APPLY TO REVIEW: Cluey Learning, Expert Online Tutoring To Help Your Child in School

Watching your child struggle in school can be heartbreaking. Worst of all, it can leave your child feeling like a failure and doubting their ability to learn.  

No parent wants this and no child deserves to feel like this. If your child is having trouble keeping up in school, or just needs an extra boost, then we encourage you to apply for this unique reader trial.

We have an opportunity for 10 families to trial the nationally recognised online tutoring program, Cluey Learning. Cluey Learning is designed for students in years three to 12 and offers a private and personalised one-on-one tutoring program catered to your child’s specific needs.

If your child is between grades three and six in primary school, or seven to 12 in secondary school, then we encourage you to apply. Simply scroll down to find out more.

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A bit of help can make a big difference

Many kids can benefit from extra school support. But most of us mums don’t have the time or the resources to ensure we’re actually helping them, especially as the homework gets harder and harder. My son already brings home maths equations that I don’t understand! And he’s only 8!!!

What Can Cluey Learning Do For Your Child?

But this is what we love about Cluey Learning. Cluey Learning connects your child to expert tutors who know the Maths and English curriculum in your state, who understand the concepts your child is grappling with and who have the ability to help your kid understand them.

Whether your child wants to catch up, keep up or excel, Cluey Learning can help. 

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How does it work?

It’s actually incredibly easy. Simply hop online, select a subject and topic that your child needs help with and be matched with an expert tutor. Every tutor must pass a Working With Children Check (WWCC) and Cluey’s rigorous selection criteria before being matched with any student.

All tutors work in line with the Australian school syllabus, using material developed by professional teachers from Cluey’s own education  team. This means children get help in the exact subject matter that is giving them grief in the classroom. Kids are matched with a tutor who best suits their individual needs and goals – whether they’re falling behind or looking to ace an ATAR score.

Each 60 minute tutoring session is live and works like a Skype call, but with extra resources, like a digital whiteboard. They are recorded for quality control and tutor development. Plus, you get to choose the time that suits you and your child and you don’t have to travel anywhere!

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Try Cluey Learning today

Learn more about the program or keep scrolling to join us as we trial Cluey Learning.

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mum central

Every child learns at a different pace and if your kid, like mine, is having trouble keeping up or just needs an extra boost, then we encourage you to apply for this unique reader trial.

We need 10 kids to try one 60 minute tutoring lesson through Cluey Learning. Share your experience and help other parents make an informed decision about whether this is the right program for their kids.

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