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Should Adult Children Living at Their Parents’ Home Pay Rent?

Kylee Archie recently graduated from high school. One week after her graduation, her parents started changing her rent. The 19-year-old pays $200 a month to live at home, now that she is out of school. 

Kylee’s parents, Erika and Cody Archie, defended their decision to charge their daughter rent for remaining at home, sparking a lively debate about whether or not adult children should pay rent to live with their parents past a certain age. 

Erika and Cody are ranchers in Texas and often showcase their lives to their million followers on TikTok. The parents are happy with their decision to charge Kylee rent but knew it is a bt of a controversial topic so wanted to see what others thought. 

“How do you feel about making your adult children pay rent to live at home?” they captioned the video.

200 bucks a month is plenty cheap to live like a grub in your parent’s house. That’s cheaper than she eats in food. We think it teaches them a good lesson in paying bills,” the couple explained. 

@bar7ranch How do you feel about making your adult children pay rent to live at home? This is a REPOST from last year but since its on Fox Business News right now we thought we’d chat about it again! #Parenting #ParentsChargingRent #AdultChildren #DryHumor #Sarcasm #MarriageHumor #Marriage #CoupleTok #RanchTok #AgTok #KeepRanchin #KingOfTikTok #RanchLife #Ranch ♬ original sound – Bar 7 Ranch

What did people think? 

Yes, charge the rent! 

Some agreed wholeheartedly with the Archies, saying charging her rent was a good way to teach responsibility and prevent kids from doing nothing because they’re being enabled.

“Responsibility is always a great lesson!”

“I did and my parents uped my rent everytime I got a better-paying job. And when I moved out my mortgage was then their rent. It helped me,” another one, who adds that he’s 24 now and bought his first home at 22, after living at home. 

“Yep, my parents said if I wasn’t going to school, I pay rent. Period.” 

Others weren’t so sure. 

No. Adult children live (and eat) free. 

“Nope, my son is 23, and we don’t charge him. He works and helps around the house…but life is hard enough and not gonna charge my kid.” 

 “No, because I wanted them to save money to get out faster. If they are paying me, they aren’t saving to get out,” said another

Pay rent now, savings for later. 

A few people had a really good suggestion when it comes to adult children and rent. They suggested that parents should charge their children rent, but keep the money in a separate account to give back to them once they move out.

Of course, this only works if you don’t need the rent money to begin with. Of course, the downside to this is that parents are doing the ‘saving’ for the kids rather than letting their kids learn how to budget and save on their own. 

Adult kids remaining at parents’ house for longer

When I was in my teens, most of the people I graduated with left home around 18/19. They would either go to university or start working and pay for their small apartment. It was quite rare to remain home after 20. 

However, these days things are so different. The cost of living is insane and most 18-year-olds simply cannot afford to pay for rent, food and other expenses. If they are out on their own, the chances of being able to save any income to one day pay for their own house is next to impossible.

According to Upworthy, 50% of adults in America aged 18 to 29 were living with their parents in 2022. In Australia in 2016, this figure was at 43% and I’m sure it’s escalated since then. 

SBS reports that the average age young people leave home in Australia is 23 for men, and 24 for women.

How much rent? 

This surprised me but many Aussie parents are in camp “charge rent”. How much? According to a survey from Compare the Market, the average number came out at $153.39 per week. That works out to about $7,800 per year.

While I left my parents at 18, I doubt this will be the case with my kids. The longer they stay under my roof, the more chance they have of saving money for their own house one day. Which, I will visit often. To eat all their snacks and leave my wet towels on the bathroom floor. Right next to the laundry basket. 

But will I be charging them rent while they remain under my roof, eating all my snacks and not picking up their own sh*t? I’m thinking yes, but my eldest is 13 so I’ve got a few years to decide…

What about you? Do you think parents should be charging their adult kids rent if they remain at home past a certain age? 

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