With school holidays and Christmas upon us, our homes are bound to take a bit of a beating, especially our carpets.

Refresh your house for the new year with Britex’s Carpet Cleaning Machine, the easy way to give your carpets a spring clean without the need to call in a professional.

We recently invited three mums to test out the machine and they were floored by the results! Come and see the Britex Carpet Cleaning Machine in action… and win one for yourself!

Mess happens. Especially if you have kids. No matter how many times a week you vacuum or how quick you are to dab at a stain, your carpets and couches are still going to need a bit of extra TLC. Many mums, like me, just ignore the problem and hope it goes away on its own,(or that it gets so bad their partner will eventually do something about it). Others hire a professional to come do it for them, but this can be quite costly.

There is another option. And it’s a fraction of the cost of a professional, gets the job done just as well, and you can do it yourself!

‘It’s a great price and gets the job done’ – Jenine

Britex Carpet Cleaning Machine is your go-to for DIY steam cleaning, It’s won a heap of awards and was recently ranked the number one carpet cleaner in Choice Magazine 2017.

For our three reviewers, Shelley, Jenine and Becca, Britex lived up to the expectation.

Here’s what our three mums had to say:

“Seeing the dirty water and gunk in the return barrel, you can tell it cleaned deeply. The carpet has returned to its previous softness and colour.” – Shelley

Britex carpet cleaning machine review

“Our carpet was in desperate need of a clean! The Britex Carpet Cleaner did such a great job refreshing our tired old carpet and we are thrilled with the results.” – Jenine

Britex cleaning machine used on couch

“Gets out all the stains and dirt and the end result shows just how dirty they can actually get. It leaves you with a new looking lounge.” – Becca

Start 2018 with a clean house 

What makes the machine so special? First of all, it’s easy to hire and use! Simply head to your local Woolworths and pick it up! Britex have an easy-to-follow YouTube video that can take the guess work out of using the device properly too.

“I organised the paperwork, then did a quick shop and came back to the front and the machine was waiting for me.” – Shelley

“The instructions on the machine were very clear and easy to follow. It’s a great price and gets the job done.” – Jenine

“I would recommend the Britex to anyone. It’s easy to use and very effective. All the steps are there to follow and the machine was easy to navigate around the house and nozzle was easy to get into corners and under furniture.” – Becca

At only $39.90 to hire the machine for 24 hours, you can enjoy softer, cleaner carpets in less than a day. It works on all fabrics, from rugs and couches to mattresses and curtains!

Britex carpet cleaning machine review

The compact size makes it easy to manoeuvre around and the powerful suction gets rid of the excess dirt, grime, dust, dander and allergens that you often don’t even realise are in your carpets. The cleaner works a treat to get deep into those carpet fibres and fabric furnishings.  Plus, it only takes five hours (tops!) to dry! 

“I would recommend this product to anyone.” – Becca

Britex Carpet Cleaning Machine

9 Britex Carpet Cleaning Machine


  • Easy to Use
  • Works on all fabrics
  • Deep cleans
  • Compact
  • Quick-Drying
Value for Money



That’s right mums! We’ve got one of these nifty cleaning machines to give away to one lucky reader!

Get your very own Britex Carpet Cleaning Machine, valued at $1500, by simply filling out the form below!

Win a Britex Carpet Cleaning Machine, valued at $1,500!

We all know how hard it is to keep a house clean. But with Britex, you can relax knowing your carpets are free of nasties and safe for the kids to play on (and probably spill juice on at least too).

Mum's Choice Thumbs Up Award

A Britex Carpet Cleaning Machine can restore your home to that ‘just moved in/pre-kids’ look. And it’s because of this that we are happy to give it our Mum’s Choice seal of approval!

This is a sponsored post for Britex

Born and raised in Canada, Jenna now lives in Far North Queensland with her tribe. When the mum-of-three is not writing, you can find her floating in the pool, watching princess movies, frolicking on the beach, bouncing her baby to sleep or nagging her older kids to put on their pants.


  1. Leicia Mathers Reply

    I like to clean my carpets every 6 months unless they are very dirty in between or when we are having people over for a party which isn’t very often

    • Angela Myers Reply

      I like to clean the carpets every 4 to 6 weeks.
      Special visitors or guests staying over will also get me getting everything spic and span.
      The carpets looking grubby after alot of traffic also prompt me to clean them.

    • The thought of my little one squishing her face into my carpet worries me. With a dog, cat and baby our carpet hygiene is important

    • Natasha Page Reply

      I would Love to win this Awesome prize. Having 2 sons the carpet gets disgusting plus 1 of our sons has Asthma so clean carpet is a must!

    • I have a houseful of boys – even the cat – so this would be amazing for our home! Thank you.

    • Julie Guelfi Reply

      Help! I need all the help I can get. Time poor & enthusiasm but I have used a Britex before & loved it. Feeling confident about the cleanliness of my house would be awesome.

    • Dirt and grime builds up over time, a lounge can look much older and dated, a good clean and new cushions, will brighten up any room

  2. Amanda Giffard Reply

    Im pretty bad with cleaning my carpets thoroughly, I give them a good vacuum of course, but really only deep clean them when I notice the carpet is starting to crunch under foot or in a panic when we are somehow nominated to have Christmas lunch at our house! Would love to have a britax on hand to eradicate my somewhat sticky, stained, crunchy carpet for good!

  3. I vacuum the carpet regularly and I try to maintain a routine that works for me. But after a couple of months I don’t have the clean feeling and that’s when I do a really deep clean and this takes off all the yucky stuff that has been sitting deep in the carpet.

  4. Chloe Heatherill Reply

    Splattered yoghurt over the carpet thanks to Miss 2 is generally my starting point, let alone all the other unmentionable marks and stains (unmentionable because I actually have no idea what food group and/or bodily discharge it would be! – yep I said it! #parentlife). But what really excites me at the chance of winning my own Britex Carpet Cleaning Machine is the thought of getting a deep clean into my couch. With another stain spreading child on the way, I know I will spend a lot of time on the couch in the early days of feeding, and would really love knowing it is a fresh and clean space to enjoy 🙂

    • Rita farah Reply

      The thought of creepie crawlies floating around the house totally freaks me out! Sends my OCD wild every day I start cleaning the house

  5. I have 6 kids so cleaning the carpets every month is a must. They always end up looking and feeling dirty all the all time. Especially the kids rooms with all the slime and sticky stuff they like to play with. Not to mention the younger kids like to take a pen to them!

  6. Having a child in our care with numerous chronic health issues resulting in a very poor immune system, I am vigilant on cleaning. Carpets however are so hard as vacuming really only scratches the surface…Being able to do deep cleans would be brilliant, peace of mind knowing that carpets and upholstery are as fresh and clean as possible.

  7. Being the mum of a child with autism means that I need to clean our carpets more regularly, this is the easiest option for our family.

  8. Christmas Time! I have an Annual Pre-Christmas evening at my house for my friends. Before I do a complete house clean, top to bottom, so that I can be proud to entertain at my house.

  9. GeorgiaChaffey Reply

    My daughter just finished toilwt training and our house is 90% carpet. After all that were in deaperate need of a clean for our carpets

  10. I am constantly cleaning my home. To have a Britex Cleaning Machine would make everything so much easier in my life. It would be life changing.

  11. I get my carpets cleaned 6 monthly due to allergens. This would save me so much money!

  12. I love cleaning my carpets – For hygiene purposes as my baby is crawling!

  13. Definitely visual but also when I see my girls wiping their hands on the carpet and messing yoghurt! That’s when I know it’s time for a deep clean!

  14. I get my carpets cleaned every 3 months as I can’t stand the sight of the orange juice stain that keeps popping up.

  15. I try to vacuum my floors every week, or whenever I can see the kids have dropped too much glitter and sparkles everywhere. We live a couple of hours from town so it’s almost impossible to hire and return a carpet cleaning machine. Having one of my own here at our property would be a dream come true!

  16. My son has allergies so i need to make sure our house is clean and dust free.

  17. Holidays are my trigger – time to thoroughly clean after doing only a cursory tidy during the school term.

  18. My carpets start to look dull even after vacuuming that’s when I know its time for a deep clean

  19. I would benifit from this amazing cleaner and so would my parents. I have carpets all around my house but the biggest reason i want to win this is for my mother who washes rugs and carpets by hand and this would make her life much easier.

  20. I need fresh carpets in my life & it must be bad if my sister tagged me for the competition. After two kids and two small puppies we could certainly do with this

  21. I have 4 kids and 2 dogs so i just vacuum them all the time but would love to be able to clean them when they need it instead of getting someone in to do it

  22. Alysia Sheehy Reply

    Visual and allergies. As soon as I start itching and my eyes start getting irritated and our daughter starts sneezing I know it’s time to get hubby to hire a carpet cleaner (which is about every 2 months)
    Be awesome to have one of our own! But can’t afford the outright price due to medical and ivf costs 🙁

  23. Quick!! Clean those carpets, the lounge, the curtains! Mother in law just called to say she’s popping over! Argh!!

  24. Pets are a big reason as is normal walked in dirt. But a huge reason why I want our Carpets cleaned regularly is for overall health of my Family. Dust, germs, bacteria etc settle into the fibres which isn’t very nice. Also keeps things smelling & looking fresher while prolonging the life of the Carpet. We also have Fabric Couches which are forever having drinks or foods dropped on them so they have to be cleaned & maintained. Having them done professionally is great if you get someone who does a good job & also if you can afford it. guaranteed ours all need to be cleaned when we can least afford it so they get worse while waiting to be able to pay for it.

  25. Louise french Reply

    I like to keep the carpets very clean and stain free .also having pets and a toddler running around adds to the mess left on carpets and rugs with dirty paws and bits of food and splashes of drinks. Vacuuming and spot cleaning aren’t enough.

  26. It would be great to get spills and odours out of all the rooms in the house every 3 months to freshen the place up and know you are getting bugs out as well that will help the kids from getting sick too.

  27. Sarah aspi Reply

    To be honest, we have been in our house 7 years and never deep cleaned the carpets. We vacuum a couple of times a week, but now that my son is 2 and taking over the house, smearing his sticky fingers everywhere, we have been seriously thinking it might be time we did. The lounge however, could do with a deep clean weekly.

  28. I definitely clean my carpets for appearance and smell. With an incontinent dog, and a messy child that insists on doing EVERYTHING on his own (gr!), my carpets get pretty nasty.

  29. Fiona Charlton Reply

    Having kids and pets, carpet cleaning is a regular event! Especially with Christmas coming, I would love my carpets to look, smell and feel fresh and clean!


    Would love to be able to clean my carpets and lounge on a regular basis but with professionals they just charge too much for my budget. Being on a illness disability, also asthma and other lung allergies the Britex Carpet Cleaning Machine would clean my flooring to the point i could roll around on it (if i wanted to, that is)
    Would love to be able to WIN the Britex Carpet Cleaning Machine … Would be a little dream come true for my health
    Thanks Mums Central for a wonder competition and the opportunity to enter

  31. Danielle Piotrowski Reply

    Being honest, we haven’t deep cleaned our carpets in 8 years and it really needs to be done! With pets, a teenager and a preschooler it is in desperate need to be done. We also have friends and family who live on farms who come by that come inside with their boots on and leave all sorts on the carpet, so it is in dire need of a good, deep clean to remove all the nasties!

  32. Coleen Forester Reply

    With 3 asthmatics in the house, the whole house is vacuumed at least twice a week. For a deeper clean, we go off marks and the change in the feel of carpets.

  33. For my kids to play. We would love to have the carpets professionally cleaned but with me being on maternity leave I just cannot afford it so this would be amazing to win.

  34. Sonya Cerny Reply

    Each weekend is my prompt as by that time the carpet needs a clean

  35. Claire Thrower Reply

    We let our kids be kids and we have a dog but that has come a detriment to our carpet, we get too a point where there are too many marks and stains and have to have a big clean. Would love a carpet cleaner to keep them pristine all year round.

  36. I have 2 dogs, a cat and a baby who tends to vomit a lot (and a giant man-child husband) so I need to hire equipment to clean my carpet regularly. Winning my own would be amazing.

