10 Reasons You Need Mum Friends in Your Life

Where would we be without our mum friends? All our friendships and relationships in life are important, of course, but our mum friends truly are a special – and entirely essential – part of our lives!

Nobody else understands us better, and it’s nice to know that no matter what stage of parenting we’re in, our mum friends have either been through it before, or are right in the throes of it themselves.

You know it’s true – our mum friends are pure gold. Here’s why…

1. They get nap time

They get it hard. Mum friends know that nap time is the pinnacle of every mum’s daily schedule – and they wouldn’t dream of messing with it. Even if the conflicting nap schedules of their children and yours mean that you’re limited to short 45-minute catch-ups at a latitudinal point exactly halfway between your two homes once a week, there’s no resentment. Just gratefulness that they get to see you at all.

2. They don’t care that you’re running late

Fact: if two mum friends agree to meet up at a coffee shop at 8am, and both dash frantically through the door pushing prams and dragging toddlers by their chubby wrists before 8.15, they are both magical unicorns with the time management of goddesses.

3. They’re always up for a wine with you

Ah, wine. It’s the holy grail of parenting sanity. And it’s even better when shared in a fancy long-stemmed glass with a fellow tired-eyed, greasy-haired, leggings-clad human like yourself.

4. They love your poonami stories

mum central

And your grocery store tantrum stories. And your forgotten-banana-in-the-purse stories. Anything that reminds them that they’re not navigating this crazy jungle of parenthood alone.

5. If their kid is under the age of one, they’ll answer your 2am texts

There’s nothing more affirming than two mums connecting during the night feed/teething wake-ups/midnight baby parties to remind each other that there’s life out there beyond the walls of their homes.

6. You don’t need to make up excuses not to see them

To our child-free friends, the words “We’re toilet training and I don’t want to leave the house this week” may feel like a cop-out, leaving us scrambling instead for a white lie to explain our sudden unavailability. But we know we can rely on our mum friends’ complete understanding on such occasions.

7. They will never call you right before dinner time

You can rely on your mum friends not to call and expect your full attention at 5.30pm when you’re wrangling the kids and throwing a weeknight dinner together – mostly because they’re doing the exact same thing!

8.They tag you in all the best social media competitions and giveaways

mum friends tag you Facebook

Those “tag a friend” competitions are digital gold for your mum friends. Tagging you in every farm stay, mud kitchen and family photo shoot giveaway serves the double purpose of procuring an entry AND informing you of the awesome competition so you can enter too!

9. Their homes are kid-friendly

Is there any relief greater than knowing that you and your kids can turn up at a mum friend’s door with little else than your wiles and a packet of Tim-Tams to share? Whether it’s a high chair, a baby-safe space to play or age-appropriate entertainment you need, your mum friends have got you covered. Their casa es su casa.

10. They will never mum-judge you for your parenting decisions

But they will gladly offer suggestions and advice when you ask for it. Win-win!

The very best part about mum friends? Though our kids will only be little kids for a season, our mum friends are friends for life! So treasure those unique friendships you’re building with your fellow mums out there. And buy them chocolate. Because Lord knows mums need chocolate.

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