  123. Avatar of Nicole g

    I always catch the train in so don’t pay for parking and always take my own snacks and drinks with me to avoid expensive prices

  124. Avatar of Leah Amy Taylor
    Leah Amy Taylor Reply

    My tips would be to eat prior to going and take snacks, set your kids a limit of cash each and let them choose what they want to spend it on.

  125. Avatar of Elke

    Definitely set a budget and discuss limits with the kids prior. That way you’re all on the same page!

  126. Avatar of Mary Preston
    Mary Preston Reply

    Go online and look for great deals and Pre-purchase where ever possible. I know too that at our local show there are always heaps of freebies.

  127. Avatar of Lori

    Eat a big meal before going so you are not overly hungry and set a budget for the showbags.

  128. Avatar of Natasha Banks
    Natasha Banks Reply

    My best money saving tip is to take advantage of public transport & get the yellow brick road showbag to collect LOTS of goodies.

  129. Avatar of Mei

    We always bring our own food and snacks for the kids and limit to 1 treat.

  130. Avatar of Jasmine Stanford
    Jasmine Stanford Reply

    Always always always bring a water bottle for each person. Cheaper than buying and refillable

  131. Avatar of Hanne

    Bring own drink and. food. Make a budget on how much and what to spend on before going:)

  132. Avatar of Manda

    *Enter as many of these comps as you possibly can to hopefully take away some of the cost if you happen to win! You’ve got to be in it to win it.. And there’s so many opportunities to try win too.
    *Take your own lunch/dinner, snacks & drinks. Include treats that you may normally wouldn’t have (to make it more special).
    *Plan your whole day on paper. Listing all the free stuff & where they are (there’s so much to see & do for free).
    *Decide how much money you’re spending on show bags & rides (purchasing ride coupons prior to the day work out to be cheaper) & list the show bags you’re planning on purchasing (so there’s no arguments or over spending on the day).
    *Yellow brick road is a good one to get/do, as you end up seeing everything, plus it’s fun for the kids & great value!

  133. Avatar of Ammy

    It’s been said above but buy tickets/ ride coupons on advance and visit all the animals and things before you start going on rides because those ride coupons disappear FAST.

  134. Avatar of Katherine

    Purchasing tickets earlier and also pre-packing lunches and just getting a few snacks for the kids while there.

  135. Avatar of Tanya C

    Set a ride and showbag limit for each child and take advantage of all of the free exhibits.

  136. Avatar of Kylie Clayton
    Kylie Clayton Reply

    Take your own food and drink; visit the free activities like wood chopping, farm barn, Tasting SA pavilion, crafts, animals, fashion parade and daily shows. Set a budget and only take that amount – leave cards at home so you can’t be tempted.
    Tell the kids (if you have budgeted for it) that they can choose 1 showbag and 1 ride prior to attending. Take plastic bags to fill with free giveaways so that the kids can ‘make their own’ or purchase low cost items/toys and make a quality showbag at home – paper bags are cheap to purchase from places like the Reject shop.
    Remember rugs and a thermos for later if staying for the fireworks.

  137. Avatar of Karen

    Enter every competition you can to win tickets choose showbags before you get there and try all the free samples

  138. Avatar of Kristie Tanner
    Kristie Tanner Reply

    Best money saving tip is to do as much free stuff as possible, select a few rides beforehand, and take drink and food with you.

  139. Avatar of Rebecca O

    Take advantage of special offers such as 2 for 1 rides ticket options.

  140. Avatar of Indria Purnamasari
    Indria Purnamasari Reply

    Set a budget for each kids to spend on the show bags and rides and stick to it.

  141. Avatar of Lorraine Thompson Blair
    Lorraine Thompson Blair Reply

    save in advance especially if you don’t want to take all the extra bags of food and drink

  142. Avatar of Sann Watts
    Sann Watts Reply

    Take Public Transport it says, and save on parking, and buy tickets beforehand through RAA.
    Then you can buy more Showbags!!