  37. Wendy Hatton Reply

    My don’t get cleaned nearly often enough. It’s a hard job that I can’t afford to hire someone to do so I avoid it. A horrible messy accident would make me do it though for sure.

  38. Cat helbig Reply

    The one thing that always gets me cleaning my carpets and furniture is my allergies. I need to keep on top of it so my allergies dont get worse.

  39. My home is covered with carpets that have been originally laid nearly 40 yrs ago. Until a few years ago I have had a professional carpet cleaner vacuum and steam my carpets. Our finances dont allow me to hire a cleaner anymore. The best I do is run a clean mop over the carpets for a refresh, but alas they are still looking worn and shabby. Having six daughters and now their families come for visits, the carpets are not my pride and joy anymore. To win this wonderful Britex Cleaning Machine would make Christmas very special this year.

  40. Sharon Johnson Reply

    Was always a mother in law vice. Shed come over and it was oh god! Clean frenzy. Since her sons passing the ned to clean has lapsed. Somehow the desire is lost.

  41. Having light coloured carpets and 3 active 6 year olds, i vaccume regularly but still get the marks from spills and sticky stuff. So id have to say i go mainly based in visual appearance mainly or if we are having a special event at our house.

  42. With an inside dog and a toddler it doesnt take long for the visual appearance of the carpet to decline. Having one of these machines would be great and convenient to have cleaner carpets more regularly.

  43. My triggers are visual or having a big event as well as allergies. My 5 kids all have allergies and i hire these machines 3/4 times a year to keep on top of things and love the results every time

  44. I have light coloured carpets and children. I like my carpets to look visually clean. Lately working full time, being a Mum with active children and pregnant I have let the housekeeping go and my carpets are in major need of a good clean before the bubs arrives

  45. I have two Young kids so that pretty much says it. Everything is always needing to be cleaned. I’d love to find a product that can clean my lounges & carpets well

  46. Alana TEHIKO Reply

    Having 4 children and a pet, in the house a backyard full of sand, are my triggers for the carpet being stained with all sorts of dirt and grime. I hire the britex carpet cleaning system with the upholstery attachments and cleaning products once every 3months. Having one of my own would be appreciated and well used in my home.

  47. Love love these… we hire them often. Would be amazing to have one! 2 kids never ending mess lol

  48. Overall health to keep carpets clean for hygiene , cleanliness and for allergies. Fresh clean smell and for appearance .

  49. Ideally, I try to do it before it looks bad, but in reality, I have two under two, so if a disaster happens the floor gets done.

  50. I borrowed my mothers carpet cleaner to clean my carpets in the last 6 mths. With 4 boys trudging through the house they get filthy and I wasnt aware at how disgusting until I did it once. Now this would be perfect.

  51. I like to clean every few months as we have a Siberian husky and have hair everywhere, 2 cats and kids. Its really hard to keep dirt from getting on the carpet.

  52. I love to clean my carpets at least once a month but my poor carpet cleaner sprung a leak and wasnt to impressed with it from the day i brought it Bissell but it done the job so would be nice to have one again with 5 kids

  53. Rachel Bletchly Reply

    Vacuum regularly but really only deep clean twice a year or when my son drops/spills something that leaves a stain!

  54. I have three messy sons, one of which has Dyspraxia. So literally everything gets spilled on my carpets. I’d love a carpet cleaner so my house looks clean.

  55. Melanie smith Reply

    Two things trigger me and are equally as terrifying… COFFEE STAINS and RENTAL INSPECTIONS.

  56. We have a 6 month old son and 2 cats so keeping the carpets and rug clean is very important. Currently we have to hire a Britex carpet cleaner from Bunnings every 3 months to keep the carpets nice. I would love to own a Britex so we can keep the carpets soft and fresh more often, not just for the cleanliness but also for our health.

  57. I have a dog and a kid that suffers bad blood noses, and i rent! My rental has awful cream carpets and one of these would have me cleaning the carpets every 3 months!

  58. Kathleen Donnelly Reply

    I have a 1 year old and a 46 year old and the 46 year old spills more food on the carpet that the 1 year old so cleaning the carpet needs done every month

  59. Mel Somerville Reply

    We hire a Britax machine every 6 months. We have 2 indoor cats and 2 indoor dogs plus 3 kids so as you can imagine our floors get super dirty despite regular vacuuming. The great thing about the Britax machine is there’s an upholstery attachment so we also clean our lounges and car seats and floors. I can’t believe how much it picks up! And the Britax Cleaning products make everything smell amazing and so clean & fresh!

  60. When the dogs run all over the place and leave marks everywhere. When the child and husband drop things on the carpet and when we are having guests and for some reason i do that crazy thing where I want them to believe that I live in a pristine house, when really like most people I dont.

  61. i am a mum of 3 daughters in a rental home so cleaning my carpets regularly is a must especially with my baby still enjoying her milk where ever she walks so I need to clean not only my carpets but my fabric lounges as well. Thank You

  62. Cindy Hamblin Reply

    This carpet cleaner would be very hand in my busy house of kids and pets. I would love my carpets to look fresh and new again.

  63. I have a one-year-old and two dogs, and my carpet has never looked clean. Our carpet is old and stained, and has never looked clean no matter what i’ve done.
    My triggers to give it a clean is when on a nice sunny day is still looks dirty and mucky, rather than kind of okay. I’d love to see it as clean as it can get.

  64. I have a dog and cat who shed their hair everywhere. Cleaning the carpets means less germs and allergies for my young children who crawl around on the carpet.

  65. I usually know after 3 months or filthy hand prints or stains that it needs doing.

  66. Courtney Murray Reply

    Having 2 cats means we try and deep clean our carpets every 2-3 months to keep all the bedrooms smelling fresh and inviting!

  67. Karen Thornby Reply

    Once there are some dark patches on the carpet, that’s when I know it’s time to have them cleaned. All the kids had gastro recently so the carpets are in need of a thorough cleaning. I would love to try the Britex Carpet cleaner to test it out!

  68. My kids are always playing on the floor. The thought of them playing on dirty carpet grosses me out. I would love to be able to give the carpets a good clean whenever I need.

  69. Julie Parsons Reply

    There’s quite a few but honestly the main ones are visual and smell. When the carpets get stained by our son or dog it’s time for a cleaning. Even when I feel like the carpet doesn’t smell fresh I get it cleaned.

  70. I can’t stand dirty carpets or couches. With 2 boys it often feels like an endless cleaning pit. Once a year at the end of winter I like to freshen my carpets. This way they are fresh for the summer time !

  71. Alicia Thoman Reply

    The reminder of our last round of gastro stares at me every time I walk into my daughters room. The powder I put on there to dry up the moisture & smell never fully came out of my carpet with a vacuum like it advertised it would so there’s a huge white patch on the carpet beside her bed! Help me get rid of it so I stop being reminded of that traumatic night!

  72. JENNA GIBSON Reply

    As a mother of four,
    I dream of a clean floor!
    That trampled in dirt,
    Can really make my head hurt!
    Allergens, most importantly, need to cleared,
    But I should never have feared!
    There is no need to stress,
    Britex can always be trusted to thoroughly clean the mess!

  73. I’m due to have our first baby in April so we’re hoping to have the carpets cleaned before then.

    We also have a cat so I’m constantly vacuuming up her fur but it would be beyond amazing to be able to steam clean the carpets ourselves!

  74. Britex carpet cleaners are the best
    For cleaning your own carpets and upholstery
    I would love to win my own machine
    So the need for hiring one is history!

  75. Louise Patterson Reply

    When, for whatever reason, I get right down and look at the carpet and see how grotty it really has become.

  76. Amy Broughton Reply

    Nothing beats the feeling of clean carpets! My carpets and rugs are vacuumed very regularly but there is only so much a vacuum can pick up and I can see and feel the carpet needs a deep clean.

  77. BekDannatt Reply

    What prompts me to clean the carpets is the smell of the house when you walk in after it’s been locked up all day. Toilet training, accidents, food and drink spills and pets all contribute. I love walking into a fresh smelling house.

  78. SnarkNerdy Reply

    Living in outback qld it’s near impossible to hire a carpet cleaner yourself! My son is allergic to dust and grass pollen so having a carpet cleaner would be much more effective than a vacuum for his allergies and eczema. Especially as one of our two dogs has had some poosplosions on our thankfully brown carpet due to illness!

  79. Our children became parents this year surprising us with 3 beautiful granddaughters. Needless to say, we want them to grow happy & healthy so carpet cleaning on a regular basis is a must.

  80. I clean because someone is coming over. It’s the best way to get the husband involved!!

  81. I have 4 kids and cream carpet….. They are in desperate need for a clean! Especially with a kid on the spectrum we don’t have extra funds laying around (or time for that matter!) And I’m sure that this machine would be much less time consuming then borrowing my MILs machine (our loungeroom alone takes 4 hours with her machine!) Fingers crossed!

  82. Cassandra Mason Reply

    My two grubby children prompt me to clean my carpets deeply. I have tried the Britex system and absolutely love it.

  83. Having 3 boys things get messy in our house so having one of these to clean our carpets would make life so much easier!

  84. Karryn Daniek Reply

    I vacuum every day and hire a professional to clean my carpets every 3 months due to having 2 kids and myself with very bad asthma.
    I would love to save myself some money.

  85. With 4 children it’s umportant for us to have our house and carpets cleaned regularly

  86. Visual and general hygiene. I vacuum once a week and in between if they get dirty. Sometimes they look clean but dust and hair love to hide in my carpets.

  87. No matter how hard I try my 4 boys seem to just make the carpet messy, between the pouring activities courtesy of Mr 4 and just by walking on it Mr 15. I find it hard to get in a professional as we we don’t have enough space storage for all six of us so we have a lot of ‘treasures’ on display. I usually just end up hiring a machine and cleaning the visually messy areas of the carpet. If I had my own machine I could plan the clean in my time a lot more efficiently.

  88. I clean Visually, if I see specs of stuff, I vacuum. I vacuum every 2 days. Love good clean carpet. Especially with young kids. They make mess with crumbs. My cats leave fur when fighting lol. So constantly vacuuming

  89. I have a daughter learning to crawl with bad reflux, so I’m constantly scrubbing and vacuuming carpets and the couch! It would be lovely to have a Britax carpet cleaner of my own – it would save so much time and money, and I would know the carpets were properly clean!

  90. The key triggers that prompt me to clean my carpet are time, I regularly try to clean them to keep them hygienic for my family and visual as we have dark brown carpets a deep clean restores their colour well. Also a function, if we have a party I will always clean the carpets afterwards

  91. Jacinta Fisher Reply

    I like my carpets and chairs to look and feel clean! But with 4 kids, I find it hard to part with the money for a carpet cleaner as it doesn’t last long!
    I spend most my time trying to just scrub out any stains, never to the same effect!

  92. Between a baby, school child and our dog my carpets and couches get a good work out. The carpet cleaner would be the perfect compliment to my cleaning routine to achieve that fresh sparkling result which is near impossible to get with vaccuuming alone.

  93. Phoebe Phillips Reply

    It’s visual for me, we have a dog that drops a lot of hair and with baby into everything I need to be on top of it!

  94. To keep our home and carpet clean
    We not only love it looking visually pristine
    But to know it is healthy for us in every way
    As asthma and allergies often have a big say
    To be confident & happy in my choice feels great
    Please Santa – this Britex Mum’s Choice seal of approval, I just can’t wait.

  95. Anita Walters Reply

    Key triggers are sneezing and allergies. I have a daughter extremely sensitive to changes in weather, climate and excess dust. Living rural and on a dirt road it is important to keep the carpets cleaned. An almost impossible task when living with so much dust. Finding a cleaner that will do the same job as a professional but cost 1/3 of the price would be a god send and mean that the carpets can be done more often.

  96. Having a baby was a big prompt to deep clean the carpets and now that she is starting to crawl I’m wanting to do it again

  97. I’ve tried so many home remedies to clean my carpets and nothing works. My 2yr old daughter seems to make new stains weekly. This would be incredible to win.

  98. Melissa Hoad Reply

    My son has a service dog (male lab) who lives inside with us. My other son has eczema. So keeping things clean & as allergy free as possible is important to use.

