BINDI IRWIN GALLERY: 25 Motherhood Moments that Made Us Gush!

The first months of finding your feet as parents can feel like the longest time when you’re a new parent in the trenches, but it feels SO very quick for the rest of us.  Bindi Irwin and husband Chandler Powell celebrated four months of parenthood this week and have been celebrating with a series of oh-so-sweet moments across Instagram.

What better time to look back and celebrate their journey so far with their beautiful daughter, Grace Warrior. SO SWEET!

Four months already we hear you say?! Indeed!

Fresh back from her social media break last month, we take a look back at the magical moments Bindi and Chandler have chosen to share with the world since their daughter’s arrival.

Prepare your ovaries … just look at all this cuteness! The gushing level is on full tilt at level HIGH.

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1. The newborn bubble as a family of three

A big week for the Irwin and Powell family, Grace’s arrival meant for a snuggle filled week.

mum central
And baby makes three. Source: Instagram

2. Grace is cheeky from the very first week

Is this a sign of how cheeky Grace will be as she grows up? A sly little poke of the tongue, we see it!

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A sly poke of the tongue. Source: Instagram

3. Sweet snoozing baby

Who doesn’t love a snoozing baby? “Our beautiful girl, always dreaming”, Bindi wrote.

Bindi Irwin
Never wake a sleeping baby. Source: Instagram

4. The apple of her dad’s eye

Bindi never holds back on the appreciation posts when it comes to her husband and Grace’s doting dad, Chandler.

mum central
Awwwwwwww. Source: Instagram

5. Two weeks old and picture-perfect

One thing’s for sure, this family will always have a great spot for family photos.

Bindi Irwin
Picture perfect in every way. Source: Instagram

6. One month old, crikey!

Bindi marks the milestone first month by dressing sweet little grace up in her first khaki shirt and meeting star tortoises. As you do when you’re part of the Irwin family.

mum central
Fresh deck of khakis for this bub! Source: Instagram

7. Baby and fur-baby

Piggy – Bindi and Chandler’s much loved Cavalier King Charles Spaniel isn’t convinced by the new family addition. Just wait until she can toss a ball, Piggy!

mum central
One looks happier than the other. Just saying. Source: Instagram

8. When your home is full of beautiful walking tracks

Nearly two months old, Grace is taking in all of her gorgeous surroundings at Australia Zoo and Bindi looks relaxed as ever. Born to be a mum!

Bindi Irwin
Walks with mama! Source: Instagram

9. Hands in the air if you’re two months old!

Oh my goodness. CHEEKS!

mum central
Bindi launches cute babywear, provides the perfect model! Source: Instagram

10. Grace Warrior’s first koala encounter

One of these babies is not quite like the other. It’s all fluffy ears and pompoms in this sweet family photo.

mum central
The greatest of mates. Source: Instagram

11. Uncle Robert for the entertainment win!

Robert famously said he wanted to be Grace’s fun uncle – a ‘funcle‘, and I definitely think he’s going to bring all the fun playdates in the future!

Bindi Irwin
Funcle Robert providing laughs for this family. Source: Instagram

12. Out and about on a canopy walk

There are just so many places around Australia Zoo that can be discovered on four wheels – pram wheels that is!

mum central
Have a pram, will travel! Source: Instagram

13. Rub-a-dub-dub, thanks for the tub!

The hooded towel tradition lives on in the Irwin family, Bindi makes sure to snap a pic similar to her own baby photo.

Bindi Irwin
A freshly washed baby, nothing beats it! Source: Instagram

14. Back again and shining bright as a button!

Bindi decided to take a short break from social media and upon her return to Instagram, treated us to some of her beautiful favourite photos from the month. So much love in this photo!

mum central
Our favourite family is BACK! Source: Instagram

15. A curious little Skippy

Tell me you’re a Wildlife Warrior without actually telling me you’re a Wildlife Warrior…

Bindi Irwin
The cutest nursery there ever was. Source: Instagram

16. A bird garden, named in Grace’s honour!

When we can visit again, be sure to visit Australia Zoo’s Grace’s bird garden, it’s sure to be tweet sweet!

mum central
Grace was far too excited by the launch. Source: Instagram

17. Snug as a bug, adventures await

As alert as ever, Bindi says Grace loves nature walks and looking for wildlife with her and Chandler. I’d believe it looking at her sweet content face!

Bindi Irwin
Eye spy with my little eye … Source: Instagram

18. Grace the giggle pot

Just shy of turning four months old, Grace has started to giggle. What a delight!

mum central
Oh my goodness, it’s the eyelashes for me. Source: Instagram


Oh, my ovaries. Have you ever seen a more beautiful baby?!

Bindi Irwin
MY HEART. Source: Instagram

20. Going off-road, Bindi wears Grace, sling style

We love to see our celebrity mums embracing babywearing. Here Bindi rocks a sling to carry Grace around. Snug!

mum central
Let’s go mum! Source: Instagram

21. The eyes have it

A spitting image of her mama, Grace looks to have her mum’s beautiful almond-shaped brown peepers. Lucky girl!

Bindi Irwin
I’m 90% sure Chandler was offside saying PEEK-A-BOO! Source: Instagram

22. Sunset snugs

There’s always beauty in the quiet moments, especially when a baby is involved.

mum central
Quiet walks with mum. Source: Instagram

23. Grandma Terri is always close by to lend a hand

Bindi revealed in an Instagram post that they don’t call Terri grandma or nanna – they call her Bunny. LOVE THAT!

Bindi Irwin
Grace and her Bunny. Perfect. Source: Instagram

24. Bindi celebrates her first birthday as a mum

Your first birthday as a mum – and it’s not really about you. Grace steals the birthday show!

mum central
Happy birthday, Bindi! Source: Instagram

25. Mum and bub

Bindi looks to be the most relaxed, natural mum getting around. We can’t wait to watch these two grow together!

Bindi Irwin
Motherhood, the greatest joy. Source: Instagram

What an AMAZING start to 2021 Bindi Irwin and Chandler Powell! We’re so pleased to see this gorgeous family back in our social feeds with their beautiful family snaps. What a joy it is to watch this sweet little girl grow up (just as we did with Bindi!).

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