  143. Avatar of Anna Amoroso
    Anna Amoroso Reply

    Stick to budget and only bring that amount of cash with you once it’s gone it’s gone!

  144. Avatar of Kylie Embury
    Kylie Embury Reply

    I cut out the coupons in our paper the week before – even if it’s only for $1 off something – it all adds up! We get discounts for food, drinks, rides and sometimes reduced price entry tickets, saving us money so our family can all go and enjoy the show!

  145. Avatar of Anita

    I get girls dad to take them. He and I are separated. I’m scared of TheShow. Don’t know …… crowds, rides? I save because it’s dads day!!

  146. Avatar of MrsLRB

    Pack your own snacks and water! Take advantage of free samples and the yellow Brick Road often has fruit and snacks in it too!!

  147. Avatar of Jen

    Take snacks and drinks from home. Have a set budget and set limits on number of rides and showbags and take advantage of the free entertainment

  148. Avatar of Smitzer

    Have the kids carry their own backpack with food, drinks, poncho and jumper if not wearing it. Have envelopes with the kids names on it and an amount of money in the envelope, each child will feel they have a bit of control over what they are buying/spending, if they want to waist it all on food, fine, but if they would rather buy showbags and do fun stuff and carry food then its their choice.

  149. Avatar of Karlia West-Sullivan
    Karlia West-Sullivan Reply

    Bring your own snacks and lunch, bring plenty of drinks and budget! Only bring what you want to spend!

  150. Avatar of Ellen Bennett
    Ellen Bennett Reply

    I would say pre purchase tickets or go on cheap days and definitely pack your own food and water, plus looking out for vouchers in the advertiser etc for rides is always a good idea

  151. Avatar of Jenna Mills
    Jenna Mills Reply

    Bring water bottles for each member of the family and a thermos full of hot coffee !

  152. Avatar of Kerry

    Limit the number of rides your kids go on & let them know before you get there.

  153. Avatar of Caroline

    Definitely budget and make sure it’s Even between your kids. So no arguments on who has more stuff

  154. Avatar of Fiona Rowlands
    Fiona Rowlands Reply

    To save on money I buy early bird specials and I also bring my own snacks and water.

  155. Avatar of Emma

    Plan your day out the day before, bring the right amount of money with you and keep it in a safe place on you (not in your bag) keep your keycards at home and ask your children what they would like to do first.

  156. Avatar of KristiM

    Definitely take your own food and drinks since it can get quite expensive especially when u have little ones and they want to snack alot during the day

  157. Avatar of KarenR

    Always bring our own snacks and water bottle! Saves so much money when you’re at the show!

  158. Avatar of Darina

    Best saving going to the Show is bring your own food and drinks. 🙂

  159. Avatar of Jessica Harrison
    Jessica Harrison Reply

    Pack snacks and carry a refillable water bottle. Sent a $ value for showbags and rides.

  160. Avatar of Andrea Smith
    Andrea Smith Reply

    I didn’t think the budget would spread to Bertie Beetle Bag this year…

  161. Avatar of Emily Zilm
    Emily Zilm Reply

    Definitely bring a packed lunch, snacks and drinks! Food and drink prices are astronomical at the show!

  162. Avatar of Katrina McKee
    Katrina McKee Reply

    Definitely pack your own lunch/snacks/drinks. Also worth checking the internet for any vouchers/deals related to items at the show in order to save you some money. Another good thing to try and do is get there early in the day when the crowds are smaller, and during the middle of the show being run as the first few days and the last couple are usually the busiest. I also suggest public transport if available as parking can be costly.

  163. Avatar of Rebecca

    Take your own food and drinks and write a list before you go to stop impulse buys.

  164. Avatar of Bonnie

    Plan in advance what you’re going to see/do/spend and stick to that budget/plan – and bring your own food/snacks plus refillable drinking bottles! Take advantage of the free shows and galleries, and the Yellow Brick Road is always a good one for keeping busy on a budget!

