There’s Clean and Then There’s Sabco Clean. Here’s 3 Products to Change Your Cleaning Game


Ahh Mum life, it’s a life full of thrills and spills – literally. There’s the endless crumbs, spilt drinks, dirt, dust and occasional vomit to endure. And while cleaning floors is rarely our favourite thing to do, having the right tools at your fingertips can make ALL the difference.

Sabco: A brand Australians love and trust

Let’s face it, we all clean differently, and we all have different variations of what we consider to be clean. For some a daily mop is on the cards, for others it’s weekly and others even more.  Either way you do what works for you.

What we can all agree on is that the easiest way to get the job done is often the most practical and preferable. And when you DO clean your floors, you should know that Sabco makes it so easy with their range of mops and cleaning accessories. Because, if I’ve learnt one thing over time, get better tools to make the job easier. Ones you can rely on, from brands who know what they’re doing.

Sabco have been around longer than you and I, so they’re the experts when it comes to cleaning. Originally starting in Adelaide in 1892 as the South Australian Brush Company, their vision has always been simple – to help Australians clean their homes. And that they have, extremely well!

Now as they embark on their 130th year, they celebrate the many Australian homes that Sabco has been a part of over the journey and can’t wait to see what they do in their next 100 years! Got to love that!

sabco mops
Sabco have been the main stayers in cleaning products for over 130 years! Source: Mum Central

No matter how hard your family is on your floors, Sabco has your back. Here are THREE Sabco cleaning products every busy mum needs in her cleaning arsenal. And just quietly, how NICE and fresh is the green? It’s a chef’s kiss for Sabco’s aesthetics and my need for matching gear, cleaning or not.

Sabco cleaning mops and brooms
Add these three Sabco game-changers to your #mumlife cleaning kit.

1. Save Your Back with the Sabco Long-Handled Dustpan

Hard floor areas can often get messy, and with more and more houses installing floating floors and tiles, the simplicity of a quality dustpan and broom can’t be overlooked. Parents of fur babies, especially those who shed A LOT of fur, will understand that not just any dustpan will work to lock away fluff balls and other light matter as you walk away – often chasing your tail to keep it all contained. BUT NO MORE.

Sabco has you covered with their Long-Handled Dustpan Set ($21) which stands tall with its broom for the storage cupboard, and when in use folds flat to collect the dust and debris.  Lift it back up when finished and the dust and debris fills to the base. The set comes with a matching, perfectly sized long-handled broom which requires NO bending over. Save your back and your sanity over chasing The broom has a soft, tapered brush, making whipping around stools, highchair legs and dirt from corners an absolute cinch to flick into the dustpan when laying flat, before standing it up to secure its contents. Score!

sabco long handled dustpan set
No sausage roll crumb, Weet-Bix flake or pet fluff will escape the Sabco Long-Handled Dustpan Set! Source: Mum Central

MUM HACK: In an effort to work smarter not work harder, if you’re often lumbered with the task of picking up endless bits of Lego, Barbie shoes or other collectables, a (clean) Sabco Long-Handled Dustpan makes picking up those toys a quick job – just scoop them straight up!

2. For a quick and easy cleanup: Sabco SuperSwish Spray Mop

The Sabco SuperSwish Spray Mop ($43.99) is perfect for quickly cleaning up life’s messes from spilt drinks and cereal bowls to muddy paw prints from that cheeky puppy! No bucket is required, simply fill the mop tank with your preferred cleaning solution and water, mist the floor and go.

Perfectly dosed and delivered via a misted spray, the mop delivers the right amount of water for even, fuss-free cleaning. Simply squeeze the trigger handle to spritz and glide your mop over the top. It REALLY is that easy.

Plus, you can use it on practically every floor surface – timber floorboards, vinyl, lino, polished concrete, parquetry, tiles and more! This is a fab mop if you need to whip over your floors and want them dry in a hurry. Quick, easy, fuss free.

Sabco SuperSwish Spray Mop
Sabco SuperSwish Spray Mop – a perfectly dosed, wide and even cleaning spray, EVERY TIME! Source: Mum Central

3. For a Deep Clean: Sabco Rinse n’ Wring Mop Set

If you believe your floor isn’t really TRULY clean unless you’re swishing a mop into a bucket of sudsy water, we’ve got the perfect mop for you too. Everything you need is at your fingertips when with the generously sized Sabco Rinse n’ Wring Mop Set ($55).

Sabco Rinse n' Ring Bucket
Don’t touch a THING, the Sabco Rinse n’ Ring bucket does it all for you! Source: Mum Central

With filthy kids and a leaky puppy at home, I’ve never been more thankful for hands-free, hygienic mopping and effortless cleaning with this game-changing mop set. Featuring an innovative, clever dual chamber bucket with power blade technology to squeeze the water out, you can both rinse AND wring your mop without touching the microfibre floor pad.

Sabco Mop
Quick dry floors come at me, just look at all that water squeezed out! Source: Mum Central

Sticky sauce, cordial or muddy paws – you won’t have to touch it AT ALL!  Simply guide the mop head in and out of the bucket on both sides for a dip and wring and you’re READY. Best of all, there’s NO SPLASHING as the water stays where it belongs –  in the bucket!

Cleaning up is made simple AND sustainable

Now that your floors are clean enough to eat off … well you know what we mean … cleaning the mop pads is super simple too. Simply remove the microfibre pad from the mop head and wash it in the washing machine on a regular wash so it’s ready for your next cleaning session.

Who doesn’t love a streak-free and sustainable clean? We do, and it has Sabco written all over it!

Sabco mop heads in washing machine
Sabco makes it easy to clean up after cleaning – pads in the machine and you’re DONE! Source: Mum Central

Clever convenience at your fingertips

The Sabco range is readily available at major retailers including Bunnings, Mitre 10, Big W, Woolworths and Coles, so mums shouldn’t have any trouble finding what they want! Want to know more about the products? Check out the link below to view the entire range of Sabco cleaning magic and to find your local stockist.

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