Release Your Inner Silver Fox Goddess with this Grey Hair Trend

Hello, sexy, shimmering silver hair! Welcome to my life.

A hairdresser in California is turning heads after showcasing his clients’ sexy grey hair transformations on Instagram.

Rather than cover the greys, women are choosing to show them off and, let me be the first to say, WOW!

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silver hair trend
Grey hair, do care! Women are rocking the greys with this new hair trend. Source: Instagram

50 shades of grey 

Jack Martin is a god when it comes to grey hair. He is the owner of Jack Martin Salon in California and has women from all across the country come to him for their silver hair summons.

Of course, we can’t book in to see Jack because #bordersareclosed, but, hey, we can admire his work from a safe distance.

grey hair trend

grey hair
How fresh and shimmery does the silver look? Source: Instagram

Silver is the new black

The silver hair trend is all about embracing your greys and highlighting them rather than hiding them. It seems to work for all lengths and shades of hair, from black to blonde which is good news for mums who can’t be effed to book into a salon every four weeks.

mum central
Going for grey. Source: Instagram

It looks and sounds like a dream dye job.

However, according to Jack, the grey hair trend is not a cheap alternative. It’s going to set you back several hundreds of dollars and can take around eight hours to get these types of results.

We’re still loving it though, expensive or not. And eight child-free hours at a salon doesn’t sound too bad in our books.

silver hair trend

mum central

silver hair trend
Source: Instagram

Would you be willing to give the silver hair dye a try? 

This isn’t the first hair bandwagon that we are ready to board. A few months ago the unicorn hair trend shimmied into social media and it was a rainbow of hair delight.

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