  165. Avatar of Stephanie Louise
    Stephanie Louise Reply

    Water bottles! Lots of walking and kids always get thirsty, so bringing your own water is a must!

  166. Avatar of Tamyka

    I like to save money by taking home made food for lunches & have a family fun cooking day cooking the food

  167. Avatar of Laurina Ainscough
    Laurina Ainscough Reply

    Go through the food halls and sample the produce before lunch so you don’t need to spend much money on food.

  168. Avatar of Alicia Thoman
    Alicia Thoman Reply

    Definitely pack your own drink bottles. Drinks can really add up. Also get the kids to choose 1 showbag from the guide and get 1 adult to go into the showbag pavilion while the other waits with the children.

  169. Avatar of Kathy Gwatking
    Kathy Gwatking Reply

    Plan, plan, plan, plan, plan – own food & drinks, 1 or 2 showbags for the kidlets, purchase tickets early online or at a local establishment, take a friend if travelling by car, leave home early if using pub transport, dont give in to temptations of buying things “just cuz”

  170. Avatar of Raych

    Take a shopping cart (the ones that stand up and have 2 wheels) to cart around all the stuff you buy, so you’re not carrying it all day!

  171. Avatar of AprilD

    My money saving tip is to set a budget and preplan your activities and purchases (show bags) before you get there.

  172. Avatar of Kodie McMullen
    Kodie McMullen Reply

    Pack your own snacks and water bottles so you don’t have to purchase. Also have a chat with your partner and child before you go to the show and agree on how many show bags you will purchase so there is no tantrums or disappointments

  173. Avatar of Stef

    Definitely bring your own packed lunches and snacks to keep the kids going through the day.

  174. Avatar of Suteng

    Plan and only buy what you need the most. Don’t bring atm card.

  175. Avatar of Ashlea

    Take your own cold drinks and snacks to get you through the day. I still like to enjoy the shows treats for lunch but by saving on snacks and drinks it allows for more rose money!

  176. Avatar of Kimmy Alts
    Kimmy Alts Reply

    How awesome that all the eggs go to the salvation Army.

    We are only taking cash. No cards so we can’t spend anymore than necessary.

  177. Avatar of Tiani C

    Take your own drinks and snacks, but if you do need to buy food, look for the $2.50 coon toasted sandwich and the $2 kids icecream cone in the dairy pavilion.

  178. Avatar of james pizzey
    james pizzey Reply

    be organised have the children tag name and your mobile number if get lost plenty of water and foods keeps cost down more money for rides for the children

  179. Avatar of Lisa

    Buy things on special from the supermarket the night before the show and pack a picnic lunch

  180. Avatar of Jules

    Easy one. Just bring food, drinks, snacks etc from home. Saves a fortune

  181. Avatar of Jules

    Easy one. Just bring food, drinks, snacks etc from home. Saves a fortune! Also, catch the bus!

  182. Avatar of Michelle Budge
    Michelle Budge Reply

    Get the kids to save their pocket money for 12 months to spend at the show, on the show bags and rides they want. Take lunch, snacks and drinks. It saves a lot of money and teaches the kids the value of money and how to spend it wisely.

  183. Avatar of Michelle Lavers
    Michelle Lavers Reply

    Pack all sorts of snacks. Packets of chips, fruit and sandwiches to keep the kids going and yes eat before you go as well dont forget the picnic blanket just to relax on the grass while you snack hopefully away from food trucks that way kids are not tempted. Dont forget to have full

  184. Avatar of LyndelleC

    Have kids pick their showboat ahead and if possible one patent goes to collect whilst other takes kids through animal exhibits. Saves money, avoids indecisive kids and possible meltdowns!