  99. When they get so dirty and covered In Stains that I just can’t stand it anymore!

  100. After 15 years of living in a house with hardwood floors we have now moved into a house with carpet and I want to clean it so that I know it’s truly clean for my little ones.

  101. don’t need Much more promting then having 5 kids and 2 pets to clean up after lol

  102. Lucy Rebbeck Reply

    I have a roster but for a more thorough clean it’s rent inspection time.

  103. Danni-elle Reply

    I like to give the carpets a good clean every 12 months…however it would be sooner if I had my own cleaner. The house smells so fresh and carpets feel so soft afterwards.

  104. hellen waltham Reply

    having asthma i know when i start coughing and sneezing its time to do the carpets and mattresses even the the curtains and lounge suit get a once over as well

  105. Rachel Tindale Reply

    This would give me a satisfied piece of mind in my house. I have a toddler, 2 cats and a dog.
    My cats are indoor cats and I hate to admit it but sometimes I can smell a cat odor in my halway where I have carpet. I really hope they havent been naughty but the Britex Carpet Cleaner would fix that.
    I own a suede lounge suit and havent cleaned it since I bought it 2 years ago.
    And, I own a soft outdoor setting where the dog tends to sleep. She is timid can sometimes piddle wherever she is sitting = the Britex Cleaner will bring my lounges back to life again!

  106. Emma Gloede Reply

    I only usually do a normal vacuum but with 3 young kids my carpets and furniture desperately need a deep clean.
    Having guests over as well as the look of carpets make me get up and give them a clean.

  107. Wishing I had one of these. Trying to keep white rental carpets clean is a nightmare.

  108. We have had our new couch for 5 months but looks 5yrs old. with a 3 yr old and 10month old i have no idea what they have rubbed into it. Trying to keep it clean aswell as maintaining soft carpets it gets hard.

  109. Sophie Low Reply

    I have a messy 3 year old and a little 6 months old crawler so i need to keep the carpet (somewhat) clean which is not an easy task haha that would help a lot!!

  110. Natalie Stoute Reply

    The appearance of my carpets is definitely the trigger for getting them cleaned! Whilst I don’t mind a little scribble on the walls or a few weeds in the garden, a grotty carpet just looks yuck and unhygienic. With three young boys, I find it so hard to keep the carpet clean. Blood noses, spilled drinks, remnants of gastro and mooshed cookies aren’t great for carpet. With a Britex carpet cleaning machine, my carpets will look fantastic and there won’t be any more rearranging furniture and rugs to hide those stains!

  111. Melinda O'Connor Reply

    I have pets and a child so I vacuum everyday but keep an eye out for stains or spills that signify the need for a deep clean.

  112. We always hire a machine at least once a year. But usually twice. What prompts us is usually me upset at the tenth time cleaning up sick or pet stains. I have hired a machine in the middle of the night after a sick child has done a number on the floor. I have used a neighbours home carpet cleaner before and it really just wet my carpet. We love the britex machines because they really get down deep and clean the carpet properly. Plus I love the smell from the britex products when we are finished. It just smells clean. Love it.

  113. Having moved into a house with carpet, i’m currently on the look out to bring our carpets back to life. Living with three boys and being a bit of a clean freak, I look at the current state of our carpets in sadness. The food stains and the smell make me ready to attack our carpets with Britex

  114. With a toddler, a newborn, 2 dogs, a cat and a dust mite allergy, the Britax carpet cleaner would be a Godsend, what an amazing giveaway!

  115. Clara Warry's Reply

    Stains and smell. Having multiple pets and kids the smell gets to me. I’m also super sensitive to dust which is another sign.

  116. Pets, kids and tube feeding….getting the smell out of medical formula meant for a tube out of a carpet after a midnight leak is something that has to be smelt to be believed! So smell for sure!!!

  117. I have a 1 year old who likes to walk and eat all the time. Had to hire one from Bunnings to clean the carpets and chairs. It did an amazing job. Wish I had one of my own to use whenever I liked.

  118. Marrissa Moore Reply

    If I’m walking around and I can feel grit with my feet then I whip out the vacuum. I only mop about once a week but I make sure I move all the furniture even the fridge and washing machine and couches when I do. I have dogs that we allow inside so I really need a decent vacuum since my Dyson blew up

  119. Michelle Silvestro Reply

    Cream suede needs to constantly be cleaned. They look black and people see it straight away

  120. Oh mate, clean carpets, sofas and fabric bar stools for 2018, puh-lease!
    I would love to start the new year knowing everything in our house has been cleaned from top to bottom. No more stains but also fresh fabric surfaces for our allergy toddler!

  121. With a baby with reflux projectile vomiting is a daily occurrence in our house. You can only clean up so much with a bucket of water. This machine would be amazing to be able to clean the carpets properly.

  122. I clean the carpets when we have guests over, so every few months.

  123. Our carpets aren’t that old but we did recently clean them when we had a puppy stay for a while after a few accidents. I generally vacuum when I notice they are dirty or when we are having people over. Ideally every 3 weeks.

  124. I’ve got 2 kids who’s already messed up the carpet and one Bub on the way, I can imagine how worse the carpet will get and this cleaning machine will be of great help.

  125. Stephanie whitworth Reply

    Two. Children.
    My prompts to deep clean these carpets gi from the fact its been a long while, someones pooped on the darn stuff or worse..
    Not that I tell my brother thats why I’m borrowing his one
    I desperately need one or my own, pllllease!!

  126. I would like to say regularly but in reality it would be once a year but if there is visual stains from drink and food spillages I would do them them straight away to avoid staining but I also like to do them after any sickness in the house to rid the germs.

  127. I clean our carpet once a month due to my children and husband making a lot of mess all the time! Also when family or friends visit. A carpet cleaner like this would really help me to get it done faster!

  128. would be so great to have the Britex machine on hand whenever you need it!

  129. That soft clean carpet smell & feel is lovely but what’s even better is knowing my two toddlers aren’t breathing in dust or hair from our dog & it’s clean enough to eat off

  130. I vacuum my house daily if not twice a day. I have two girls aged 5 and 4 who are very active, creative and very messy. I tend to find food crumbs in a trail as if they’ve left it there on purpose to find their way back to the kitchen. I have small stains from their creative artwork they’ve drawn for me but why I’d really love this vaccum is that I know it’s powerful, it’ll leave that fresh carpet smell and it’s deep cleaning would make my white carpet looking brand new.

  131. I don’t deep clean my carpet nearly enough, sure it gets vacuumed everyday, due to a toddler and a baby making their opinions of dinner known, but I only really get the chance to really clean it once every 4-6 months which now Bub Number 2 is crawling isn’t nearly enough

  132. Chantal Horan Reply

    When my 3 boys spilled their milos all over grandmas white carpet I was on my hands and knees scrubbing for what felt like hours!!! It would be great to have a carpet cleaner for next time (which I’m sure there will be!)

  133. Katherine Bamford Reply

    It’s the feel of sand from the kids school shoes, reminding me that they learned something today. It’s the look of dog hair that shows we care for all things great and small. It’s the foot prints left on my floor that proves we have fun in our home. But then there’s the reminder that to see these ‘precious’ memories, I have to clean them…only to make more mess! 🙂

  134. Pugsley (our cat) is more than enough to prompt me to clean the carpets.

  135. Jacinda Verner Reply

    Stickiness. I HATE having sticky floors. And i have 5 kids so that happens quite frequently 🙂 i feel like im always cleaning floors.

  136. When there is stains that you can’t get rid of and it looking a heard of animals have walked on it

  137. Lennareinhard Reply

    As we are a family of with healthy issues this house is vacuumed every few days and carpet cleaned every few days. To win the britax would save me so much every mouth hiring a machine and buying producing from the local woolies. As we are allergic to dusts, moulds, I have pseudotumor celebri, heart condition, we all have asthma so to keep the house clean as it one less thing to make us ill

  138. Anthea Cornish Reply

    when Our pets constantly pee or poo on the carpet which is often. A Britax would be a gift from heaven. With its mighty cleaning capabilities life would be a breeze.

  139. Once a year, during a spring clean- but with 3 kids under 8, I should really do it more often!

  140. claire simmons Reply

    the discolouration of the carpet, the stains and the ugh fact that it looks gross

  141. Susan Bassett Reply

    I am tired of the big heavy monsters at the store. I get the worst back ache from using them.

  142. Carpet cleaning is a must in our house, My wife is recovering from a Cancer disease and has low resistance in immune system, so its important that everything in the house is clean, I look to the Britex carpet cleaner to provide that

  143. Kids with a few pets in the mix plus living on a farm is the combination which sends me scrambling for things that work in order to remove some pretty disgusting stains! Must try out this Britex!

  144. If I can visually see it or if we have guests coming over, than its all hands on deck to clean those carpets. I would like my guests to feel the way I would want to feel when walking into someone’s house and not feel like the house hasn’t had any TLC.


    I need a vacuum cleaner that will work for starters. What I like though about this is that it’s like having a professional clean without all the hassle of booking it in I’d be able to do it whenever I want.

  146. Matej Pribelsky Reply

    Once the carpet losses its softness and you can clearly see the stains even after a vacuum and scrub it’s time to call the artillery… I mean carpet cleaner 🙂

  147. I clean my carpets if they get marked or every 6 months if i can afford to 🙂

  148. Amy McCarthy Reply

    I clean the carpet every week but also do a quick touch up whenever we have guests or if I can see that they need a clean

  149. Having two small children means our carpets definitely get dirtier than normal. I’m constantly cleaning up mushed in biscuits and fruit. It would be amazing to have something better to clean them with than a sponge

  150. I would love to give my catpets a good clean before bub starts crawling.. they are old and very tired and already have several marks

  151. Courtney Foster Reply

    I am forever spot cleaning our carpet as it is cream and is through 90% of our house, its a bloody pain especially with 2 young children and a dog. It has got to the stage where spot cleaning doesnt cut it anymore and it needs a full clean so it would be absolutely fantastic to win this prize.

  152. Have just spruced up all the skirting boards, window sills and doors with white gloss paint. New white blinds to go in. Next is to give the carpets and lounge a good clean. The Britex would be a great help and saving. Thanks for the comp.

  153. Jiana Sumner Reply

    My key trigger for a clean is usually a spill on the carpet or noticing stains when vacuuming.

  154. I have two little Picassos at home so every time that my daughter’s are playing in their the poor carpets are in trouble with all the mess so I desperately need the Britex carpet cleaning machine.

  155. Stephanie C Reply

    I spill red wine and coffee on a very light grey carpet all the time. I have a problem, my husband calls me old spilly.

  156. i vacuum my carpets every couple of days & steam cleamnthem every six months to ensure a safe & clean environment for my grandchildren

  157. Rachel Morrissey Reply

    We haven’t had the carpets cleaned since we moved in 5 years ago. We have 3 small children and would love to do it after all their mishaps but we haven’t been able to afford it yet. We do spot cleaning when needed.

  158. We have pets and a baby so it’s normally once we see a bunch of white plume feathers bouncing around from the fan across the carpet or the tumble weed of cat hair which indicates that the floors need a do over.

  159. Donna Leysley Reply

    Definitely visual, and having 2 kids, a cat, a dog and a lorikeet that is impossible to toilet train our carpets could do with a clean – lol

  160. It is definitely a visual trigger for me as I have a few indoor animals that sometimes make a bit of a messy stain, so I’ll usually get straight onto it.

  161. My boys are the reason i need this machine. A clean carpet takes away one of my worries.

  162. Kids, cats, dirt driveway, living near the beach! So many reasons to clean the carpet but my number one reason is what a difference clean carpet makes! It always makes the house look amazing and gets me motivated to keep cleaning!

  163. Barbara Fehmel Reply

    I have a Bunny that lives some of the time in the house, she often has grubby feet from digging outside. I hand clean my carpet, by spot cleaning all the way through, as I have every room carpeted even the toilet,and laundry they have carpet tiles. I hate seeing spots every where. So visual it is,

  164. tracy wedding Reply

    usually its when we have someone coming or I see they are looking dusty usually a couple times a week

  165. Dirty paw prints are what prompts me to clean my carpets. With my little friends playing in the mud and bringing it inside it is quite unsightly and often on the nose

  166. Ying Ying Tan Reply

    My hubby vacuum the carpet everyday with the Dyson handstick whenever he sees a speck on our dark carpet, cleans it weekly with our Rainbow vacuum cleaner so it stays fluffy and steam cleans the whole house once a year with a mega steam cleaner!

