Robert Irwin Stuns Us With His New Look, Crikey, What a Smoke Show!

He’s as dinky-di as a meat pie and one of Australia’s most wholesome bachelors. A talented photographer, conservationist and doting funcle, here’s why we love Robert Irwin and why we think he’s going to be Australia’s next hottest drawcard. Just take a look at these pics from his Stellar magazine shoot – phwoar!

Robert Irwin, like we’ve NEVER seen him before!

Um, excuse the smoke show (and it does feel weird saying that about Robert) but HOLY BATMAN.

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James Dean? Close. Robert Irwin. Source: Instagram / Stellar Magazine

It’s fair to say, this is Robert Irwin like we’ve never seen him before. And I can’t tear my eyes away, what a gorgeous man he is!

Robert Irwin
HOLY IRWIN SMOKE SHOW. Source: Instagram / Stellar Magazine

Proving he’s all grown up and looking every bit like a movie star heart throb, I am pretty sure Robert sharing these latest images on his Instagram will result in his Insta Direct Messages coming to a spectacular crash and burn. Line up ladies, line up.

Robert Irwin
Yep, ok, I get it. Source: Instagram / Stellar Magazine

Is it hot in here? NO REALLY, IS IT?

Robert Irwin isn’t a kid anymore, guys

Robert Irwin, son of Terri and the late Steve Irwin, is just 18 years old. And just like his older sister Bindi Irwin, we’ve watched him grow from a baby into one of the finest, most respectful young adults we see in the public eye.

Robert Irwin
Robert Irwin hamming it up for the camera with his mum, Terri. Source: Instagram

Move over Hemsworths, Robert Irwin has arrived. Here’s just a handful of reasons why we LOVE Robert and can’t wait to see what he gets up to next. We want to know, do you love Robert too?

Robert Irwin
Name another young person so passionate about our wildlife and environment conservation, I’ll wait. Source: Instagram

7 reasons why we love Robert Irwin (and you soo will too!)

1. Robert is as bashful as they come

Now I know, Robert is only 18 but I’m putting him in the SNAG category. Not the Bunnings fundraiser kind, the sensitive new age guy kind. This recent TikTok shows an American tourist who decided to shoot her shot at the family Zoo’s crocodile show. How Robert reacted was priceless. Blushing and bashful, all the while being completely respectful, wholesome, and not at all acting aloof that a stranger was willing to take the risk. Awwwww, so sweet, but also #heartbreaker.

YouTube video

2. He’s a family man!

The Irwin’s have always been a tight-knit family, with Bindi and ‘Bob’ Robert always appearing to be doting siblings. Now I’m the first to admit I always thought this was a bit of a show for the public when they were younger, but I’ve since been convinced they actually REALLY love each other and are BFFs. During Bindi’s pregnancy, we saw Robert being just as excited about Grace’s arrival as the rest of the famil,y and of course, giving himself the fun uncle ‘funcle’ name.

Robert Irwin
‘Funcle’ Robert has a special place in his heart for his niece Grace. Source: Instagram

3. Robert has epic photography skills

We all know the importance of being able to capture something perfect for the ‘gram and Robert nails it EVERY TIME. From capturing wildlife in his own backyard and beyond to absolutely stunning family photos (even cinematic-style videos), this is a guy with TALENT and an amazing eye for detail.

Robert Irwin
Is there anything Robert Irwin can’t do? Source: Instagram

4. His passion for ALL things gives us all the feels!

You know when someone is excited and passionate about everything around them – big or small – it becomes contagious? In every interview I’ve seen with Robert, he’s been exactly like that – passionate to his very core. The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree because his dad Steve, was very much the same. It’s exciting and inspiring and has us all wanting to do our bit for wildlife conservation – and maybe a bit of croc wrangling on the side.

Robert Irwin
Family, wildlife, travel, conservation – Robert Irwin is passionate about it ALL. Source: Instagram

5. Robert rocks a khaki look wherever he goes

Even when not on location at Australia Zoo, Robert is dressed head to toe in shades of khaki and you know what, it’s perfect. It’s an Irwin signature look, after all.

Robert Irwin
Do you know what goes with khaki? More khaki. Source: Instagram

6. He’s funny in the best kind of way

One look at Robert’s Instagram account and you’ll see a cheeky, funny side to Robert that we don’t always get to see in quick snippets of TV interviews. From trying to help Emily the curlew and her anger management issues, to sitting on the couch watching TV with Bindi for Gogglebox. He always brings the LOLs!

7. Robert Irwin’s future is bright!

It feels like we’ve known Robert for a lifetime already – and that’s because we’ve watched him grow up and follow in his family’s footsteps. That, and his father’s legacy of wildlife conservation at Australia Zoo. The resemblance is uncanny!

“It is the greatest honour of my life to get to follow in my dad’s footsteps and help keep his legacy and mission alive.” Robert Irwin 

Robert Irwin
Like father, like son. Source: Instagram

What’s next for Robert Irwin?

But I for one am excited to see what the future holds for Robert. Will he continue to work in the family business, and eventually have a partner and family also involved (much like big sis Bindi and her husband Chandler) or will he go explore something on his own accord?

Robert Irwin
Australia Zoo and the Irwin’s: it’s a family affair. Source: Instagram

Whatever it is, Robert Irwin is a guy to keep an eye on. I predict he’s going to be one of Australia’s biggest homegrown drawcards with a  future so bright, that he’s going to need a pair of shades from the Australia Zoo souvenir shop. And good on him, he deserves it all. We love you, Robert!

Robert Irwin
We love you Robert! Source: Instagram

Has Robert already found love?

While Robert’s management hasn’t confirmed if he is in a relationship or not, it’s been rumoured that Robert is in a relationship with California-based, animal welfare Emmy Perry – who also happens to be the heiress to a multimillion-dollar video game fortune. The pair have been friends since they met back in 2019 and she recently visited Australia Zoo, even going out to release turtles with Robert. So watch this space!

mum central
Are Emmy and Robert perhaps more than friends? Time will tell! Source: Instagram

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