Shopping for Baby? This New Site is the Perfect Research Tool for Busy Mums

If you’re looking for product information and comparisons, pricing or real-Mum recommendations, The Baby Industry website is going to be your new shopping bestie.

Shopping for baby products is both exciting and daunting. There’s so much to choose from and when it comes to baby, there’s so many important factors influencing your decision.

Price. Availability. Safety. Brand. How do you consolidate all these different attributes and make an informed decision?

This new website, The Baby Industry, is your answer!
It’s literally the bible for mum-n-bub shopping.

the-baby-industry-homepageThis exciting new concept is a baby product directory which allows you to find exactly what you’re looking for, compare the choices and read real mum reviews. You can also see how much the item costs, where to get it and feel confident in the knowledge that reading totally unbiased feedback.

the-baby-industry-peer-reviewsIt’s an Amazing Research and Shopping Resource for Busy Mums

The Baby Industry is the solution to all your new-mummy questions about products and shopping. The upside is you don’t need to go from retailer to retailer writing notes, trying to remember prices and snapping pics to avoid confusing your Britax with your Infasecure or which model of Bugaboo had which features!

Here’s 3 great reasons to join all the savvy shopping mummas and use The Baby Industry too.

1. Use The Baby Industry for sophisticated searching & clever comparisons

What sets The Baby Industry apart is it’s super detailed and intuitive search tool that interprets exactly what you’re looking for. The search engine offers tailored filters and predictive search to get right to the heart of what you’re researching.

Once you’ve drilled down to exactly the product you need, use the comparison function to dice the options and make a really informed decision. From price, right through to functionality (and everything in between) put the items you’re considering side-by-side and see what’s the best choice for you.

2. Use The Baby Industry for creating your very own wish list

Use The Baby Industry to create and manage a personalised shopping wishlist. Creating a list of all the perfect choices for your precious bundle has never been so simple. Not only will this list mean you can check off the items you need as you purchase them, it’s also ideal to use as a registry for relatives who’d like guidance on what to buy. It’s further, the easy solution for baby shower guests who want to buy something you’d actually want (not just another basket of baby wash and talc!)


3. Use The Baby Industry community to find out what real mums think

The Baby Industry isn’t just a place for clinical product data and endless fact sheets on baby products. As much as you need to compare the weights of two different prams, what also counts is knowing what other real mums think! Just like sitting on the couch with a coffee and your friend, The Baby Industry’s discussion forums are your go-to destination to find out whether that lighter pram is the best choice… or it’s actually a nightmare to collapse and get in the car boot! There’s nothing as valuable as the thumbs up (or down!) from another woman, who’s been there done that, with the product you’re thinking to buy.

Word of mouth is everything. That’s why the discussion forums are an integral part of The Baby Industry’s authentic, unbiased and credible research experience. Read reviews, start discussions and ask your own questions!


Well new mumma, you’ve probably already clicked over to check The Baby Industry out! Heck, we don’t blame you!

I genuinely wish this super-cool tool was around when I was having my own babies. No more hours need be spent searching hundreds of websites and trying to make informed product decisions. No more asking friends and family and wondering exactly who’s opinion is best.

The Baby Industry brings all the news, reviews and discussions into one place. Combined with specifications, products, safety and availability information this is your new one-stop-spot for everything you’ve ever wanted to know when shopping for baby.

enter-to-winTo celebrate their launch, The Baby Industry is giving away three majorly sought after products for new mums.

Head on over and see what this uber cool resource is all about and you could score one of three InfaSecure Grandeur Treo car seats valued at $689 each!

Visit The Baby Industry Website here to check out the new site and you might just walk away with more than just great advice!



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