There’s a New Class at the Gym: NAPercise (Yes, Sleep at the Gym!)

Hey mums, who’s tired? Oh, you are. You need a naptime? Well, one gym in the UK has a class just for you.

Yep, you read that right – a gym has a class for tired mums. Um, what? Yeah, we thought it was kind of perplexing. After all, who goes to the gym because they’re tired? You go for a workout, to get in better shape or to sweat. But, not to sleep.

You’re exhausted. This parenting thing is tough business. And, you thought it would be all restful nights after your little one outgrew that, “I need mum’s boob every hour” eating thing. Nope. Whether you’ve got a newborn, a toddler or a teen, it’s tiring. Oh so tiring. And, that’s exactly what David Lloyd Clubs in the UK is cashing in on.

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Yes, the gym has the regular physical fitness fare. They offer exercise opportunities galore. But, they now also offer Napercise. And, Napercise is exactly what it sounds like – a class for you to nap in.

This group class provides super-tired parents with a mid-afternoon nap. According to the clubs website, Napercise is a 45-minute class that, “is designed to reinvigorate the mind, the body and even burn the odd calorie.” Hmm.


After some stretching, you get a solid block of sleep time. The gym provides the perfect napping spot, with the just-right temperature. They even give attendees a blanket, eye mask and a bed to rest on. Hey, that’s more than some of us get at home.

Apparently the class is just as popular as you’d imagine. Offered at the gym’s Sidcup location, the club’s website notes that Napercise is currently fully booked. Yeah, of course it is.

Okay, so why of why does anyone need to pay good money for the chance to catch a little shut-eye? After all, sleep is free at home. Right? Kind of. Sure, it’s free at home. But, how much of it do you really get?

Every mum knows that sleeping at home is somewhat of a magical feat. It never seems to fail that the moment your head hits the pillow, someone is tugging on your toes or whaling away in the other room. So, it’s kind of genius to get that mid-afternoon nap that you’re so desperate for in somewhere else. You could have a daycation staycation and get a hotel room. But, that’s kind of a major time commitment. Napercise is a quick way to get some well-served rest, without taking up all of your day.

Is a napping class at a fitness club a tad bit excessive? Well, yeah. Would you say no to it? Probably not. At least, we wouldn’t!


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Erica Loop is a mum, parenting writer and educator with an MS in child development. Along with writing for websites such as PBS Parents,, Scary Mommy,, Modern Mom, and others, she also is the creator of a kids' activities and art blog.

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