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Three Items Every Parent Needs to Encourage Baby to Self-Settle


Wouldn’t it be great if getting baby off to sleep was as easy as saying “goodnight, sleep tight!”? 

Then walking away and not hearing a peep out of bub for eight blissful hours?

Although some babies can settle without too much encouragement, others need a little more than a kiss and a cuddle to drift off to sleep. Indeed, for some mums, encouraging baby to self-settle is far from child’s play. It can be overwhelming, not to mention exhausting!

Yet, while you can’t force a baby to sleep, you can introduce a few essential items to help baby settle into a blissful night’s sleep. Plus, once your baby is in The Land of Nod, this means you’re much more likely to get a good night’s sleep yourself (remember those days?).

Want to fast-track your way to a solid stretch of uninterrupted sleep? Of course you do! A sleep fairy would be nice, right? (If only!) Thankfully, we know of three awesome products on the market designed to soothe baby and assist with self-settling.

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1. A swaddle for comfort, safety and security

Making sure baby is comfortable, safe and secure at bedtime is important. Yet wrangling sheets, organising different blankets and having baby kick them off (time and time again) can make sleep time a constant worry. However, the Swaddle Grobag (RRP: $39.95) from The Gro Company is a super easy solution. Honestly, it’s the only bedding your little one needs (besides a fitted sheet) and it will keep even the wriggliest of babies cocooned all night long.

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The Swaddle Grobag features poppers on the armholes to allow you to swaddle baby with arms in or out – whichever they prefer. Plus, the Swaddle Grobag is super soft (with no rough seams or edges) and a cinch to use, even for the uninitiated or the sleep-deprived. There’s no folding or countless buttons to endure, just one long zip along the bottom of the swaddle for efficient nighttime nappy changes.  It’s even been recognised as ‘Hip Healthy’, thanks to the wide, curved design that provides space for a hip-healthy natural leg position (AKA froggy legs).

There are loads of benefits of swaddling baby. Swaddling reduces the risk of night wakings (by controlling the Moro reflex), prevents baby from scratching themselves and keeps them feeling snug and secure. To find out more about how the Swaddle Grobag can bring sleep success, check out our real mum reviews.

2. Handy temperature gauge

Too hot? Too cold? A few degrees either way can make all the difference when your baby is self-settling. Especially when their little bodies haven’t yet mastered the art of regulating their own body temperature. The Groegg2 (RRP: $59.95) is super handy to have in the nursery.

Groegg 2

Bigger and brighter than the previous award-winning Groegg, the Groegg2 has a larger display panel, making it even easier to see the temperature at any time of the day (yes, even in the wee dark hours of the morning). The colour changing system not only shows you instantly where the temperature zone lies, it’s also an awesome night light. Winning!

3. A bedtime buddy

White noise, music, gentle light – these are all things that bring baby comfort when self-settling! Naturally, your bub would probably love nothing else than to drift off to sleep cradled in your arms. But while it’s sweet, it’s tiring as all heck. The Gro Company has created the next best thing in their bedtime buddy, Ollie the Owl Light & Sound (RRP: $79.95).

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The sweet owl plays four comforting sounds – rainfall, heartbeat, static white noise and Brahms lullaby for bub to listen to as he or she gently falls asleep. As if that’s not enough, Ollie the Owl also has built-in CrySensor technology. This enables it to whir into action should your bub start to cry, settling them back to sleep and saving you a trip to the nursery! Additionally, Ollie the Owl attaches to the side of the cot with ease, therefore posing no risk to safe sleeping.

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Armed with these three things – a super snug and comfy swaddle, a nursery thermometer and a sweet bedtime buddy – you’ll have self-settling down pat in no time. Pretty soon you’ll be enjoying eight hours of uninterrupted bedtime bliss yourself! #dreamy

Want your very own Swaddle Grobag, Groegg2 and Ollie the Owl Light & Sound? Shop them direct at The Gro Company website. Simply click the shop button below!

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