  167. Every time my pets climb on the furniture when I see fuzz and that means I clean 2 or 3 times a week

  168. My son has allergies and has a strong allergic reaction to dust mites so it’s important to keep carpets and upholstery as clean as possible.

  169. The things that prompt me to clean my carpets are numerous like a dog that malts, a child that vomits or a clumsy hubby who spills his coffee, and boys that seem to like inviting dirt into my house.

  170. Depending how messy the kids and pets have been regulates how often the carpet can do with a good clean

  171. Whether the dog is malting (we have a husky), how long since the last clean, whether the kids have brought all their toys into the room and whether we have guests visiting.

  172. I clean my carpets everyday, I give them a quick vacuum and on the weekend I do them properly. I

  173. Jodi Matthews Reply

    We hated how dirty the carpet got in the main rooms, so we pulled it up, only have carpet in bedrooms.

  174. Russell McLeod Reply

    With Family and pets we try for at least a couple of times a year but would do it monthly with this wonderful prize.

  175. Unfortunately my carpets and couches look very much like the before shots. With a six month old and a five year old, cleaning carpets and couches has become something I need to do. Would love my furniture to look like he after photos

  176. Christina L Reply

    I clean them regularly as I feel so stressed when the house is dirty particularly the flooring

  177. Netnonymous Reply

    My cues are…
    Cats contribution: Cat furball spew and bum dragging
    Kid contribution: Play dough left out to dry and spilt milk from breakfast

    This happens every other day…

  178. Michael Prewett Reply

    We’ve had some new pets in the house this year and unfortunately there has been a few “accidents” in a few rooms, would love to get this super clean and smelling good again!

  179. Seeing the MESS
    Is enough to cause me great STRESS,
    Or an impending GUEST,
    As I want my house looking it’s BEST!

  180. I love it when my home feels really clean, so every so often a full clean including carpets makes me get that amazing feeling again.

  181. Shona Mackay Reply

    Having 3 kids, 2 boys, 10 and 7, very messy, and a 15 year old daughter, she has taken on a whole new mess of her own. Then there’s my 2 cats, malting everywhere and my meathead Staffy dog. I won’t allow anyone in the door unless I feel my house is clutter free and clean from top to bottom. My kids always ask me,
    “ Mum, why have to always got something on your feet, whether it be slippers or thongs, they’re my inside shoes. I can’t walk on carpet unless I know and have witnessed the carpets shampooed until the water coming out of using the Britex Carpet Cleaner is completely clear. They think I’m a freak lol. Just a perfectionist. Also like it hygienic. So great for accidental spills or animal accidents, even just a spot clean. Love these machines. One can only be so lucky.

  182. Use to be every 3 months with rent inspections for a very fussy property manger. Now I do it every 6 months or when family are staying over or even after they have gone.

  183. It’s based on whether there have been any child or dog ‘accidents’, how bad my son’s allergies are playing up and if we’re having friends or family over to visit.

  184. I like to clean my carpets yearly and spot clean when my kids or pets have been gross. Our cat likes to eat food on carpet *insert eye roll* and two kids trampling muck in, so it happens often.

  185. My 2 year old daughter decides when it’s time I get the carpets cleaned by throwing up all over them. I’ve had to borrow a machine 5 times this year!

  186. a mum for 2 toddlers, 2 dogs and 2 cats this would get a good work out

  187. Why oh why do they put fawn carpet on retirement village floors? It shows every little spot, dribbles from visiting teething babies, food and drink spills from a number of visitors and myself, and worse still accumulates dust even though it is constantly vacuumed. Some of us are acute hayfever sufferers which we were told could deteroriate to the point that we could easily develop asthma.

  188. I know it’s time to clean the carpets when Christmas gets close! After a whole year of being thoroughly used, I know they’ll need a deep clean before we have visitors for the silly season.

  189. the threat of relatives coming to visit is a serious carpet cleaning trigger.

  190. I love the smell of clean carpets and the feel under my feet. With three boys the spills and dirty feet are what I notice the most and push me to have them cleaned whenever I start to notice things building up

  191. Our house is all carpeted. We hire a cleaner every 3 months as our baby spends most of his time on the floor crawling & rolling. I would absolutely love our own BRITAX to do it more often. With a baby, messy toddler & garden loving hubby things get grubby pretty quickly. Just seeing the amount of dirt after a 3 monthly carpet clean is scary!

  192. Jodie Flood Reply

    Our house is all carpeted. We hire a cleaner every 3 months as our baby spends most of his time on the floor crawling & rolling. I would absolutely love our own BRITAX to do it more often. With a baby, messy toddler & garden loving hubby things get grubby pretty quickly. Just seeing the amount of dirt after a 3 monthly carpet clean is scary!

  193. I need to clean my carpets a lot more frequently! I currently use a dry/powder carpet cleaner, sweep and vacuum, when the dark marks on the light carpet get too much to deal with. Having a Britex on hand would make a world of difference to the look and feel under foot of my sad looking carpets. I could even ditch the mats and rugs which are currently hiding some of the sins!

  194. It’s nothing better than enjoying clean and fresh carpet with my family and pets, As my two daughters love their beautiful long hairs and our pets love to rub their itch backs on the carpet, every thing is stuck on the carpet and these nasty dirt, grease and thinly hair can not use domestic vacuum to remove them . The smell is really unbelievable. This Britex Carpet Cleaning Machine has brilliant features to remove all nasty things at once . I am sure that my favourite woolly carpet would be brought back its original looks.

  195. Amy Oliver Reply

    I have 2 indoor dogs and now a 5 month old, so I like to try and keep the floors especially in our house as clean as I can… easier said than done with this family! I clean whenever I visually see a build up of dirt/muck on the floor. I would LOVE a machine like this to truly give piece of mind that my carpets and furnishings are clean with a bub getting around the place.

  196. Harry Cornish Reply

    the animals who seem to always have accidents . A britax cleaner would be a godsend

  197. sharon mcnair Reply

    I constantly clean up spills and food off the carpet from my kids making a mess in bedrooms and loungeroom weekly

  198. With light carpet running through the house (& yes to my horror under the dinner table) plus 2 preschoolers we need to clean regularly however since we have to hire a carpet cleaner its usually special events or brown looking carpet the spur us into action.

  199. With 2 toddlers, a dog AND a husband in our house I like to have the carpets cleaned every 6 month for hygiene and visual reasons. The Britex Carpet Cleaning Machine would mean I could clean the carpets more frequently especially when new stains and marks appear. It would also save me hundreds of dollars each year on hiring a carpet cleaner.

  200. Our carpets are in desperate need of a clean after completing our landscaping. Months of dust tracked through has left the carpet grimy despite frequent vacuuming. I’ve had great success hiring a Britex machine previously, but to have one would be a dream 🙂

  201. ROSEMARY H Reply

    With a house full of cats and living on a farm it is always spills, foot prints and stains on the carpet that trigger me cleaning it properly not just a spot clean.

  202. I tend to clean the carpet when it looks more like a Dalmatian dog than carpet. It is a job I hate doing and with 2 messy kids and a dog it comes around way too often for my liking.

  203. I don’t wait because dirty carpets can creep up on you (you know when you move a piece of furniture and find a patch of ACTUALLY clean carpet?) I like to do a whole house clean twice a year, preferably before an inspection. We also have a baby so we clean up after any “events”

  204. When they are looking dirty or there is a birthday party coming up.

  205. Christy vH Reply

    Having long enough to actually look at my carpets makes me realise they need to be cleaned, but I don’t have time to organise a professional.

  206. Nicole Williams Reply

    I hate that feeling when you move your furniture around and can see the difference between the carpet that has been kept clean and the parts that have been walked on over and over again.

  207. I like to keep my carpets clean consistently as my daughter has eczema and dust mites makes it worse!

  208. Twice a year mandatory but if they look like they need it I would do them, plus I like to refresh the lounge as well.

  209. The Britex seem quite easy to use,and seeing I like my carpets cleaned regularly this appears to be the answer, so I would like to own one.

  210. You get a sense when your furniture and carpets need a nice clean. But now I’m extra alert because my daughter has urticaria and breaks out due to dust allergies. So heartbreakingly unfortunate, dust is unavoidable, but hopefully a Britex could help us out please!

  211. When there is more dog hair than carpet on the floor, then I know that it is well and truly time to clean the carpet…

  212. I have a vax carpet cleaner bug the larger head for cleaning rooms isn’t very good. Britex looks like a much better designed Head for cleaning rooms, I would love to try it.

  213. With a toddler and a dog our carpets get pretty GROSS! The toddler drops his food then rubs his messy hands all over the carpet, then the dog licks the carpet!
    Needless to say I vacuum daily.

  214. Tracy Painter Reply

    With a 1 year old and a dog, I like to clean fairly regularly as there is always spills or dirt on the carpets. Plus it helps eith asthma and allergies

  215. Thanks so much for your fantastic giveaway! Would really love to win this for Christmas. Love Britex! Always hire one every 3-6 months with a lot of heavy traffic in my house this would be incredible. Good luck to all

  216. I would love to win this fantastic machine to help me keep my rented house carpets looking the best

  217. My triggers for a carpet clean are the beginning of a new season. Having young children I like to attempt to keep the house clean. I also enjoy the look and feel of clean fresh carpet

  218. As a family with severe asthma and allergies cleaning our carpets & upholstery often are extremely important.
    It can be very expensive & time consuming, especially in the winter months.
    We’ve only ever used the Britex machines & products and have never been disappointed!

  219. Having a long hair feline fluff ball is a nightmare when it comes to keeping the carpet clean … and everything else!

  220. I know it’s time to clean our carpets when I can follow the dots to the mess that lead to the child creating their own art!

  221. i Have 2 kids under 2, so there are all kind of things rubbed into the carpets and smells permanently lingering in rooms thanks to their bodily impulses. The smell and look of dirty carpet is my motivation to give it a clean

  222. I tend to put it off for months after there’s been a spill, waiting for a warm day and some motivation. My carpet is disgustingly good at camouflaging dirt..

  223. I vacuum once a week sometimes twice a week I have mostly hard floors but still have 2 rooms with carpet and a floor rug that need extra care because all the fluff and crumbs just slide along the hard floors in carpeted areas thanx to 2 adventurous boys with too much energy

  224. Julie Pederick Reply

    My Father gave us the master bedroom suite, and bedhead which is covered in a beautiful blue crushed velvet. It also has a matching set of curtains that enclose the lounge room off as its open plan, to help keep hot or cold air in, but being made of a thick heavy velvet, they seem to be a magnet for dust and especially dog hair as our dog likes to rub herself along them! They’re big and heavy and cost a small fortune to clean!
    Also having asthma, and dust mite allergies in our household the Britex system would get a complete and through work out between the bedroom suite, the curtains, the carpets, lounge, beds and even the car seats (because instead of me tossing some cookies to the dog, the dog decided to toss her cookies up all over the front passenger seat!
    Plus from the amazing results of the photos above, the Britex cleaner would save us a tonne of money each year that could be spent on the family. Thanks Britex & Mum Central!

  225. Our family of four moved into my mother’s house to look after her after my father passed away earlier this year. We had to leave our own home and move into mum’s so we could care for her and her home. My mum’s carpets are old, dirty and a bit smelly as she has little dogs that keep having little accidents, so I am constantly trying to get them to look clean. That is no easy task. I use a handheld cleaner when her dogs have a little accident but now the carpets look patchy.
    It is definitely a job for a good britex machine that gets the job done.

  226. I find myself steam cleaning my carpets frantically when I’m expecting a visit from my mother the “Queen of Clean” or I start to have so many rugs and mats scattered around to hide stains and spills that they start talking to the carpet saying, “Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered!”

  227. My boy has got to be the messiest eater in the world. Even with vacuuming regularly, it still gets to the stage where I simply can’t stand the look of the stains on the carpet anymore and have to do a deeper clean. I reckon your nifty machine would make my life a lot easier!

