7 Super Easy Father’s Day Gifts For Kids To Make

Father’s Day. It’s almost upon us. And finding just the right gifts for the hairier member of your tribe is never easy.

Who hasn’t been marooned in the aisles of Kmart at 11pm on the Friday night before the big day, desperately searching for a project that could be passed off as ‘art’?

Well this year can be different. You can say a big ‘screw you’ to crappy canvas scribblings and ‘see ya later, sucker’ to plaster casts of a cat, half painted by you after the kids gave up.

We’ve got seven super easy Father’s Day gifts for kids to make that also tick all the ‘awesome present’ boxes. Creative, thoughtful, fun… You’ve got this Father’s Day in the bag, mama!

1. Not your ordinary family photo

Easy Father's Day Gifts For Kids To Make

Isn’t this just a little bit adorable? Put a quirky spin on your traditional family photo or card for dad by doing what Freckle Photo did and using the kids as your canvas. Talk about a super easy Father’s Day gift for kids to make!

2. The ‘Dad and Me’ kit

Easy Father's Day Gifts For Kids To Make

We love the idea of the ‘Dad and Me’ gift spotted over at Craft, Create, Cook. All you need to do is to sit down with your child (or children) and brainstorm a list of (realistic) activities that they love doing with dad. Things like watching the footy or going on a bike ride. Maybe a stroll to the ice-cream shop or a dad-and-me movie. Pick your family faves, write them onto cards, get the kids to fancy it up with some illustrations, then pop them in a cute envelope and bundle up to present to dad on the big day. Presto, one easy DIY dad gift.

3. Six pack with a twist

Super Easy Father's Day Gifts For Kids To Make

Yes, a six pack of dad’s favourite frosty bevvie is an easy go-to. But add a few simple tweaks and it’s suddenly even more awesome. This Dad Survival Six Pack lets you customise dad’s chosen beer and fave snacks with free printables. All you need to do is stock up on beer and a few snacks, then attach the printables to the bottles, snacks and box. Easy, peasy! You can find the free printable at Creative Live Blog.

4. Beer O’Sock

Super Easy Father's Day Gifts For Kids To Make - DIY beer socks

Not to be mistaken for ‘beer googles’, these beer socks are more like a tiny, foot-bound noticeboard. While this DIY Father’s Day gift idea requires a little bit more parental guidance, kids can get in on the action by helping pick the socks and iron on the transfers. You can find the full instructions over at Hello Splendid.

5. A box of chocolate-y delight

Super Easy Father's Day Gifts For Kids To Make

Whether the dad in your life enjoys fishing or would rather eat the live bait, this Father’s Day ‘tackle box’ is sure to float his boat. Dad’s Emergency Stash is all about his favourite chocolates and sweets all neatly packaged up with a bow. All you need is a plastic divider box or container, a selection of dad’s favourite sweet treats and the printable which you can find at Eighteen 25.

6. Building memories

easy DIY Father's Day gift ideas for kids to make

If dad is the DIY type, get in on the action with a personalised ‘memory making’ hammer. Kids love getting involved with their dad’s projects. Kill two birds with one stone and create something one-of-a-kind for Father’s Day that will also get them out from under your feet in the long term. Find out how to make your own memory hammer over at A Parenting Production.

7. Personalised pillow case

Super Easy Father's Day Gifts For Kids To Make - pillow case

Nothing says ‘I love you’ on Father’s Day more than a pillow case with dad’s name on it! This easy DIY Father’s Day project requires minimal supplies (a pale coloured pillow case and fabric markers). The wobblier the writing, the better so it’s one for family members of all ages. Whether dad will want to share his new Father’s Day pillow when the two-year-old bed-hops at 2am is debatable, but as always, it’s the thought that counts. Check out the full DIY instructions over at Parents.

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