  185. Avatar of Karen K

    Take your own snacks ans spemd most of the day away from side show alley. 🙂

  186. Avatar of julia sharpe

    bring own food drinks ice packs buy a $10 locker that you can visit all day to drop your freebies off and pick up more food and drinks you can store jumpers etc it makes it easier not to carry everything all day

  187. Avatar of Emilia Parrella
    Emilia Parrella Reply

    We love planning the day in advance using the Show Guide. So many great offers ans coupons available AND it teaches my little ladies about time, timetables and setting plans and money. (I’m a teacher, so any opportunity!)

  188. Avatar of Theresa Jones
    Theresa Jones Reply

    Definitely have a plan of what you want to see in what order and get there early.

  189. Avatar of Chantelle

    We’re from the country so we drive in so can’t save there but always have pre packed fruits and snacks for the little one. Our water bottles. Plus lots of free food samples from the stalls is a winner. We go for the animals mainly so we save on money there too. Plus we always get homemade food from CWA as it tastes the best and value for money.

  190. Avatar of Jocy

    My tip would definitely be to take your own food. there are usually lockers where a cooler can be stored to lunch time. Not only do you save money but the food is edible

  191. Avatar of Sandra

    Pre-purchase tickets before hand and definitely bring along snacks, even lunch if you can. Also get the kids to save there money if they want rides or showbags, get the kids to go through the showbag book and pick out with ones they afford so when u get there they only get the ones they picked out.

  192. Avatar of Karen

    Make sure kids eat before you go so you only have to take some snacks & water bottles. Use public transport to save on carparking. Set a limit on the amount of money you want to spend, get kids to pick the showbags they want beforehand & try to get them the deals of 2 for $6 etc. Make sure to utilise the free activities such as the animals & free shows.
    & a must is to track down some freebie snacks in the halls, kids love food & the parents love the “free” side of things!

  193. Avatar of Laura Malins
    Laura Malins Reply

    Definitely take your own food and drinks, saves money and you don’t have to stand in the long queues to buy something giving you more time to enjoy the free activities!

  194. Avatar of Anna

    Definitely take packed food and drinks. Have kids pick out showbag before getting therefore so you know what exactly you’re looking for

  195. Avatar of Vicki Stone Biskit
    Vicki Stone Biskit Reply

    Pre purchase Entry and Ride Coupons. Bring food and set a limit for Showbags.☺️

  196. Avatar of Kathryn

    Do the Yellow Brick Road to keep the kids busy and engaged. Take own snacks and water.

  197. Avatar of Odile

    Byo water, soft drink… in case your sugar levels drop. And a few sweets. Do all the free food sampling. If you do it right, you will only need to buy the token milkshake or farmer’s union iced coffee from the Dairy Hall

  198. Avatar of Stacey

    I believe teaching children the value of money at an early age so saving pocket money and contributing to the costs of the show. My son will put $2 out of his money ey each week aside for the show. Packing your own lunches and enjoying the free stalls and shows aswell.

  199. Avatar of Fay

    Bring drinks and snacks for kids, prepurchase tickets and only 1 show bag per child

  200. Avatar of Nicky

    Bring your own drink bottles of water, all that walking around makes the family thirsty and drinks at the show are expensive.

  201. Avatar of Kirsty

    Always always pack water! And cater for every season! You don’t want to have to buy ponchos in case it rains so pack your own or umbrellas! Snacks are always packed as well!

  202. Avatar of kylie

    pre purchase tickets we but the family for 2 adults and one child have found this cheaper then buying 3 individual tickets

  203. Avatar of Judith Ann Bryant
    Judith Ann Bryant Reply

    My money saving tip is to take your own eats and drinks. Travel there by public Transport. Collect freebies available. Make sure to check when free shows are on and visit at that time.

  204. Avatar of Amy Murphy
    Amy Murphy Reply

    Have a clear set budget prior to going whether it is a set amount of money per person or certain number of rides and showbags.

