Roxy Jacenko Shares 9-Year-Old Daughter’s Insane Birthday Gift List

Last year Australian businesswoman Roxy Jacenko bought her daughter, Pixie, an $85,000 car. A sleek black Mercedes-Benz GLC 350 to be exact. The internet reacted accordingly, reminding the PR queen that her daughter is 9 and doesn’t need a Benz.

So, what does a nearly 10-year-old need? Roxy decided to ask her daughter just that. And, well, Pixie delivered accordingly.

Pixie’s birthday list

Roxy Jacenko shared her daughter’s extravagant birthday wish list on her Insta page and we couldn’t help but have a chuckle. Roxy doesn’t hold back on her love of nice things, and looks like Pixie is following in mum’s footsteps!

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Roxy and Pixie showcase their matching Valentino bags. Source: Instagram

There are 32 items on the list, including a few cracker ideas, such as a second piercing and Brandy Melville which I thought was a person. But Google informs me this is a label. She also wants items from Shein and Mr Winston. Oh, plus trendy clothes.

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Pixie’s birthday list. Source: Instagram

She also requested a  new room, complete with a loft bed,  couch, and a tiny glass coffee table. Oh and let’s not forget the fake plants. 

The nearly ten-year-old also asks for crystals and vines which, again, I’m lost. What the heck is/are vines?

Moving to her lighting, she requires several different options. A ring light, fairy lights, LED lights and a starlight projector.

Of course, some of the items on her list are completely normal for a 9-year-old. Fidget toys, a swim suit, lipgloss, slime, a colouring book, and new pens, for example.

But we can’t get over some of the other random requests – teeth whitening? a skincare fridge? Not exactly the things my nearly 9-year-old daughter is asking for!

Well, at least she’s dreaming big. Pretty sure I received a pair of god-awful platform shoes and a Fear Street book shirt for my 10th birthday. But, hey, who’s comparing?

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