  228. My daughter. She has dust & other allergies that have her waking up congested, coughing, sniffing. She ends up sick with sinus infections like she is now. If I wasn’t renting, I would pull up the carpets. As a single parent I can’t afford to wash the carpets as often as I’d like. Owning a Brita cleaner everything would be done often. 3 bedrooms, hall & stairs in this townhouse. The mattresses. The couch. The car. Everything that would help my daughter. And me, the dust gets me sneezing when cleaning & I’ve asthma.
    Thank you Brita & Mum Central!

  229. Melissa Virtue Reply

    With 5 Grandbabies I would love my carpets to be cleaned more regularly than I can afford. There’s always some messy spills or pet accidents. This appeals to me because firstly it has a good reputation and also that it is easy to manoeuvre. I have purchased a cleaner in the past but it never did the job properly and it soon broke. Would be awesome to let the little ones walk and crawl freely on a clean fresh carpet.

  230. Fishscientist Reply

    My prompt is temporal – with the changing of the seasons as I realise how much winter dirt has been brought into the house or summer dust!

  231. Nadine Cameron Reply

    My key triggers…it’s definitely a visual thing for me, but also knowing what’s lurking and can’t be seen can be outright disgusting, so being able to deep-clean the carpets, upholstery etc. are a must!

  232. Absolutely perfect for cleaning up the kid’s messy spills and keep the carpet allergy and dust free!!!

  233. Absolutely perfect for cleaning up the kid’s messy spills and keeping the carpet allergy and dust free!!!

  234. When sand mud or spills happen these make me clean up .Hubby would disagree he loves cleaning and will do it at least once a week 😉

  235. Triggers for me is usually when the wife says ‘gee the carpets look dirty’ or ‘why am i the only one that sees that the carpets needs cleaning’

  236. Tina Hopkinson Reply

    Being a busy mum sad to say the carpets often get forgotten, but when I can visually see the difference is when I give them a decent clean.We vacuum often but actually using a carpet cleaner about once every 6 months.

  237. I live with a 6yo boy & a dog who love the beach
    Everyday after school he comes home with shoes full from playing in the sand pit
    The 1st thing the dog does when returning from the beach is to roll on the carpet
    So a britex carpet cleaner would be an essential item in my quest for a sand free home

  238. Richard Harrison Reply

    Usually when the baby’s smeared banana on them or the cat or dog have an accident. Always in the same spots!

  239. Nicole Woods Reply

    I’m in a rental property and like to have my carpets professionally cleaned at least once a year. There’s no specific trigger other than the desire to maintain the property as though it were my own. I’d love to be able to do the cleaning myself though – it would save me sooo much money!

  240. Jacinta Nimmo Reply

    I like to clean my couches every couple of weeks, as my dog and cat love to sleep on them and my children and their friends love to eat on them ( they know they are not allowed), and it just makes the house smell so much nicer when they are nice and clean.

  241. Tracy Mackay Reply

    I either get so sick of seeing the stains, but mostly it’s when we have a couple of days of humid weather and the smell from the stains starts to come out -yuck!

  242. I love walking barefoot on the carpet. When I feel something under my feet, I am ptompted to clean. When I see pieces of food or whatnot, that prompts me to clean. We have a 3-year-old and that prompts me to clean everyday, even a few times a day.

  243. Lisa-Marie Reply

    Oh gosh this would be a dream come true! I’ve been wanting to s the carpets for the last year!! I look at them every day and want to do them! We also have a huge hustler couch that I’ve had cleaned twice but would love to be able to do it myself – with a toddler and baby it’s impossible to keep it clean and fresh!

  244. With 3 very active and messy kiddies my floors, couches and rugs are very sad. This amazing prize would make things a lot easier and brighter. The perfect Christmas present for me!

  245. Key triggers are generally to ensure the health of our family and to be able to come home to a nice clean, fresh looking environment.

  246. Having 2 older kids & 1 nearly ready to crawl, a clean carpet is a must!! I’m such a clean freak

  247. This will help me clean up my mess made by my lovely Children where spilling things are fun and making a mess.

  248. My partner makes as much mess as any child, drips of coffee ( it wasn’t me he said as they led to his chair) grime from his boots stuck to carpet(” I never wear my boots in house”-stated whilst standing in lounge complete with boots on)- carpet is always needing a clean

  249. I have two four legged children, one very old who forgets where he is and one 3 year old who should know better!! So my carpets take a beating! Oh and two x two legged grandsons who are toilet training and drink and eat on the run….my poor carpets!!! Cleaning is a must but they really really need a good clean right now!!!

  250. Melissa Zammit Reply

    Having clean carpets and soft furnishings means less allerggens in our home meaning a healthier and happier family, it also looks and feel fresh and clean and inviting

  251. Alann Jane Reply

    I have a husband and one child with allergies, I have another child who visits with “granddog” , unfortunately Granddog hasn’t learnt to wipe her feet before coming inside..lol…or not to shed. This is usually the reason for having to clean my carpets

  252. Viny Vabriany Reply

    With 2 boys in the house, I vacuum every week and deep clean the carpets every 3 months or so to keep it clean and fresh. Love the feel and smell of clean carpets

  253. Wow, I had no idea You could buy these, Just thought they were a thing You hired from the Supermarket. I would have our place looking like a palace.

  254. with a 7 month old baby and a dog, 3 teenagers all I seem to do is clean the floors everything gets dragged into the house.

  255. I like to always have clean carpet as with 6 of us plus a dog and a baby in the house it gets quite messy but it is very hard as there is always traffic in the house. Having a major event at the house like a birthday or Christmas makes me clean frantically.

  256. I like to keep the carpets clean for my kids! They make such a mess and it’s so difficult and time consuming to clean the carpet! This would be amazing…!

  257. Seeing them dirty, unknown smells, kids spilling something or the pets having an accident..

  258. hopefully this will get the mascara and other makeup out of the carpet in my daughter’s room

  259. Tanya Crerar Reply

    Term 1 is a great time to clean the carpets because the kids are all back at school and it is hot so the carpets dry quickly.

  260. Renee Quilliam Reply

    My 2 kids my partner and a cat whole house is carpeted apart from kitchen also my couch that’s over 10yrs old needs a clean

  261. With two messy kids and a messy hubby I sure could do with one of these Britax Carpet Steam Cleaning Machines! My daughter has asthma so this would benefit her health as well. My lounge is especially in need of a good clean and my carpets haven’t been steam cleaned at all since we bought this house. Every time we have guests I like to refresh the house and this sure would assist with this!

  262. My trigger is when one of my usually lovely dogs decides to wipe muddy paws all over the carpet.

  263. Amanda Evans Reply

    I suffer with anxiety & depression so my triggers are visual and how I am feeling.

    I also have an autistic daughter and another daughter with severe allergies so for them, so they are my biggest triggers.

  264. Key triggers…..
    4 young sons + one being severely asthmatic + britex carpet cleaning machine = a happy, healthy and visually appealing house hold!
    Having 4 boys under 7 and one spending last Christmas in hospital (due to asthma) we need to clean carpets everyday….
    Having a house full of carpet (including the kitchen!) a deep cleaning system such as this would make me scream HOORAY!

  265. When my parents or in laws say they are coming to visit. With 2 kids 2 dogs and 2 cats our carpets can get very dirty very quickly.

  266. Mandy Graham Reply

    I get asthma and am allergic to dust so I like to keep a clean home.

  267. Sara Holley Reply

    Lots of reasons. Visual- My house looks like crap, Sensory- what is that crap that I’m walking on and People are Coming Over- hurry up kids clean up!

  268. Cecilia Warrick Reply

    My kids all have asthma and allergies which would make a carpet cleaning system such a blessing. Plus when visitors are expected I tend to spot clean any marks, but don’t own a machine that does a really effective job.

  269. johanna rees Reply

    Living on a true working farm, my pure wool carpets are a nightmare to keep clean. From my husband rushing in with muddy boots, (no nagging will stop him!), to kids running in and out, the border collie joining the melee plus a long haired cat that not only sheds, but likes to bring rabbits and rats to disembowel and leave me to clean up, (seriously, sometimes I wake up in the morning to what looks like a murder scene!), not to mention the over-all dust from the farm…….well, – if they’re not key triggers, I don’t know what are. I like to keep the carpets clean and smelling fresh but it’s an ever ending losing battle.

  270. It’s a combination of pets; kids in and out; and allergies that makes me want to clean the carpet. Our older carpet just gets a look and smell that makes me embarrassed about if it doesn’t get cleaned regularly.

  271. Hailey Hampton Reply

    I’ve got 2 kids and a big black dog that sheds so much fur (who also likes to sleep on the couch!), so my couch and carpets are in constant need of a good deep clean! Most of the time I let life get in the way – playing with my kids is way more fun than cleaning! But every so often when I’m wrestling on the floor with my 3y old or watching my 11m old commando crawl her way around the floor, I stop and notice the carpets, and I do that internal cringe we all do and think to myself, where’s my carpet cleaning fairy godmother when I need her! Please help me fairy Britex!

  272. Sharee Ussher Reply

    A combination of everything due to 4 young boys & a pet parrot. It’s the watermarks from water bottle spillage, food marks from food (not meant to be in the lounge in the first place), footscuffs & marks, bird poo from the parrot, etc

  273. Mary Preston Reply

    If I can see how dirty the carpets are I know they are in need of a deep clean. More than just a routine clean.

  274. Jessica Ashbrooke Reply

    Usually when I have a rental house inspection and also when I know the classy relatives are coming to visit

  275. Alan Parratt Reply

    Mother aged 96 is gone, So now to clean her old room. Spew stains and shit marks are everywhere. It seems to me that as we age we lose our toilet training. Unless it can be cleaned the carpet will be replaced.

  276. Kristy wakely Reply

    As a mummy of 2 little ones a lot of mine has to do with visual as 4 messy hands get everywhere I usually just spot clean by hand, though I also try to clean once a season I try and hire a machine to do all
    Carpets and rugs

  277. My three darling daughters are the reason, and food and drink and the fact that we have very light coloured carpet, doesn’t help the situation… my carpet is filthy most of the time which drives me insane!!!
    Would love love love to be able to deep clean the carpets regularly ♥️♥️♥️

  278. My main triggers are babies crawling and seasons, Babies knees sure let you know how dirty your carpet is and having asthmatics we were told not to have carpet but we found if you keep them clean and fresh it’s ok. Allergy season we clean more often, this would sure make our job much easier

  279. The sight of dirty carpets is enough to make me sick. My 3 kids are so messy you’d think a tornado follows them around. I’d love one of these machines, it would be perfect to make my carpets clean again.

  280. It is usually a visual trigger that prompts me to wash the carpet. We have cream carpet, which we love, but kids, pets and general use result in marks and dirt almost constantly. We clean regularly, but traffic areas look dirty and grey often. We would love to clean the carpet more regularly, this prize would be AMAZING!!

  281. I vacuum regularly but am usually triggered to do a deep clean when I notice heavy marks and/or stains. And with a house full of males (young and old) this is actually something I have to do quite often these days grrr…

  282. Kirsty Perkins Reply

    We have a dog and 2 toddlers, so there are regular accidents. With that and having just moved to a rural property, we’re regularly gardening and looking after chooks, so our feet are often traipsing through dirt and mud. It seems as though every day there is mess to clean up

  283. Mary Irwin Reply

    The weekend when hubby is home to distract the kids whilst I vacuum or vice versa. With two kids a puppy and long hair cat we can’t get away with much longer between running the vac around.

  284. Jessica Morris Reply

    I like to keep them clean due to my son’s allergies to dustmites and his eczema. Having to vacuum constantly as it is so woukd love to be able to give it a better clean every time just for him

  285. Fiona deSouza Reply

    Being able to clean your carpets yourself any time you need to is brilliant.

  286. Visual! Only takes ten minutes after cleaning to the floors to want /need to do it again. Little munchkins !

  287. ross powell Reply

    after a thorough window clean or a fresh coat of paint, or just a stain, or the carpet looking tied and should be down the drain, the carpet gets a go,but it’s hard work with our cleaner so old like me,but a new Britex would be glee, imagine fresh and like new, making cleaning easy and the house like new

  288. Kate Silvy Reply

    We have been in our house for almost 5yrs and I’ve never steam cleaned them Best they get is a regular vacuum. Now with a baby who has just become mobile, I’m acutely mindful every time he crawls on the carpet and rubs his face on his and then tried to eat it (!) that I should get them cleaned professionally. That, plus the most ridiculous postpartum hair loss……seems my hair is becoming one with the carpet!!
    Would love to be able to vacuum, then do a proper deep clean to get them really clean and get rid of any nasties.