  205. Avatar of Melzy Harrington
    Melzy Harrington Reply

    There are plenty of activities at the show that don’t cost money, animal exhibits and showing, kids corner, stage shows, main arena. One year we spent most of the day just at the main arena. Hardly spent anything! It was great!!

  206. Avatar of Kelly

    Bring food and drinks frI’m home and get the kids to pick a couple of show bags before you head to the show and catching the train/bus or team is a good idea.

  207. Avatar of Jaymee

    My best money and time saving tip is to make a itinerary for the day to utilize all the free activities and performances. I always prioritize what my kids would hate to miss and work around that. Does take me a little time to work out the best plan but means we are not double backing, making impulse purchase (usually a small child wanting food) and our children know they have a time limit and budget to make decisions.

  208. Avatar of Tayla S

    Definitely take your own snacks and steer towards the free stalls!

  209. Avatar of Heidi Wilkin
    Heidi Wilkin Reply

    The 2 that I do without fail are pre-purchase our tickets and always pack our own lunch and drinks.

  210. Avatar of Belinda Sutherland
    Belinda Sutherland Reply

    I find working out your showbags before you go. Take snaks and drinks and attend most of the free entertainment.

  211. Avatar of Kim cockburn
    Kim cockburn Reply

    Pack your own foods and drinks – it’s healthier and cheaper. Take advantage of all the free activities – experience isn’t about how much money can be spent.

  212. Avatar of Kyles

    Pre plan day…. showbags picked, ride shortlist, prepurchase entry tickets and ride vouchers, pack water, snacks, lunch, extra drinks, take an extra backpack for all the freebies along the way!

  213. Avatar of SUzanne

    Definitely bring own water bottles and favorite snacks and enjoy the armosphere

  214. Avatar of Jessica Giles
    Jessica Giles Reply

    Take cash out before you go and only spend what you have on you. Don’t be tempted to use your card.

  215. Avatar of Cj H

    Hope to win some free ticket to get into the show would help
    Make up a list of the kids favourite things and have a budget for showbags, rides etc and stick to it, plan out the day before you go and do as many free things as you can. Ride coupons are available at Foodland

  216. Avatar of Amanda S

    Tell the kids it’s either extras this year or entry next year.

  217. Avatar of Mel

    Walk around the pavillions to score heaps of free samples. Take food and drinks and avoid showbags and purchase a ride coupon if thats your thing

  218. Avatar of Wendy

    Catch bus or get someone to drop you at gate, take own snacks for the hungry little kidlets. Take time to soak up all the free activities and be lucky enough to win showbag to share with family.

  219. Avatar of Meaghan M

    Save up to 30% on tickets to the Show when pre-purchasing online or buying from an RACV Shop 🙂

  220. Avatar of Cassie

    Eat before u go take snacks and lunch with u and if u have a pram take extra hooks for all the great showbags ur kids want

  221. Avatar of Dena

    Go in lots of competitions to win tickets otherwise go on a Wednesday before 12 for
    cheaper entry

  222. Avatar of Declan

    My tip is to bring your own food and drink and also to set a budget and stick to it

  223. Avatar of Janelle

    Pre purchase tickets, take refillable water bottles , take own snacks, yellow brick road for samples, take public transport

  224. Avatar of Tahlia

    My money saving tips are to eat before you go, pack drinks and make use of the free entertainment! Remind yourself and your kids it’s about the experience not just the rides and showbags. There’s plenty off FREE things for the kids to do that’ll take up time and make them enjoy themselves.

  225. Avatar of Jenny

    The yellow brick road bag has great foods in it that the kids can eat as you collect them. It also takes you to the dairy hall for samples and cheap toasties.

  226. Avatar of Vonnie

    Two showbag limit for kids (saves money). They pre-choose (saves time). They get them at the end of the day on the proviso they have been well behaved and co-operative (saves your sanity).

