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REVIEW: Mums Weigh in on the Lightweight Pigeon GoMini Breast Pump

Buying an electric breast pump can be tricky. It’s hard to know exactly what you’re getting from the box. Sure, it looks good, but how’s the suction? Is it easy to use? Is it noisy?

It’s nearly impossible to know until you try it. This is why we’ve done the homework for you with our Pigeon GoMini review where we put the Pigeon GoMini Double Electric Breast Pump through its paces. Literally.

We recently asked a panel of new mums to review the Pigeon GoMini and come back to us with their findings.

Pigeon GoMini
The Pigeon GoMini set includes a double electric breast pump plus two bottles. Source: Grace Do

9 breastfeeding mums. 9 hungry babies. And one unanimous decision – the Pigeon GoMini is a MUST-HAVE for all breastfeeding mums.

The Pigeon GoMini Double Electric Breast Pump is a new small electric breast pump designed to support breastfeeding mums and their busy lifestyles. Comfortable, compact (it’s the same size as a phone), easy to use, portable and efficient at pumping quickly, the GoMini ticked ALL the boxes. It even helped increase the milk supply of many of our mums!

All 9 of our mums would recommend the Pigeon GoMini to others and the pump received a score of 4.5/5 stars overall.

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mum centralBut, before you do, check out our Pigeon GoMini video review to see how it works and what our reviewers thought:

Pigeon GoMini electric breast pump review

And Here’s what our mums had to say:

Anita H, mum to Benny

I would definitely recommend [GoMini]. It’s so lightweight and easy to use, and I love that it’s already set up for double pumping without having to purchase any additional accessories.”

Pigeon GoMini review- Anita Higgs

Lisa C, mum to Ava

So simple that even the most sleep-deprived mumma (*raises hand*) can operate. I was very happy with how little brain power was required to operate the pump. I was also very impressed that my little one took he Pigeon bottle as well.”

Pigeon GoMini review - Lisa Crowley

Laura P, mum to Evie

So much more comfortable than others I have used. I got so much more milk using this pump!  Plus my baby took to this brand teat so much better than others too. Very happy Mumma!”

Pigeon GoMini real mum's review

Grace D, mum to Aria

Overall it’s a great pump. It’s slim and lightweight and most importantly works really well in expressing milk.”

Pigeon GoMini breast pump review

Nic S, mum to Luca 

This really is a fabulous pump. It had fantastic suction and the different levels available are great if you are sensitive or sore.

As a working breastfeeding mother the ability to power via my laptop gave me so much freedom. I didn’t need to fine a space near a socket. I could sit anywhere with my laptop and pump.”

Pigeon GoMini review - Nic Siddall

Laura W, mum to Imogen

I liked the simplicity and size of the pump – makes it easy to carry around. It was good to hold, comfortable and felt sturdy.” 

Pigeon GoMini breast pump review

Perfect for busy mums

Fuss-free and effective, the Pigeon GoMini comes with a slew of great features. Some of the things our mums especially loved about it were the compact design, the portability of it, and how comfortable and effective it was to use.

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Not bad for a few minutes of expressing! Source: Anita Higgs

Within 5 minutes of pumping I had expressed approximately 100mls of milk in my first pumping session. – Grace D.

More milk!

Many mums also admitted that the Pigeon GoMini managed to stimulate their milk supply. It also comes with both stimulation (to help boost your milk let down) and expression (to extract milk) modes.

Being a double pump has literally cut my pumping time in half. The level of suction is very effective and I noticed that since using the Pigeon GoMini I’m able to express more milk in general.– Amanda G, mum to Cooper

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No handed pumping action! Source: Angelina Ferguson

I loved that the pump automatically switched from stimulation to expression mode. I was successful in pumping good amounts of breastmilk, more than I’d achieved with any other pump.” – Angelina F, mum to Violet

The pump also remembers my suction preference which means less fiddling with each pumping session. – Grace D.

Compact and comfortable

Many of our mums also commented on how stylish it looked, for a breast pump, at least, and how handy the small size is for pumping on the go.

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Perfect for your purse! Source: Marisa Tea

Very easy to put together and take apart. No fussing around. The style of the pump itself is very modern.” – Marissa T, mum to Levi

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Mums described the remote control as easy to use and compact. Source: Amanda Gordan

The motor was small, stylish and simple to use. If a breast pump could be described as pretty, then this is it.” – Lisa C.

It fit easily in one hand and could be controlled much like texting with a thumb.” – Anita H.

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Extra quiet

But what about the sound? Does the Pigeon GoMini make the ‘duf duf’ sound as it does its business? You may be surprised!

I would often use the Pigeon GoMini whilst my baby girl slept next to me and not once has this breast pump woken her.” – Amanda G.

Great for working mums

Whether pumping at home, at work or even in the car, the GoMini comes with a small and light motor pump with a USB port and a LED light which shows your power level – simply plug it into your power bank, computer or even your car and you are ready to pump.

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Tunes pumping while pumping in the car. Check out multitasking Laura in action! Source: Lisa Crowley

One of my favourite features though was the USB power option. It meant I could work and power from my laptop without the need to be near a wall with a plug socket. So could pump while working! – Nic S

I was so worried about having to give up breastfeeding when I go back to work. Now I feel so much more confident that I’ll be able to continue with it for as long as Evie wants me to!” – Laura P.

Pigeon GoMini electric breast pump
GoMini is a working mum’s breast friend

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Pigeon GoMini Double Electric Breast Pump

Comfort 9.2
Quiet 8.5
Efficient 9.5
Compact 9.2
Value for Money 9.2

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mum central

I would definitely recommend the Pigeon GoMini to anyone. It’s so comfortable to use, it’s compact and easy to take anywhere and time saving with the ability to use it as a double pump.” – Amanda G.

Try it today

The GoMini works with both Pigeon slim and wide bottles, and the breast pump comes with two Pigeon bottles so you don’t need to go out and buy more.

It retails for $349.99 and you can buy it directly from the Pigeon website (free shipping too).

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Right now you can get your hands on a brand new Pigeon GoMini at a pretty stellar price! Trust us, you’ll be so glad you did! Click on over and check it out for yourself! 

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mum centralThe breastfeeding mums have spoken

With a 100% recommendation and 4.5 stars for the Pigeon GoMini, we are pleased to give the Pigeon GoMini the Mum Central Mum’s Choice award.

This is a sponsored review for Pigeon. All opinions are those of our reviewers.
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