Vintage Baby Names – Here’s 25 Adorable Names No One is Using (Yet)

Remember the roaring 1920s? Probably not. But you probably remember the names of your relatives living it up during this time – Mary, Dottie, Betty, Charles, George, and James.

Well, baby name trends and naming experts show that vintage baby names are returning to the classrooms with a bang. What this means is that your seemingly unique old school name choice for bub is actually a lot more popular than you wanted.

Already trending vintage baby names

Some of the popular names from 100 years ago that are claiming a spot on the top 100 baby names of 2020 include:

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  • Millie
  • Hazel
  • Evelyn
  • Alice
  • Violet
  • Florence
  • Eleanor
  • Lucy
  • Clare
  • Victoria
  • Bonnie
  • Thea
cute vintage baby names no one is using yet
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  • James
  • William
  • Charles
  • Thomas
  • Jack
  • Henry
  • Arthur
  • Archie
  • George
  • Harry
  • Oscar
  • Theodore

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These vintage baby names haven’t quite made the top 100 yet although aren’t far away:

  • Winnie
  • Matilda (Tilly)
  • Sadie
  • Elsie
  • Frances (Frankie)
  • Alfred (Alfie)
  • Artie
  • Harvey

If you want a vintage baby name that isn’t overly used (yet), then consider one of these cute options. They all come with that old school, vintage feel without the overuse.

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1. Minnie – Just a wee bit cute!

2. Ida – Another adorable option if you love short names like Ava, Mia and Isla (all incredibly popular in classrooms around Australia).

3. Florence – This name is actually starting to trend in COVID times and in homage to one of the most famous nurses of our time – Florence Nightingale.

4. Mabel – There is something so pretty and whimsical about this one.

5. Maude – Maude means “powerful battler’ so it’s a great option for your little warrior, especially if she packs a pretty mean punch in the womb.

6. Pearl – Gemstone names have always been popular but many people overlook Pearl for others such as Ruby and Jade.

7. Edith – Or Edie for short.

8. Mauve – Mauve, like Violet, is a lovely choice, especially if you like the colour purple.

9. Hattie – The “ie” ending is incredibly popular these days (Maddie, Frankie, Sophie, Ellie), but not many parents are choosing Hattie (not yet at least!). And isn’t it cute?

10. Effie – Another “ie” option that’s not used much is Effie.

11. Lottie – Or how about Lottie?

12. Dulcie – Another cute one for your little Southern belle.

13. Nola – This name was popular in the 1930s and we can see why. Isn’t it sweet?

14. MavisMavis means “songbird” so it’s a great fit for any musical mummas out there.

15. Jorie – How’s this unique option for a shortened version of Majorie?


16. Ernest – What comes to mind when you think of Ernest? I always think Hemingway but Ernest also means “seriousness” and comes with a cute little nickname – Ernie.

17. Amos – Amos is a vintage baby name with biblical connotations.

18. LeonIf you love Leo but are worried about how popular it is (Leo is currently #5 in Australia), then Leon may be one to consider.

19. Albert – Little Albie has a cute ring to it, don’t you reckon?

20. EugeneAmy Schumer named her little boy Gene and we have a feeling this unique moniker is going to catch on quickly.

21. Clifford – It may be the name of a big red dog, but it’s also a cute choice for parents who love traditional names.

22. Rufus – Considered old school cool, Rufus means “red head.” Who knew?

23. August – Made trendy again by the book, Wonder, August is definitely worth bringing back on the scene.

24. Vinnie – We adore this classic vintage name which is the short form of Vincent.

25. Elmer – If you can look past the Elmer Fudd connotation, then this is another cute option which means ‘noble’.

Do any of these vintage baby names make your potential baby name list?

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