‘I Seriously Think He’s Gonna Burst Out’: Crazy Baby Movements in Belly

Wonder why our tummies look a little bit worse-for-wear after pregnancy? It could have something to do with the baby acrobatics going on under the skin.

Need proof? Check out this little one using his mummy’s uterus as a jungle gym.

So. Much. Baby. Movement. 

Excited dad Zach Beatty shared a video of his little man, Benjamin attempting to push his way out of the womb at 38 weeks gestation.

The video, which has been seen over 14 million times, is a perfect visual as to why our bladders take such a hit during pregnancy. I swear this kid is born to be a trampoline artist or something!

As Zach shares, “the baby in there was in fact a baby, and not an alien or monster.”

But check out those baby moves!

YouTube video


Tiny dancer!

Throughout the 1.23 minute video, Benjamin is kicking, punching, and possibly standing up or attempting to flip upside down. Meanwhile, mum calmly watches her stomach stretch, pull, and pop out.

At one stage she laughs, “I seriously think he’s going to burst out.”

Benjamin was born shortly after this video too – a healthy 4.35kg at birth!

Baby movement in utero can be a pretty crazy thing but Benjamin’s womb moves certainly impressed us all! We’ve never seen a baby groove quite like that!

Was your little one this active?

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