Let them eat Pancakes – it’s Pancake Tuesday! In the Christian calendar, this is the official start of Lent, a time of fasting. So Pancake Tuesday is like one big party before you have to starve yourself or give up something you love.

It’s also just a great excuse to make pancakes, even if you don’t practice religion. So here it is folks, our ode to Pancake Day or Shrove Tuesday some may know it. Get your flour and eggs ready – for SURE you’re going to be craving pancakes after seeing these yummy stacks!

Just hold the can of whipped cream and let’s look at the basics for just a second here. Pancakes are made using flour, egg, sugar and milk. Yet LOOK AT THESE CREATIONS. I’m a little jelly with pancake excitement. And hunger. And oh so much sugar. Anyway, onwards we go.

Shrove Tuesday pancake stacks you don’t want to miss

1. The OMG factor

Every now and then you see the pancakes with OMG factor. The sort you want to go home straight after eating because no one is safe with the imminent sugar high and then the low of the crash. But boy, it’s worth it. People, feast your eyes upon this Oreo and Nutella stuffed delight. #ERMAHGOSH

Nutella and Oreo pancake stack. YES PLEASE. Photo: Instagram /shanklincafe

2. The #fitspo pancake

OK, here’s one for the #fitspo files. Those of us *cough* who are thinking of the waistline, macros, yada yada. The protein powder pancake stack topped with banana and bacon is questionable, but who am I to judge. You do you, Boo.

Photo: Instagram / theblondiebaker

3. The Eton mess creative

I like this meringue infused pancake for the simplicity fancy pants factor. It LOOKS fancy AF, yet is SO achievable – especially since meringue is available at your local supermarket these days. YUM.

Photo: Instagram / wynyardgolfclub

4. Teddy bear picnic pancake

A pancake for the kids or the kids at heart, how cute is this little chocolate spread topped guy?! I bet you can’t wait to nibble his ears off either!

Photo: Instagram / choldertoncharliesfarm

5. A camper’s delight

Well, my version of camping. I mean there’s a toasted marshmallow is there not?

Photo: Instagram / eatyourheartout_melb

6. The DIY approach

When you’re feeding a crowd or everyone is just being a plain pain in the proverbial with their pancake short orders, tell them they can make their own. But be classy about it by presenting them with a board of tasty morsels. Your work here is done, go back to bed and celebrate pyjama Tuesday.

pancake board
Photo: Instagram / completelydelicious

7. Persian fairy floss – not your average pancake

It’s true, Persian fairy floss turns everything into art. If your kid won’t eat their cheese sandwich, whack some Persian fairy floss on it – for sure it’ll be gone in minutes.

shrove tuesday
Source: Photo: Instagram / vintagerosetearoomyack

Want to SEE some drool-worthy pancake action? Watch this video below!

Happy Shrove Tuesday peeps!


South Australian mum and self proclaimed foodie, Lexi can most days be found in the kitchen, apron tied firm and armed with a whisk or wooden spoon!

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