The Next Wave of Retro Baby Names are in and they are Adorable

If you love retro baby names that are timeless, classic, and elegant, then prepare for a new wave of old-school vintage cool.

The baby name experts over at Nameberry have released the new wave of old people names AKA vintage names, retro baby names or names from 100+ years ago and we LOVE them. 

Of course, retro baby names are nothing new. We’ve all seen a few old-school names soar to the top of the charts, such as Millie, Hazel, Violet, Alice, Evelyn (Evie), and Lucy for girls as well as Archie, Arthur, Henry, Oscar and Theodore for boys. 

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We’ve also seen other classic vintage names spike in popularity over the years. Names like Sadie, Elsie, Winnie, Artie, Harvey, and Alfred (Alfie) are already making waves, especially in 2020! 

But you won’t find these 21 new cool retro baby names of 2021 anywhere on the top 100 anytime soon. That’s one of the things that makes them so charming and useable, especially if you’re looking for a unique baby name.

So let’s meet the old-school cool retro baby names of the future, shall we? 

Retro girls names

Alberta – Classy and cool, Alberta is going to take the world by storm. And isn’t Alba or Albi a sweet nickname for a retro princess? Love it. 

Aphra – Another name not many people are using these days, Aphra is a cute alternative to the more popular Ada. 

Emmeline – Move over Madeline, there’s a new “line” in town! 

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Hilda – It’s a little bit old school and a little bit ‘witchy’. We’re predicting Hilda is the next Matilda of baby names. Watch for Zelda too. 

Delphine –  This name is associated with the ancient city of Delphi, the site of the Temple of Apollo.

Isidora –  If you like Isabella but are looking for something a bit different, then Isidora might be a good fit. We reckon it’s adorable! So many nickname options too – Issie, Sidie, Dora. 

Thelma – It’s a cult classic and a great vintage name that oozes with coolness. Fiesty and fitting for a little free spirit. 

Thora – Another old-school “th” name that comes with elegance and charm is Thora. If “th” is your jam, another cute one to consider is Theda. 

Sybil – Sybil was highly popular in the 1920s and 1930s but we think it’s about to return, thanks to Downton Abbey. 

Trudy – Short for Gertrude, Trudy is both hipster and vintage, a great combination. 

Zadie – Popular in the pioneer days, Zadie is destined to return to the classroom. 

Cool vintage boys names

Ambrose – Ambrose means “immortal” and has a bit of an ethereal vibe to it. 

Edmund – The name Edmund is as old school as they come but also comes with a certain noble elegance. 

Orson – There are a few old school “O” grandpa names that are returning including Oscar and Orville. We predict Orson will soon follow. 

Barnaby – It’s a bit poetic, a bit political and definitely has that retro-cool appeal. 

Claude – Posh and powerful, Claude is another boy’s retro name we’re predicting to be big. 

Hal – Okay, so Hal sounds like an old man name, but hey, look at other short and sweet vintage names that are now popular, like Kit, Finn and Gus. 

Laurie – Ewan McGregor recently went with this name for his newborn son and we think it’s coming back. 

Percival (Percy) – We’ve already mentioned that powerful names like Perseus are coming back in 2021, but Percival is another one that comes with whimsy, wonder and vintage cool. 

Llewellyn – Pronounced Loo-ell-en, this Welsh name means “like a lion” and is a strong old-school choice that you certainly won’t find on many birth certificates in Australia.  

Waldo – The “o” ending for boys is sooo hot – Arlo, Hugo, Milo, Theo, Leo. Waldo may not be too far away! 

Even more retro baby names

Have a read of last year’s new cool vintage baby names where we uncovered a few old school gems such as:

  • Minnie
  • Mabel
  • Maude
  • Florence
  • Hattie
  • Effie
  • Lottie
  • Leon
  • Eugene
  • Vinnie
  • August
  • Rufus 

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