  289. Well, we have the dog trucking in dirt, miss 7 with drinks, playdoh, glitter, the mr and his boots of god knows what coming in

  290. Susanna Keenan Reply

    The threat of imminent strange smells emanating from the rug!

  291. My triggers are dustmites which set off my hayfever and asthma, would love to be able to use this machine regularly, it qoyld change my life

  292. Katrina Tomaszek Reply

    I have 2 pets with health issues, but I believe pets are for life. My cat has allergies and sneezes snot everywhere (yeah gross) and my doggy was born incontinent (also gross). It’s a challenge to keep the floors clean (and sometimes pretty depressing). This would be a godsend for my sanity!

  293. Amanda Forster Reply

    Don’t get to clean my carpets as often as i would like due to having to hire a cleaner and being 3o mins from town so having my own would be great and could clean them alot more. Living on a farm means the britex carpet cleaner would get to show its magic.

  294. I’d love to win this, having boys and animals in the house I’m sure it could do with a good clean

  295. Andreea Nicolescu Reply

    With children and fur babies, there is always a trigger, I usually have to talk myself down from running around with the vacum all day

  296. Kylie Sneddon Reply

    We generally hire a company to clean our carpets once a year, its always before christmas as we normally host christmas at our place. However if i ever had the opportunity to own my own carpet cleaner i would do it more often as we have 2 kids and 2 dogs so the carpets can become pretty messy.

  297. My son’s constant scratching and excema flare-ups are a prompt for me to deep clean my carpets. I’m generally a bit of a clean freak, so all it takes is marked carpet, but health & comfort come first.

  298. I haye seeing spots and discolouration on my carpet. Its totally unavoidable with two young kids and dogs. I see it getting worse until I snap and have to have it cleaned. There is nothing like clean carpet, it is soft again, looks and feels clean and fresh. The whole house feels clean with clean carpet!

  299. Nicola Voice Reply

    Living with a toddler and two dogs there is no end to dog fur, dirty couches and dirty floors to clean!

  300. I just clean on a regular schedule now rather then wait for an event to get me to panic clean.

  301. Kim cockburn Reply

    The main reason is because I have a child and I like to keep my house as clean as possible while juggling the everyday chores of running a house and raising a child. And the visual appeal, I get a sense of accomplishment if my house looks clean.

  302. Stephen Jeacocke Reply

    From cat hair to dust from the horses next door chooks often coming inside thru doorway after I open it and sneak in before it shuts so I find little surprises at time under foot , twice a week is still not picking up all dust when you I vacume

  303. Alan Richardson Reply

    We have 2 dogs and 2 kids – unfortunately accidents happen! We try to spot clean, but when there are more spots than clean… well.. its time to get a Britex machine!

  304. Kahlia Barker Reply

    Boys! I’m forever cleaning the carpets with a dirty tradie husband and 2 messy boys! Someones got to do it though.

  305. There is no better feeling then fresh, clean carpets!! Oh what I would do to win this! I have a little carpet cleaner at the moment but this would be such a massive time saver!

  306. adrienne harries Reply

    I vacuum once a week to keep the carpets clean
    but to get them really deep cleaned and fresh is when dirt starts to be seen

  307. Mary-Anne Gill Reply

    I have kids with allergies that need the carpets as clean as possible but I also love the look and feel of walking on clean carpets and sitting on a fresh clean lounge. I have hired the britex many times and I’m always both horrified and amazed at the colour of the water I pour out after using the machine!

  308. christine morris Reply

    My Grand children are precious, i like to clean my carpet weekly, there are so many germs especially with people walking in and out all day long, you don’t know what they carry on their shoes it does take a while but im happy to do it for the sake of my Grand children.

  309. My once grey carpets are a nice shade of brown . It would be amazing to win this machine so that I can have lovely, fresh clean carpets again . Also for health and hygiene reasons , Im sure that I would be horrified to see the state of the water after cleaning my carpets.

  310. When I see stains and marks on the carpet that’s when it needs cleaning. With four kids, a husband and an indoor dog our carpets are always in need of a clean. With allergies and asthma sufferers in it is also a must!

  311. Nicole Kelly Reply

    With an almost crawling child and a 3 year old older child my carpets desperately need a clean. Add vomit on my son’s carpet from him being sick 2 days ago, now is the time that it needs cleaning.

  312. Nadine Hill Reply

    I vacuum regularly, but a visual prompt of heavy dirt/stains gets me motivated to do a deeper clean (as does the thought of the MIL coming to stay!)

  313. The fact that I rent explains ALL….. God only know what’s lurking in the carpets before me!..

  314. Paige Yang Reply

    I have 2 naughty kids and 1 baby crawler. Their sweat and saliva make the carpet nasty although I vacuum the carpet regularly. Deep clean is very essential.

  315. I have to vacuum every second day and I would love to be able to keep the carpets clean and I know from using the Britex that it is a great machine and so easy to use.

  316. With a busy house means grotty carpets. Britax makes it easy to get a deep clean

  317. I think the Britex is amazing my friend has one and her carpets are so soft and clean,so I would like this too for my family,hygiene is a must.

  318. Anna McKinnon Reply

    With 2 dogs a 3yr old 2yr old and another bub on the way my carpet can suffer. I go by what is spilt on the carpet to know how often i need to clean it and also visual when i see marks etc on the carpet. I have a cheap carpet cleaner but it really doesnt do the job and so i need a better cleaner thst i csn use every few months and to have on hand for those moments of wee or milk get spilt

  319. I know it is time to clean the carpets when my 2 year old smooshes food into them – Yuck! No matter how much you contain them kids r messy 🙂

  320. Christian Coates Reply

    Time to clean when all the colours on the rainbow mat are dull and dirty

  321. Kathy Ferguson Clark Reply

    Would be perfect to get all the smells and horrible marks out of my carpet

  322. rebecca foster-noble Reply

    This would be fantastic over Summer when the grandchildren drag in sand from the local beaches. and the dogs of course how rule the household.

  323. I have a house with teenagers and their fur babies and an adult daughter who cares for four legged animals, usually dogs. Sometimes they have diarrhea, just like humans. but although trained to do their business outside, when nature calls and you can’t open the door then it gets done all over the floor and carpets. I would love to get the stains and hairs out of my carpets and also give it a fresh smell.

  324. Nisha stephen Reply

    I would love to win this as it makes my home a clean clean one

  325. Need to clean up the mess my four legged animals that decide to have sex for the first time on my bedroom carpets!!!

  326. Im cleaning the carpet multiple times a day as I have a toddler who doesn’t sit down for meals so food goes everywhere!

  327. I would love to win the BRITEX carpet cleaning machine. Being a Mum can be hard work and having a BRITEX carpet cleaning machine would make life just that much easier. I love the fact that it can also be used on upholstery also knowing the kids are playing on clean fresh carpet is a bonus.

  328. With an 80 kilo mastiff in our family mix, I’m always running to pick up the vacuum if a visitor stops by even with my routine morning and night vac.

  329. John Ashbrooke Reply

    Definitely having clean carpet and lounges due to kids having allergies

  330. I clean my carpet because I have 2 little girls and a lot of things get rubbed and crushed into the carpet and it just needs to be cleaned out so my girls can enjoy their time on the floor.

  331. With 3 boys under 3 I am constantly spot cleaning the carpet – usually with baby wipes Visual mess on the carpet is definately my main trigger for having it cleaned.

  332. Well there is daily cleaning then there is the thorough cleaning which comes up because of people might be coming over or because something has been spilled or it just looks dull

  333. Hygiene! Our carpets in the bedroom, our couch and rug would benefit from a deep clean by Britax! Our young family’s health is pivotal!

  334. with grandkids living with us and a few animals i feel a good clean every 6 months is important for all our health costing me a fortune currently so santa please a Britex

  335. I’m a bit of a clean freak. And having a toddler and animals I like to keep everything clean around the house especially the carpets.

  336. Kylie Stacey Reply

    The main trigger for me to clean my carpet is for hygiene and knowing what nasties get trapped in the carpet.

  337. I try to keep the house clean but school holidays is always harder. Usually when someone’s coming I tell everyone to clean up

  338. For me I’m triggered by “what lies beneath”. We have dark carpet that shows every little crumb or piece of fluff and if you go by the assumption that there’s usually more dirt below what you can see, whenever I see a build up of crumbs or fluff I know that its time to clean the carpets again

  339. When you see the durt, marks and wear on the carpet it prompts me to clean it. Also having a child with asthma carpwts need to be ckeaned more often.

  340. For me it’s visual and smell, with kids and dogs the carpets get messy I would love to be able to clean them on a regular basis so they look and smell clean.

  341. It’s visual that triggers me to clean up which honestly is a daily occurrence with a 2 year old & 5 indoor pets!

  342. I know my carpets need cleaning after I step on the sandwick my neally 2 year old has left on the floor again.

  343. I am definitely an event driven carpet cleaner! Nothing motivates me more than the threat of impending visitors judging my carpet and its cleanliness!

  344. Gwen Menzies Reply

    With my 2 Grandchildren here weekly, my carpets, and upholstery suffer from “Toddler Syndrome” ! How I wish I could thoroughly clean them ( Not the children !! ) regularly without having to either hire a machine, or pay for an expensive carpet cleaning company to do it.

  345. Amy Marafioti Reply

    I have 3 kids so my carpets get very grubby! My 3 year old sometimes doesn’t make it to the toilet in time so carpets need cleaning. I’m a neat freak so like everything to be very clean and fresh.

  346. Terry Mashford Reply

    My carpet needs a spring clean just from normal wear and also having a cat and grandkids takes it’s toll, having my own cleaner would be great as I could clean at my leisure.

  347. Rental inspections, they are every 4 months and we have 4 kids. Even if it doesn’t look dirty it’s still amazing how much crap comes out when you give it a decent carpet clean.

  348. I am triggered to clean my carpets when they are looking old and limp, give them a clean and watch the carpet bounce back to life looking all fresh again

  349. Maree Gray Reply

    We vacuum the carpets every week then clean them every 3 months – no waiting for the dirt to show!

  350. Karen Mashford Reply

    As I have a disability, I am often sitting down, therefore always looking at the floors. I love to try and keep the carpet looking fresh and welcoming, this would be a dream.

  351. Son has always had allergies, asthma so dust mites are our enemy. So cleaning the carpet is a must but also tough to always have the money when budgeting.

  352. Visual, when i can see marks it drives me crazy. Then it’s time for a deep clean.

  353. Removing dustmite allergens from the carpet is very important for me to thoroughly clean the carpet for my children to have the best air quality and breathable space available to them because they are allergic to dust itself and grass which are risks to their health. Thank you.

  354. Michelle Ward Reply

    Plain and simply it is ‘everyday life’ – I have three kids and a cat! We pulled the old carpet up and replaced it with beautiful industrial strength carpet that is incredibly soft to walk on but it is a constant battle keeping it clean. I can put up with some household mess but never a dirty floor/carpet.

  355. I clean my carpets when they look dirty or if I have an event coming up and I think that they feel dirty.

  356. cheerie murnane Reply

    I clean the carpet when there is enough spots from drink spills kids taking drinks to their bedroom, sometimes I get a drink at night and walk into the wall spilling the drink that doesn.t help.

  357. Leanne Baker Reply

    The triggers to make me clean my home,
    Is normally a call received on my phone.
    The inlaws coming for an unexpected stop,
    Certainly puts me into a cleaning frenzy that’s over the top.
    I typically keep a tidy home,
    But the dust and floor have a mind of their own.
    No one stops by when it’s fresh and clean,
    Waiting until it’s at its worst it’d seem.
    A quick whip around and we’re soon good again,
    Honestly drives me round the bend.
    An in depth clean I’d to do,
    Admittedly my carpets are well overdue.
    This awesome prize we’d love to win,
    To let some late spring cleaning begin.

