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REVIEW: Magic Door Pillows – Getting Kids Back in their Beds.

Ladies and gents, allow me to introduce you to one of the most fun bedtime parenting inventions I’ve come across in a very long time!  They are called Magic Door Pillows, and the magical bedtime experience they create is an ideal way to add a dash of magic to your child’s bedtime routine.

As a mum of two gorgeous kids (Charlie, 3 and Sammy, 5) I’ve always struggled with bedtime. Both my kids report having nightmares and end up in my bedroom at night. Most mornings I wake up with at least one extra child in the bed which is fine, but it would be nice and less disruptive if we could all just STAY IN OUR OWN BEDS. Agree?!

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My cheeky cherubs. Source: Supplied

Then I learnt about Magic Door Pillows. While they can’t superglue your kids to their own beds, what they can do is promote good dreams and less disruptive sleep. And to me, that’s just as valuable!

One of the things I especially loved about the Magic Door Pillow was that it created excitement around bedtime. The kids were excited to go up to bed instead of arguing to stay awake.”

Make bedtime magical with Magic Door Pillows

There are two sets to choose from – The Dream Fairy Set and The Sleepy Wizard Set and both are designed to make bedtime fun and help kids have good dreams.

Both sets feature ‘The Dream Fairy’ OR ‘The Sleepy Wizard’ plush toy and matching glow-in-the-dark Magic Door Pillow, the storybook, a movie storybook, an audiobook, an activity and colouring book, the first two letters from The Dream Fairy or The Sleepy Wizard and step by step instructions on how to create the magical experience. They have been designed and developed by a Perth couple who wrote the book, drew the illustrations and came up with the concept – so clever!

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Each ‘Sleepy Wizard Set’ comes with ‘The Sleepy Wizard’, a blue Magic Door Door Pillow, storybook, movie storybook, audiobook, activity and colouring book, the first two letters from ‘The Sleepy Wizard’ and instructions. Source: Supplied

These magical bedtime sets are new to the market but let me tell you, they are #bedtimegoals and I am so excited to show you how they work! Watch the magic unfold below!

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Four simple steps to magical bedtime success

STEP 1: Secretly place the Magic Door Pillows on your kids’ beds.

Before bedtime, write your kids’ names on ‘Letter 1’ and put them inside the Magic Door Pillow’s mailbox pocket. Then, secretly place the pillows on their beds.

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Secretly place the Magic Door Pillows on your kids’ beds with ‘Letter 1’ tucked inside the magic mailbox. Source: Supplied

I really love that you can choose between the video, audio or physical story book. It gives the children a sense of choice and control over their bedtime routine.”

STEP 2. Read the storybook and say the magic spell.

Read the storybook to your kids or play the movie storybook for them somewhere other than their bedroom so that they do not see the pillows.

The story ends with a spell that you read aloud with your kids to make the Magic Door Pillows appear. Either read the spell from the book or pause the movie storybook and read it.

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Read the storybook to your kids somewhere other than their bedroom and say the magic spell together to make a Magic Door Pillow appear on their beds. Source: Supplied

They LOVE when the magic comes to life. Sam could not believe the pillow just magically appeared.”

STEP 3. Get your kids to check their beds.

Take your kids to their bedrooms for them to discover that the spell has worked. Now, they have Magic Door Pillows of their own!

Your kids will be amazed when they find ‘Letter 1’ addressed to them in the pillow’s magic mailbox. Help them to follow the instructions provided in ‘Letter 1’ so that they can name their Sleepy Wizard or Dream Fairy to start the magic and make them come to life.

STEP 4. Get creative and continue the magic.

The following day, replace ‘Letter 1’ with ‘Letter 2’. This is the reply letter from their wizard or fairy, accepting their name and letting your kids know that they have come to life!

If they check for a reply letter before you get a chance to put ‘Letter 2’ in their pillow’s mailbox, let them know that the reply isn’t there yet because their wizard or fairy must still be asleep. Reassure them that they will reply as soon as they wake up.

From now on, each night before bed, your kids can write or draw a picture of what they would like to dream about, and mail it in the pillow’s mailbox. This way, their wizard or fairy will know what dreams to catch for them.

A little magic and imagination from Mum or Dad, a grandparent, or another adult is required for the replies.

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Kids then write or draw what they would like to dream about and post it to their magic fairy or wizard. Source: Supplied

Good dreams really do come true!

If you love The Elf on the Shelf or simply surprising your kids with something extra special, then this is an amazing child sleep aide to help children sleep, keep those bad dreams away and give them something special to look forward to every night.

Plus, Magic Door Pillows have been tested and certified by Standards Australia under AS/NZS ISO 8124 Parts 1, 2 and 3 Safety of Toys and are suitable for children ages 0+. They also make a unique gift for kids.

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Kids will love the interactive and fun element of Magic Door Pillow. Source: Mum Central

I also found that having their pillow and toys in bed with them helped them stay in bed. My husband and I could actually sit down and watch TV for a bit without the kids coming out every five minutes.”

Get yours for 10% off

The Magic Door Pillows retails for $49 but you can get 10% off your first order using the coupon code MUMCENTRAL10 (excludes gift vouchers). Plus, you get FREE delivery on all orders around Australia if you buy two or more sets. It really is the perfect gift for toddlers, kids, birthdays, Christmas, etc.

Every child is different when it comes to bedtime. For my two kids, the Magic Door Pillows have made a very positive change to our bedtime routine. I’m so thrilled at the impact it’s made in such a short time.

Our Magic Door Pillows have been a really positive experience and a fun way to wind down at night. I would recommend it to all parents.” 

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