This Penis Zapping Testicle Bath May Soon to Be a Thing: Wait Until You See What It Does!

If you’ve ever wanted a break from contraception without the risk of getting pregnant AND wanted to zap your husband’s balls at the same time, you’re in luck!

We’ve uncovered a testicle bath that literally zaps sperms with ultrasound waves as a way to limit sperm production. All your man has to do is drop his pants, spread his legs and dip dem nuts into a warm bath.

Yep, ladies, your man could teabag his way to temporary infertility and we’re not sure whether to laugh, cry or shout for joy!

Dunk away!

Created by German design graduate Rebecca Weiss, the device named “Coso” is a male contraceptive that is described as an “ultrasound-based, reversible and hormone-free male contraceptive device for home use”.

testicle bath
Source : Coso

How it works is pretty simple – men place their nuts into a small bowl-like gadget which then gets filled with warm water. Turn on the ‘ball zapping’ function and the device will emit ultrasound waves to limit sperm production and mobility for up to two months. Kind of like a stun gun, but for their swimmers.

Treatments require two fifteen-minute ball baths, two days apart. Mrs Weiss, from Munich, said the contraceptive should become effective within two weeks and last for at least two months.

And fertility would return to normal six months after the last treatment, she estimates.

Testicle bath to replace condoms?

However, at this stage, the testicle tub isn’t quite ready yet. It’s won the James Dyson design awards but still requires clinical testing to bring it to market. Any takers?

At this stage we’re really lacking in male contraceptive options so fingers crossed all clinical trials go swimmingly and we are soon to see the testicle tub on the market.

Sorry Mirena. You’re out. It’s hubby’s turn now!

Even more creative inventions

The smart condom

This isn’t the first time an inventor has gone above and beyond with product development. Check out this FitBit for your d*ck that is literally a smart condom that tracks your sexcapades.

mum central

The i.Con Smart Condom claims to be a world first and uses a nanochip technology and sensors to keep track of the speed and number of thrusts, skin temperature, session duration, positions used and calories burned while you’re getting it on. It also tracks frequency data over days, weeks, months and years.

The sperm mask

Another lovely DIY invention is this gentle and cleansing sperm mask. Women have discovered that you can use your hubby’s spunk to give yourself a deep facial and keep your skin glowing. Yeah. No thanks.

Woman wearing sperm face mask


Moving away from your partner’s bits and into the land of baby, we uncover one of the best-kept baby secrets out there – Shittens. Literally gloves that double as baby wipes. I mean, if that isn’t clever, we don’t know what is!

Shittens poop glove


Tap that!

Oh, and I saved the VERY best for last! A European gentleman recently decided to combine his love of beer with his love of women and create a beer made from the “essence of hot underwear models”. Vagina beer is on tap at various pubs in Polish city, Katowice and is known as The Order of Yoni. Which translates to The Order of – you guessed it – Va-Ja-Ja.

vagina beer

The founder of the company, Wojtek Mann, described the process by which a gynaecologist took smears from two underwear models and had the lactic acid bacteria isolated in a lab. Yep. Just vomited in my mouth a little bit.  I’ll stick to other VB thanks, mate. Sure, it might be bitter, but, hey, at least it’s not made from a vagina.


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