The Secret Teen Text Codes Every Parent Needs to Know

It can seem like teens talk – and text – in a whole different language!

As a parent, you need to know what they’re talking about to know when they’re doing fine – and when they might need your help. So here’s your guide all those secret teen text codes, unmasked.

Ok, so most of us old fogeys (aka parents) have caught up on some of the texting lingo. But it’s not all LOL and BRB (that’s Laughing Out Loud and Be Right Back for those of you new to the texting game!).

American Doctor Wachs has flagged that teens are using code words to text about drugs, sex, depression and even suicidal thoughts.

They’re like oh my kid wants broccoli for dinner. Broccoli is marijuana.”
Dr Wachs

Text codes you need to know

So what are the secret teen text codes you need to know? Some currently in use to talk about drugs are:

COLA = cocaine

LIT = getting high/drunk

420 = marijuana

BROKEN = hung over

DOC = drug of choice

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Secret sex codes

And there’s codes your teen might be using to text about sex and sexting:

53X = sex

LH6 = let’s have sex

IWSN = I want sex now

CU46 = see you for sex

8 = oral sex

MPFD = my personal fuck buddy

GYPO = get your pants off

RUH = are you horny?

FWB = friends with benefits

KFY or K4Y = kiss for you

KOTL = kiss on the lips

GNOC = get naked on camera

FYEO = for your eyes only

NIFOC = naked in front of computer

WTTP = want to trade photos?

TDTM = talk dirty to me

SUGARPIC = suggestive or erotic photo

IPN = I’m posting naked

PRON = porn

JO = jerking off

Secret signs of depression and suicide

Every parent needs to know  the teen text codes that express depression and even suicidal thoughts. Some currently in use are:

KMN = kill me now

KMS = kill myself

KYS = kill yourself

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Other codes you need to know

And some other teen text codes that it’s good for parents to know!

LMIRL = lets meet in real life

1174 = meet at a party

ADR = what’s your address?

WUF = where you from?

WYCM = will you call me?

WYRN = what’s your real name?

S2R = send to receive

WTF = what the fuck

AF = as fuck

CP = sleepy

F2F = face to face, facetime

ILU or 459 = I love you

HAK = hugs and kisses

ZERG = gang up on someone

MOS/POS = mum/parent over the shoulder

PAW = parents are watching

PIR = parents in room

P911 = parent alert or parent emergency

CD9 = code 9, parents around

KPC = keeping parents clueless

PAL = parents are listening

TWD = texting while driving

99 = parents are gone

BAE = before anyone else

As every parent knows, communication is the key. If you are worried about your teen open up a conversation or seek help through organisations like BeyondBlue and Kids Helpline.

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