  358. Sonia Manoukian Reply

    With twins on the way next week we are going to have a lot of visitors therefore I will need to clean my carpets before and after the madness

  359. With a reflux baby and a dog, my carpets need regulary cleaning…. woukd love this fab machine to make it easier, quicker and bring my carpets back to their former glory.

  360. Asenath Lynch Reply

    When my daughter decides to go progart with poo on my carpet it is definitely time to give the carpets a really good clean

  361. Jacqui Harrington Reply

    Kids, pets, husband, extended family traipsing over my floors!!!! I need cleaning help please!!!!

  362. Sarah tokley Reply

    Would be so much better than the hand-held option we use. Having 4 kids one who tube fed that often leaks or vomiting it’s a mess I want gone properly and easy would be great for my sanity and more fun as a mum

  363. Maria Gillies Reply

    I shampoo my carpets in Spring, I go to the supermarket and hire the Britex! Having a Britex of my own would be awesome and it would encourage me to shampoo my carpets more often!

  364. Definitely visual, I have a 12 month old who is constantly teething and snotty which means there are gross marks wiped on the couches and carpets no matter how much I clean – lets not even mention nappy disasters


    Shampoo the carpet when those naughty elves leave mess all over the house.

  366. Tess Eames Reply

    My carpet cleaning trigger is ALWAYS my clumsiness. I wish I could blame it on the age of the carpet or our pets, but unfortunately it’s me. From cough syrup to hot chocolate, it all slips through my fingers onto the floor eventually!

  367. Tasha Palumbo Reply

    I vacuum weekly however my key prompts for a deep clean are visual stains and when allergies flare up especially stuffy sinuses. With a preschooler and toddler who love floor play, clean carpets are a must!

  368. I would usually say visually seeing stains, but we have new carpet, and I’d love to keep it properly clean for as long as possible, so at least every six months would be great. Without one of these I’m pretty sure I’m delusional seeing as I have three small kids and a vomiting cat!

  369. Our carpet is relatively new but two grubby little boys sure take their toll. We are planning to list our house for sale in the new year and a deep clean from a Britex Carpet Cleaner is just what we need to bring back that clean, fresh look and feel.

  370. I have 3 large dogs and a puppy and my carpets and rugs are always filthy, especially in winter! We have a dust bowl back yard with no lawn due to the dogs severe allergies. So if the dust is not blowing in,; it’s being trudged in by filthy paws. With a new puppy there’s pee stains everywhere! I do my best to sponge them clean but the smell and stain lingers. I won’t even go there with the number two’s…lol. I’m at the stage where I’m too embarassed to have visitors! The results speak for themselves for the Britex so I know it will clean my carpets like a dream. No more doggy smells, no more hair and certainly no more dirt or filth 🙂

  371. Christie Majorek Reply

    Having kids and pets- carpets constantly need cleaning and freshening up.
    It is a constant struggle when my carpets are a light cream colour too!
    But we are always grateful for the carpets in the winter time.

  372. Usually if they’re starting to get a bit discoloured from stains (four kids and carpet EVERYWHERE apart from bathroom, laundry and kitchen), if we’re holding a birthday party or an unfortunate case of gastro hits the household!

  373. When the carpets smell funny, look dirty and feel gritty; then it’s time for a deep clean!

  374. Deanne galton Reply

    I would LOVE to win this Britex carpet cleaner. I hire it every 6 mths from my local iga. It’s a fantastic product. My 1 yr old grandson who lives with me did a runny number two on my carpet and the Britex saved me yet again. Fabulous

  375. Nicole Gurney Reply

    Well having two kids my carpet is constantly being cleaned vacumed 3 times a week would live the give it a good carpet cleaning I can just imagine the difference it will make. Would be an amazing Christmas gift for me thanks

  376. Any stains…. ohh those glorious stains. It would definitely save from getting down on the knees and scrubbing.

  377. What prompts me to clean my carpet?
    Well my own sanity! Another reason is when people are coming over. I’m really really time poor. My carpets need more than just a vacuum. We live on property and even though we don’t wear shoes in the house there is so much dust that gets in etc. I have 2 little ones. To get in a carpet cleaner would almost require me to move the world! (ie all the stuff). I l just don’t have the time so if l had a britax carpet cleaner l can move things and do it room by room in my own time!

  378. VeronicaDe Reply

    Though we vacuum heaps, the carpet still need that thorougher clean and this machine sure would let me do that heaps more than I currently do.

  379. When I move a piece of furniture and realise, with horror, that the surrounding carpet is quite a different colour :-0.

  380. Almost anything! Visible stains, smelly smells, or just another day trying to keep the house clean. Any time is a good time to clean carpets and lounges!

  381. When i can see things that dont belong or when i just have a spare 40 minutes on a day that i have free to give them a clean.

  382. Bree Ashleigh Reply

    I clean my carpets weekly with an Aldi machine but with the Britex it would be much less work as the machine is so much more effective. We have allergies and asthma so clean, dust free carpet is a must for our health!

  383. Kylie Clayton Reply

    Food and drink spills, mud/dirt being walked through the house or when the cat vomits everywhere because she overeats! And also when the cats leave dead mice and entrails for us to find.

  384. My carpet gets filthy from my cat. He is 7 years old and always been furry as he’s part Ragdoll…but this year, for some reason, he has just sprouted fur….he literally looks like a walking mop. He leaves fur wherever he goes. He also has been doing so many vomits of hairballs and every time he goes to his litter, he gets the stones caught in his paws, and tracks them all throughout the house. My vacuum does nothing…this would be amazing. I would love to show off my house with spotless, fresh carpets.

  385. Patrick Wells Reply

    Because we have a wooden floor, we just have a few rugs that we usually take outside and clean, which can be a bit of a pain. With this great Breitex cleaner it would be so much easier and we could also clean the fabric on our furniture as well.

  386. Rebekah Ballingall Reply

    When you lift the rug up and the carpet underneath is more than 2 shades lighter its time to clean

  387. I try to do it every few months but it’s also dependent on if anything is spilled or if I notice it’s grubbier sooner !

  388. I try to do it every few months but it’s also dependent on if anything is spilled or if I notice it’s grubbier sooner !

  389. Christina B Reply

    Sadly, one of our family cats, Saff, is suffering from dementia and an undiagnosed gastric condition. Consequently she forgets where to go to the toilet (used to be outside in the garden) and so she goes inside wherever she is at the time. And our house is carpeted (apart from kitchen and bathroom) throughout. This is a living nightmare because Saff goes at least 10 times a day and believe me we have newspaper on the floor all over the house but Saff doesn’t always go on the paper. The carpet is being very generous in allowing Saff to use it as a litter tray. I, however, have become what feels like a full-time spot carpet cleaner. To answer the question -my 16 year old cat Saff is the trigger to “clean” my carpets. Oh, and did I mention that Saff also vomits as well due to her gastro complaint which adds to the chronic diarrhea? After 3 kids, can say this is worse because we can’t toilet train her due to the dementia but she’s a loved member of the family and so we support and love her even when she doesn’t know what she’s doing. It’s exhausting.

  390. Jessie Slee Reply

    With the Britax cleaning machine I could return my carpets and furnishings to their former glory, provide a safe clean environment for my children to grow and be proud to present my beautifully clean house to guests.


    Nev er have the time to boo in a professional cleaner so this would solve that problem and maybe encourage the kids to clean up their own carpets in their rooms. Prize for the cleanest carpet!

  392. Hi #Mum Central, my not so new carpets & couches would absolutely love a good, deep clean from the amazing #Britex Carpet Cleaning Machine!
    Keys triggers that have me endlessly cleaning my carpets, are dirt, spills, food crumbs, pet hairs, a holdhold full of 3 untidy boys, 2 very fluffy dogs & a mischievous cat! it seems no matter how many times l vacuum my carpets, they never look really clean.
    I truly need the help of a #Britex Carpet Cleaning Machine, it would help me get right in there & give my carpets the thorough, deep, soapy clean they deserve. This would make me & my tired looking carpets extremely happy!
    I’m super impressed with all the reviews, it would be an absolute privilege to be the lucky lady to own a #Britex

  393. Everyone loves a clean carpet. Sometimes my kids will sneak drinks in there room and then there’s horrible patch of whatever sticky drink that needs cleaning straight away or if it generally looks grotty from lots of walking etc. It would be most people’s dream to own this awesome Britex and it’s definitely something I would truly love to own.

  394. Sally Bell Reply

    With 3 boys under 8 and all the local kids coming for play dates, we are often hiring a Britex Carpet cleaner to keep our carpets looking fresh. We are always amazed at how much dirt etc it draws out of the carpets (and kinda horrified too haha).
    Owning one of these would be amazing.

  395. General cleanliness, children are messy creatures!! Nice clean carpets make me feel relaxed!

  396. With a 1 and 3 year old, cleaning my carpets and lounges are a never ending cyclic process! Triggers include finding constant stains, finger prints and little toddler foot prints throughout the house. Keeping it clean for guests and my sanity would be a wonderful Christmas gift!

  397. I like to clean not only my carpet in the house but also my lounges and car seats. This would be a money saver over having to hire someone each time!!

  398. With two toddlers and a puppy our carpets and couch often need to be cleaned. Spills and muddy little paws are usually the culprits. There is nothing worse than visibially seeing that the couch and carpets are filthy.

  399. Kids are forever spilling stuff and if its not the kids its the cat or dog walking through with dirt etc. .and being in a rental, I like to keep carpets clean.

  400. Key triggers…. well as soon as my children walk into a carpeted room I know I’m going to have to clean it. Hee hee

  401. Lisa Thackeray Reply

    Its visual for me. Especially with a bub who is about to start crawling. I feel like im constantly cleaning the carpets at the moment.

  402. With running a family day care and kids of my own my carpet could do with some regular cleaning. Ive hired one before and they are fabulous.

  403. Christine B Reply

    Usually after summer when we’ve had humidity and smelly feet!

  404. Elizabeth Anderson Reply

    Usually a very large accident or a rental inspection coming up.

  405. Robyn Iomazzo Reply

    Carpet cleaning is an important routine to ensure a more hygienic environment, improved appearance, elimination of mites and bacteria, deodorization etc. I hire a carpet cleaner 4 times a year as i know that dirt remains in the deepest fiber of materials the only way to clean the carpet effectively is to use a quality carpet cleaner like the Britax cleaning machine.

  406. Diane Heriot Reply

    Accidents creaming soda spilt, occasional dog vomit, fur build up, dirt, bits of grass etc etc. House inspections and hope that I can clean the carpet well enough to be clean again.

  407. Karla hoffmann Reply

    I clean my carpets after a spill or when I seea mark somewhere.

  408. Aroha Kinley Reply

    I’m constantly tell the kids to take their shoes off, and to sit down at the table and eat their food. It’s a daily tug-a-war and I’m vacuuming the floors at least once a day.

  409. Neva Beaumont Reply

    My two toddlers have sensitive skin so this is the trigger that prompts me to clean our carpets regularly. Having kids is messy enough so we are always needing a helping hand to get our house looking spic and span and making sure they are clean helps with my littlie’s skin!

  410. Cleanliness for my children. Who knows how much muck has really bern building up in the carpets

  411. Kelly Bennett Reply

    I like my carpet to look nice but I also like them to be hygienically cleaned. I have a small son who likes to crawl around and he’s constantly dropping dummies toys etc. and then puts in his mouth and I like my carpet to be cleaned to eliminate him getting Germs in his mouth

  412. Tabatha Voss Reply

    I am not a fan of living in an unclean house. I vacuum before dirt builds up to the point of being ‘dirty’

  413. THE CAT! Oh that damn adorable ginger bitch, and his game of “Where is that smell coming from?”
    The child and her “forks are an inconvenience” attitude.

  414. Rebecca lane Reply

    We are a very large family , with constant foot traffic through every single room . With boys they eat with 50% making their mouth the rest on the carpet. And constant spillage through out the living room. I like to make sure my carpets are clean especially with house inspections every 3 months. And when family visits especially with their little babies crawling it is a must to make sure
    It is all clean and dust free.

  415. Renee Hermansen Reply

    I like to get them done every 12 months to freshen the place up.

