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REVIEW: Globber Go Up Deluxe – Transforms from Ride-On to Walking Bike to Scooter

It’s one product, three different ways. Join us as we review one of the flagships of the Globber Scooter range – the Globber Go Up Deluxe, a real game-changer when it comes to toddler scooters! It’s a ride on, a walking bike and a scooter all in one.

This nifty little scooter is paving the way for toddler play and my daughter Lily (the cheeky monkey below) and I couldn’t wait to give it a go. Read our review below and grab one for yourself in our awesome giveaway!

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Happy toddler, happy mother. Source: Jenna Galley

Independence when they need it

Like most parents with toddlers, I am quickly discovering my toddler is a “big girl now” and far too cool for her pram. This means that going anywhere with her can be challenging. She either wants to walk (which takes FOREVER) or be carried … which, as good as it is for my biceps, is hard work!

We were after something that would solve the issue and that:

✅  Offered 2-year-old Lily the chance to “do it herself” and develop her motor skills.
✅  Could easily be carried when Lily realised that she didn’t want to do it herself anymore.
✅  Would give us the chance to be in control when we need to actually get somewhere.
✅  Could be taken with us on family adventures (playground, camping, walks, etc).
✅  BONUS: Would be able to grow with her.

Well, ladies and gents, I’m happy to report that the Globber Go Up Deluxe ticked ALL the boxes, and so much more!

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Independence when they need it. Source: Jenna Galley



Check out what makes this Globber Go Up Deluxe Scooter stand out from the crowd and why both Lily and I loved it so much!

Globber Scooter Review: Go Up Deluxe

The Globber Go Up Deluxe is incredibly unique. It’s a scooter, but it’s also a ride-on (that parents can easily push and navigate) plus a walking bike (that kids can do themselves).

Globber Go Up Deluxe
The Globber Go Up Deluxe is a three in one product. Source: Jenna Galley

For us, this was exactly what we needed for Lily. Something that would grow with her, that she could do herself and that would allow her to be involved in our family adventures.

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Globber Go Up Deluxe

Globber Go Up Deluxe
Easy to Use/Carry10.0
Fun for Kids9.0
Value for Money9.0

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So easy to put together – no tools required  🙌

There’s a few really cool features of this toddler scooter that I’d like to especially point out.

  1. The first is how easy it is to put together and adjust as needed. It takes literally no time at all and you can easily adjust from the three stages in a few simple manoeuvres.
Globber scooter - Go Up Deluxe review
Adjustable and foldable. Source: Jenna Galley

It’s also incredibly easy to adjust the toddler scooter with the seat and handlebar to various levels as your child grows. Trust me, if I can do it one-handed, anyone can!”

The ride-on is ideal for little riders (15-36 months) as is the walking bike (15-36 months). The scooter is suitable for 3+ and the height adjusts as your child grows, up to the age of around six.

globber scooter with seat
The Globber scooter seat is also fully adjustable to suit your growing tot. Source: Jenna Galley

The Go Up literally grows up with your tot and will remain their favourite ride-on for years and years.” 

Great for first-timers

Lily already knows how to use her feet to push herself. However, she dislikes her balance bike simply because she can’t quite figure it out yet. The Globber scooter with seat is the first stage and was perfect for her developmentally-wise.

STAGE 1: Ride-on Scooter with Seat

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Let’s go dad! Source: Jenna Galley

We found this stage is perfect for kids who want to ride like the big kids but simply don’t have the skills to do so just yet. It’s incredibly easy to steer the scooter and the lockable wheels make it easy for kids to balance.

In a sense, the seat allows them to get the feeling of having to ‘balance’ on a scooter without having to master the footwork just yet. 

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As a ride-on, this Globber Scooter offers a comfortable seat and footrest for kids. Source: Jenna Galley

She loves holding on to the handles and letting us wheel her around, which is ideal when we go for long walks or when we have the dog and Lily refuses to sit in the pram.”

STAGE 2: Walking Bike

scooter with seat - Globber Go Up Deluxe
And she’s off! Lily took to the walking bike right away. Source: Jenna Galley

However, it’s the second ride-on-stage that Lily likes the best. She’s at just that right age and I reckon this stage is perfect for kids 18 months to three years old, developmentally.

The seat is comfortable (and adjustable to grow with them), the handlebars are at just the right height and size and the wheels are smooth so they can easily get going with minimal effort or coordination needed.”

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Easy to grab handles are just one of the features of this Globber Scooter with seat. Source: Jenna Galley

STAGE 3: Scoot Away

The final stage, the scooter stage, was also a hit for Lily. I think the two front wheels really help kids get the hang of it and she was able to push herself right away. I know she’ll only get better as she practices.

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The grippy wide footbase is also a big plus and it even comes with a braking system.  Source: Jenna Galley

The wheels are incredibly durable too. Lily was able to get some good speed on all sorts of surfaces – outdoor tiles and bitumen paths. Definitely top-shelf quality!

In fact, the whole Globber scooter is beautifully-designed. You can tell it’s a quality product that will last for years and years and years.” 

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Source: Jenna Galley

Lightweight and foldable

The next thing that especially stood out to me was how lightweight it is. Not only to push, even with a 15kg child sitting on top, but also to carry, which, I won’t lie, we had to do a few times.

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A toddler who decides she wants “uppy” isn’t going to let it go until she gets “uppy”.  Source: Jenna Galley

Lockable wheels

Another cool thing about the Globber Go Up Deluxe Scooter is that the wheels can lock and unlock with a click of a button.

The lockable steering function is best for kids learning to ride as it keeps them more balanced while the unlocked steering allows older kids to have more control of the direction they go and get a bit tricky on their scooter.

Foldable and portable

The Globber scooter also folds in seconds too – simply remove the scooter frame and place it the other way around.

globber go up deluxe scooter
The lightweight, foldable frame allows for easy portability.  Source: Jenna Galley

Ride on little one 

But perhaps what I really love about the Globber Go Up Deluxe is how it allows Lily to be the ‘big girl’ she reckons she is. She has older siblings who both have scooters so the fact that she can be like her big brother and sister is a big plus in her eyes and in mine.

The confidence when she goes for a spin is so cute to watch too. Her eyes light up and she is just so proud of herself. #HeartMelts.

globber go up deluxe scooter
You’ve got this, girl! Source: Jenna Galley

When we go out for family adventures now, we take the Globber Scooter instead of the pram. It’s simply a better fit for our very active little girl who loves to go, go, go.

I have no hesitation recommending this 3-in-1 scooter to every family with a growing tot. It has been by far one of the best investments for us.” 

Globber Go Up deluxe Scooter
The world on wheels! Source: Jenna Galley

Get your Globber Scooter for 15% OFF!

Check out the Globber website to see the full range of Globber Go Up Deluxe Scooters. They come in four great colours – sky blue, deep pink, teal and mint and make a great Christmas present for your little one.

Alternatively, you may also like the Globber Primo Foldable Scooter which we also recently reviewed. This one has light-up wheels and folds up super compact too!

Regardless of which Globber Scooter you choose, using the code CENTRAL on checkout will SAVE YOU 15% OFF any Globber Scooter. 

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This is a sponsored review for Globber. Reviewers opinions and pictures are those of her own. The reviewer was not paid for this review. 

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