Product News: This Clever Melbourne Mum has Invented a Self-Cleaning Baby Bottle


Say goodbye to sterilisation and g’day to the self-cleaning Pronto Bottle!

Invented by an Aussie mum, the Pronto Bottle is sure to make the whole bottle-feeding process a whole lot easier!

We at Mum Central are ALL FOR baby products that make things easier for mums and dads – especially when they also happen to be Aussie-made. This is exactly what the Pronto Bottle is all about.

new Aussie made self-cleaning bottle

This self-cleaning baby bottle can sterilise itself while you’re on the go. That’s right – no need to wash multiple bottles or boil water to fill beforehand. Especially considering parents spend around an hour a day prepping bottles, this could be a huge game-changer for new mums.

An easier way to prep bottles

Melbourne mum Shannon Gilleland came up with the innovative idea while juggling the bottle-prepping process in the back of the car when out with her daughter.

Shannon said, “I thought to myself that if someone was looking into the back seat, they would surely have laughed at how ridiculous the process of preparing a baby bottle was while on the go.”

I surveyed 100 parents and they all seemed to be struggling with the bottle-cleaning process too – sterilising, boiling water and having to carry around heavy pre-filled bottles.”

How the Pronto Bottle works

The first self-cleaning baby bottle in the world, the Pronto Bottle is designed to help parents travel faster and lighter.


6 benefits of the Pronto Bottle 

There’s lots of love about the Pronto Bottle. Like the fact that us mums won’t have to spend countless hours sterilising bottles. So tedious! Here are six additional reasons we think it’s a winning idea.

1. Self-sterilising: The Pronto Bottle uses a UVC light, which is concealed in its lid, to self-sterilise and disinfect the water. This ultraviolet lightwave technology (UVC) can destroy harmful microorganisms found on food and in the air.

2. Simple to use: Fill it with water from home, or any tap. Then press the button to activate the UVC in the bottle. Easy! Mums can add formula to the water or dump out the water and add breastmilk. It’s also rechargeable with a USB.Pronto Bottle - self cleaning baby bottle

3. Anti-colic teat: The Pronto Bottle comes with an anti-colic teat to help relieve gas.

4. Safe: The Pronto Bottle includes a cut-off safety switch, which turns the UVC light off if it detects that it is not properly attached to the bottle.

5. Sustainable: It’s also made from glass and recyclable materials and can be re-used for subsequent babies in the family.

6. Made in Australia (hopefully): The product is currently patented with plans to have the bottles manufactured in Adelaide.

Pronto bottle to go

Shannon explains,

I’m so happy that my product is going to make a difference to the lives of mums and dads. I don’t know anyone who is happy to wake up to a sink full of dirty baby bottles in the morning.”

Where to get it

Shannon expects her Pronto Bottle will retail around $220 (similar to the costs of a bottle prep device). It is available for purchase via crowdfunding, which starts today. Shannon plans to ship the bottle to backers mid next year. She has also set up specific rewards on her campaign to donate 20% of the profits to PANDA (Perinatal Anxiety & Depression Australia).

self cleaning baby bottle - pronto bottle

Think it’s a fantastic idea? You can back it through Indiegogo (simply click on the link below) and help Shannon see her self-cleaning baby bottle soar to new heights. If all goes well, Shannon hopes the Pronto Bottle will be ready to go on sale to the general public mid to late next year.

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We at Mum Central always love finding Aussie-designed products that can make a positive difference to the lives of mums and dads. We wish Shannon the best of luck with her innovative venture. Let’s hope we see the Pronto Bottle in stores soon!

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