Baby Days Not Over Yet? Here’s 11 Cheeky Reasons to Have Another Baby

If you have that nagging “Should I? Shouldn’t I?” thought on whether your family is complete or not, here are 11 reasons to have another baby.

If you’ve crunched the numbers and are currently sitting on the fence about adding to your brood these reasons might just be the push you need to say YES, LET’S HAVE ONE MORE BABY, let’s doooo it.

NOTE: This article is NOT intended as life advice so please just take it in the context it’s written  – purely for a giggle!

just one more baby
Just one more baby to add to the brood. Source: Bigstock

11 cheeky reasons to have another baby

1. You already have ALL of the stuff

I mean, if you already have bassinets, cots, car seats, baby bath, pram… the list goes on and on, it makes SENSE to have just one more baby to get your money’s worth right? RIGHT.

2. You were so caught up in being supermum, you forgot to enjoy it

It happens. Sometimes we get caught up in doing everything ‘right’, constantly striving for milestones and perfection that we kind of forget to sit in each stage and just enjoy it for what it is. I wholeheartedly believe that this is why ‘last’ babies are the most enjoyed babies. BECAUSE WE MUMS RELAX!


3. You still have really cool names on your name list

Anyone who has ever tried to name a baby KNOWS how difficult it is to settle on the right baby names for your little cherub. But what do you do with the rest of your favourite names? Yep, you guessed it.

4. Four is the perfect number of offspring

According to this study, four is the perfect number of kids to have. So if you’re stuck on deciding to have a SECOND baby, just roll with it – you’re still building your collection of kids!

5. You’ll save on playdates

It’s true, siblings are built-in playmates which in turn, saves you on playdates. There’s no having to sit in a noisy play café watching your kid mingle with stranger’s children in a ball-pit – just toss some tennis balls into the lounge room and watch them fight over them for free.


6. Even numbers

No one should get left out with even numbers! Should you have an even-numbered set of kids so everyone can pair up? Yes, definitely yes.

7. You have room in your car

If you drive a big car or heck, even if you have just ONE spare seat then yes, you should fill it with a baby capsule. Awwwww, sweet!

8. You have a heart as big as Phar Lap

Racehorse sized heart or not, you know in your heart of hearts if you have ALL the love and patience to give to another baby. More kids, more hugs, more oxytocin and serotonin to go round. Children bring joy – and sticky fingers and occasional gastro, but mostly joy!


9. Life is already crazy

Throw caution to the wind. Life is crazy, chaotic, messy and amazing, what’s ONE MORE to add to the craziness? There’s seldom a “right time” to have a baby, you just make it work when that sweet bundle enters the world. Be bonkers, add to the craziness.

10. Family passes are almost always for TWO children

Holidays are expensive enough so when you buy a family pass or make family bookings it makes sense to be at maximum capacity. RIGHT?

11. You’re an amazing mum

Sometimes we surprise ourselves by the fact that not only can we ACTUALLY keep these pint-sized humans alive successfully, but we actually also really enjoy being a mum, more than what we thought we might have – AND WE’RE GOOD AT IT!


There it is folks, 11 reasons to back up your LET’S HAVE ANOTHER BABY pitch to your significant other. Who knows, they might not need much convincing after all. But for real, baby gear is expensive … so you should absolutely get your money’s worth.

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