  227. Avatar of Rachel K

    Find a “save money” friend. You can share tips, enjoy cheap nights out and borrow from each other. Compete to see who saves the most and go to the show together to share the cost and prevent each other from excessive spending!

  228. Avatar of Suzy

    Definitely bring your own lunch and drinks from home. Also plan out your day and choose which showbags the kids want ahead of time.

  229. Avatar of Allison B

    Pre purchase your tickets, catch the train in, bring some snacks and water, have a budget.

  230. Avatar of Melissa

    Pack snacks &/or lunch & some bottles of water. Staying for as long as you can & enjoying the free activities to make it feel like you’re money spent has been worth it

  231. Avatar of Amy

    When we used to go i would always take snacks and drinks -as that gets really expensive, go on the yellow brick road and let the kids eat the things from there

  232. Avatar of Nicole Holaj-Vos
    Nicole Holaj-Vos Reply

    The Coon stand does the best toasties, bring your own water and give the kids a budget for a showbag each. Enjoy all the free activities.

  233. Avatar of Robyne

    We take our own food. But I do add some treats so they do get something special and it helps when they see show food around

  234. Avatar of Trish

    My best advice for saving money at the show is to take advantage of the many many free attractions. For the ones that cost money, set a budget and stick to it. Take along your own food and drinks – which isn’t to say you can’t still have a treat but it will save you a lot of money if the majority of the food is brought from home. Turn it into a fun picnic at the show.

  235. Avatar of Nadine Cameron
    Nadine Cameron Reply

    We pack our own food, purchase the BankSA ride coupons, and let the kids know prior to entering the show that they can choose 1 show bag each.

  236. Avatar of Bec

    Definitely set a budget for the day… make use all of all the free activities and give aways.. also pack your own drinks and snacks… 1 show bag per child.

  237. Avatar of Luisa L

    Bring your own food and have designated meal times so you don’t stop and snack on the show food.

  238. Avatar of Sally

    Love reading all the comments this will save us money as this is our first year

  239. Avatar of Kel Pfeiffer
    Kel Pfeiffer Reply

    Packed lunch, drinks and snacks, work out all showbags before getting there and stick to it…. kids love animals so the nursery there is a great free activity, take note of all the other free things.
    Set a limit to number of rides or sideshows!

  240. Avatar of Chris Sheppard
    Chris Sheppard Reply

    Pre purchase tickets, use RACV card and pack a picnic 🙂

  241. Avatar of Kathy Ferguson Clark
    Kathy Ferguson Clark Reply

    we take $50 no key card, thats it once its gone the end

  242. Avatar of Caroline Kelly
    Caroline Kelly Reply

    My family saves hundreds of dollars each visit to the Royal Adelaide Show by attending on the last night and stocking up on the show bag, toys and perishable items bargains to be had.

  243. Avatar of Luanne moffatt
    Luanne moffatt Reply

    Kids choose 1 showbag and save their pocket money we match what they save so they can spend on rides, side show alley etc

  244. Avatar of Kell

    for kids that are a little older; do a with them before you go. that way they can have a plan about what they want and the cost.

  245. Avatar of Trudie

    The best way to save your money is pre purchase your entry tickets and set a limit on the amount spent on showbags and rides.

  246. Avatar of Rikki-lee Puddy
    Rikki-lee Puddy Reply

    Travel by bus and make sure everyone is fed beforehand so only a snack is needed

  247. Avatar of Juanita Munro
    Juanita Munro Reply

    Write a list before you go! The easiest ways to save money is to go with a list.. Because when you’re without one, you typically end up making impulse buys and unplanned purchases.

  248. Avatar of Emilie Westerman
    Emilie Westerman Reply

    Bring water bottles and packs of chips with you. It will save you a lot of money when kids need a drink or snack.

  249. Avatar of Jaynie

    Definitely pack snacks, nothing worse than constant Im hungry!!!