  416. Whenever they really look a mess,
    Whenever I am having guests!
    With my young boys often lying on the floor,
    I find I’m having to clean carpets more…
    Removing stubborn dirt can be tough,
    And a simple vacuum is not enough,
    So time consuming to do,
    Desperately need a Britex rescue!

  417. With a very independent 9.5 month old and her 6 month puppy…..I try to clean whenever its at the point where im grossed out by my floors, which unfortunately is every couple of days

  418. Rebecca Biber Reply

    With 3 very active boys my carpets get very grubby, we are in a rental and the carpets are light coloured so regular cleaning is a must

  419. Helen Smith Reply

    My beloved cats have wreaked havoc on my carpets and upholstery – it’s a constant battle of stain removal to try and keep them looking presentable.

  420. Kirby Mulhern Reply

    Having two big dogs inside I like my carpets and floors to be clean and hygienic as my 11month old son is crawling and puts his hands in him mouth.

  421. C McCarthy Reply

    The New Year always prompts me to do all things domestic. Sort through kids clothes, donate toys, spring clean the house and deal with the carpets! This prize would be amazing!

  422. Katie Murray Reply

    I’m due to have my third child in 8 weeks time, and my nesting mode is in full swing! I would love to be able to clean my carpets regularly (or, better yet, have hubby do it!), and it would be the perfect way to finish preparing for our new arrival to have all the carpets and linen couches cleaned.

    Nerdy as it may be, this would be the ideal prize for me!

  423. Sheridan Miles Reply

    My 6 children!! They walk all kinds of stuff into my carpets, so I try to have them cleaned monthly. I’d give my left leg for my own carpet cleaner!

  424. Lynette Wicks Reply

    Would like to be able to clean our carpets every 6 months or so. They get fairly dirty very quickly.

  425. Having 3 babies at 3 I definitely need to clean my carpets, rugs and couches!

  426. Lauren Sai-Louie Reply

    I desperately need one of these. My toddler thinks its hilarious to smoosh margarine into the carpet. Every time I looks at the spots on my carpet I wince. We’re moving in a few months and I’m dreading the bond clean. This would seriously help my anxiety!

  427. Heidi O'Day Reply

    Having Bi polar works for me in this instance as sometimes I really get the heebee jeebees from dirty marks on the carpet. If I find one I usually do the lot with a rented cleaner. I would love to keep the couches cleaned too. This product would do it all.

  428. When I walk barefoot over the carpet and it feels gritty and crunchy then I’ll whip out the vacuum cleaner ,as all that muck can ruin the carpet by grinding the fibres down.

  429. We always hire this machine at least once a month for our lounge mostly as our indoor dog has gotten older she sleeps more on lounge. Also love doing all our rugs and boys main toy room i love this machine also do bedding with it

  430. Jessica Maloney Reply

    The family pet is a lovely Cockatiel named Doody, who well,, doesn’t mind leaving his doody on the carpet!

  431. Renee Davis Reply

    If I see dirt etc I vacuum but more so I vacuum just to get out the hidden particles and dirt that cause allergies and thus is the perfect tool !

  432. I need no trigger, I’m a compulsive neat freak and crave a clean, well presented home. With pets and loving to entertain, this would be such a useful and amazing prize to win.

  433. Our carpets only get cleaned when they look dirty as it is too costly to do regularly. I’d definitely do them more often if I had this machine.

  434. Our carpets only get cleaned when they look dirty as it is too costly to do regularly. I’d definitely do them more often if I had this machine. I would also love to clean the kids’ mattresses.

  435. Absolutely it’s visual, if I can see it I can’t get comfortable until cleaning is complete and my eye of sight has no mess in front of it.

  436. It is an axiety thing for me. Clutter triggers my anxiety. My dad was a horder too so I have issues with mess all over the house. Two kids and a partner and a full time job mean I don’t get to clean those carpets as thoroughly as I should so this machine would be an absolute blessing in disguise.

  437. Teresa Clark Reply

    My children both have allergies and eczema, so we vacuum daily to try and prevent flare ups.

  438. Chloe Davies Reply

    My carpet cleaner just died and with the expenses of Christmas. I was unable to clean my carpets before my parents came down for Christmas . With three kids (four of you count my partner) carpets get very messy. I love having my carpets clean, this is coming from someone who vacs twice a day.

  439. bronwyn evans Reply

    A child spill or family event sends me into a carpet cleaning frenzy.

  440. Sarah Powell Reply

    It looks amazing! I bet it would leave the carpets absolutely spotless.

  441. Dianne Crossie Reply

    with everyone in the family being asthmatic, this would be amazing to keep the carpet clean and help with the dust as well

  442. Alex Bypost Reply

    We rent and we have an almost 1 year old that loves all the messy plays he can get into! This would help keep our carpets spotless and looks easy to use, i love good clean carpets and it would also help out some of our friends who have kids and endless carpet accidents. Britex is always reliable and fantastic products.

  443. Lynne Fallows Reply

    I like to clean my carpets about every 6 months, with a cat and a messy 5 year old the poor carpets take a beating

  444. Michelle D Reply

    When I’m asked where I got my lovely speckled carpet from, it’s time to act!

    (it’s not speckled carpet)

  445. With three messy little ones, I know we don’t give our carpets a deep clean often enough; usually a big spill or mess prompts us. It would be invaluable to have something like this on hand for more frequent thorough cleaning!

  446. Dani Boulton Reply

    Clean Carpets could my Dreams come true!!
    Old house, 3 active/messy kids, a dog and a cat = carpet in need of some TLC.
    I’m sure the BRITEX Carpet Cleaning Machine is up to the task!

  447. With two autistic children my carpets are always messy one has a few accidents and would help clean.
    So visual and Smell

  448. Kirsty-Anne Hoskin Reply

    I always hire a britex before a rental inspection and on exit. I prefer to use a britex than a professional because quite honestly they give a far better result. I also clean my mattresses and lounges with them they will bring them up to new. I had one last week did an amazing job.

  449. When I see kids and sometimes husband have dropped things. Those little smudge marks start to add up!

  450. These carpet cleaners are brilliant. I need one all thr time to clean my bubbas constant little refux spews up

  451. Definitely visual, and when my husband and boys start sneezing! I should absolutely have them professionally cleaned more often, and this Britex Carpet Cleaner would make that happen!

  452. I clean and vacuum every day. It’s what I do to help my anxiety and just part of the joys of having Beautiful, messy 2yr old

  453. With four (soon to be five) beautiful grandkids, the carpet takes a bit of a beating! But I also need the peace of mind knowing the little ones can crawl and play on soft clean carpet.

  454. Any time people are coming over, I have to clean the carpets before they come, it’s just a habit.

  455. I try to clean my carpets every 3 months. But usually there is a child or animal related incident in between.

  456. oh wow this would be an awesome xmas gift to myself. means i could always have the carpets spick and span and if their is any accident no worries Britex to the rescue

  457. izzybee kortman Reply

    with a messy 3 year old i shampoo my carpets every month with a cheap carpet shampoer but irs on the way out n no longer does a good job n i love this ome yo be able to clean my couch and mattress i can’t stand stains

  458. Kelly Taylor Reply

    I absolutely adore the Britex cleaner. I used to hire the Rug Doctor one from Woolies until one time I went and there were none available so took the Britex home instead. From then on it has been my go to carpet cleaner. The Rug Doctor was good, but this one is a step above. I try to use the machine at least once every 4 months but will also hire one when we have a gathering coming up. I also always make sure that I clean them during the last week of the year, to have fresh, clean carpets along with a spotless house for Hogmanay (New Years Eve), as this brings luck into the New Year. Us Scots have some strange superstitions but as long as you end up with a clean house, that can’t be bad right? 🙂

  459. Renee Hewlitt Reply

    I know it’s definitely time to clean my carpets when there is too many spots of coffee leading from the kitchen in to my study… of if my mother is coming over.

  460. When my carpets are different shades of grey!… Or when I’ve had a lot of people around.. or am expecting a lot of visitors.. eg for Christmas.. I know it’s time to “hire” a carpet cleaner. MERRY CHRISTMAS!

  461. Usually visual, especially when there is visible discolouration. Unfortunately, we’ve had a few spills that needed immediate attention… not just on the carpet, but on the lounge! Eek!

  462. Carpets need cleaning in my house when these visitors darken my floor:

    B-aked beans
    R-ed wine
    I-ce cream
    E-ye liner and
    X-rated unmentionables

    … Or when Mum calls to say she’ll be knocking at my door

  463. Kimberley De Luchi Reply

    I find that cleaning the carpets tends to be a job that gets put off till later as life expensives get in the way. I tend to spot clean for visual effect.

  464. Belinda McNamara Reply

    I clean my carpet every time it looks like it’s getting dirty or every 2-3 weeks.

  465. We usually dry clean our toddler soiled ☺️Carpets twice a year.
    Lovely clean fresh carpets…. for a moment!!

  466. Every time I can no longer walk over the carpet, without noticing marks that bug me, I will have the carpet cleaned!

  467. Every one in a while when I notice a lot of built up dirt is accumulating on the carpet that won’t budge with regular vacuuming, I am motivated to give the carpet a more thorough and deep clean. The Britex would do just the thing I’m looking for!

  468. Winsome Leung Reply

    The prompt would be a snide comment from visitors… which is why we try to have people over every week so we keep our place relatively tidy and clean!

  469. Jamie Angus Reply

    my two kids are quite messy and when my father in law visits once a month he is a nurse and is a clean nut so I have to scrub every inch of my home

  470. Cheryl Moulton Reply

    I have a 16yr old cat who loses her black fur all over the house, she is also borderline renal failure and so vomits a lot, I am constantly cleaning my carpets

  471. Bee Bowdlert Reply

    B_eautiful clean carpets are no more,
    R_ugs ‘n’ dirty carpets greet me at the door.
    I_can smell a nasty odour wafting to my nose,
    T_ime to clean the carpets…I suppose!
    E_ven shampoo the upholstery, it’s all or nothing here,
    X_tremely clean and smelling nice, that’s when I give a cheer!

  472. Having a baby who is trying to start crawling on my carpets and also an inside dog in an apartment are my triggers for regular carpet cleaning!

  473. Mel Trembath Reply

    When they start to look back at me with their pungent house full of kids smell!

  474. Eva Kiraly Reply

    Once a year or when I notice the carpet a bit dirty, I’ll borrow my Mums nifty cleaner.

  475. Kim Campbell Reply

    Two dogs, an accident prone family, I spot clean constantly and about every 3-4 months hire the Britex from the local supermarket.

  476. Belinda B. Reply

    Grubby looking carpets simply bother me! my house doesn’t feel clean if my carpets aren’t! 🙂 kids, pets, Sir Spill -a-lot, all guarantee my carpets get and look grotty quickly! To be able to clean my carpets with professional results usIng BRITEX and at at my convenience would be wonderful!

  477. Linda Opuni Reply

    The key triggers to get my my carpet cleaned is when my asthma is bad. A clean carpet makes all the difference with my health.

  478. Caroline Roeger Reply

    Visual! I am a perfectionist and need to have things looking in order!

  479. Katherine F Reply

    Every night after dinner, as my children generally leave food or mess!

  480. Wife nagging me that we have to do it, that’s the trigger that makes it happen.

  481. If I have time I like to do quarterly, my kids suffer from asthma and eczema so keeping the carpet dust and dirt free is quite important

  482. Marise Butler Reply

    The cats constantly sleeping or throwing up on our cream couches which we normally wouldn’t mind but having guests that come in and see the noticeable stains on the lounge makes us more conscious of it.

  483. Carolyn Bishop Reply

    I am not the world’s best housewife but I am fussy about keeping my floors clean. When the carpets look a little grubby I hire a Britex Carpet Cleaner to really give them a good clean.

  484. I usually clean daily with 2 boys under 2.5yrs old. I like to do a thorough top to bottom clean once every three months or so to keep everything in good shape.

  485. With 5 chickens, 3 kids I’m forever horrified with what they literally drag through the backdoor …..a trail of disgusting

  486. With my young son crawling I’m conscious of having clean carpets- plus I’m down on the floor playing too so can see when it’s dirty.

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