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Video of Why this Mum Experienced Rib Pain in Pregnancy Has Us all Shook

Ever feel like your baby was poking you directly in the ribs during pregnancy? For Bethany Love, it turned out this was exactly what was happening.

Her baby girl’s foot was stuck under her ribcage in utero, causing her weeks of constant rib pain in pregnancy. And, turns out, she’s not alone!

Is that a foot in my ribcage?

Bethany took to TikTok to share a video of her little one’s misshapen foot – the result of being stuck in her ribcage. While it looks very painful for bub, Bethany assures everyone that her daughter’s foot is now fine, after some gentle massage. 

As Bethany explains, in the last month she experienced a lot of rib pain in pregnancy, describing it as a “really achy rib.” She then makes a joke about thinking her baby must have her foot stuck in her ribs or something.

“Everyone thought I was being dramatic.”

When her daughter was born, all was revealed. Not dramatic. Actual foot in ribcage. 

foot in ribcage video - rib pain in pregnancy
Source: TikTok

It has so far been viewed more than 127,000 times and received more than 4000 likes and numerous comments. Plenty of people have expressed concern that this could happen to them – after all, who hasn’t felt the unusual rib pain in pregnancy? 

@bethjlovex And everyone thought I was being dramatic 🙄😂 #pregnancy #fulltermpregnancy #foot #ribs #foryou #funfacts #viral #raiseawareness ♬ Oh No – Kreepa

Is this a thing? 

Apparently so. Bethany was terrified when she first saw her daughter’s foot but was reassured that it was actually quite common. 

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“She [her daughter] didn’t feel a thing and it was normal within a couple of weeks,” she told one commenter.

“I was worried. I couldn’t believe how quickly it went back! I’d never heard of it before! The midwife said it was pretty common, can be ribs or pelvis.”

Not the only one

Several mums shared their own experiences with something similar in the comments. 

“With my second I always said it felt like she was in my ribs… I had a [Caesarean] section and they had to use forceps to get her out as she was stuck in them,” said one.

“My daughter had this too but was bent inwards,” said another.

“This happened to me!! Gave my daughter positional talipes too. I just knew something wasn’t right the past month. It felt horrible moving around.”

“Same! My little one’s right foot had her toes touching her shin.”

“My son had this. He had some physio and he’s been good since. Until him, never knew it could happen.” 

Pregnancy is CRAY CRAY

Vivian birth story - no idea pregnant and in labour while out with friends
Source: TikTok

Bethany’s not the only one sharing her unusual pregnancy experience on TikTok. Last year a mum in Mexico gave birth to a baby boy without realising she was even pregnant. She was out on the town with her friends the night before experiencing some back pain. A few hours later, she was a mum! 

Read it here. 

Three babies, 10 months

three babies in 2020
Source: TikTok


This mum also shares her motherhood journey on TikTok, explaining how she has three toddler girls all born in the same year, but not triplets. Stephanie gave birth to a daughter, Daphne in late January 2020, then fell pregnant with twin girls just a few weeks later. Her twins, Penny and Rubie were born in early December 2020. 

Read it here. 

So. Much. Baby. Movement. 

Crazy baby movement video

Another cool video that showcases the craziness that is pregnancy is this video of a baby using his mum’s uterus as a jungle gym at 38 weeks gestation. The video, which has been seen over 14 million times, is a perfect visual as to why our bladders take such a hit during pregnancy. I swear little Benjamin is born to be a trampoline artist or something!

Watch it here. 

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