  250. Avatar of Kristy Coles
    Kristy Coles Reply

    Best tip is to leave your wallet at home and only bring $50 and your pre paid tickets and food with you as drinks and food are expensive

  251. Avatar of Nikki Cashion
    Nikki Cashion Reply

    Win Tickets For Entry
    Take your own food and drinks .
    Limit num of showbags
    Or better still go on your own lol

  252. Avatar of Bluebell

    The children (and adults) reckon the Yellow Brick Road Showbag is fun as you collect all sorts of food and drinks as you follow the trail.

  253. Avatar of Debbie O'Donnell
    Debbie O'Donnell Reply

    City rail have train and family entrance to the show deals saves parking fees.

  254. Avatar of Stacey S

    I give my kids $30 each to spend as they like on showbags, rides or treats.

  255. Avatar of Melissa Whelan
    Melissa Whelan Reply

    I prebook tickets online for a discount, Buy a ridepass for the bonus value, Set a limit for showbags and go and get them as soon as you arrive, then pop them in a locker. Nothing extra until after rides and fun is done, then you can decide if you have extra money to spend at the end. We take our own food but i also account for a show style treat, maybe fairy floss, or a chip on a stick. I have 1 kid, he is 12, we can get by on under $100 this way, and as long as i got my Bertie Beetles, i don’t need much else. We do save on entry though as I am his carer (disability) and use my carer card for free entry for myself. Only one child ticket needed then.

  256. Avatar of Louise Hopper
    Louise Hopper Reply

    Take lots of snacks and save your cash for the things you can’t get anywhere else xx

  257. Avatar of MichelG

    Oops, pls disregard my previous comment about the GO Generic saving tip.

    With regards to a money saving tip for THE ROYAL ADELAIDE SHOW, I would definitely suggest to pack a lunch box for each attendee and would only purchase a few ‘sometime food’ items at the show. I would also avoid any expensive car park near the Showgrounds along Goodwood road.

  258. Avatar of Patricia Comer
    Patricia Comer Reply

    3 Years ago we won entry tickets after purchasing Sunny eggs. So the money we saved on entry, gave us extra $$ to spend inside. We also bought multiple ride tickets and let the kids choose what they wanted to go on. Rather than buying them individually. It was a great experience for all of us. I think we did the same with the show bags and of course you can’t go past the Bertie Beetle bag! What a brilliant buy and indulge.

  259. Avatar of Kim

    We pre purchase tickets to save money, bring along snacks and water, purchase food at the IGA stand where it is cheaper, and use any coupons from the paper for rides at show side alley. We also take advantage of any show bag promotional offers available ( buy 3 for the price of 2 etc )

  260. Avatar of lynnette bull
    lynnette bull Reply

    Enter each and every competition to win tickets to the show to get in for free leaving you money to spend on showbags and food.

  261. Avatar of Ann Bryant
    Ann Bryant Reply

    Pack a bag for Lunch and munchies and drinks. Search for all the available freebies.

  262. Avatar of kori

    I give the kids $50 each and tell them thats all they can have so they spend well then halfway through the time i give them their other 50 i kept back and it works as that really is the last 50s.

  263. Avatar of Sarah Hay

    Money saving tip would be to eat lunch or dinner before hand!! “Bring your own” food at least. Bring a water bottle so you can you do not need to purchase water. Go on 1 or 2 rides that are worthy and are not rip offs such as “Spooky” which is not scary and is a waste of money. Choose the show bags wisely. DO not go for the ones you can get at the super markets, check the amounts in each packaging. Budget would be under $50 at the most. KEEP your minds on the free coupons and entertainment.
    xoxo have fun loves

  264. Avatar of Angela

    We like to take our own food and drinks. We set a definite number of showbags, 2 each child.

  265. Avatar of Amanda V

    BYO refillable water bottles and coffee cups, save $$ and the environment. Also bring your own snacks inc fruit and veg as you will want to balance out from the show food.

  266. Avatar of Hayley Parker
    Hayley Parker Reply

    We are fortunate enough that my kids grand parents give them $50 each to spend at the show. I insist that they carry their own wallet and purse so they are visually conscious of every dollar they hand over and what they have received or experienced.
    I assure you that it makes them have considerable second thoughts about which treasures they buy.

  267. Avatar of Emma

    Take public transport, pack a picnic lunch, decide on showbags before you go and limit rides. Participate in as many free events as possible!

  268. Avatar of Kylie

    We save all the gold coins we can in lead up to any event. You’ll be surprised how quick it adds up 🙂

  269. Avatar of Jess

    Definetly taking your own food, snacks and drinks and finding a spot in the grand stand to relax and enjoy the horses and entertainment ☺️

  270. Avatar of Tash

    Don’t take anymore money than what you have budgeted to save from overspending.


    Always have a budget and try and fill up before you all go also take your own drinks

  272. Avatar of MellissaP86
    MellissaP86 Reply

    BUDGET BUDGET BUDGET!!! Everything is available online and printed show guides. Plan everything down the toilet stops and lunch breaks. plan your day around popular displays and events and view them in the least popular time slots (eg. wood cutting is on more than once a day) Avoid food stalls at lunch time by eating before going and if buying food get it before the rush.

  273. Avatar of Lara

    Bring food from home and catch public transport if possible or have a family member drop you off and pick you up saving money on parking.

  274. Avatar of Sam

    We went yesterday and still spent a lot although we took our food, we still spent a lot. The sideshows are a bit rich but we have a 3 year old who doesnt like rides…

  275. Avatar of Christie Domanski
    Christie Domanski Reply

    purchase the family value pack, great value and includes lunch, ride tokens and showboat vouchers. Also bring along drink bottles and snacks.

  276. Avatar of Rachel

    My tip would be to pack lunch and snacks and get a cheap locker to store it all in when you get there

  277. Avatar of Charlotte gray
    Charlotte gray Reply

    Have a budget and stick to it. Make sure the kids know it also.

  278. Avatar of Linda Tuckwell
    Linda Tuckwell Reply

    Stick to a budget. Choose showbags before going. Take own food/snacks. Stick to the free things to do

  279. Avatar of Susan S

    Eat before we go, take plenty of water and we set each child an amount they’re allowed to spend and not go over.

  280. Avatar of Helen

    Eat before you go and take some snacks and water bottles then you have more money to spend on other things

  281. Avatar of Angela A

    Getting the kids to choose their showbag before we go (only 1 each) and not purchasing them until the end of the day. Also take some snacks and drinks with us.

  282. Avatar of Kelly

    Buy the plush toys the kids want outright rather than throwing your money away in sideshow alley

  283. Avatar of Ekalissa

    Our saving tips are: pre-purchase your tickets so you save some money abd then pack your bags with drinks, lunch and lots of snacks! Things that you know your kids love and will see there like doughnuts or cotton candy, plus biscuits, cheese sticks, yogurts or chips.
    And definitely put your food down with the showbags (only 1 per child/ only one for family or none!)

  284. Avatar of Kerry

    I always take my own snacks which saves alot of money with little ones.

  285. Avatar of Kirsty

    I get my tickets from foodland saving me 10 dollars then we leave the car at home and get the train saving on petrol. We also per pack our food and drink so saving us heap there more for our favorite showbags and rides and last but not lease we do all the frele stuff and go half wat through the day so we spend less

  286. Avatar of Tamara

    Definitely bring snacks and drinks when you go and if you are going on rides, pre-purchase the $80 ride tickets!! Wear comfortable shoes is always a good idea 🙂

  287. Avatar of Chont

    Always leave buying the showbags til last so you not stuck carrying heaps of bags! And free samples of food are great for filling up.

  288. Avatar of Alicia P

    My money saving tip is to bring your own lunch and drinks in a backpack. Much cheaper and yummier than show food